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BentXRows 03/22/2022


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Just a kid from LA with big dreams ✌️ August breeze with the the fresh gym fit by get yours today 💪😤


Monday Motivation:
15 yrs old left pic || 25 yrs old right pic

— my mom bought me my first gym membership at the age of 13 when I started going to the gym with my good old friend and mentor I immediately fell in love with chasing the “PUMP” and never stopped going to the gym since. I always had trouble gaining weight though. So in order to gain the right size I had to learn how to properly diet and workout which I learned many years later from my good friend/mentor/coach .y Of course through trial and error I learned what worked and didn’t work for me. This has benefited me as a trainer and has made it easier for me to train my clients and get them faster results. This journey has been so amazing to me and has opened so many new doors for me🙏🏻 My best advice is If you ever starte something and feel like it’s getting tough and uncomfortable, then you’re on the right path to get to your breakthrough 💪😤


We still got too many goals to be worrying about anything else. So do yourself a favor and move FOWARD no matter what 💪😤


Stage video thanks to of this past weekend. The best thing about this journey is every time I step on this stage I feel like im in the right sport/place.

Training months for 15 seconds of stage time but feels like a lifetime when your up there🙌 best of all it was at the Los Angeles event 💪


SelfMade Fam ❤️

Funny to see weeks of hard training and dieting just for special photo moments like these with the people you suffer with the most❤️

Photos from Bent X Rows's post 07/26/2021

Completion photo bomb with some of the people that came out to support last night ❤️ thank you guys I really appreciate the love and support you guys continue to give me on my journey and it definitely doesn’t go unoticed ❤️🙌


Onto the next one ☝️ 🙏🏻🙌

Photos from Bent X Rows's post 07/25/2021

That’s a wrap for Los Angeles championship I want to take this time and thank my coach for bringing me this far and pushing me to the next level 💪🙏🏻 every show I improve and every show I get more excited to compete and reach my goals 🙌🙌🙌

Didn’t get the placing we wanted but brought in a undeniable package that beat my last show!


All checked in for LA Championship 💪


Don’t quit! You’re already suffering so get something from it! Push forward 💪


2DAYS Out trying my best to dry out as much as possible and keep the size I’ve worked hard for the past year. Still going heavy on weights even though I feel depleted and energy levels are at it’s all time low. Only sticking to fasted cardio every morning and eating 6 meals per day. I feel a lot more confident sitting 15lbs heavier than my last two shows. Thank you to my coach .y for paving the way for me on this journey. without him I really would t be able to surpass my limits. 🙏🏻

Shorts by :

Photos from Bent X Rows's post 07/20/2021

Where you are now is just a reflection of your past thoughts, so if you wanna change your future you have to change your thoughts now.

At 14 years of age I saw my first bodybuilder that I aspired to look like (Rich Piana) now I know a lot of people have there own opinions of how freakish looking he was but to me that was my real life super hero that I looked up to. I Never grew up with a dad and never grew up with Someone pushing me towards new goals. I had to learn that on my own. That’s where my hunger comes from though and that’s why I am happy I grew up the way I did. Self motivated.


So officially a 626 resident and a place I can call home next to my 2nd home ! Literally have been grinding for over a year through a pandemic and the challenges have made me stronger and I am so blessed to be able to continue this journey🙏🏻A lot of moving parts and hectic tbh ! But we still here grinding it out!

Thank you god and to everyone that’s been so supportive of my journey and I can’t wait to see what’s next in the near future 🙏🏻


Determined to finish the week strong.


left pic 2018 one of my first check-ins with coach .y taken when I was in the military. Right photo recent pic of 3 1/2 years dedication to this sport. A lot may think I take this too “serious” but in reality I know how much sacrifice I had to put in to get here. Some won’t ever understand and that’s okay.


Prep Update : (2weeksout) Checkins sent this AM to coach .y And feeling great already heavier than last two shows and tighter. Not really messing with anything crazy (water,carbs,sodium,exc.) just straight Dieting+Working hard every single day.


Happy Grinday everyone!
🩳 :


It’s impossible to be lazy around these two .y

Not Average.

Photos from Bent X Rows's post 07/08/2021

The people criticizing you have done less than you. So stop worrying about them when only you know what you went through to get where you are.



You either with us or against us. Either way we’re here to WIN.


Photos from Bent X Rows's post 07/04/2021

Stay hydrated this 4th of July 🎉 🎊



Playing around with the 120’s thank you .y for pushing me today! 💪😤


The past couple months I’ve had the pleasure and blessings to have these guys pushing one another to prepare for our next show. These are more than just gym partners but my brothers that I could depend on. Thank you both .y 🙏🏻🙏🏻


GRIND every single day.



Monday motivation for those out there trying to reach there goals. From 200lb bulk⏭ 170lbs this morning. 20lbs heavier than last show I feel a lot bigger and zoned in. 14 week prepped by .y

This process from week4 to week8 was probably the hardest weeks not seeing much change but still trusting my coach and my work ethic process. Can’t wait to see the final@package in 3/4 weeks.


Red or Green apple ? Choose your faith.

Either one you choose just know my circles gonna be just fine ⭕️

Photos from Bent X Rows's post 06/27/2021

No filter no edits just straight 60min cardio 3 Talapia meals a day and a whole lot of heart. 4 more weeks to get more peeled.


Congratulations !!! You killed it tonight and held dead center !!!

Nicole you’ve came such a long way! I am so proud of how much grind you put into this prep! All those tough days during our group workouts have finally paid off. Time to celebrate and come back to the grind hungrier than ever girl !


Congratulations !!! Team Yan !!

1st open class C
Battled for overall ⚔️

I’ve had a pleasure watching you grow bro!!
You’re hard work is only going to keep lying off and I can’t wait to see you win some more!! Congratulations tonight 💪😤

Photos from Bent X Rows's post 06/17/2021

If you’re gonna be a boss then be a boss 🤌🏾



I love bent over rows + Landmine ! 💪😤

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Photos from Bent X Rows's post 06/11/2021

Iron sharpens Iron ⚔️

Way to focused to get distracted and if we do hit a bump. I got my circle always pushing me the extra mile.

Photos from Bent X Rows's post 06/09/2021

Everyday was arm day, many moons ago🥲

I love working out arms but for the past year I’ve held back from working them out as much. Is this a bad thing? No, my arms were my strong points that I had to let the rest of my body catch up and develop to match my proportions! Work on deficiencies 👌

Photos from Bent X Rows's post 06/02/2021

First posing session for 💪 made improvements on his back and introduced him to the world of posing.

You can see from the 2nd slid pic how many adjustments we made to get him to expose his back even more! Posing is more than just standing it’s now a new art form that a lot of competitors know this!


Crazy Shoulder day with lifting partner 💪😬

He came in to mess the weights up and he definitely did that !😂 Welcome to the family bro I am excited to train side by side again 🙌😁

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Stage video thanks to of this past weekend. The best thing about this journey is every time I step on ...
You either with us or against us. Either way we’re here to WIN. 📸 @elite_vizuals @franky.y @kevinmendezz_ #bodybuilding ...
Playing around with the 120’s thank you @franky.y @ashley_harano  for pushing me today! 💪😤 #bodybuilding #fitness #nutri...
I love bent over rows + Landmine ! 💪😤@reignbodyfuel @makeitreignla 👖@tlfapparel : Get 15% off using promo code TLF-DAVID...
I love bent over rows + Landmine ! 💪😤@reignbodyfuel @makeitreignla 👖@tlfapparel : Get 15% off using promo code TLF-DAVID...
Restored and relaxed for the new week🙌😄These filters are too much 🤣My skin is not this smooth btw 😅#happy #life #style #...
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