Chico Christian Preschool

Chico Christian Preschool


Playgrounds are the best -- and so are thank you notes from kids! Cheers to the students at Chico Christian Preschool. We hope you enjoy your new sandbox and play area!
What a great time with an amazing school
This Copper Cub and his mama are excited for this 1st day of fall focus at CCP.

A carefully supervised and balanced program is offered to children ages two through five at Chico Christian Preschool. Infant Center is available.

Our program will include a variety of activities, such as music, drama, perceptual development, share time, literature, Bible stories, cooking, outdoor and indoor play, chapel, and more. We also have an infant center, visit and click on the PreSchool Menu for more information.

Operating as usual


Thank you to everyone who helped make CCPS second annual Trunk or Treat happen and to everyone who came out to enjoy it.


CCPS Trunk or Treat this afternoon 3:30-5:30 hope to see you there!


CCPS Fall Festival Fun

CCPS Fall Festival Fun


CCPS Fall Festival Fun!

CCPS Fall Festival Fun!


Save the date!! Can’t wait to see you all there!


Giant pumpkin raffle is up and running along with our Fall photo booth. Don’t miss out on buying raffle tickets for the gigantic beautiful pumpkin and supporting our lovely school.


Thank you Peterson Sisters Pumpkin Patch for helping Chico Christian out with the BIG pumpkin! We’ll be selling raffle tickets for this pumpkin all month at the CCPS front desk and drawing the winner at our Harvest Festival. Come check it out and snap a picture at our Fall photo booth in the CCPS lobby.

Meal Train for The Gilstraps 09/30/2022

Meal Train for The Gilstraps

Ms. Gilstrap and her family could use our continuing support and love. Here's a super tangible way to do that as she's at home caring for her husband Rich.

Meal Train for The Gilstraps Over the weekend Rich was hospitalized and although he's home now, he's not strong and his health continues to decline. He'll remain on oxygen and Joy is needing to be home caring for him full-time. As their community, rallying around them to help provide meals and take some of the weight off would....


Hi Families!

These are our upcoming October Events!

There will be some opportunities for parent volunteers & we will keep you informed about those opportunities- thanks for all you do!


Our Back to School Carnival is this Saturday, September 24th from 4-6pm.

We are still looking for Volunteers!
There is a volunteer sign-up sheet in the lobby or you can message us on Facebook if you’re interested. anyone who wants to volunteer including, youth group kids, church members and staff etc. are welcome!

Tickets are on sale until Wednesday the 21st! They can be purchased at the front desk.


Spirit Week is coming up!
We look forward to celebrating with you!

Elderly couple robbed by scammers - $30,000 lost, organized by Brian Gilstrap 08/26/2022

Elderly couple robbed by scammers - $30,000 lost, organized by Brian Gilstrap

It’s so sad when these kinds of things happen to the kindest, most generous and hard working of people. I don’t know anyone who works harder and gives more generously than Joy Gilstrap. We love the Gilstrap’s and wanted to share this so you can donate or keep them in your prayers.

Elderly couple robbed by scammers - $30,000 lost, organized by Brian Gilstrap Hi, my name is Brian Gilstrap. I am the youngest son of Richard and J… Brian Gilstrap needs your support for Elderly couple robbed by scammers - $30,000 lost


These are our upcoming events for September! More information to follow about specific details

Photos from Chico Christian Preschool's post 08/10/2022

This months theme for our parent resource is “saying good-bye”. So many of us have experienced how hard and unnatural it can be to get your child peeled off of you by a caregiver and walk away with them crying. Good bye’s are hard but it doesn’t always have to be that way. I found this guidance from ‘Our Mama Village’ so helpful. I like the last post reminding us parents that children look to us for leadership. If we are secure and confident in saying good bye that security will help them trust the caregivers at preschool. Your child will still miss you and be excited to see you at pick up but they will feel more secure while you are away.


CCPS staff is excited to see all our families again! Thank you thrivent for sponsoring our training at Stoble Workplace


Sneak a Peak is this Friday, August 5th from 4:30-5:30 pm !! We look forward to seeing you all there :)


This is our updated calendar for the 2022/2023 school year! We look forward to seeing all of our amazing families soon.


We are hiring for qualified Christian teachers for our toddler and infant programs. If interested e-mail cover letter and resume to [email protected]


If you bought tickets for the CCPS BBQ you can pick up your Tri-Tip plate between 11 and 1 today! Thank you for your support!

Photos from Chico Christian Preschool's post 12/15/2021

Chico Christian Door Decorating Contest! Vote for your favorite by “liking” it. Voting will end December 17th at 9am. The door with the most “likes” will win a $50 gift card for their classroom.


The Cafe will be open all day tomorrow! Opening at 8am. Grab a fresh donut or a hot bowl of flavored oatmeal with your coffee! Your choice of 2 homemade soups or pepperoni pizza for lunch and dinner (while product lasts)! I’ll be opened through the light show which runs from 5:30 pm to 9pm at Neighborhood Church. Cafe will close at 8:30pm
See you tomorrow!!


Santa and his reindeer (mini donkey) are hanging out at the upper park horse arena today from 10-2.


Best light show in town! Grab some hot chocolate, pizza and a treat at the cafe and enjoy the show Thursday-Saturday. First show starts at 5:30 and runs every 1/2 hour until 9:00.


We are looking at expanding our staff to include more Behavioral support Assistants/Assistants to specifically support children in social emotional growth as they gear up for kindergarten. The position requires at least 2 years of experience working with children with differing needs. E-mail [email protected] if you know anyone or if you are interested in finding out more about the position.


The Christmas season is upon us! Stop by and take a sElfie by our Christmas tree 🎄


Our fun, family attraction in front of the Dome with Christmas lights set to music will kickoff this Friday and Saturday, then Thursday - Saturday nights with shows starting at 5:30pm-8:30pm through Dec. 23rd. Invite a friend and help us get the word out.

Photos from Chico Christian Preschool's post 11/23/2021

Such a fun Thanksgiving walk to the tree farm! We are so Thankful for our families, staff and school. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone


As a parent or educator it is so important to understand the stages of a child’s tantrum or behavior. Understanding the escalation cycle is one of the most beneficial things you can do to effectively help a child work through big feelings. Often when our child is escalated we are at a loss of what to do, we ponder whether to give in, will this get worse, when will this stop, should I distract them, should I offer food, should I hug them, should I walk away…taking a pause and reflecting on what stage of the tantrum cycle your child is in can help answer some of those questions and help you respond appropriately. If they are fully escalated-their ability to reason and process a conversation is non existent, it’s best to use short-direct communication and remind them you are there when they are ready. Waiting until they are fully back to baseline to discuss the triggering event will help ensure your child is in a place where they can effectively process information.


Thank you to everyone who came out to the Back to School Carnival today! We hope you had as much fun as we did and got to meet some other preschool families in between games. A BIG thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to help. We could not have done it without our parent volunteers running games, cleaning and setting up or our special vendors; music by Zooba, Brown Derby Dawgs and Catch It Quick juggling and balloon twisting. Feeling very grateful for all our wonderful families that made this afternoon so fun.


I need a moment to publicly praise the CCPS teachers. We have been up against smoke, COVID round 2 and all the standard stresses of teaching little people. Today and everyday I am so honored to be apart of this staff that is so flexible, loving of the children and loving of one another. If you ever want to see true teamwork in action come spend a day watching our teachers. 🤍🤎💙🧡💜❤️💛💚💙


Thank you for your prayers! God has sent us some amazing teachers to hire! We are still looking to fill one shift: 1pm-5:30pm either M-F or T/Th/F as an afternoon floating preschool teacher.

All Pro Dad | Advice for Dads on Parenting, Marriage and Relationships 08/15/2021

All Pro Dad | Advice for Dads on Parenting, Marriage and Relationships

Today’s post is for the dads, especially if they love football 🏈. There are so many mom oriented support groups and social media accounts to guide us through parenting struggles. Today we wanted to share a group for dads to follow. Check ouT All Pro Dads, created by Tony Dungy. He’s built a great platform that caters to dad specific topics and always has a football reference to tie it all together.

All Pro Dad | Advice for Dads on Parenting, Marriage and Relationships All Pro Dad is on a mission to help men love and lead their family well. Be a hero to your kids. Join us today!


We are still hiring for the following positions:

M and F Preschool Assistant 8:30-4:30
M-F Preschool Assistant 8:45-5
Preschool morning Floater 9:00-2:00
Infant Center Floater 10:30-4:30 or 9:00-2:00
Afternoon Infant Center Floater 2:00-5:00


Fire season is never easy for anyone. Today we are praying for the families that are being affected by the Dixi fire. We’re praying for the safety of the firefighters and everyone working to try and contain it.

We know the smoke and location of the Dixie fire can be especially triggering for our families and staff who went through the campfire. You are all also in our prayers🙏


These phrases are so simple yet so impactful to how smooth your day goes. If you’re looking for helpful parenting accounts to follow, the mom psychologist is a great one!


Love this tool to fight stress and frustration when toddlers are having a melt down.

Next time your kiddo is in a tantrum, pick a mantra or two, take a deep breath and know you’re doing the best you can and that is good enough!


Hello CCPS Facebook followers! We are requesting prayer for the assistant teaching positions we need to hire for this fall.

We are really struggling to even get applicants right now. If you know anyone who might be interested please send them our way. If you don’t know of anyone please be praying for our staffing. We trust that God has a plan and has gone before us, but we also believe in the mighty power of prayer!

Photos from Chico Christian Preschool's post 07/08/2021

I often roll my eyes at these kinds of post because they seem cheesy or unrealistic. However, I’m sharing this because I’ve tried it myself over and over with my own kids and with kids at the preschool and it works!

Sometimes we just need to be thoughtful on how we use our energy and choose whether we want to spend our energy frustrated with our kids or playful with them. Both ways may end with similar results but the journey to get those results will feel better if we intentionally choose to try the fun way.


Speech tip below 👇. Whether your child has a speech delay or is just learning to talk it’s great to create opportunities that motivate them to use words. Other ways to create opportunities is to put highly desired items just out of reach so they can see them but have to make a request for someone to get them down. Also, try giving them one piece of a food item at a time to present the opportunity to request “more” (ex: one blueberry at a time or one piece of a sandwich.

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Thank you to everyone who helped make CCPS second annual Trunk or Treat happen and to everyone who came out to enjoy it.
CCPS Fall Festival Fun
CCPS Fall Festival Fun!
Best light show in town! Grab some hot chocolate, pizza and a treat at the cafe and enjoy the show Thursday-Saturday. Fi...
Happy Friday!!
Our Blue Bears are on their way to graduate from Chico Christian Preschool today. So proud of these special children!
Today’s Easter Chapel. “My God is so great, so strong and so mighty. There’s nothing my God cannot do for you!”Missed se...
Songs from today’s Easter Chapel.
Story time with Mrs. Agoff. Hope you enjoy her telling of Three Billy Goats Gruff.




2801 Notre Dame Boulevard
Chico, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 7am - 6pm
Tuesday 7am - 6pm
Wednesday 7am - 6pm
Thursday 7am - 6pm
Friday 7am - 6pm

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