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Round of Applause to our Kindergarten Graduates!!!👏👏👏

#caaisawesome #conroeadventistacademy #christianeducation #adventisteducation #classof2020 #honorourgrads #futurefirstgrader

#caaisawesome #conroeadventistacademy #christianeducation #adventisteducation #classof2020 #honorourgrads #futurefirstgrader
Adrianas Hero 🦸‍♀️
Crazy hair and PJ day 🥳
Wanted to share this.. This is Izzabella singing at her grandmothers funeral
Are Wednesdays still the day students can wear they're sabbath best clothes at CAA?
Here are some tips for buying uniforms at a discount...
1. Sign up for the French Toast email newsletter and receive 20% off your first order.
2. Order online before 6/23/19 to receive free embroidery.
Micah's 2nd Grade Town Map. Done!
Daniel shared our message this morning at chapel. He shared wisdom and gave points to ponder and consider. A message from his heart. Thank you Daniel!

“You have to be willing to give up something to reach your goal. Elisha burned everything and made a feast to show his commitment.”

“If a decision doesn’t have a significant cost then it’s not a meaningful decision.”
Eat for a GREAT cause on February 7th at Mod Pizza (381 S. Loop 336 W. Ste. 100)

When you purchase your meal mention ACAT and follow the restaurant's instructions to receive 20% of your meal's price donated back to Adventist Christian Academy of Texas - ACAT.

ACAT's goal is 200 in attendance from 10:30am - 10:00pm. Go to the website below, click on "Commit to Eat" then share on Facebook!!!
Eat for a GREAT cause on February 7th at Mod Pizza (381 S. Loop 336 W. Ste. 100)

When you purchase your meal mention ACAT and follow the restaurant's instructions to receive 20% of your meal's price donated back to Adventist Christian Academy of Texas - ACAT.

ACAT's goal is 200 in attendance from 10:30am - 10:00pm. Go to the website below, click on "Commit to Eat" then share on Facebook!!!

Conroe Adventist Academy is a Pre-K through 12th grade Seventh-day Adventist School located in Conro

Operating as usual


Good morning parents !!
Just a reminder every Wednesday you are welcome to join us for chapel.


Parents remember no school on Monday!!!

Schedule tour today! 08/07/2022

Schedule tour today!

Schedule tour today!


We can’t wait to see you all






School Calendar

Photos from Conroe Adventist Academy's post 05/21/2022

We are so incredibly blessed to have such bright little Kindergarten graduates! We can't wait to see you all thrive in the 1st grade next year! Congratulations!

Thank you Ms. Tammy Cox and Ms. Elizabeth for being such wonderful mentors to our tiniest students 🙂.

Photos from Conroe Adventist Academy's post 05/06/2022

This week our students showed their school pride by dressing up. Today they dressed as their favorite characters from history. Have a blessed weekend!


Hey CAA family ❤️

This week is Spirit Week. The days are as follows:
Monday Madness - Wear sports jerseys/ t-shirts/ uniforms for your favorite team.
Tacky Tuesday - Dress wild and tacky!
Wildlife Wednesday - Wear anything animal-themed, something that has an animal on it, or dress up like an animal.
Throwback Thursday - Choose a style from a decade in the past and dress in that style. For example, 1920s, 1960s, 1980s, etc.
Famous Friday - Choose someone positively famous and/or influential from history. It can be a Bible character, historical figure, or current influential person.

We hope you enjoy the fun of Spirit Week and look forward to seeing all of the participants for the week!


CAA will follow Conroe ISD and have a two-hour delay tomorrow, 3/22/22, due to forecasted weather conditions. Classes will start at 10:30 am and dismiss at the regular time. No before-school care.


All are invited to come tonight to watch Gifted Hands at 6:30 pm. It’s a free event!


In Bible the 1st/2nd grade started the Spirit of Prophecy unit. This is the story of the stone hitting Ellen White’s nose. , , learning

Photos from Conroe Adventist Academy's post 01/30/2022

This past week was busy! We celebrated the 100th day of school. Then 7/8th grade did presentations on what Sabbath is and what it means to them. We are reading the story of Desmond Doss and how he kept Sabbath and Honored God with his actions. 7/8th grade also worked on finishing up String Art. Finally High School had some hands on science labs. We are always learning and growing! ,


Thursday, 1/27/22 is the 100th day of school!!! To celebrate we invite students to show school spirit and wear 100 items on their clothes or dress as 100 years old! Let's have fun and celebrate!

School appropriate dress and items, please.

Photos from Conroe Adventist Academy's post 01/16/2022

This past week “Zero the Hero” showed up to celebrate the 90th day of school. Zero the Hero comes every 10 days. The next visit will be during the 100th day of school. Wow this year has FLOWN! Thank you Mrs. Cox for being so creative and having fun with the kiddos. Thank you Ms. Elizabeth for supporting this class and smiling every day!


Happy New Year to our families and friends! Classes resume TUESDAY, January 4!!


Dr. Ovide, pediatric neurologist, warns of a silent tragedy unfolding today in our homes.

There is a silent tragedy unfolding in our homes today, and it involves our most beautiful jewels: our children. Our children are in a devastating emotional state! Over the past 15 years, researchers have given us increasingly alarming statistics about an acute and steady increase in childhood mental illness that is now reaching epidemic proportions:

The stats don't lie:
• 1 in 5 children have mental health problems
• A 43% increase in ADHD has been observed
• A 37% increase in teenage depression was observed
• A 200% increase in su***de rate among children between 10 and 14 years old has been observed.

What is happening and what are we doing wrong?

Today’s children are over-stimulated and over-gifted with material things, but they are deprived of the foundations of a healthy childhood like:

• Emotionally available parents
• clearly defined boundaries
• responsibilities
• Balanced nutrition and adequate sleep
• Movement in general but especially outdoors
• Creative play, social interaction, casual play opportunities and spaces for boredom

Instead, the last few years have been filled with children of:
• Digital Distracted Parents
• indulgent, permissive parents who let children “run the world” and be the ones who make the rules
• A sense of entitlement, to deserve everything without earning it or being responsible for it
• Inappropriate sleep and imbalanced nutrition
• A sedentary way of life
• Endless stimulation, tech nannies, instant gratification and no dull moments

Wat is there too do?
If we want our children to be happy, healthy individuals we need to wake up and get back to basics. This is still time ! Many families see immediate improvements after weeks of implementing the following recommendations:

• Set boundaries and remember that you are the captain of the boat. Your children will feel safer knowing you have government control.
• Provide children with a balanced lifestyle filled with what children need, not just what they want. Don't be afraid to say "no" to your kids if what they want is not what they need.
• Provide nutritious food and limit junk food.
• Spend at least one hour a day outdoors doing activities such as: Cycling, hiking, fishing, bird/bug watching
• Enjoy an everyday family dinner without smartphones or technology distracting them.
• Play board games as a family or if the children are too young for board games, get carried away by your interests and let them send in the game
• Involve your children in a task or household task depending on their age (folding clothes, ordering toys, hanging clothes, unpacking food, setting the table, feeding the dog etc. All over the world
• Implement a consistent sleep routine to ensure your child gets enough sleep. Schedules will be even more important for school age children.
• Teaching responsibility and independence. Do not overprotect them from any frustration or mistake. Being wrong will help them build resilience and learn to overcome life's challenges,
• Don’t load your children’s backpack, don’t carry your backpacks, don’t take their assignment they forgot, don’t peel their bananas or peel their oranges if they can do it themselves (4-5 years old). Instead of giving them the fish, show them how to fish.
• Teach them to wait and delay gratification.
• Provide opportunities for “boredom”, because boredom is when creativity awakens. Don't feel responsible for always keeping kids entertained.
• Do not use technology as a cure for boredom, nor offer it at the first second of inactivity.
• Avoid the use of technology at meals, in cars, restaurants, shopping malls. Use these moments as opportunities to socialize thus training brains to function when they are in "boredom" mode.
• Help them create a "Boredom Bottle" with activity ideas for when they are bored.
• Be emotionally available to connect with children and teach them self-regulation and social skills:
• Turn off phones at night when children need to go to bed to avoid digital distraction.
• Become an emotional regulator or coach for your children. Teach them how to recognize and manage their own frustrations and anger.
• Show them to greet, to take turns, to share without staying without anything, to say thank you and please, to recognize the mistake and apologize (don't force them), be a model of all these values he instills.
• Connect emotionally - smile, hug, kiss, tickle, read, dance, jump, play or cuddle with them.

Article written by Dr. Luis Rojas Marcos, psychiatrist.


The Memorial Service for Dorothy Sauder will be held Sunday, December 12, at 1 pm at Arlington SDA Church in Arlington, TX.

The family asks in lieu of flowers donations be made to the Worthy Student Fund or Texas Conference Education Department to support Adventist Education.

Thank you all for your prayers for Ms. Ann Sauder (our music teacher) and her family during this time.

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We are excited for Giving Tuesday! Please prayerfully consider donating to CAA.


School canceled tomorrow, Thursday, November 18, due to Entergy scheduled electric outage.


If you are looking for a family friendly outing you are invited to join the Conroe SDA church tomorrow evening, November 13, at 6:30 p.m. to watch Overcomer. No charge, free popcorn. Other refreshments will be sold.


We want to thank all veterans who have served!

Photos from Conroe Adventist Academy's post 11/03/2021

THE DISCOUNT CARDS HAVE ARRIVED! Our goal is to sell 200 cards by Thanksgiving break. $20 a card with discounts to local businesses. There will be a prize for the student who sells the most and the classroom who sells the most!



CAA was scheduled to host as a voting site for Election Day.

My Movie 11/01/2021

My Movie

October was a busy month!

My Movie This is "My Movie" by Michelle Battistone on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Photos from Conroe Adventist Academy's post 10/27/2021

We are midway through our Fall Week of Prayer. On Monday Mrs. Gustrowsky came and shared about the prayer ministry at Conroe SDA church. Each student was given a prayer request to pray over throughout the week. Pastor Smith Castillo from Houston Adventist Academy came has been sharing some important messages from the story of Esther and Walking on the Water. His message is “Deep Calling” and building a deep relationship with God and following where He leads. , ,

Photos from Conroe Adventist Academy's post 10/25/2021

A HUGE THANK YOU to Ms. Ana Emery and her team for all their hard work today! We played, ate and fellowshipped together. It was a beautiful evening. For everyone who donated time, food, games and supplies we appreciate you all! #,


Our annual Fall Festival Fundraiser will be this coming Sunday! All are invited!!

Mrs. Ana Emery is looking for some more volunteers to help run booths and games.


Half-day tomorrow, October 15! Dismissal at 11:30 am. No pizza, no after school care.

No school Monday, October 18! Parent-teacher conferences on Monday. Sign up directly with teachers.

Photos from Conroe Adventist Academy's post 10/13/2021

Today our high school students took PSAT and School Day SATs. It can be stressful for sure. I walked out the door to discover these sweet words of encouragement. What a blessing to be able to pray over the students today.


Reminder: Today, Monday, October 11, is a scheduled school day.


Today in Chapel we had a special presentation from Mrs. Barbara Battistone and Robert Battistone. They just returned from a Maranatha mission trip in Kajiado, Kenya 🇰🇪. Thank you for sharing how God has led you to serve as a mother and son! ,

Photos from Conroe Adventist Academy's post 09/25/2021

Friday is science lab day in high school. Lots of hands on learning taking place today. , ,


Houston Adventist Academy | #DETERMINED2021

Such a beautiful day of fellowship! It was an honor to meet our Cyclist. Continue praying over their journey as they ride for Adventist Education!


Good Evening!

CAA will resume classes as scheduled tomorrow, Wednesday, September 15, 2021!


Reminder that today is a virtual day due to the storm. Stay safe and dry!


First day of the Determined Cyclist Tour! Prayers over them as they plan for tomorrow!

Timeline photos 09/05/2021

Timeline photos

We need your help to create an Adventist Education Endowment in the Texas Conference. For those who give $250 or more, you are eligible to receive an official DETERMINED cycling tour t-shirt, water bottle and hat along with a DETERMINED sticker. It is just our way of saying THANK YOU for supporting our young people.

Find ways to give at or text TexasRide to 71777.

Timeline photos 09/05/2021

Timeline photos

Your support can make a huge difference for our young people in the Texas Conference. Find ways to give at or Text TexasRide to 71777. Together, we can make a difference!

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Chapel #21 - Student spotlight
CAA Spring 2021 Updates




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