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ImagineNation Theatre invests specifically in young adults ages 13-21 who seek to advance their theatrical careers while sharing life experiences and having fun.

If you are a young adult age 14-21---Welcome Home! ImagineNation Theatre is designed specifically for you and others like you. We will experience life and life challenges together through traditional and challenging ("edgy") stage productions such as musicals and non-musicals. We will unify, bond, laugh, share, and love each other. Be part of "The Nation" who value the experience behind the stage as well as the experience on the stage. Visit our website at

Mission: ImagineNation will invest in young adults ages 14-21 through theatre performances, instruction, mentoring and development. Together, "The Nation" will build relationships, strengthen their self-esteem and sense of belonging, embrace life lessons while creating memories on the stage that will last a lifetime.

We are only 8 days away from the video audition deadline. Submit yours before June 26th at 9pm to [email protected].

We will continue our legacy and tradition of making great memories and advancing your performance skills!


12AJ Question: Is every rehearsal mandatory?

Answer: No, we have many rehearsals to provide us flexibility around COVID. We will have weekends where we don’t rehearse. Please list conflicts on your audition submission.

June 26th at 9pm is the deadline for videos. Please email your submissions to [email protected].

Once you’ve submitted, you will receive an email reply of “Guilty” confirming receipt. Please check to make sure you received your confirmation!


Summary of tonight’s Instagram Livestream for 12 Angry Jurors:

1) Auditions and callbacks will take place on Saturday, June 27th. See calendar schedule below.
2) Auditions will be video submissions only. Please submit a video monologue and slate of no greater than 60 seconds. Videos must be submitted no later than Friday, June 26th at 9:00pm.
3) Please e-mail audition video to [email protected]
4) Please also include a headshot, age, height, special skills, accents, calendar conflicts and mobile phone number in the body of the email.
5) Callbacks will consist of a video conference/interview via mobile phone.
6) Final casting will be announced on Facebook and Instagram no later than 9pm the same day.
7) There are no production fees for 12 Angry Jurors.

Please feel free to ask any questions below or by private message. Thanks to all prospective Jurors!


Auditioners: Join us tonight at 7pm for our informative 12 Angry Jurors Livestream on Instagram!


Scripts have arrived!

As we did last year for our Imagine7 performance, there will be no production fees for 12 Angry Jurors. Auditions will be reviewed on Saturday, June 27th.

Join us for our Instagram Livestream this Tuesday at 7pm!

For those who missed our announcement, we have rescheduled the 12 Angry Jurors Instagram Livestream to next Tuesday, June 9th at 7pm.

Join us for this important Question and Answer session!

Queen of The Nation!

We have uplifting news to share!

We recently conducted a contest from those students who had previously participated in an ImagineNation production and who were included in our ImagineNation Facebook chat room.

The contest involved the students who loyally continued to follow our FB chat since the details of the contest were previously unannounced, random and subtlety posted.

The post asked students to submit a 60 second performance video by 9am today, either a song or monologue inclusive of a slate. The sole winner would be crowned King or Queen of The Nation and a cash prize.

After an intense and competitive process, we are thrilled to announce the winner and Queen of The Nation—Bethany Romo. Bethany submitted a
monologue that not only claimed her the Crown, but also the grand prize of $100 in cash!

We have posted her monologue for your enjoyment. Congratulations Bethany!

Schedule for 12 Angry Jurors... Join us Tuesday eve at 7pm on Instagram Live to learn more about the plan!


Join us this Tuesday evening, June 2nd, at 7pm on Instagram for an Instagram Live session for our Fall production of 12 Angry Jurors.

We will be announcing the audition date, show dates, rehearsal plans, casting and all things Angry. Mark your calendars and bring your questions!


Cali Noack - Bride's Lament- Drowsy Chaperone BroadwayWorld's Next on Stage

Cali has been an ImagineNation Theatre leading lady as an actress and also an ImagineNation playwright. Let’s vote and make this happen!

#CaliNation Broadway's Next on Stage - Cali Noack sings Bride's Lament- Drowsy Chaperone

We remain huge supporters of this school for those who are serious about performing at the next level. Check out BTP online for a week!

Seven Bride for Seven Brothers 2018

Flashback to Spring of 2018 for our blockbuster, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!

Video by Jett Latham

This was our promotional video that we posted for our production of seven brides for seven brothers. Enjoy!

Our students were devastated when we canceled Heathers but looking back it was the right thing to do. They understood. They were champions.

What are they doing now? Many are out of work, some are very bored, some are anxious, some are taking advantage of the down time to improve or learn something new. Many are simply waiting. They are experiencing a myriad of emotions but one thing is sure:

They are ready. They want theatre again.

There will be a large amount of pent up demand and energy to perform and get back to the theatre arts once the time is right. There will be an avalanche of hungry and eager students returning to audition and perform.

However, our community theatre companies cannot sustain this unprecedented environment without your help so we are at serious risk of not having as many options in our community once we resume, when we resume.

This is not a veiled ask for ImagineNation as we are tremendously blessed and will survive and re-open. We don’t solicit donations in our model but others do as the primary source of operating and surviving.

Many companies are facing a harsh and uncertain reality and the risk of closing is real. They need help and some are suffering silently.

With that written, we are also not naive to the reality that patrons have financial challenges of their own with the increased unemployment issues and a tough economy. That is very real.

But if you can donate even the smallest amount to the theatre arts companies then it will make a huge difference—more than you think. It will fuel the stimulus needed to provide these desperate students a place to return and release their pent up theatre energy. They must return to the environment they’ve known and cherished all of their lives.

So think of your favorite company and consider helping. Please pray about this and pray for our magnificent students who are the future artists of our community.

Let’s return to them to the stage they deserve.


The time we volunteered at the Beacon Houston to help the homeless...


Happy Easter!


ImagineNation Patrons:

It is with deep sorrow and regret that we announce the cancellation of Heathers the Musical. We tried in multiple ways to forward the production while balancing the priority of safety. In the end, the Corona virus and its impact to society, safety and governance could not be compromised nor overcome.

We hope to bring Heathers back for Spring of 2021 with the full force of art.

If you have made any advance payments for the production and related events, know that refunds will be processed today.

As we move forward this year, we will continue to pray for the end of the pandemic and for continued health for you and your families. Thank you, Nation


Auditioners! Please be on the lookout today for an email from Stephanie summarizing our Plan B and what was discussed on the Livestream last night.

The Livestream is also still available until this evening on our Instagram page. Keep practicing great hygiene!


Important Message for all Heathers Auditioners!!

There will be a Heathers Livestream tonight on Instagram at 8pm to outline “Plan B” in the potential event our venue is not available next Saturday. Please spread the word to fellow Auditioners and we hope everyone can join the Livestream this evening! Continue practicing good hygiene!


Heathers The Musical Auditions

We are still scheduled for Heathers the Musical auditions on the 21st. The situation as you know remains fluid so keep checking this site for updates and keep practicing great hygiene!

#HeathersNation Heathers The Musical (High School Edition) is the darkly delicious story of Veronica Sawyer, a brainy, beautiful teenage misfit who hustles her way into the most powerful and ruthless clique at Westerberg High: the Heathers. But before she can get comfortable atop the high school food chain, Vero.....

Heathers The Musical Auditions

Only 9 days away from auditions! This will be one of the best experiences of the year. Our standard is high: Be the Best You Can Be

We have 3 audition slots available.

#HeathersNation Heathers The Musical (High School Edition) is the darkly delicious story of Veronica Sawyer, a brainy, beautiful teenage misfit who hustles her way into the most powerful and ruthless clique at Westerberg High: the Heathers. But before she can get comfortable atop the high school food chain, Vero.....

We are proud to be a partner and supporter of Heart4Children. Consider joining us for the annual fundraiser at a cool Brewery in April. Your support goes a long way to changing the lives of kids.

Heathers Auditioners:

Audition forms were emailed today to all Heathers Auditioners who enrolled on the SignUp Genius. The forms and other instructions were sent to the email you listed while signing up.

We are only about two weeks away! Two new spots have opened up so grab them while you can!


Heathers The Musical Auditions

Two audition slots just became available with only 23 days left! SignUp Genius link is below.

#HeathersNation Heathers The Musical (High School Edition) is the darkly delicious story of Veronica Sawyer, a brainy, beautiful teenage misfit who hustles her way into the most powerful and ruthless clique at Westerberg High: the Heathers. But before she can get comfortable atop the high school food chain, Vero.....

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Part I:

1) Yes, we are still full but have a waiting list. The waiting list is less than 5 and we expect spots to open before 3/21.
2) Yes, the full production fee is $390. If you choose only to attend the class, it is $195.
3) Yes, you can perform a song from the show.
4) No, please stay within the time limits of your 60 second or less song and monologue each. We are expecting a full house on March 21st and want to complete the process on schedule.
5) Yes, we will be cutting if we still have 65+ Auditioners on March 21st. Our max cast will be around 40.
6) The School Edition is closer to a PG-13 rating.
7) The class is one hour long right before rehearsals in the same space. It is called “The Best Version of Yourself”.
8. No, it does not cost more for the Laura Bell Bundy Masterclass IF you are in the cast. If you are not in the cast, you can attend for $150.
9) No, ImagjneNation veterans do not receive special treatment. Whoever performs the best on Audition Day will win the part. We have many examples of first timers earning great parts in previous shows. That’s the way it should be.
10) We will have a piano available but you’ll need to bring your accompanist. Most will simply bring a karaoke track on their mobile device. It’s your choice.
11) The audition forms will be emailed shortly. If you are 18 or over, you can sign for yourself. Your parent or guardian will need to sign for you if under 18.
12) Yes, we will continue the tradition of “Same Day Casting”.


We are less than 30 days from Heathers the Musical Auditions!

We have attached again the schedule. The production will include a cast Lock-In, 13 week performance class, MasterClass taught by Broadway’s Laura Bell Bundy, Open Mic Night and much more.

Don’t chase the show and don’t chase the role, chase the opportunity to get better!


We are still full at 65 Auditioners with several on the waiting list. Don’t miss out on being a part of this great musical.

PM us to be added to the wait list or if interested in attending the Laura Bell Bundy Masterclass! It’s going to be an amazing experience!


We have already had enrollments for our Audition Master Class with Broadway’s Laura Bell Bundy on Saturday, April 4th from 12:30-4:30pm at Wildwood UMC in Magnolia. It’s $150 for the event if you’re not a Heathers cast member.

PM us if you can’t audition for the cast but wish to reserve your spot! Autographs and photo opportunities included.


No auditions yet? No cast? No problem.

We’ve already sold tickets for Heathers in June. The box office is open!


The countdown to Heathers is now 47 days.

Our performance class which consists of 13 one-hour sessions is titled “The Best Version of Yourself”.

We will explore via live performance techniques how to maximize your presence on the stage...and yes, it will also include the return of “the Lightning Round!”


We are pleased to announce that Broadway’s Laura Bell Bundy will be our guest at ImagineNation Theatre and teaching her Audition Masterclass on Saturday, April 4th from 12:30-4:30pm.

Many of you know Laura Bell as Elle Woods from Broadway’s Legally Blonde and she will be part of the Nation for a day. Again, this is free to Heathers cast members and one of the benefits of the Heathers experience. All others can join at a cost of $150.

More to come as we count down to Heathers the Musical!


Don’t forget...Heathers Livestream tonight on Instagram at 7pm. Auditioners and those pondering auditioning—bring your questions!



Join us tomorrow eve on Instagram for the Heathers Livestream at 7pm hosted by Director Ray Pereira!


Hello everyone. This is Stephanie Pereira, Company Manager for ImagineNation Theatre. Please join us for the Heathers The Musical Livestream with Director Ray Pereira next Tuesday, January 28th at 7pm on Instagram.

It will last one hour and all questions about auditions and the production will be answered!

Thank you!

Imagine7 was all about opportunity. We invited playwrights to submit their one act plays and selected 7 to be performed at the MATCH. For many of our students, it represented their debut as both Director and playwright.

What an amazing time we had with one of our best ever groups of young adults. It was a fantastic experience of which we will do again!


The countdown to Heathers The Musical continues...we always talk about how we are not just about the show. We offer much more than that with our Lock In, our guaranteed learning class and our Broadway guest talent.

All of who you see in the photos have been part of our MasterClass series at ImagjneNation.

It’s all included in the experience as a cast member. The experience of training with a Broadway talent in a MasterClass session can be priceless. Cast members pay NADA extra for this so you want to make sure you a part of the cast!

We will soon be announcing our blockbuster Broadway talent for Heathers! You’ll want to stay tuned.


Our Story

If you are a young adult age 13-21---Welcome Home! ImagineNation Theatre is designed specifically for you and others like you. We will experience life and life challenges together through traditional and challenging full version stage productions such as musicals and non-musicals. We will unify, bond, laugh, share, and love each other. Be part of "The Nation" who value the experience behind the stage as well as the experience on the stage. Visit our website at

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Queen of The Nation!





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