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DIA alumn graduating from Buist Academy. Sophie heading to BE. JB and Francesca headed to Academic Magnet after finishing #1 and #2 in their class. And it all began at DIA!
I would like to know if Daniel Island Academy accept foreign students. Send the answer to this email: [email protected]
Will school be closed or delayed tomorrow?
Hey there, just wanted to extend a special invite for you to join us at two farmers' markets on Daniel Island this week! We've got all your local grocery goods, raw milk, kombucha, eggs, cheese, breads, grains, etc. to cover your weekly shopping! Just look for a big, green school bus! #Farm2Bus #MobileMarket #SCProduce #HealthyFood
When is meet the teacher night/day? I haven't seen anything posted..
You guys threw a fantastic party this evening! Thank you!!! Both parents and kiddos had a blast!

Daniel Island Academy is NAEYC accredited early childhood development center serving children ages 1-5 years. www.danielislandacademy.com

Mission: Educating children ages 1- 5 as individuals who actively learn at their own pace and in their own style.

Fun Fact: A single Portabella mushroom can contain more potassium than a banana. Mushrooms are made up of around 90% water. #themoreyouknow #mushrooms

For our last day of Dr. Seuss Week, we get to wear our pajamas to school tomorrow!

Let's see your crazy hair tomorrow!

Oh the places you'll go! Tomorrow show your school spirit by wearing your collegiate colors!

Please join us in congratulating our March Staff of the Month: Emily Woods (Starfish Assistant), Barnett Norris (Clownfish Assistant), and Nicolle Conklin (Dolphin Assistant)!

These women are amazing co-workers that always step up and go above and beyond their call of duty for the benefit of their team. Thank you for all you do!

Tomorrow we are talking about "Cat in the Hat" so don't forget to wear your favorite hat!

Dr. Seuss Week is this week! Don't forget to wear your crazy or mis-matched shoes and socks tomorrow!

Reminder that next week is Dr. Seuss Week! Don't forget to dress up for each of our theme days!

There are so many fun (and easy!) ways to incorporate STEAM at home with your child! Have you ever heard of a Tinkering Station? Check out how you can make one at home here! https://buff.ly/2SWTlJM

Plus, we've got some other awesome ways to do STEAM at home here: https://buff.ly/38Y6ZSk

Try one this weekend!

Fun Fact of the Week: There are over 3,000 varieties of pears that can be found in the world today. Pears are rich in dietary fibers, vitamin C and vitamin K. They’re also sources of minerals such as copper and potassium. #pears #healthyfood #eatyourfruits #vitamins #minerals

As a NAEYC Accredited Center, we believe so strongly in the benefits of a STEAM
education that our classrooms and curriculum are designed to expose students to STEAM activities daily. It takes time for children to become problem solvers, so we begin in our earliest age classrooms. Our curriculum is structured to ensure these opportunities are ever present as our children grow and develop.

Check out how our school is set up for STEAM activities (and how they differ with different age groups) here! https://buff.ly/38Y6ZSk

Last week during Dental Health Week, our Clownfish turned their dramatic play center into a dentists office! They also explored how to keep our teeth clean in our sensory table! 😁

Did you know...Children are "born scientists", exploring their environment from the day they are born! Young children have a natural curiosity for these subjects and love participating in STEAM activities!

A foundation in STEAM subjects at an early age means success through learning critical thinking, cooperation, perseverance and ingenuity - which are essential to how children learn throughout all subjects.

Learn more here! https://buff.ly/38Y6ZSk

#ECEWins #WhatMakesDIASpecial #DanielIslandAcademy #STEAM #DanielIslandPreschool

For this month's "What Makes DIA Special", we're talking all about STEAM! STEAM stands for:

Science: Encouraging curiosity through experiments, exploration and problem solving.

Technology: Utilizing a wide range of tools like rulers, markers, or microscopes.

Engineering: Recognizing problems and testing solutions.

Arts: Encourages process development and creativity.

Mathematics: Beyond numbers, mathematics also includes patterns, shapes, graphing and sorting.

We believe so strongly in the value of STEAM in a young child's education that we incorporate it DAILY throughout our school day.

Learn more about STEAM at DIA here! https://bit.ly/32ssQPB

A huge THANK YOU to PADIA for the incredible lunch they provided for our teachers and staff today! We were treated to a delicious "Walking Taco" bar, drinks, and the cutest cactus cookies!

We are so lucky to have such supportive parents!

On Friday it was the 4's turn to spread kindness!

The Jellyfish made hummingbird nectar and hung it outside for our bird friends. They also helped raise the flag!

The Clownfish helped out in the Seahorse and Angelfish classrooms. They helped the two year olds make their cots and then tucked them in ❤

The Sea Turtles helped the Minnows and Starfish by making their cots!

The Stingrays showed their appreciation to the enrichment teachers by singing to Ms. Anastasia and making her a thank you card. They also made a thank you card for Mrs. Lina and Mrs. Karen.

What a wonderful week learning about kindness!

Consuming a small cup of butternut squash can provide an ample amount of Vitamin A, which is important for eye health and immune functions. #healthyfood #DIA #eatyourveggies #gourdfamily

Today it was the 3's turn to practice their kindness!

The Rainbowfish showed their appreciation for Chef Latasha by making and delivering a chef hat, a thank you card, and some little chef spoons!

The Dolphins took the Rainbowfish's snack dishes to the cart for them ❤

The Manatees donated some books to the Little Free Library on Corn Splinters Street AND they made cookies and delivered them to the fire station!

The Hermit Crabs helped the Frogs pick up their toys ❤

Wow! So much kindness shown by such sweet kids!

Another day full of kindness!

Our Guppies made cards to give to our Music Literacy Teacher, Ms. Anastasia!

The Flounders held hands and kept their Starfish friends safe on a walk.

The Seahorses showed their kindness by helping our Minnow and Starfish friends walk to their classroom from the playground.

The Angelfish helped both the Sea Squirts and the Minnows with their cots before nap time!

Way to go everyone! We are proud of you and your kind hearts! ❤❤

Mister B Visits DIA

More from our session with Mister B!

Mister B. Visits DIA During Teacher Work Day 2020

We also had a super energizing session with Mister B during Teacher Work Day!

Dr. Anthony Broughton is an author, professor, former teacher and inspirational speaker. He is also a national program reviewer for NAEYC! We loved learning from him and dancing to his fun songs!

DIA CPR Training with Neal Arrington 2020

Curious about what our teachers did on Monday while school was out? They learned from the best during Teacher Work Day of course!

First, we want to tell you about our CPR session with Neal Arrington. Neal recently retired from being an EMT and Firefighter for Goose Creek and is now working for Jasper County and Charleston County. He has been teaching the staff at DIA since our opening in 2004!

Did you know that Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" is the perfect rhythm for performing CPR?

Even our youngest friends can perform acts of kindness! Today we had a lot of kind helpers ♥️♥️

The Starfish helped by giving the Seahorses their snack cups.

The Sea Squirts helped the Angelfish get their nap bags out of their cubbies and bring them to their classroom.

The Shrimp class was kind enough to bring butcher paper to the Seahorse class to do art activity as a group.

The Starfish were helping the Seahorses put their jackets in their cubby this morning.

We are so proud of the kindness we are seeing around our DIA halls!

IMMEDIATE OPENING in our Half-Day 3 Year Old Program!

An opening in our Half-Day 3's is available for the rest of the 2019/2020 school year! If you know of someone who wants to join the DIA family, this is their opportunity - plus it comes with the special perk of being able to guarantee a spot in our half-day 4's program for the 2020/2021 school year!

Call the front desk ASAP to learn more!

Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day! While we have no school today, we encourage you to take a moment of your day to spread kindness to someone in your community today with your child!

And we'd ❤️ to see what you are doing! Please post any photos or videos of your family doing random acts of kindness below!

#DIAKindnessCampaign #KindnessMatters #RandomActsofKindness #ECEWins

Today is Teacher Workday and we have no school today!

Teaching your child about how to show kindness to others can be as easy as explaining how they can spread kindness with just a smile!

On our day off from school tomorrow, we are encouraging everyone to complete a random act of kindness. Need some ideas of how to do it? Here are 100 acts of kindness for kids!

#DIAKindnessCampaign #KindnessMatters #RandomActsofKindness #ECEWins

Next week we will be spreading the love with DIA's annual Kindness Campaign! Be on the lookout for the special ways our children are showing their love to others around school and the easy ways you can spread kindness with your family!

#DIAKindnessCampaign #KindnessMatters #RandomActsofKindness #ECEWins

REMINDER: Monday is a Teacher Work Day! We Can't wait to share what we're up to with you!

You may have seen a new smiling face at our front desk recently. Meet Sara James! Sara is taking over as our Front Desk Administrator as Emily finishes up her last couple weeks at DIA. We are so excited to welcome Sara to our DIA family!

This past weekend our Director, Kerry, our Curriculum Coordinator, Lindsay and 10 (!) of our teachers attended the South Carolina Early Childhood Association's 2020 Conference.

They learned from outstanding speakers in the field of child development and early education and had the opportunity to participate in a variety of workshops.

What a great weekend learning and expanding our knowledge!

Celebrate Valentine's week by turning on this fun, kid-friendly Valentine's playlist in the car or dance around the kitchen together at home! (And if you end up having a dance party, take a little video and share it below!)

Reminder that we have an IMMEDIATE OPENING in our half-day 3's program! Call the front desk ASAP to learn more.

Please share with anyone who might be interested!

Fun Fact: Apples are part of the rose family, just like pears and plums. Apple trees take 4 to 5 years to produce their first fruit. Apples come in all shades of red, green and yellow. #takestimetogrow #eatwellbewell #nutritionfirst

We have an immediate opening in the Half Day 3's!

If you know of someone who wants to join the DIA family, this is their chance - plus it comes with the special perk of being able to guarantee a spot in our half-day 4's program for the 2020/2021 school year!

This spot is available February 10th, but the latest start date allowed for this is March 2nd.

Please share with anyone you know who may be interested and call the front desk ASAP to claim this spot!

It's World Read Aloud Day! We'd love to know what your favorite books to read aloud to your kids at home are. Comment below and let us know!

Bonus points if you take a selfie of you reading to your kids today and post it below!

#ECEWins #WorldReadAloudDay

Please join us in congratulating our February Staff of the Month: Ms. Shaunda Campbell (Sea Turtles), Ms. Candace Richardson (Stingrays) and Ms. Sharon Woodruff (Frogs)! They are all so special and bring such unique qualities to DIA.

Ms. Shaunda has gone above and beyond in the last few weeks to show support and give guidance to one of her peers during a time of transition. Her knowledge and experience benefits so much more than just the Sea Turtle class. Shaunda we appreciate all that you bring to our DIA Family!

Ms. Candace exemplifies all that we look for in our preschool teachers. She is kind, nurturing, patient, positive and so much more. Candace, we applaud you for your excellence!

Ms. Sharon brings with her a huge giving heart. She shares her joy and warmth with the children in the Frogs class as well as with all of her co-workers. Sharon has a laugh that brings pure joy to everyone. Thank you Sharon for being a ray of sunshine!

We are so thankful for these incredible women!

#ECEWins #WhatMakesDIASpecial

Thank you to our wonderful Maintenance Supervisor, Mr. Jeff, for replacing our garden boxes and repainting the fence! Small updates like this = big opportunities for our children to continue to grow at school!

We appreciate you Mr. Jeff!

We are so proud of Ms. Jenell for winning the "Cool School Teacher of the Week" Award AND Ms. Cossondra for nominating her! The supportive, encouraging environment among our teachers is really what makes DIA special. Thank you both for being incredible parts of Daniel Island Academy!

Fun Fact: Brussels sprouts are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, making them a nutritious addition to your diet. For those who don't eat fish or seafood omega-3 fatty acids can be a challenge. Brussels Sprouts are one of the best plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Brussels sprouts make a healthy addition to any diet and are easy to incorporate into side dishes and entrees! #eatyourveggies #sprouting #plants #healthyeating #highinnutrients

Registration is open for all extracurricular activities throughout the school year and it's not too late to join in on the fun! Download the enrichments registration form here or stop by and see Stacie at the front desk! https://bit.ly/2TZxUbE

According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), child development advances when children are challenged and given the opportunities to acquire new skills.

Enrichments at DIA are the perfect way to expose your child to something new! Learn more about why our hand-picked enrichments (led by thoroughly vetted vendors) are so special here! https://buff.ly/37rJmAM

#WhatMakesDIASpecial #ECEWins #NAEYC #DanielIslandPreschool #DIA #DanielIslandAcademy

Did you know...Enrichment programs run 30-45 minutes and are typically scheduled during nap time hours (12-3pm). The concept originated to help accommodate students who don’t like to nap!

Find out some other things you might not know about our enrichment programs here! https://buff.ly/37rJmAM

#WhatMakesDIASpecial #ECEWins #NAEYC #DanielIslandPreschool #DIA #DanielIslandAcademy

Act Fast! We have just two full-day 4's openings for the 2020/2021 school year!

If you or someone you know is interested in one of these spots, call the front desk ASAP to learn how to reserve your spot. First come, first served!

Please share with anyone you know who might be interested!


Cool School Teacher: Mrs. Jenell Simmons

Congratulations Ms. Jenell for the Cool School Teacher Award!! Check out the clip below and watch her story today on News 2 at 4.


counton2.com Humble, kind, patient, just a few words used to describe Daniel Island Academy teacher Mrs. Jenell Simmons. She’s our Cool School Teacher of the week. Mrs. Jenell Simmons is in her thirteenth…

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Mister B Visits DIA
Mister B. Visits DIA During Teacher Work Day 2020
DIA CPR Training with Neal Arrington 2020
Jellyfish Graduation
Clownfish Graduation




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