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The Billions Institute has a whopper of a mission: “We help social change leaders make their big dent in the Universe” —No small feat, and since 2015, The Billions Institute has created transformational learning experiences for over 500 foundation and non-profit executives who are leading large-scale change efforts in the social sector. We should all ask the question: What is holding you back from making your big dent in the Universe?
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Two poems, one old and wise looking backwards until time began for all those not here to share the now, and one new looking forwards for hope to spring eternal, particularly in 2021

A Toast to Absent Friends

Like passing clouds crossing the sky
From timeless past on dream-filled winds,
Let memories last for days gone by
We shared with loving absent friends.
So for this moment may you and I
Drink now their toast and make amends.

The Love Collector

1. ‘Go gather loving buds of March
The promises of love to come,
And gift these hidden fruits of much
To you who ripen in the sun.
2. ‘Go gather loving shoots of April
The heady signs of love to come,
And plant them in the hearts that will
Receive the joy of hope begun.
3. ‘Go gather loving blooms of May
The petal fresh of love to come,
And see the wonder of the day
Reborn again as spring is sprung.
4. ‘Go gather loving scents of June
The heady smell of love to come,
And dizzy savour summer's swoon
With honey sweetness overrun.
5. ‘Go gather loving dyes of July
The pallet stains of love to come,
And mix the blushes of the sky
With senses of the ever young.
6. ‘Go gather loving warmth of August
The living blood of love to come,
And feel the beat of Gia's pulse
Deep in the heart of mother's womb.
7. ‘Go gather loving signs of 'Tember
The yearning wind of love to come,
And see the trees bow with surrender
Their leaves turn green to copper brown.
8. ‘Go gather loving seeds of 'Tober
The future life of love to come,
And bury them in terra firma
To wait the turn of winters tomb.
9. ‘Go gather loving tears of 'Vember
The cleansing rain of love to come,
And treasure memories, but remember
That nature's birthday will return.
The Billions Institute does good work around the world. Here's simple way to close out your year, and get ready for 2021. It's gonna be an all-hands-on-deck kind of year.
I hope you think is amazing too!!
"We have to remember this happened, and we have to know we can be better — we can be a better, more equitable society."

If you missed StriveTogether President and CEO Jennifer Blatz's conversation with the Billions Institute, you can watch it here:
"What we’re seeing in communities across our network is this resolve about not returning to the status quo, creating a new normal."

If you missed Jennifer Blatz's conversation with Becky Margiotta of the Billions Institute, you can watch it in full here:
Finding opportunity in crisis: Later this morning, StriveTogether President and CEO Blatz shares what we’ve learned from emerging systems change work across the Network. She’ll be talking with
Billions Institute’s Becky Margiotta at 11:30 a.m. ET. You can still sign up to join the free webinar here:
The StriveTogether team has spent the past month learning with and from communities across the country that are creating innovative, collaborative solutions in response to COVID-19. We’re excited for the opportunity to share what’s working in a free webinar with the Billions Institute next Monday, May 4, at 11:30 a.m. ET. Sign up here:
Across the country, communities in the Cradle to Career Network are changing systems to better support families through COVID-19 — and beyond. Want to hear about what we’re learning? Join StriveTogether President and CEO Jennifer Blatz in conversation with Becky Margiotta of the Billions Institute on Monday, May 4:
“Each and every one of us has a role in changing what’s possible for young people,” says Parvathi Santhosh-Kumar, StriveTogether's VP of equitable results. On The Billions Institute's Unleashing Social Change podcast, hear her insights on our work to bring communities together to build better futures:
I need Posts letting me know; How or if, in every Colorado town & City, through out, the state landlords insisting You make 2 & 3 times the cost of the rent every month, or NO RENT, affected you? Did you become homeless? For how long? And How else did the rental SCAM - affect you? Is This Happening in your state?

There is no law the state legislature is going to consider it, in 2020. They will be told be me its Unconstitutional. The state lawmakers have no judicial right to interfere with prices of private rents. They can not insist you pay MORE than the minimum wage. The law would discriminate against the poorly paid. Or 60% of Americans No state can.

Consumer Laws Suspects and places the Burden on the buyers to fight unlawful law. But it Fails to tell you how!

Do you know someone who died, while homeless. Call me 719-465.3454, Collect if you need. Or send a letter "General Delivery," Colorado Spring Montebello Post Office For Jan Hoag, 80918.
Welcome to the third and final day of the 2019 Colorado Health Symposium! Follow along as we livestream and tweet our exchange sessions and our closing keynote, Becky Margiotta Principal and Owner of Billions Institute.

We help social change leaders make their big dent in the universe. What do we mean by three feet of influence? How you treat people.

We work with change leaders in every sector including education, health care, racial justice, climate change, anti-slavery, anti-gun violence and more. As we adapt to the changes brought on by "safer at home" measures during the COVID-19 pandemic we have also seen many teams need to find ways not just to scale the projects they were already working on, but needing to align with what wants to happe

Operating as usual

Generations Serving Together 03/21/2022

Generations Serving Together

Now, more than ever, we need new ways to bring older and younger people together to solve problems and bridge divides. National service, which has traditionally been age-segregated, can play a critical role in bringing older and younger corps members and volunteers together to create real change.

In recognition of AmeriCorps week, has opened applications for a new incentive grant to age-integrate national service. If your organization has AmeriCorps funding and wants to create new initiatives or significantly expand or deepen existing programs that unite older and younger to serve together, check it out! Apply by 4/22.

In addition to financial support, “Generations Serving Together” grantees will participate in a virtual cohort experience rooted in peer learning, shared challenges, problem solving, networking and mutual aid.

AmeriCorps VISTA, AmeriCorps, AmeriCorps NCCC,, Gen2Gen

Generations Serving Together An incentive grant to age-integrate national service


To my leaders dedicated to making the world a better place - what does inner work look like for you?


New episode of Unleashing Social Change just dropped.

Listen in as Nicole generously talks us through SHP's focus on scale, equity, and adapting their programs and internal practices.

Hey Unleashers - Episode 42 is now available!

On this episode, we welcome back Nicole Moretti Hockley a dear friend and force of nature, for a conversation about how Sandy Hook Promise scaled their proven prevention programs through a pandemic.

Link to episode In the comments!


A gem from Equity Meets Design's, Christine Ortiz.


We've received lots of requests to share job openings with our people - and we will be doing so in our newsletter next week.

If you'd like to share a job opening with our list of thousands of awesome social change leaders, please DM us with the links!

Timeline photos 12/02/2021

Limited spots left for this FREE offering from our friends at HighTechHigh!!

December 6th & 7th : 9-12:30 PST

📚 In this introductory course, you will learn how to use continuous improvement tools effectively to enhance your equity work. Over the two days, you will work to understand the root causes of an issue, develop a theory of action and identify a strong change idea. You will walk away with an understanding of how continuous improvement processes can support your team in reaching its equity goals, and a bank of tools for engaging in continuous improvement with your team.

IExD is offering an introduction to Continuous Improvement. Join us as we teach you to use continuous improvement tools effectively to enhance your equity work over two days.

Spots are limited, sign up now:

Introduction to The Model For Unleashing - Billions Institute 11/08/2021

Introduction to The Model For Unleashing - Billions Institute

Hey World Changers, ready for some practical tips on how to disrupt business as usual so that you can maximize your impact?

If so, come hangout at our “Introduction to the Model For Unleashing: Blueprint for Designing and Leading Large-Scale Change”

By the end of this two hour interactive workshop, you’ll know what is takes to:

💫 Embed organizational culture that is liberatory and regenerative,
💫 Lead successful spread/scale initiatives, and...
💫 Feel spacious, creative, and enjoy plenty of resources for everything you need and want to do.

Click on the link below to register 👉

Introduction to The Model For Unleashing - Billions Institute Introductionto the MFU Blueprint for Designing and LeadingLarge-Scale Change disrupt business as usual, maximize your impact,and fulfill your purpose Course Deets: Thursday December 2nd, 20218-10 a.m. PT Come to this introductory session to learn the framework that has inspired thousands of world ch...

Unapologetic Genius - Billions Institute 09/28/2021

Unapologetic Genius - Billions Institute

World changers, are you ready to maximize your impact and implement an antidote for burnout?

This workshop will challenge you to face into everything that is holding you back or burning you out as a social change or social justice leader.

What can you expect at the end of our 8 weeks together?

💡 Professional Benefits: Be more effective with greater impact
💡 Personal Benefits: Enjoy a more spacious and joyful life
💡 Organizational benefits: Optimized team development

We have a few more spots open for our Fall 2021 cohort. Click on this link to learn more and enroll >>

Unapologetic Genius - Billions Institute Unapologetic Genius: A step-by-step journey for social change leaders   to maximize your impactwithout burning out.   CTRL + ALT + DEL “business as usual” They say hindsight is 20/20, but nobody saw 2020 coming. We’ll be adapting and adjusting to the experience for years to come. Yet amid th...

Exponential Impact - Billions Institute 08/05/2021

Exponential Impact - Billions Institute

Learn our proven strategies for going to scale to save your organization years of wasted time and money.

Exponential Impact is all about adding zeros.

If your solution works in one community – let’s bring it to 10.

If your solution is being implemented in 10 school districts – let’s bring it to 100.

If your solution is being used in 100 health care settings – let’s bring it to 1,000.

➡️This is not an academic, theoretical, sit and get course.

➡️This is applied and actionable.

➡️This is for you if you're ready to take your proven and equitable solution to the next level of scale.

To learn more about this course, click here >>

Exponential Impact - Billions Institute We would like to help you take your proven and equitable solution to the next level of scale and beyond. WITHOUT wasting your time on strategies that don’t work So that as many people as possible can benefit from your solution as quickly as possible And do this all in six weeks. Exponential Impact...


"The outer work can never be small if the inner work is great. And the outer work can never be great if the inner work is small."

- Meister Eckhart

Beyond Solidarity: Bridging the Black-Asian Divide 05/25/2021

Beyond Solidarity: Bridging the Black-Asian Divide

Hey Friends!

Othering & Belonging Institute will be hosting this livestream conversation where Black and Asian scholars and activists will discuss the opportunities and challenges of building a multi-racial justice movement. They'll explore cross-group tensions as well as pathways to mutual solidarity and bridging.

You can register:

Beyond Solidarity: Bridging the Black-Asian Divide Join us this Thursday, May 27 at 2pm PT / 5pm ET for a conversation with Black and Asian scholars and activists on the opportunities and challenges to building a multi-racial justice movement.

Billions Institute 05/25/2021

Billions Institute

Woo Hoo!! Our first day of Impact With Integrity, May 2021 cohort, was a success!

So grateful for the brave space that was created as we all turned our loving attention too:

🔷 What have we not faced?
🔷 How do we avoid facing?
🔷 What is it costing to continue on this trajectory?

Friendly reminder, that we're offering a FREE PREVIEW of this first week for a few more days. You can enroll here:

Billions Institute *please remember to add our email to your contact list so you can get course communications and other goodies from us! Naturally, you can unsubscribe or customize your subscription at any time!

Impact with Integrity | Billions Institute Courses 05/11/2021

Impact with Integrity | Billions Institute Courses

Friendly reminder, enrollment for our May 2021 cohort is closing in 9 days. This is the last time we will be doing this course live.

If you want some real-time q&a with Becky, this is your last chance to do so for this course!

Impact with Integrity | Billions Institute Courses How to repair the world without breaking yourself in 2021 and beyond without feeling overworked, overwhelmed, or unworthy of authority. Enroll now!


Intro to our new course today at 10:30amPT with Dr. Christine Ortiz, Founder of Equity Meets Design and Co-Founder and Faculty of the Billions Institute, Joe McCannon! To RSVP:

Learning Through Community Grief 03/25/2021

Learning Through Community Grief

We are so appreciative of our colleague, Selena, for being willing to share her experiences as an Asian American woman processing the events of last week.

We will be exploring this issue further in a live conversation on Clubhouse next Thursday. Meanwhile, I invite you to give Selena's reflections your generous attention.

Learning Through Community Grief I am both relieved to no longer be invisible yet also afraid of the visibility. Nothing would mean more to me at this time than starting with engaging in the conversation and learning our histories here in North America.

Honoring Women Mentors 03/16/2021

Honoring Women Mentors

In honor of Women's History Month, we asked our newsletter to contribute to this public art project (word clouds have been our thing lately) by offering a lesson - in one word - that they've learned from one of their woman mentors.

Which one of these words most resonates with you and how do you carry it in your leadership?

In case you missed it, Becky wrote a blog appreciating her own woman mentors and the five lessons she still carries.
You can it read here:

Honoring Women Mentors I want to tell you about some of the women mentors I’ve had in my life and how they have influenced me, and invite you to reflect and do the same.


Just finished an amazing 3 days with 11 teams and 6 coaches (64 people) in Wales spreading and scaling their dreams and plans to change the world. It is always an honor to be a part of their process! Within minutes of finishing we received this photo that summed up everyone’s key takeaways.

“Finding Common Ground in Community” 03/03/2021

“Finding Common Ground in Community”

Season four is here!!

“Finding Common Ground in Community” In this candid conversation between two old friends, Mike shares his secrets for bringing out the best in each person he works with and each organization he leads.


New Climate Breakthrough Awardees: Mohamed Adow and Nicole Rycroft

Congrats to the Climate Breakthrough Awardees!!

We've had the pleasure and privilege of training some of the Climate Breakthrough Project awardees on how to design and lead large-scale change. They are all doing magnificent work that just might save humanity from extinction.

Parents, How Are You Doing? 02/18/2021

Parents, How Are You Doing?

Hey social change agents, Selena wrote a blog detailing 3 quick parenting tips that take under 15 minutes.

As the BI's enrollment and relationships manager, she has SO much genius around listening deeply and offering exactly what is needed. She has noticed a common theme -- burnout while trying to manage the work/life balance.

Click below to read her thoughts as she address the question; "How do we maximize our presence with our kids in times like these?"

Parents, How Are You Doing? most of our kids have not been in school so many of you have been simultaneously managing kids at home while struggling with pivoting your organizations and keeping them afloat. Are there enough hours in a day?


Impact with Integrity Course FAQs

Ask me anything about our new course, Impact with Integrity.


Hello Change Agent, do you want to learn how to repair the world without breaking yourself?

Whether you are c-suite executive, mid-level manager, case worker, or grassroots volunteer, our ability to make authentic connections with our colleagues and invent creative solutions are the building blocks of making your big dent in the Universe.

In the non-profit, government, and social sectors, scarcity conditions (not enough time, not enough money, not enough appreciation) can result in leaders feeling:

> Overworked / Overwhelmed
> Indecisive
> Blamed and Criticized
> Micromanaged or like they need to Micromanage somebody else

The Billions Institute is offering a new course that will cut through these limitations and give you the tools to kick some serious butt in 2021 and beyond. By the end, you’ll be able to:

> ADDRESS AND RESOLVE your biggest challenges as a leader
> MAXIMIZE YOUR INFLUENCE, regardless of how much or how little authority you actually have.
> FREE UP YOUR CREATIVITY, so you can have a greater impact on the issues that matter to you.

Our Guarantee:
If you’re not seeing the changes you hope for within the first 14 days, and you show us your work, we’ll gladly offer a FULL refund.

Enrollment closes soon! Click on the link to register now >>

Videos (show all)

Impact with Integrity Course FAQs
Introduction to the Drama Triangle
Which of these toxic team dynamics are holding you back?
Creating a Dream Board that Works
Big Dent Reflection Questions
Love > Judgment
Big Dent Introductory Clip
Becky's approach to coaching
Susan Jane on "What to do with your privilege during the global pandemic."
Clearing The Pipes
Making a Request
Episode 25: Christine Margiotta, SVP Los Angeles, “Shifting from Charity to Justice.”




Skid Row School: The Model for Unleashing
A Practical framework for designing and leading large scale change.
Led by Becky Margiotta, the Principal/Owner of The Billions Institute who sees her purpose as to inspire and support leaders in the social sector to step all the way into what you're here to do on this planet. In 2015, she created the Skid Row School to train foundation and nonprofit executives how to effectively design and run large-scale change initiatives. Prior to that, she created and led the 100,000 Homes Campaign that mobilized 186 cities to house 105,000 people off their streets in just four years.

Three Feet of Influence:
Address and resolve your biggest challenges as a leader. Bring your whole and best self to your work every single day. Maximize your influence regardless of how little authority you may have. Free up your creativity to have greater impact on the issues that matter to you

Get Off the Drama Triangle With Your Problem:
A guided and equity-orientated systems analysis of your your problem - and how you're engaging with it.

BI 101: Fundamental Concepts to Help you Make Your Big Dent
In the Universe
This course is a pre-requisite for joining our Coaching Community. And yet, any social change leader from front-line supervisors all the way up to C-suite executives and board members of a foundation or non-profit or government agency will benefit from taking this course.


310 N. Indian Hill Boulevard
Claremont, CA

Other Education in Claremont (show all)
Chicana/o~Latina/o Studies at the Claremont Colleges Chicana/o~Latina/o Studies at the Claremont Colleges

Founded in February 1969, we are the Intercollegiate Department of Chicana/o~Latina/o Studies at the

A Cleaner Tomorrow A Cleaner Tomorrow
1050 N Mills Ave
Claremont, 91711

ACT is an Environmental Education program that teaches elementary school students about environmental issues and solutions to these problems.

Colors 91711 Colors 91711
Claremont, 91711-4718

A yarn store filled with colorful strings & fanciful things

The Drucker Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club The Drucker Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Peter Drucker

Weekly Writing Workshop Weekly Writing Workshop
1 College Ave
Claremont, 91711

The mission of the Weekly Writing Workshop (3W) is to empower students by strengthening their technical writing skills and creative expression.

800 N. Dartmouth Ave.
Claremont, 91711

The CLIRWater archival project aims to digitize and democratize southern California’s water history to pave new avenues for research.

Jacobs Assessment Specialists Jacobs Assessment Specialists
201 W 4th Street Suite 200
Claremont, 91711

Dedicated to supporting individuals and families with children and adolescents who have learning challenges.

Center for Civic Engagement - CMC Center for Civic Engagement - CMC
Claremont, 91711

The Center for Civic Engagement strives to foster personal and character development in CMC students through co-curricular programming in the areas of service, citizenship, and sustainability.

Pomona Green Bike Shop Pomona Green Bike Shop

We live on the North side of 6th Street, down the ramp across from the Pomona-Pitzer football field.

Uncommon Good Uncommon Good
211 W Foothill Blvd
Claremont, 91711

Empowering families through education, medicine, and the environment

Chicano Latino Student Affairs Office, The Claremont Colleges Chicano Latino Student Affairs Office, The Claremont Colleges
Claremont, 91711

Chicano Latino Student Affairs (CLSA) Aims to foster a sense of familia and community at The Claremont Colleges by providing cultural programming, leadership opportunities, professional development, and academic support for our diverse Latinx students.

Wooden Arts Wooden Arts
515 11th St
Claremont, 91711

lovely wooden things created, renewed and restored with beautiful woods, love, skill and good cheer for your desk, home and office