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Chesterfield County Makerspace


I sent you a post through messenger about a Canadian Scout who is making plastic bands for healthcare workers to save their ears from the elastic bands from face masks. It includes the link to the file he’s using to print.
Hope see you all tomorrow night.
I plan to do a metal lathe demo tonight and some experimentation with copying existing metal parts.
Will see you all this Thursday. Bringing electronic parts, books and other items.
Do you all accept donations? I have different materials, e.g., metals, plastics and wood. Electrical components and various tools. Just depends. Alternatively, do you all have a list of "needs?" Would like to help, if I can.
will makerspace be open tomorrow, on election day?
Here's the link for vinyl I brought in tonight.
The Makerspace eill be open Thursday night for all to come and learn. A little maker told me there might be two VR units there.
Friday is Maker load-in day! Set up has begun for Saturday’s big RVA MakerFest.

Be sure to stop by the Chesterfield County Makerspace Booth to interact with the “Augmented Reality Sandbox” this year. It’s version 2.0! The new features are so cool!

We spied these early bird Makers who were already set up at Science Museum of Virginia; FOUNDPUNK, Sabot Stony Point School, Katie Crawford Art and Studio Two Three (who will be doing screen prints of MakerFest t-shirts from their mobile studio).
Open house tonight at the Chesterfield County Makerspace!!!😀 If you like to build things, are a Chesterfield County resident, and are in need of a FREE space and tools to do it, come on out to the open house tonight starting at 6.

Make sure to ask Doc (the Einstein look alike) any and all questions you can think up. He's a certified neuroscientist genius. :) Bruce Davies Chesterfield County Makerspace
Useful database of modular components with instruction manual:

Chesterfield County Makerspace at LC Bird High School. Open and free to Chesterfield County residents

The Chesterfield County Maker Space is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting high technology STEM research and education through the use of hands-on learning. The members of this group are involved in both teaching and research and pass their expertise by acting as mentors to interested individuals. Members include individuals with expertise in biochemistry, neurochemistry, molecular bi

Operating as usual

Photos from Chesterfield County Makerspace's post 07/11/2023

Take a look at the recent project created using our laser printer.


The Makerspace will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th. Enjoy the holiday with family and friends!


Here at Chesterfield County Makerspace we work to mix technologies. Here we have a student working with epoxy and the CNC to create a custom charcuterie board! Needs a little more work once the epoxy dries completly but it's already pretty cool!


For those artists in the community we have plenty of tools an equipment to help you put the A in STEAM. Here we have a piece that was cut on the CNC table and hand painted, but initial testing was done on the laser cutter, remember art is simply applied engineering!


Sometimes things just don't work out as planned! That's OK failure is always an opportunity to learn to do something better!


Can be made at the Makerspace from one piece of wood and a little glue. Come by and find out how.


Hey Makers! Does anyone have a working Windows 10 Laptop they could donate to the Makerspace? We need a separate machine to use for one of our new CAD / CNC programs. Or, do you have an old laptop or desktop unit with a viable Windows 10 activation code you no longer use. Thanks!!

Photos from Chesterfield County Makerspace's post 05/01/2023

Here at the CC Maker Space we're fans of all kinds of technology. This weekend we had a visitor come in with an old crystal radio from the 1930's to see if they could get it working again. Do you have any gadgets you would like to work on?

Photos from Chesterfield County Makerspace's post 04/22/2023

For those of you who identify as either Vikings, ZZ Top Guitarists, or just plan interested makers. Here's a project one of our mentors completed the other night. He used the laser cutter engrave some leather and then to cut it to a specific shape. The result is a well, best I can call it a beard holder..... He say's it helps control his long beard when working and sleeping.
If you're interested in this project, or other ways to emboss and cut leather, come on in for a one on one tutorial with our experienced and talented mentors!

2023-03-14 - Chesterfield Makespace Homemade CNC 03/15/2023

Well folks we are well on our way to finalizing our table top Dremel CNC machine. Next step is machining wood, plastic and hopefully aluminum. We'd also like to get it set up to do 3D relief carvings to take some of the stress off our big 4'x4' CNC machine. We're also thinking of holding a class to teach you how to build your own! Thanks to mentor Chris for the video.

2023-03-14 - Chesterfield Makespace Homemade CNC Doc does a test cut with the homemade CNC, which uses a Dremel Rotary Tool to perform the "cut"


Hey Makers with an interest in aviation....come into the space and learn how to laser cut a model of your most interesting airplane. Paint it black and hang it in your hobby room.


Results from latest CNC work. Come and get to making your own sculture.


Sorry folks but the Makerspace will be closed again tonight. Hopeto see all next werk.


Due to building cleaning operations the Makerspace wll not be accessible tonight. We will reopen on Thursday.

Photos from Chesterfield County Makerspace's post 11/24/2022

The latest project using the CNC machine. Rosewood cut for wine bottle and glasses holder.


The Makerspace will be open on Tuesday, Nov. 22nd and closed on Thursday, Nov 24th Thanksgiving day.



The holidays are rapidly if you'd like to learn to make a variety of gifts from personalized coffee and insulated mugs, t-shirts, laser engraved plaques or Xmas ornaments or CNC'ed relief carvings come in during Open Hours Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 to 8PM at the Chesterfield County Makerspace sponsored by LC Bird High School!

You can even laser burn a special logo on Thanksgiving pumpkin pies! Or Xmas cookies....

Come on in and learn what you can do!

First attempt engraving deer bone 11/16/2022

In case you are interested in the process for laser engraving bone....or many other materials for that matter....check out this time lapse video one of our mentors shot!

First attempt engraving deer bone This is the first attempt at engraving an image onto a deer bone. The surface is not perfectly flat, with high and low spots in many places. This was done ...

Photos from Chesterfield County Makerspace's post 11/16/2022

New items to engrave on. Small item is a deer shoulder, large item is a cougar shoulder. Bones found in woods from dead animals.


CNC project and learning progress. We can get you started with your own projects.

Photos from Chesterfield County Makerspace's post 10/07/2022

Recent activities at the Makerspace.


Machining a decorative panel prototype from foam board on the CNC router. Dana created the pattern and programmed the CNC router. The panel is a prototype for a wood version.


We are having difficulties using the schools new electronic lock doors using our CCPS issued Makerspace badge. Since Doc will be out of town, the school has asked us NOT to open the Makerspace during the week of Oct. 10th.


Sorry for the inconvenience.... We will reopen the week of Oct. 17th.

Makerspace Mentors


The Epilog 40-watt laser engraving Christmas Mother wreath designs on acrylic sheet. The laser then cuts each piece free from the parent sheet. Christmas ornaments or key fobs? The laser engraver can do both. 🙂



The Chesterfield County Fair will be in full swing next week. This means getting to the Makerspace will become very difficult with the traffic control that accompanies the Fair. We have decided to CLOSE the Makerspace for next week Tuesday, Aug. 30th and Thursday, Sept. 1st.
We will reopen the week of Sept 5th. We'll also have more news on courses and new project nights the mentors have been working on, so stay tuned.


Photos from Chesterfield County Makerspace's post 08/12/2022

Here are a few off-site shots of the machine work necessary to make a zero setting device for the large CNC router system at the L.C. Bird Makerspace.

Photos from Chesterfield County Makerspace's post 08/12/2022

Recent activities at the L.C. Bird Makerspace: Mentors Mark and Dana working with the vinyl cutter along with student Colby and mini-CNC router. Colby, Director Doc Davies and others are working this project.


Hi Makers
Just letting everyone know the laser will not be available next week due to software access. I will be open 5:30 to 8 pm for your activities. Dana


Hey Folks, our first mentors welding class went well and our mentors are off and welding, so to speak. We are preparing ourselves so that we can offer welding classes to the public starting this summer.

Have a little patience as we hone our techniques and prepare the technical, safety and instructional materials we will need to offer a viable class.

I should mention that this class will probably require a small fee to offset the consumable supplies we will be providing for the course. It will also go to compensate the professional welder who will show you tips and techniques during the class.

To get some gauge of the level of participation in such a class, would you please respond to this post with your interest. Keeping in mind this course would include a small (probably less than $25) for a four hour course and practice time.



Here is a very abbreviated list of safety rules for anyone who uses this Makerspace. When in doubt about safety factors, please ask a Mentor before using any hand or power tools. 🙂


Good news folks.....we have the laser up and running again! So with that, the CNC machine, the vinyl cutter and our 3D printers....we are ready to help you make things. Come in and learn how to expand your Maker skills in new areas.


Folks, don't forget we are open again on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 to 8PM.
Come on by, talk with our old mentors, meet our new ones and plan a project!


MakerSpace at L.C. Bird opens tonight at 5:30 pm. Same 5:30-8:00 pm time slot as 2-years ago! Safety briefings for any new folks or past guests given the long hiatus.


Folks...we are still on track to open the Makerspace to the public on Tuesday, May 3rd.

Please be aware that we will be spending much of that evening giving a Safety Course has been awhile and we want you all to work safely.

I should also inform you that we have not gotten access to the software to run the laser, so unless CCPS IT can help us Tuesday during the day...the laser will not be accessible.

But feel free to come by, re-acquaint yourself with the facility and discuss your needs with us.



Good News!!!!

We have been given permission to re-open the Chesterfield County Makerspace @ LC Bird High School.
The space will reopen on May 3rd at 5:30PM and run till 8PM. It will then routinely open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 to 8PM during the rest of the school year and the summer months.
Our mentors have been busy learning new techniques and we hope to offer courses in CNC machining, CAD, 3D printing, Welding, Embroidery and Augmented and Virtual Reality Programming.
If you plan on returning to the space to work on projects and classes, please post a note below tell us what you'd like to do and
what machines you think you will be using.
Also, we are always looking for mentors! If you have a Maker skill, and there are many....come talk to us about volunteering at the Space.
We look forward to renewing old and developing new friendships in our local Maker community.

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Machining a decorative panel prototype from foam board on the CNC router. Dana created the pattern and programmed the CN...
Epilog 40-watt Laser Engraver & Cutter at Work
Milling FRC Robotics Parts
3D Chocolate Printer
3D Chocolate Printer






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