Ohio School of Falconry

Ohio School of Falconry


My husband just took this pic at Alum Creek dam❤️
What a great experience! Thank you Ohio School of Falconry for the wonderful opportunity you provide. Here is a link to the images from my day with my sister at your facility enjoying your expertise and those wonderful birds! (you will have to create an account to view, but it's free and your email is not given away)
Here is a link to the wonderful experience provided by the Ohio School of Falconry. It was a great day!!! Thank you for providing such an opportunity~ (you have to create an account, but it's free! and you don't get harassed)
Looking for some help identifying this raptor? The picture is however from Florida.

Phenomenal experience, all of the falconers weee not only extremely knowledgeable but very nice. I would do this again in a heartbeat. I intend to further in this sport if I can. We did the walk with hawks an owl experience worth every penny. Joe, Katie, Stephanie and Auki (spell check) where amazing !!!
A good friend suggested that I send these to you to figure out what I caught at a long distance with a pocket sized point and shoot Canon! Very large, very pale colored....not an eagle. A juvenile female Red Tailed Hawk was suggested. Please help!
Amazing time!! Thank you!!!
Got some wonderful photos from today!
Great class!

The Midwest’s First and Finest School of Falconry...providing the most exceptional Falconry experiences, demonstrations and education available anywhere in the midwest!

Operating as usual


Weighing an owl 🦉

Sometimes life comes at ya fast!!!


We had the pleasure of hosting the students (and parents) of the Upper Arlington Christian Homeschoolers yesterday at Camp Mary Orton in order to learn about raptors (hawks, owls, falcons and buzzards) and wildlife conservation. And there was even one young man, named Anderson, who had read “Falconry: Art and Practice” by Emma Ford (who started the first ever falconry school here in the US back in the 90’s) in preparation for our class! I nicknamed him “Amazing Anderson”! 😬


Aaaaand…SHE’S OFF!!!

Raptors Tell Us That Everglades Restoration is Working 05/18/2022

Raptors Tell Us That Everglades Restoration is Working

Good to know…

Raptors Tell Us That Everglades Restoration is Working Healthy land and water resources support people, too.

Photos from Ohio School of Falconry's post 05/17/2022

We had a blast with all of the folks who joined us for classes this past weekend, especially the Farley Clan. They each wore a separate, raptor/falconry themed tee shirt to our Walk with Hawks class yesterday at Camp Mary Orton. Thanks guys for making our day!


Spent an AMAZING day with all the kids at Buckeye Valley West Elementary School today! Big thanks to Patricia Gregory for asking us to share our birds with all of the students.


Had a great time meeting up today with Sophia and Jef from the Spectrum News 1 Ohio morning show. Got a chance to share our story and that of this amazing sport. Keep an eye out if you have Spectrum cable as they’ll be airing our piece on June 9th on Spectrum channel one.


Sunday funnies!

Photos from Nature's Nursery's post 05/11/2022

We had an incredible time sharing the birds yesterday AND all the while helping Nature’s Nursery (one of our partner Raptor Rehabbers that we help support) raise some much needed funds!! They do some amazing work for our native raptors. Check ‘em out online!!


Happy M-OWL-ther’s Day!!!



Bald Eagle's nest with a ranger for scale. Wow

Wildlife news at: returntonow.net

Photos from Ohio School of Falconry's post 05/06/2022

Had an incredible time sharing our message of raptor conservation and falconry yesterday with the students of Clinton Elementary at Spruce Run Nature Center. Overall, we had about 100 folks join us and twenty lucky kids got a chance to have a bird fly to their gloved hand!

Photos from Chicago Peregrine Program's post 05/05/2022

Life can be tough in the Raptor World. Sounds like this time the tragic loss came at the hands (er, talons) of a Buckeye Bird!


May the Fourth be with OWL of you! 😬😬😬


What a pic!!!

Bald Eagle fishing a big herring ball in the Pacific Ocean along Northern Vancouver Island Canada.
Photo by Anthony Bucci

Photos from Ohio School of Falconry's post 05/01/2022

The Amazing Oci taught his first full class(es) today at our Cleveland-area location (the Izaak Walton League location in Medina). He did a great job of handling all of the different variables (birds AND people) that one encounters when teaching a falconry class…and he did it TWICE!!! Help me in wishing Octavio a big CONGRATS!!!

Photos from Mark Smith Photography's post 04/28/2022

Never seen anything like this before! An amazing series of photos from Mark Smith Photography!

Photos from Glen Helen's post 04/27/2022

Great News!!


Just a boy and his Augur!

Photos from Ohio School of Falconry's post 04/24/2022

We had such an AMAZING TIME sharing all of our amazing birds (and this incredible sport) with all of the great folks who joined us today at the annual Cleveland MetroParks Birds of Prey Day celebration! Folks got to see hawks, falcons, owls and buzzards up close and on the wing! A special thank you (and Congrats) goes out to our dear friend, Jenn Brumfield (seen holding Savannah our Augur Buzzard) for inviting us back and for recently being presented with the Audubon Lifetime Achievement Award for birding!! Congrats, and many hugs, again Jenn for your dedication to helping others get into birding!! You are an inspiration to us all!!! Finally, another big thank you to our tireless OSF team (Oci, Linda and Donielle) for their second day-long event in a row. You guys are truly the wind beneath our wings!!! (Pun fully intended, lol)

Photos from Ohio School of Falconry's post 04/23/2022

A big THANK YOU to everyone who joined us for today’s Feather ‘n Fur Photoshoot. And especially thank you to our Raptor Educators (Stephanie, Octavio, Flannery, Linda, Donielle and Nicole) for their help (and to Rachel and her Ohio Canid Center team as well). We had amazing weather and had some great flights!!

Photos from Ohio School of Falconry's post 04/22/2022

We’re BAAAACK!! This Sunday will mark our 5th year sharing our amazing raptors at the Cleveland MetroParks “Birds of Prey Day” celebration (at the Rocky River Reservation) and we couldn’t be more excited!! Please be sure to come out and join us this Sunday for one of our free flight shows and then plan on sticking around for the amazing birds and folks from Lake Erie Nature and Science Center, which will have two shows in the afternoon!


Happy EARTH DAY!!!

Earth Day is TOMORROW, April 22nd. It is a perfect time to be reminded of what we can all do to protect our environment.

The results of conservation efforts can be seen through the examples of the successful preservation and restoration of raptors including Peregrine Falcons, the California Condor and Bald Eagles.

It is important that we continue to help protect raptors. Here are some simple actions people can take to help reduce our negative impact on wildlife and help preserve these wonderful creatures.

Meet The Extremely Rare, 1 In 100,000 Black Barn Owl (6 Pics) 04/21/2022

Meet The Extremely Rare, 1 In 100,000 Black Barn Owl (6 Pics)


Meet The Extremely Rare, 1 In 100,000 Black Barn Owl (6 Pics) Barn owls are among the most common and loved of all owls, but this particular type of owl is anything but common.


Happy Easter from everyone at OSF!!



DID YOU KNOW? Just like human children, when photographed, kestrel nestlings have one of three responses:

1) Sit completely motionless and refuse to smile or otherwise acknowledge the camera or the existence of other sentient beings in any way.
2) Scream. Loudly.
3) Attempt to smile, but with such a profoundly creepy result that it would freak out the Annabelle doll from "The Conjuring."

Photo by Tami Gingrich


Happy Birthday “Baby Sedosa”! Many of you have had the pleasure of having our Matriarch Harris’ Hawk, Sedosa, fly to you over the years! She just turned 10 is still going strong. Please help us in wishing her a Happy Birthday!!


A great flight video from this past weekend’s Walk with Hawks program at our Medina location. We love the way you can see how Irwin uses his tail to steer in the wind and to ultimately brake right before his landing.


We just got our first call asking what to do about a baby Great Horned Owl that was found on the ground, so this post is particularly important to share…

Photos from Ohio School of Falconry's post 04/11/2022

Reunited and it feels sooo good!!

What a treat it was last Saturday to meet Bob, who was a practicing falconer back in the late fifties and early sixties. Bob’s stepson, Matt, brought him out for of a reunion of sorts and we had such a great time reminiscing with him about his experiences flying Coopers, Sharpshins (his favorites), Red Tails and Prairie Falcons along the Cleveland rail yards of yesterday. Thank you Bob for sharing your memories with us. By remembering our past (as falconers), we can perform much better in the present!!



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