Scripps for Black Lives Matter

Scripps College Alumni/x/ae and Students for Black Lives Matter! (Not officially affiliated with the Scripps Administration.)

We are simply a concerned group who wants Scripps to do better and hold them to their broken promises.

Operating as usual

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And to help you out tomorrow, here in a handy infographic of what the 2021-2022 Approved Scripps Budget looks like.

Be prepared! Come for the meeting tomorrow at 12 noon (see our previous post)

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Hi all. Scripps is having an important budget meeting tomorrow at 12 noon.

Please consider attending, especially if you are a current student or want to see how Scripps is doing financially as we enter a post-covid period.

If you can't make it, please submit your questions to [email protected]. Otherwise join the zoom - we hope to see you there!

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The Presidential Search Committee - Student Member Application

⭕️ One currently enrolled student whose expected graduation date is May 2022 or later.
⭕️ Must be available to attend all committee meetings. Biweekly meetings are scheduled on Tuesday Mornings at 8am.
⭕️ Must sign and adhere to a confidentiality pledge


‼️Ideally to be filled by a BIPOC student who is a junior (knows what campus is really like for longer than a semester)
‼️White students, please don’t apply. Especially if you haven’t worked on BIPOC student issues at Scripps. This is not a resume builder for you.
‼️This is our chance to have a student who can effectively communicate all the diversity and inclusion concerns, issues, and hopes that all Scripps students have for a new President.

To our BIPOC Students:
We know that taking up this position is more unpaid labor. More emotional labor in educating Board Members and potential applicants on the struggles BIPOC students face at Scripps.

If the unpaid aspect is holding your application back, let us know! We can work to break down this financial barrier for you.

📝 The interest form is in our Linktree on IG 📝

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Spring Community Update from President Tiedens.

What do you all think? Leave your comments below.

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We will be supporting Nobody Fails At Scripps 2020-2021 Mutual Aid for the Spring 2021 semester.

They are fundraising around $50,000 for the semester to help Scripps students survive through the pandemic while they pursue their studies. And be able to afford the basics like rent and food without stressing. Mutual Aid is key for our Scripps community.

Alumnx! Parents! Donate here instead of Scripps Institutional Advancement - Scripps still hasn't done any meaningful diversity and inclusion work to merit your donations.

Please support them - any amount counts.

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Important Update!!!

Tiedens is leaving Scripps in Spring 2021!

WHY? Is the school doing that bad financially? Is she tired of having such a 'hard job'? Or was it just simply a better job offer?

In these days of our ongoing higher education crisis, a president leaving mid-pandemic isn't something to take lightly.

We are excited for potential change - WOC Scripps President anyone? - but this news is also troubling. We would love to know further information on why.

Scripps4BLM Fall Update 10/30/2020

Our Fall Edition of the Scrippsfor BLM newsletter is out!
We covered a lot of things - Meeting with DOS and Admissions, the Jane Mi Incident, and Collaborating with CLORGS/Groups.

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and keep up to date!


Scripps4BLM Fall Update DOS Pandemic Response A review of DOS actions during pandemic & a request to release a Community Response. Trust had been broken for the whole community - professors, alumnx, current students.  Black Recruitment & Admissions

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October Update:

Things have been a bit quieter for us because we have been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes meetings and work

Met with DOF and Admissions
Discussed Mental Health Concerns, Black & Indigenous Admissions + Recruiting, the Jane Mi Incident, and DOS Actions during the Pandemic.
DOS will publicize Internal mental health Guidelines
Release a statement about next semester

Next Steps
Meet with Admissions re: Native + Black Recruitment (Separately)
Follow up with DOS on their statement and publishing of guidelines
Reach out to Faculty to discuss Mental Health Training
Develop Classroom harm prevention practices/make a guide
Release an October edition of our newsletter!

Ideas/Ways You can Help
One idea that was brought up was a listening session between DOS, Black students and Black Alumnx moderated by us.
Admissions wants to do virtual recruitment events with Black Alumnx and prospective students.
Black Alumnx, would you join?

As always, your responses don't
have to be public. DM or email us

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September Update

Things have been a bit quiet for us on social media recently. But we have been really busy behind-the-scenes working on:

Setting up meetings with Admin
Crafting a response to the recent BOT update on diversity
Writing for the newsletter
Looking into an incident with Scripps Professor J. Mi

Do you have any thoughts on these matters? Information to share? Let us know!

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On Monday, August 17th, we had our meeting with the Scripps Administration.

It was NOT a meeting in good faith.
- 45 Minutes total
- 20 minutes were taken up by Tiedens
- Only 3 demands were discussed
- Only Tiedens, out of all the senior staff, wouldn't commit to any of our asks

Instead of solutions, we were redirected to powerless committees that haven't solved any of these issues. How we were treated shows that Scripps isn't committed to racial justice, diversity, inclusion, or equity at all. This is not the first time that the Administration has heard these demands.

5 Actions You Can Take
1. Withhold your Donations!
2. Sign up for our mailing list for future direction actions (message us or send us an email)
3. Share our campaign with your parents and 5 friends
4. Support vulnerable staff/students with the Fund and the Scripps Nobody Fails at Scripps Mutual Aid Fund
5. Share any Media Contacts you may have (National, Local, etc)

We are in this for the long haul. Signing the Demand Statement isn't enough - harness your feelings of white guilt and TAKE ACTION! You have something to add to our efforts. Don't discount who you know or how you can help (your time and/or money!)

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August 11th, 2020 Update!

We have a meeting set with President Tiedens & Administration/BOT for Monday, August 17th, 2020.

Unfortunately, things are really restricted in terms of time and the number of people who can attend. Nor will it be open to the community.

We will be presenting an agenda based off of our 2020 Demand Statement.

If you want to help with the agenda crafting, let us know. Or if you really want to come to the meeting, send us a DM.

Thank you all for your patience and support.

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Join Scripps for Black Lives Matter and Students for Accountable Scripps email campaign to hold President Lara Tiedens accountable and ask for a meeting to discuss our demands.

We are asking all
- Parents
- Students
to send out this email blast

The Deadline is THIS FRIDAY

You can also find the mail-to link on Instagram or copy and past the email in the Gdoc below.

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Call to Action Town Hall!

Scripps for Black Lives Matter & Students for Accountable Scripps will be hosting a Town Hall to share our Call for Action!

Monday, July 20th at 6pm PST.

Tiedens has refused to meet with Student and Alumnx Organizers in a timely manner, despite her promise to do so.

Join us in learning how to hold Scripps accountable for Racial Justice reforms.

Letter to the BOT Calling for the Firing of Dean Johnson 07/14/2020

Call to fire Dean of Students Charlotte Johnson: A letter from Students for Accountable Scripps

On June 14th, 2020, Students for Accountable Scripps sent a letter to the Board of Trustees calling for the firing of Scripps’ Dean of Students Charlotte Johnson. Their Concerns against Dean Johnson are numerous:

*Negligence of Scripps Students who stayed on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic
- failed procedures and Lack of Communication
- Disconnect from Students
- Denial of Personal Protective Equipment
- Underfeeding Students
*General unprofessionalism & disrespect (especially towards Black Students)
*A long history of failing to listen to student concerns
- Requests for adequate mental and physical health accommodations and resources are met with “an alarming lack of compassion and wisdom”
* High staff turnover in DOS, hindering the office’s ability to provide basic support to the student body

This is not the first time that Scripps Students have called for Dean Johnson’s removal. Her handling of the su***de of a Scripps student in 2017 was “[a failure] to act with leadership, compassion and respect.” The RA call for her resignation was met with silence.

“We urge the Board to terminate the employment of Dean Johnson, given her proven pattern of negligence and her inability to perform the responsibilities of her job, especially during times of crises. Dean Johnson’s continued display of ineffective leadership in her role as head of Student Affairs demands attention.”

Take 10 minutes out of your day to read it. This is a critical concern for scripps students, present and future.

Letter to the BOT Calling for the Firing of Dean Johnson Hi readers! Students for an Accountable Scripps here - just wanted to note that this was first drafted and written several months ago & since… more has happened! & the needs of the community have shifted. Some details have come to light -- for example, we’ve since learned of the existence of a S...

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Scripps for BLM is just one of the many student and alumnx groups holding ALL of the 7C's accountable for their racism and anti-Blackness.

Come check out who we stand in solidarity with!:

Nobody Fails at Scripps (Mutual Aid) - On both FB + IG
7C's4BLM - IG
Dear Claremont Colleges - IG
Black Claremont - IG
Nobody Fails at Ptz (Mutual Aid) - IG
HMC Solidarity (Mutual Aid) - On both FB + IG
Nobodyfailsatcmc - on both FB + IG
SDC Coalition - IG

Student clubs are doing great work too
Claremont Soca
Blend Scripps
Watu Weusi
Scripps Advocates
APAC Pitzer
Pomona Alxa
5C Prison Abolition

Sorry if anyone wasn't included; it wasn't intentional.

Scripps for BLM transcript *updated periodically* 07/05/2020

Awesome alumnx Julia Seward has created this resource - she transcribed all of the original information presented on the Scripps for BLM IG to a google doc. She did this since not everyone is on instagram + the graphics can be harder than plain text for some people.

This doc includes:
- Scripps for BLM student demands
- The administration's responses to those demands
- the critique of the administration's responses to their demands
- other relevant info such as student demographics, concrete measures of progress, etc.
If you want to share this version with family, alums, donors, etc that either aren't on social media or just prefer a document, it should be public. I'll update it more than weekly if new info is posted!

Scripps for BLM transcript *updated periodically* Scripps for BLM text transcript Word for word transcription of the campaign as posted on the Instagram page. Bold and italic emphases are all original / not added by me. Part 1 - demand statement as posted on Instagram on Land Acknowledgement We acknowledge that ...

Photos from Scripps for Black Lives Matter's post 07/05/2020

The 7C's hasn't been silent either. Check out the 7C's4BLM on Instagram. They are demanding/leading/advocating for systemic change within The Claremont Colleges to combat racism and anti-Blackness. The petition has been signed by more than 500 students and counting.

7Cs4BLM Instagram

Sign the Petition Here: -4-blm

Photos from Scripps for Black Lives Matter's post 07/05/2020

Scripps released an INTERNAL Statement to the students and alumnx/i/ae on June 23rd.

There was no collaboration with students or alumnx/i/ae on these actions. They are surface level and performative with no deadlines, timelines, tangible dollar amounts, or tangible number of opportunities.

Scripps Admin picked the lowest hanging, easy, demands to "fulfill." And for a lot of them, we don't know how they will actually be fulfilled until students try them.

2020 Demand to Support Black Lives Matter at Scripps 07/05/2020

On June 10th, a group of Scripps Current students and alumnx/i/ae sent a BLM Demand Statement to Scripps College Administration, President Tiedens, and the Board of Trustees.

Signed by over 600 students, alumnxx/i/ae and parents, our document calls for numerous demands that encompass every area of the Scripps community from Admissions to Staff to funding.

Our demands are the most recent iteration of the broken promises and unfulfilled demands that Scripps students, mainly Black and other POC, have asked for over the years.

Please take some time to read it all.

2020 Demand to Support Black Lives Matter at Scripps They always say that their response is based on the volume of alumni/ae and student concerns and that “we didn’t get any emails/complaints.” We can change that. Matter Demand to Support Black Lives Matter at Scripps College Dear Scripps College President Lara Tiedens Scripps C...

ScrippsforBLM (@scrippsforblm) • Instagram photos and videos 07/02/2020

Welcome to the Scripps for Black Lives Matter FB page.

Check us out on Instagram at

Other Important Links:
Scripps 2020 Demand Statement

7C's4BLM Demands -4-blm

Scripps Anonymous Testimonial Form (Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumnx/i/ae can fill it out)

Nobody Fails at Scripps

Petition for Pomona BSU Space dedicated to Black Students

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