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Our mission is to help women learn their truth and cause transformation

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Mammas, mammas-to-be and mammas in the making, this one is for you!!

Check out this conversation with Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors, Whitney and Tiffany, as we talk about all things postpartum!

This conversation was so good to me because when I was pregnant, I was told a lot about "what the baby would need, " but not necessarily about what I would need!

Hope this blesses yal like it did me! Click the link to listen today! 🔗


Have you listened to this weeks episode?👀

This week I had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Charmagne Everett about finances! So much insight was shared on managing finances as a single and a married woman!Charmagne Everett

Click the link below to listen today 💰

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✨In marriage, I've learned that it's not always about the BIG things! It's about the small things too! Those are the things that keep us falling in love, feeling seen and valued by our spouse... especially in the everyday shenanigans.

For me it's the:

💕 " hey I got you sunflower seeds for the long drive"

💕 The unspoken "I'm going to take the baby because I know you need a break"

💕& I can't forget about the letters and little reminders that I just so happen to find around the house, right when I need a pick me up.

Life is too crazy for us to wait until holidays and birthdays to celebrate, show gratitude and love on our spouses.

Think small and do it often!


✨Have you ladies been tuning in to the Love without limits Podcast?

This week I talked about how you carry yourself aka "your relationship brand" !

Drop a 🎧 below if you've been listening in!

🙏🏾 thank you to everyone that's subscribed and following the show! & if you're not subscribed... what ya waiting on???? 🔗 in my bio!

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✨Every now and then it's always good to do a little relationship spring cleaning. Especially if you are not liking what you're seeing in your relationships.

Not taking the time to clean out and clean up your dating life is just ASKING for confusion and dysfunction.

Take time this weekend to sit with yourself to complete the checklist. It's a short list but creates big change when you actually put the time in to do it.

If you want a deeper dive in relationship spring cleaning, definitely take a listen to Episode 3 of the Love Without Limits Podcast .

Ladies, please share: What are some ways you've recently cleaned up your dating life ?


✨ Stop and ask yourself what part of me resonates with this unhealthy relationship.

For me, I had to stop and recognize that I thought about myself as less than and that I wouldn't be able to do better… So why walk away?

It wasn't until I started changing my perspective on who I was, what I could have and what I was created to do… That I was able to walk away and set healthy standards moving forward.

It's hard to walk away from some thing that you, in your heart, believes to be true as well.

I challenge you to spend time with yourself this weekend and really evaluate your relationship.

Keep an eye out for the Love Without Limits Podcast dropping soon for more conversations like this!! 🎙️

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✨Once I learned this about dating... the game changed!

Think about it: How can a man know if he's on the same page as you, if YOU don't have a clear understand of your needs.

If you go into dating saying "I don't know" or "I'm open to whatever" to everything... TRUST ME...

You will get whatever.

✨ Ladies... Stop and think about it... What do you NEED out of a relationship? Comment below 👇🏾👇🏾

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✨ If I could be completely honest with you… Going from being a single woman to being in a serious relationship, comes with a lot of changes.

You now have this person that you have to consider in many aspects of your life. You can also get consumed with this new relationship that you forget to nurture the relationship you have with yourself.

Practicing these three tips, often, will allow you to grow your relationship as well as grow as individuals .

Comment below what you do to grow as an individual 👀👀


✨ Keep 👏🏾 Making 👏🏾 Plays👏🏾

It's the work that we put in when nobody's watching, that gets us to where we want to be. People may not see what you do behind closed doors… And you may not get the applause right now… But keep putting in the work.

✨ Keep enforcing those boundaries in your relationships

✨ Keep working on building your business in your brand

✨ Keep taking care of your family

✨ Keep making time for self-care

You're laying a foundation that your future self will thank you for! 🤎


✨ One of the hard truths that I had to learn is that men will make time for the things they really want.

When I met my husband, he was very involved with his Frat & in the community, worked a full-time job and served at his church. However, unlike some of the other situationships I had been in, he always made time to call me or text me, even if it was just a quick message.

There was never a day or days at a time that I did not hear from him and he never ghosted me...

I truly believe it's because he was invested in our relationship and he seen me as more than just a "whenever I get to her" type of girl.

Communication is a BIG deal when building and sustaining a relationship... and a man that is truly invested will FIND or MAKE the time to call, text, & check in on you.

Happy Tuesday love bugs 🤎

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✨ Expose Your Dating System Workshop ✨

This workshop is designed for us to take a deeper look into our dating routines! What time has taught ME is that after doing things a certain way over and over... they can become a habit and without realizing it, we can go on auto pilot. The dangerous part about that is if we don’t stop and evaluate our routines every once in a while, it could be working against us and we not know it🤯!

In relationships this is how we get the same results whether good or bad!! So let's identify your system and make it work for you and not against you.

For this workshop you will have a worksheet to complete that will really make you evaluate your dating habits.

Click the link in my below to sign up today 🤎

Photos from She Will Not Fail's post 01/11/2023

✨When you start dating with purpose, you will start attracting some good men (because they are still out there). Just remember every Good Man is not Your Man!

Just because he's nice and respectful doesn't mean you two will have the same values or beliefs. Or that you will agree on children or lifestyles.

Still take the time to vet him out. Be intentional about having meaningful conversations. Pray about it. But don't be afraid to walk away if it doesn't line up.

I remember when God told me I had to walk away from a good guy. It hurt, but I couldn't continue, while knowing I was keeping that man from the woman God has for him... and that I would be missing out on Gods best for me.

Don't force it!

Night love bugs 🤍


✨ I get so mad at myself when I think about how much time I wasted, trying to be good enough for men who weren't even good enough for me…

Like, do you know how much time I missed out on being ME, learning about Me, doing what makes me happy... because I was too busy trying to impress a man.

And even now, thinking back on it, I realized I was lowering my standards and stooping down to their level… Just to make them feel that I was "good enough."

So here's to a new mindset 🥂. Here's to doing the things that make you happy ( or taking the time to figure out what makes you happy) & stepping away from the things you do only to please others.

Comment below if you've ever look back and realized you were way too good for the man that you were trying to be good for😩🤦🏾‍♀️


✨Join me next Saturday and learn how to change the way you show up in the dating field.

Remember: how you show up, will determine what kind of men you attract. & the goal is to attract a man that can match your mission and mentality for life... a man that can lead and protect and so much more... a man that will love you, without limits.

Click the link below to sign up today! 🤎

Photos from She Will Not Fail's post 12/27/2022

✨ Regardless of the decisions you've made in the past, you still deserve to be loved properly.

The problem comes when we continue to make the same mistakes. Let's change that this year!!

If you're making or have made some of the same mistakes I did, join me at my next event on January 7th. Let me share with you some of the changes I made and how it attracted men with that qualities I was looking for and needed in a man.

Sign up today with the link below💛


Merry Christmas 🤍✨


✨ 2 things that I love about this that I want to point out:

✨ 1. She's saying "you are allowed to say NO". Every opportunity is not your opportunity. & when it comes to relationships every man that pursues you doesn't deserve a chance.

✨ 2. She's saying if it doesn't line up with her believes, values etc. then it's a no. So whether it be an opportunity or a man, if it doesn't line up, it's not for you.

If it's what God has for you, you won't have to settle and compromise your worth.

If this post speaks to you at all... I know you will benefit from my upcoming event. We will be discussing topics like staying true to who you are and not settling for just any relationship.

Click the link below to sign up today 🤎


✨Join me as I share my top 3 reasons why we may not be getting the love we deserve and how we can change that.

✨ If you are not receiving the same type of love you give.. this is for you

✨ If you seem to be attracting the wrong men... this is for you

✨ If you're looking to have fun and good conversation about dating with like-minded women... this is for you

Click the link below to register.

& Come join the conversation.🤎


✨This is your Friday morning reminder that those sneaky link, late night text might be coming this weekend. Don't fall for it!!

Remember: If he's only hitting you up on the late night tip.. he doesn't really miss you... he misses what you can do for him, he misses having access to you.

You break your own heart, disrespect yourself and give yourself the wrong title every time you respond. You're more than somebody's late night b***y call. So start acting like it.

Ignore the text.
Throw your little fit cause you wanna go.
Then get in the mirror and remind yourself who you really are!

Stay strong 😂🤎

Photos from She Will Not Fail's post 12/13/2022

✨ Stop accepting things you're not really ok with.

3 things to keep in mind about entertaining unacceptable behavior :
✨ It tells the guy that you're "ok with his actions," even if you're not
✨ It's delaying you getting what you truly deserve.
✨ Not walking away from foolishness early will only distract you and take you down the wrong path.

Drop a 🤎 if you're done entraining the foolishness!


✨Two things can be true at the same time...

💬 You can be nice and assertive
💬 You can be kind and have boundaries
💬 You can love this man and know he's not the one for you
💬 You can want the best for him and protect your heart

To the woman that's conflicted about her relationship: You can love this man with all of your heart, want the best for him and want to see him doing well... & you can also love yourself enough to say "He's not the man I need and it's time to walk away"

Relationships are not always black and white... sometimes it's both 🤷🏾‍♀️


✨I can attest that the "inner work" is what helped me prepare the most for marriage.

God had me working on being bold in who I was, my organization skills, he had me cleaning up my credit. And little did I know... these are some of the thing that attracted my husband.

The process of becoming a better version of YOU for YOU, will not only benefit you... Trust me

Keep pushing Love bugs🤎


✨ This is your 30 day notice: Get your ISH👏🏾 IN 👏🏾 ORDER👏🏾

Figure out what you want and pull the trigger (aka JUST DO IT)


✨ I get this question all the time: Where should I go to find a good man? My answer is always this: You do not Find a man, you ATTRACT him.

By putting the authentic version of yourself out into the world and showing up in the space and place that interest you... you will attract a man that is going the same direction as you and that will be able to match your mission and mentality in life.

I know this may sounds crazy to some but hear me out... there is a method to this madness we call dating. With a little intentional redirection of efforts and self reflection... we can get better results in our love life.

If you want to be the first to learn more about my next "Dating with Purpose" webinar... DM me the word "DATE" and I will be sure to get you the info!

Let's change the way we think about dating 🤎


✨ If he cannot stimulate you mentally, emotionally and spiritually, then he doesn't deserve you sexually.

S*x is a privilege and a luxury in a relationship. It's earned… Not just given.

Remember: You are worth the wait! 🤎

Photos from She Will Not Fail's post 11/21/2022

✨ I always say: Dating is about collecting Data. & That doesn't happen in a space where proper protocol is for you to be quiet and not interact with others.

Listen, there is nothing wrong with going to see a good movie... I just don't advise it be your first date. Save that for a little later down the line when you have learned more about him and his character.

Save this tip for when you plan your next date. Also, be sure to follow for more dating tip & upcoming events 🫶🏾


✨ Sometimes God's protection comes in the form of rejection. Sometimes it's the things we think we want, that will hurt us the most. If God removes it, thank him and praise him in advance for the "better guy" he's sending your way🤎

Have you ever looked back on a past relationship and Thanked God that it didn't work out?


✨ What does being "The Crazy Girlfriend" have to do with staying in God's presence??


🔗 This is a clip from the Flourish Women ABIDE Conference. The full message has been added to my Resource Bank. Just click the link in my bio.


✨You are worthy of love... just the way you are! You don't have to become or pretend to be someone else. Yes, by all means better yourself- but don't change who you are to get a man to love you.

Remember this affirmation: I am worth it... As is, without change, without exception.

Happy Tuesday Love Bugs 🤎

Photos from She Will Not Fail's post 10/31/2022

✨A love safe enough for you to be soft will find you!

Done being strong 🤎

Borrowed from 🫶🏾


✨I started prepping for 2023 about a week or so ago and wanted to share with you guys. If you haven't done so, start preparing for 2023 NOW! This is your 60 day reminder.

Prepare your mind, your schedule, your body etc. for what you are expecting to happen.

Not sure where to start! Stop and pray because there maybe some things, people and task that you're trying to take with you into 2023... & really their / it's time has expired.

So much can happen in a year. & The last thing you want is to be in the same spot next year because you didn't stop to come up with a game plan.

🫶🏾 love ya Love bugs


✨You say you want a man that's financially stable... but you have no financial discipline

You talk bad about yourself but get mad when he calls you out your name...

You said you need a man that's a go getter and accomplishing his goals... yet you haven't even set your goals???

People watch how you handle yourself and act accordingly...

It all starts with you! Set a good example!🤎


✨ When he gotta lie to cover up his lie... and then he forgot the original lie so then he gotta lie to cover that up... I can't be the only one that's encountered this🧐🙄😂 like sir your story just ain addin up 🤔

What's the worst lie you've heard out here in these dating streets?


✨ Quick hair story : There was one point in time where I would not wear my TWA or any kind of twist out/braid out because either: the guy I was dating at the time did not like it or I was just afraid that guys in general would not be attracted to me because of my hair.

& then I decided... IMA JUST DO ME🤷🏾‍♀️ (and this wasn't an overnight decision.. it took a lot of unlearning and relearning to love myself)

& what do ya know... it's actually one of the things my husband really likes about me. He encourages me to actually try all types of styles 😏

Long story short- Don't be afraid you won't get "chose" because you're being yourself. I think it's quite the opposite. I think you will end up attracting someone that matches your vibe PERFECTLY because you are being authentically you.


SN: & hair gurus please don't come for me. I understand this is a braid out in the video.. but you get the point 😂


✨You attract what you don't heal from.

Yea 🤷🏾‍♀️ you can move to a new city, get a new job or even get a new man BUT if you don't get to the ROOT of the issue... it will continue to show up in the new environments you create.

☝🏾One thing I've learned is: yea the guy may have been trash and he may have done me wrong... but I had to deal with me! Like why was I okay with accepting LESS THAN the bare minimum 😩🤦🏾‍♀️

So moral of the story... Dig deep, be real with yourself and by any mean necessary HEAL 🌱


✨ Yesterday I posted about doing what God tells you to do WHEN he tells you to do it. Well I am holding myself accountable. Saturday I woke up with a really strong desire to start working out… And that's what I did.

The past couple of days I've been making sure I move my body by any means necessary. & I feel soo GOOD!

Yal, this gotta be God cause I've just been wanting to eat and sleep since the baby came. 😂😂

🤞🏾 praying I can keep this up!

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