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Claremont McKenna College is a premiere liberal-arts college located in Southern California. Our students are dreamers and doers. Founded in 1946.

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Photos from Claremont McKenna College Office of Admission's post 09/17/2022

Study abroad? More like smile, broadly 😜🌍🤭

Photos from Claremont McKenna College Office of Admission's post 09/11/2022

Our CMCers said howdy to old and new friends at our annual Barn Party 🤠🕺🎉


Our lovely amazing CMC Admission Tour Guides 🤩🤩🤩

Our tours are open through October, including Saturdays! Sign up and come see us.

Photos from Claremont McKenna College Office of Admission's post 08/31/2022

First year orientation on a beach?? Sign us up.


Happy first day of classes 😀😀😀 !

Photos from Claremont McKenna College Office of Admission's post 08/12/2022

Today’s highlights Adrian Flynn, class of 2025, who learned the oud in Morocco this summer 🇲🇦🎶✈️

“This summer, CMC’s SIE program funded my self-directed cultural immersion experience in which I spent 6 weeks traveling solo in Northern Morocco and studying the oud, a prominent instrument in MENA music and ancestor of the guitar. I spent the first three weeks in Fes taking lessons everyday with a professor at the local conservatory. Then I spent around a week each in Chefchaouen, Tetouan and Tangier where I befriended local Andalusi music orchestras and learned multiple styles of playing the oud in more informal settings. Being enveloped in music throughout my travels has been nothing short of incredible and a strong foundation for cultural exchange in all directions. I will not soon forget the graciousness of Moroccans and the in-depth conversations I had with people from all walks of life. Overall, I am grateful for this experience showing me once again how music is a powerful unifying force and that despite the different names for scales (or maqams!), the sound itself is a language intuitively understood by all.”

Photos from Claremont McKenna College Office of Admission's post 08/08/2022

T-minus 21 days☀️🍎📚

Photos from Claremont McKenna College Office of Admission's post 08/04/2022

Our today is on Sonja Woolley, 24’,🌲⛺️📸

“I’ve spent the past three months in the idyllic setting of Western North Carolina, working at a summer camp as a photographer and the multi-media intern! I could never have hoped for a better summer gig — I get to grow my technical and professional skills in media while also hanging out with cool kids and even cooler staff. As a photographer, I get to float around and participate in all the activities, while capturing the campers throughout their day so that parents can keep up with what their kids are doing. I’ve been into the backcountry, gone rafting, been square dancing, and just in general shared in the silly vibe of camp as much as possible. What other job gets to perform one night in drag and the next moment go roll a white water kayak? But truly, working with kids while watching them grow in their love of the outdoors has been super rewarding. It’s also genuinely been such a wonderful experience working with a media team that have helped me grow to not only be a better photographer, but be a better person.“


The Claremont Colleges are back on the road! Representatives from each of the 5C’s will be hosting programs in Berkeley, CA, Portland, OR, and Renton, WA this August. During each program you can discover what makes our consortium unique, hear more about our distinctive colleges, and learn more about the selective college admission process. You will also have the opportunity to meet individually with admission representatives from each school. More information and registration is available here: We can’t wait to meet you!


Today we have Nandini Mittal, class of 2022, for 😇!! We asked Nandini about her favorite parts of CMC:

“What I love most about CMC is the willingness of this community to motivate and lift each other up. Whether it is through resources and support made accessible by faculty and staff, or students supporting one another in their extracurriculars, the CMC community has really felt like a family to me. It’s a heartwarming feeling to see others actively wanting, and helping, you to thrive in an environment that was pretty daunting when I first arrived as an international student. Four years later, I am so proud to call this place a home and am incredibly thankful for the people that have made my time here so special.”


Sudent government hard at work 😎‼️⭐️

Photos from Claremont McKenna College Office of Admission's post 07/14/2022

👨‍💻🎒Our features Jackson Aldrich, class of 24! 📑💳

Jackson says, “My name is Jackson Aldrich and I am a rising Junior at CMC majoring in Economics with a Sequence in Data Science. This summer, I am an Executive Talent Management Intern at PayPal. My role is focused on executive talent development and identification strategies and how they support performance, the talent lifecycle, and impact the organization. I use data to extract key insights about the senior leadership team and to identify integral people to the company as well as to evaluate the health of business units. I also joined right before a massive revamp of the entire employee review system and thus utilized and acquired change management skills. PayPal sent me a work laptop, monitor, and many other pieces of tech to help set up a fully capable workstation at home. I am fully remote, but have badge access to go to the office when I want, but all of the work is able to be completed from my workstation at home.”

Photos from Claremont McKenna College Office of Admission's post 07/10/2022

Will you be a senior this Fall? Are interested in viewing your college options up close and in person? Apply now for the CMC Fall Preview Program, an opportunity for students from historically underrepresented communities in higher education (first-generation American, first-generation to college, low income, rural, of Black, Indigenous, or Latinx backgrounds, etc.) to learn from students, faculty, and staff about what makes CMC so special.

Don’t miss your opportunity for this fully funded experience. Additionally selected students will qualify for an automatic application fee waiver.

Application Deadline: August 22, 2022

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Photos from Claremont McKenna College Office of Admission's post 07/07/2022

Our today is on Joy Zhu! Joy, class of 2024, is spending her summer in Barcelona! 🌞🌊🇪🇸

“I have been working as a Business Development Intern at an environmental consultancy called Oceanogami in Barcelona, Spain over the past few weeks. I take on a variety of roles—from hosting beach cleanups, working on the business plan, designing posts for social media, and translating between English and Spanish. So far, my favorite part of my internship is running beach cleanups with different companies and schools to raise awareness about the importance of ocean sustainability and supporting a blue economy. The team is very international so it is great working with people from varying countries to build ocean responsibility. It is a great experience sharing my love for the ocean, taking on multiple roles, and making a positive impact on our planet.”

Photos from Claremont McKenna College Office of Admission's post 06/30/2022

Today’s is on Amelia Opsahl, class of 2025, who is spending her summer in Lisbon! 🇵🇹✈️☀️.

“This summer I am spending eight weeks in Lisbon, Portugal to take Portuguese classes for my major in Foreign Languages. Each day I spend around six hours in class/studying; however, I have also had many opportunities to explore the city! This includes visiting museums, important monuments, and historical sites, as well as going to nearby beaches, parks, and cafés to listen to locals speak in a more candid setting. It has been enriching to not only learn the Portuguese language, history, culture in class, but to also be immersed in it in my day-to-day life. “


Hey future CMC-ers! Over the summer, make sure to take advantage of speaking with current students and faculty through our online information sessions, virtual campus tours, and virtual student panels. There’s also virtual admission interviews and events for international prospective students. Come learn about the most incredible future four years of your life with this link: 😎♥️🏖🌄📚


Recent grad Lindsey Larson ‘22 is today’s 🥰 On campus, Lindsey was a Senior Interviewer, the Student Director of Technology & Social Media in our Office of Admission, a consultant, VP of the Class of 2022, a photographer on campus, and a First Year Guide. We asked Lindsey what she’ll miss most about CMC:

“When thinking of places I love, my thoughts don’t immediately jump to the actual place, its buildings, its landscape, or anything of that nature, but rather the people and the memories I created with all of those people in this place. What I’m going to miss most are specific moments— moments like laughing with my team during our weekly team meetings; dancing to student DJ sets at events with my best friends; studying with classmates in dorm lounges late at night; chatting with my favorite professors during Office Hours; walking to the village with friends; stopping at Ath Tea for a lemon bar and running into ; attending classes taught by incredible student instructors; having fascinating discussions with professors and fellow students during Ath Talk dinners; taking photos of new people and meeting new friends through my on-campus job; and so many more moments. To me, the people make a place truly special and each of these moments are quintessentially CMC. The strong, warm, and welcoming community is what I will miss most about CMC.” 🥲

Photos from Claremont McKenna College Office of Admission's post 06/16/2022

This summer the CMC Office of Admission is so excited to be featuring current students working, interning, or amidst an experience!

Students will be sharing their photos and thoughts about how they’re spending the summer months. Today’s highlights Shree Phadke, class of 2024, and his time with in Seattle. 👨‍💻🌃🎉

“ Over the last few weeks, I have been working as a Software Development Engineer Intern at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle. Specifically, I work under the Elastic Compute Cloud division of Amazon’s cloud-computing service, Amazon Web Services (AWS). My experience so far has been extremely enriching and fun; each intern is given an actual meaningful project that they have full ownership over, allowing one to really learn about the software engineering lifecycle—from designing and implementing to deploying software systems—and augment their technical skillset. I’ve already learned a great deal about working with big data and scalability and how cloud technology rapidly evolves at the forefront.”

Photos from Claremont McKenna College Office of Admission's post 06/12/2022

Class of 2020 and 2021 Grad Day Joy ☀️🎓😊


Today’s is Class of ‘22 Josiah Tarrant! In addition to working in Admission, Josiah was RA of Crown Hall, a Robert Day Scholar, a CARE Fellow, and an Institute Fellow at KLI.

On the eve of graduation, we asked Josiah to reflect on his time at CMC these past four years:

“CMC is my favorite place in the world. The people here are world-changers, ambitious, warm, wicked smart, and fun. Everyone who is a part of this community wants to be here, wants to lift each other up, and make CMC the best it can be. This is a place where we say “Hi!” to each other as we walk by, and try to use as many names as we can possibly remember. There is a culture of “paying it forward” at CMC; we give back to this place just as so many older students and alumni have for us. CMC has played a pivotal role in making me into the professional and person I am today, and I am so proud of who I have become. Attending CMC was undoubtedly the best decision I made in my life. CMC is home, and always will be.”

Photos from Claremont McKenna College Office of Admission's post 05/30/2022

Weather superiority 🌞🎉😎 What are you missing about CMC this summer? Drop a comment!


How lucky are we to have something so difficult to say goodbye to…. See you in 3 months ☺️☺️

Photos from Claremont McKenna College Office of Admission's post 05/17/2022

That feeling when you graduate from Camp Claremont ❤️💛


Counting down to the Class of 2022’s Commencement Ceremony tomorrow… 🧑‍🎓⏰🎓 .2022

Photos from Claremont McKenna College Office of Admission's post 05/09/2022

Pirate Palooza: a day of music, bouncy houses, inflatable water slides, sun, and fun 🤩🏴‍☠️⛱☀️🛝🥰

Photos from Claremont McKenna College Office of Admission's post 05/07/2022

Sun✔️ Family & New Friends✔️ Food Trucks✔️ Live Music✔️ =✨Inside CMC Day✨

Photos from Claremont McKenna College Office of Admission's post 05/03/2022

Jamie Bitz ‘22 is today’s 💛🤗 In addition to working as a Senior Interviewer, Jamie is an RA of Beckett Hall! We asked Jamie why she chose to attend CMC:

“From the moment I stepped foot on CMC's campus as a high school senior, I loved the community vibe--every time I walked outside, even as a prospie, there was always someone waving at me, someone yelling hello, someone running over for a hug. The campus felt like home and I really appreciated the way people looked out for each other and wanted to help. Of course, the amazing opportunities available also helped my decision because the support you receive from staff and centers here is honestly unmatched.”


Welcome to CMC, Class of 2026!!!! We are so excited to meet you in August. 💃🏼🕺🎉🥳

Photos from Claremont McKenna College Office of Admission's post 04/30/2022

Flashback to this awesome CPB event a few weeks ago 🎈

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How lucky are we to have something so difficult to say goodbye to…. See you in 3 months #CMC ☺️☺️
Welcome to CMC, Class of 2026!!!! We are so excited to meet you in August. 💃🏼🕺🎉🥳 #cmcisme




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