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Learn to teach children wellness through awareness. We offer a 95-hour certification, therapeutic yo

We offer a wonderful array of effective techniques, based in the science and art of Yoga, for nurturing the development of children into the happiest, healthiest and most well balanced individuals they can be. It's more than barking in Down Dog and playing games (though we Do do that!). We are teaching children to develop self-regulation skills along with self-awareness and self-mastery. Parents,

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One of our all-time favorite books to use as a theme in a kid's yoga class. Do you have a favorite? Share it here.

Our next Masterclass, June 20, covers stories and themes in kids yoga classes.

Help Little Kids with Big Emotions 03/14/2024

One of the most rewarding aspects of our practice is witnessing the growth and development of young minds and bodies. In addition to teaching poses and breathing techniques, it's essential for us to nurture emotional intelligence in our students, particularly those aged 4 to 7.

Help Little Kids with Big Emotions Emotions can be powerful and overwhelming, especially for young children who are still learning to navigate the world around them. By helping them identify their feelings, we empower them to regulate their emotions more effectively.


Time journaling isn't just about tracking tasks; it's about understanding how you feel during different activities. Gain awareness, make empowered choices, and create time for what vitalizes you.

Where does the time go? 02/10/2024

The foundation of self-care is making the most of time. There are two parts to this. The first is mindset. You can begin to shift your relationship with time and make sure the time you have is being used in alignment with your values and aspirations. The second part is awareness.

Where does the time go? Time is universal – everyone has the same 24 hours. Time is also subjective. When doing something you love, hours fly by. Doing something you dread makes one minute seem like a lifetime. The foundation of self-care is making the most of time.

Calm is Contagious 01/16/2024

Weave Polyvagal Theory into your teaching. From the classroom to your home, discover how this neurobiological framework can cultivate a safe, social, and nurturing space.

Calm is Contagious Polyvagal Theory is the new science of connection. When we as children's yoga teachers weave this neurobiological framework into our teaching, we can cultivate a safe, social, and nurturing space that becomes a sanctuary for growth - fostering a profound sense of security and resilience.

Celebrating 20 Years 01/05/2024

Can you believe 2024 marks 20 years since the beginning of Global Family Yoga? We plan to celebrate all year!

Celebrating 20 Years Global Family Yoga is celebrating 20 years of teaching yoga teachers to teach yoga to children and families. Our teacher training program was the first 200-hour training focused on yoga for children and families to be registered with Yoga Alliance.

Mudras Can Balance Your Energy and Develop Awareness 12/06/2023

Of all the tools I teach kids to manage anxious feelings, mudras are the most popular. In over two decades of teaching, I've seen the profound impact that mudras can have on children. Mudras help regulate your nervous system and they also influence your energy body.

Mudras Can Balance Your Energy and Develop Awareness Mudras can help you quickly feel calm, confident and centered. They can also cultivate a strong and clear mind. They can help you feel more connected and aware.

Raising Confident Children: Mantras for Self-Esteem 12/04/2023

When I ask parents what’s most important to them for their children, their response often has to do with the ability to make good choices out in the world and to feel confident in who they are.

Raising Confident Children: Mantras for Self-Esteem Mantra is the repetition of a sound that contains an energy as well as meaning. It’s like sticking an oar into this torrent of thoughts and directing those thoughts in a certain way. All the mantras used in yoga are directing thoughts to something lighter and more positive.

Mudras to Calm and Self-Soothe 11/17/2023

Today, children are bombarded by sensory stimulus. Their minds are required to process a tremendous amount of input with little rest. Meditation is one of the best ways to give the mind a rest and mudras are a wonderful way to facilitate the one-pointed concentration that leads to meditation.

Mudras to Calm and Self-Soothe Mudras can be a fun and interactive way to improve focus, reduce stress, and promote overall wellbeing. By practicing mudras, children can develop better self-awareness and learn to regulate their emotions more effectively.

Mantras to Help Children Meditate 11/12/2023

The science of mantra is thousands of years old. And now, as with so many other yoga techniques, modern measurement tools can validate this.

Mantras to Help Children Meditate Mantras calm the mind. It’s like the soothing repetitive motion of rocking a baby. This leads to better focus and attention. Sounds good, right? But how are you going to get kids to chant Sanskrit mantras?


Learn simple and engaging ways to help children develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of their physical body and its functions. Yoga postures promote alignment of the physical body, leading to alignment of the energy body, fostering holistic health and balance. We'll show you how in our upcoming Master Class...this Saturday, November 11 @ 10am Central.

Name It! 11/02/2023

Sometimes it feels scary to let in a big emotion. It feels like it may get bigger and bigger and take over. But that’s not true. It’s like a flower. It starts as a seed, comes into being, lives as a flower for some time and then dissolves back into the earth. Emotions and sensations have a natural life cycle too.

Name It! Your body is a kaleidoscope of information. This information comes in the form of “sensation”. When you’re patient and pay attention, you’ll start to notice different feelings in your body that relate to states in your mind.

Body + Mind = Love 10/26/2023

I often ask children in my yoga classes, “Who’s your primary health care provider?” They look at me funny, of course, and probably don’t understand what a primary health care provider is. Then I answer my own question. “It’s you.”

Body + Mind = Love I like to plant the seeds of self-care when children are young. One of the best ways to do this is to teach body awareness. When children understand and connect with their bodies, they are more likely to embrace self-love and self-acceptance.


When children connect with their bodies, they're more likely to embrace self-love and self-acceptance. Yoga postures are a fantastic tool for this. Each posture is an invitation to feel the subtle nuances of their bodies – the stretch of a muscle, the beat of their heart, and the rhythm of their breath. This newfound awareness enhances not only physical coordination but also cultivates a deeper appreciation for the incredible vessel that is their body. Learn simple and engaging ways to help children develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of their physical body and its functions at our next Master Class, November 11 @ 10am Central.

Train Your Brain to Look for What’s Right 10/19/2023

The RAS is like a guard at the door to your brain. It chooses what gets in, based on your settings. When you teach your brain to look for what’s right, you’ll experience more of that. You’re creating your own reality.

Train Your Brain to Look for What’s Right Repetitive and negative thoughts are part of your brain’s filtering program to keep you safe. It’s looking for what’s wrong so you can stay away from it. The good news is, you can also program it to look for what’s right.

That's Awkward 10/12/2023

Putting your body into awkward positions helps develop confidence and courage. There is an element of risk in bending backwards, an element of surrender in folding forward. I love watching the transformation from trepidation to elation when a child tries an “L Pose” handstand against the wall for the first time.

That's Awkward While children are naturally drawn to exploring awkward positions, as an adult, you may have concerns about the proper alignment cues that ensure kids can explore their body's potential in a safe and developmentally appropriate manner.


For children, who often deal with the pressures of academics and extracurricular activities, practicing Yoga Nidra can provide a valuable tool for relaxation. When the body and mind are relaxed, it becomes easier to focus and concentrate. Learn how to share this beneficial practice with children at our upcoming master class October 12 @ Noon Central.

From Fidgety to Focused 10/05/2023

Yoga Nidra is a powerful ancient practice that promotes deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and mental clarity. It can be a game-changer in developing concentration. By teaching Yoga Nidra to children, you can empower them with a valuable tool that will serve them well throughout their lives, helping them shift from fidgety to focused with ease.

From Fidgety to Focused Helping children develop concentration is a valuable skill that can have a lasting impact on all areas of life. Yoga Nidra offers a gentle and effective way to achieve this goal by reducing stress, enhancing self-awareness, and fostering a deeper mind-body connection.


Yoga Nidra can foster a stronger mind-body connection in children. By guiding them to pay attention to their bodies' sensations, they can develop an understanding of how their thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations are interconnected. This awareness can empower children to recognize the impact of stress, emotions, and thoughts on their bodies, helping them develop emotional intelligence and self-awareness from a young age. Learn how at our upcoming master class October 12 @ Noon Central.

The Positive Impact of Social Contact 09/28/2023

Our ancient ancestors knew it: connection equals survival. Fast forward to today, and we're still craving those bonds for safety and joy. From improved mental health to stronger relationships, being around people has countless benefits. Let's cherish our connections and thrive together!

The Positive Impact of Social Contact Today, there’s more interaction than ever through electronic devices and yet you may feel less connected than ever. You’re not alone in feeling alone. Isolation and loneliness are an epidemic. Children, adolescents and young adults are suffering from loneliness at alarming rates.

The Yogi’s Sleep 09/21/2023

In the quest for improved sleep quality, especially for children, the ancient practice of yoga nidra emerges as a potent tool. Referred to as the "Sleep of the Yogis," this guided relaxation practice offers a bridge between wakefulness and slumber, enabling practitioners to achieve deep rest and rejuvenation. By introducing children to yoga nidra, parents can equip them with a lifelong tool to navigate the challenges of sleep and mental well-being. As the pressures of modern life persist, embracing practices that promote profound relaxation becomes all the more essential.

The Yogi’s Sleep Getting good sleep has become a challenge for people of all ages, including children. With the rise in stress, overstimulation, and digital distractions, the importance of restful sleep cannot be overstated. Enter yoga nidra, a guided relaxation practice that has gained enormous popularity in recent...


Just like adults, children can harbor self-limiting beliefs and doubts. Yoga Nidra encourages self-exploration and cultivates a positive self-image. As children uncover their strengths during the practice, they can experience a boost in self-confidence and self-esteem. Learn how to share this beneficial practice with children at our upcoming master class October 12 @ Noon Central.


Friends for life. People who took this training with us 10 years ago are still friends, still supporting each other, sharing wins and challenges and sending birthday love on social media. We love to see these lasting connections. Come connect with new friends at our Anxious to Awesome training at Ohm Yoga Studio September 23 & 24.

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Did you know that in Japan, doctors prescribe "Shinrin-yoku" or forest bathing? Research shows it reduces stress, boosts the immune system, and enhances mental well-being. Time spent in nature is like a soothing balm for our souls.

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The guided relaxation and self-exploration inherent in Yoga Nidra have been shown to significantly reduce stress, anxiety, fear, and symptoms of depression. By addressing the root causes of these emotional states, the practice offers a holistic approach to mental well-being. Learn how to share this beneficial practice with children at our upcoming master class October 12 @ Noon Central.

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