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Congratulations Dr. N’kia Campbell!
The district’s Officer of Academic Initiatives is being recognized by the The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education and The Citadel as the recipient of the 2022 Outstanding Contribution to Education in the Lowcountry award.
The Citadel STEAM Camp is in session! This year's theme: Forensics of the Future.

Led by highly-qualified Citadel faculty and cadets, campers are going hands-on and high-tech to solve crime scene mysteries with art and science. Activities include capturing digital images with drones and 3D scanners, collecting biological and physical evidence, and conducting experiments to crack the case.

Art at The Citadel
The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education
Citadel English, Fine Arts, and Communications Department

Photos by Professor Tom Thompson
Way to go to our director of school counseling Geri Henderson.
A representative from The Citadel stopped by the district office to present her with the 2021 Outstanding Alumna Award of The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education
Several school counselors from across the district are taking a course with The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education helping them become licensed professional counselors.
We made it to Jeopardy! "The Citadel" was an answer on the game show tonight. Go Dawgs!
We are excited to announce the NEW Lowcountry Principal Service Program offered through The Citadel, to support and help principals and assistant principals within the K-12 education system across the tri-county area! The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education has chosen the LGC to be the central location of this amazing program and comes at no cost. All content and discussion will be at the graduate level AND may count towards professional re-certification. For more information, head over to our newest blog post.
Calling all December graduates and any other certified teachers still seeking teaching positions.
HI, many of you have attended an NCBI workshop and others have requested to know when the next one will occur. See below. Gain skills that will bolster your work and life.

NCBI workshop, Welcoming Diversity: Leadership in Diversity and Respect, July 19, 0900-1600 Greater Issues Room, 230 MCH,

The Citadel’s National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) Team invites you to participate in a “Welcoming Diversity: Leadership in Diversity and Respect” workshop for faculty and staff, active military and CGC students on July 19. This experiential workshop takes a unique, non-blaming approach to addressing diversity, defined quite broadly. It promotes the development of multicultural competency and leadership in today’s diverse society. The workshop fosters a campus environment in which everyone feels welcome and supports The Citadel’s Core Value of Respect.

This is an all day workshop (9 – 4). Lunch will be provided. Please contact [email protected] to register.

Keep Charleston Beautiful is looking for an Education Coordinator for the 2017-2018 school year. This is an extremely flexible part-time position, that could also double as a paid Academic Internship.

Our Education Coordinator works with schools and teachers to coordinate and conduct our education programs, focusing on environmental stewardship and waste responsibility. In addition, we are looking to further develop/enhance our current elementary and middle school program offerings, and would possibly like to develop some high school programming if possible. We'd love to sit down and chat with you if you have a great project idea in mind, or would like to know more about the position.

The Education Coordinator has their own office space at 823 Meeting Street, close to the Citadel, and has access to a shared work vehicle for travel to schools. Please email [email protected] if interested.

The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education
The Citadel Military College of South Carolina
The Cit

Operating as usual


Introducing Constance Goodwine Lewis, the dynamic leader of Broad River Elementary School, and the proud recipient of the 2023 Elementary School Principal of the Year award in the Beaufort County School District. 🌟🥂💙

Click the link to read Beaufort’s 2023 October newsletter📰

Join me in celebrating Constance Goodwine Lewis for her outstanding achievement, and read on to discover how she earned this well-deserved honor. 📚🏆

Photos from The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education's post 09/29/2023

Considering an Education Minor?? 📍Visit the Bond second-level bulletin board for convenient, no-cost resources to streamline the process and ensure your minor journey is a joyful one! 📚 Contact ZFSOE is you hav any questions or concerns! 💙📝


📸Shoutout to Mrs. Blanton’s Intro to Education class for kicking off their first field experience! 📚 Cadet Goodwyn and Cadet Humphreys had an amazing chance to assist with a "book tasting" event at a nearby Charleston school, gaining invaluable real-life classroom hours. 📖💫

All thanks to new faculty and staff - Steph Eldridge, Director of Clinical Practices and Partnerships for coordinating this incredible experience!👏💙


RSVP for our BACK TO SCHOOL social!🤍

Photos from The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education's post 09/18/2023

Exciting news from ZFSOE! 🌟 Introducing the brand new EDUCATION LEADERS CLUB📚 Join us, CSI Summer Bridge Program students, and any interested cadets for a year full of meet-ups, scrumptious food, and thrilling activities – think beach days, rock climbing, and amazing field trips! 🏖️🧗‍♂️ Keep that awesome connection with your classmates, peer tutors, teachers, and administrators alive through this fantastic club.

Stay tuned for an incredible year ahead! 🎉


THROW BACK!! Two months have flown by since the Summer Bridge Program wrapped up! Time sure does fly when you're having fun! 😄🌞 ZFSOE wishes you a happy, healthy Tuesday!


Excited to introduce ZFSOE's latest additions to our team! Click the link below to learn more about our talented new hires.📰🥂


Happy first day of school on behalf of The Citadel, Zucker Family School of Education🇺🇸 Have a great first day!!🌟


Hats off to Constance Goodwine-Lewis, on becoming the newest 2023 Broad River Elementary Principal. Constance completed The Citadel ZFSOE Micro-Credential in Equity and Access program. Kudos to all achievers – we're always cheering for our alumni's success! 🤍💙🇺🇸


🎉📦 Happy Matriculation Day! 📦🎉
Best wishes to all the Zucker Family School of Education Summer Bridge Program students. Embracing "the path less traveled " might be daunting, but remember it will be rewarding! 🌟 On behalf of ZFSOE, we commend your bravery and wish you the best of luck. You've got this, and you will do amazing things! 💪❗️


US: Anticipating the start of 2023 school year with patience. 📸Featuring Jon Schriener (& his daughter), Class of '23, Master of Arts in Secondary Education✨📜

Only 12 more days left.😉

Photos from The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education's post 08/03/2023

🎉👏 Congratulations to Geri Henderson, a proud graduate of our MEd in Ed Leadership program, for receiving the South Carolina State Firefighters' Association Citizenship Award! 🏆🔥 Her outstanding contributions to the community and fire service have earned her this well-deserved honor. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Burton Fire District for presenting her with this prestigious award! 🙌🚒

Photos from The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education's post 08/02/2023

🥂Congratulations🥂to all the incredible finalists of our Zucker Family School of Education Summer Bridge Program! 📄💡📸Each CSI student wowed us with their brilliance during their inspiring "Ed Talk" presentations, captivating friends, family, faculty, and staff alike.
🫶🤍A huge shoutout to everyone who attended and provided their amazing support. As we celebrate the successful conclusion of our 📍FIRST-EVER📍Summer Bridge Program, we're already looking forward to the next year with great excitement!
Stay tuned for more updates and possibilities to be a part of this wonderful experience again! 🇺🇸


Join the incredible Zucker Family School of Education community today! 🎉 Whether you're an undergrad, graduate, Masters, or pursuing a certificate, there's a spot for everyone! Come on board, and let's make learning a thrilling adventure together! 🚀💙


💙🍾👍THUMBS UP if your ready for SCHOOL TO START👍🍾💙

Photos from The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education's post 07/25/2023

🇺🇸✈️🇪🇪 Exciting news! Cadet Amy Lorenzos-Lobo ‘24, a passionate Secondary Education major had an incredible opportunity to study abroad in Estonia alongside other outstanding cadets.
🎓🌎Her journey was full of enriching experiences, like visiting the original 📻 radio room of a KGB listening post in Tallinn! 🕵️‍♂️🏰 At the US Embassy, Amy attended three briefings on US-Estonian relations covering defense, politics, and economics. 🤝🇺🇸🤝 The adventure continued with a memorable tour of the fascinating Narva Castle. 🏰📸
Join us in celebrating Lobo's achievements and the amazing experiences she had during her time in Estonia! 🎉📍🇪🇪

Photos from The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education's post 07/24/2023

🇺🇸✈️🇬🇷Exciting news!! ZFSOE and Tommy and Victoria Baker School of Business are partnered to create study abroad programs in Greece. Dr. Iordanis Karagiannidis, associate dean of business, and our very own, Dean of education, Dr. Evan Ortlieb are leading the way!!

Photos from The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education's post 07/20/2023

🎓📚ALUMNI Spotlight🎥Geraldine Henderson & Juanita Paylor 💌

📸Our passionate Citadel alumni, had the honor of attending the 2023 American School Counselor Association in Atlanta, Georgia.💙📓Zucker Family School of Educators takes immense PRIDE for our INSPIRING & DRIVEN alumni who are making a significant difference in the world👏

This event featured esteemed guest speakers like Henry Winkler, Dr. Bernice A. King - CEO of Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, Dr. Brian Davis - President of Atlanta Aquitum, and Ernest Holmes - Co-founder of Cosehouse, and among others.


Beloved recipient,
It is with great pleasure that we extend our formal invitation to you for the upcoming Zucker Family School of Education Summer Bridge ED TALKS event. We have gathered the most exceptional CSI students who will be presenting their very own ED Talks, vying for the prestigious title of the ultimate Ed Talk champion.

🗓️Date: July 31st
🛣️Venue: Altman Center
- 8:00 am: 🍳Breakfast
- 8:30 am: 📑Presentations

Your presence at this esteemed occasion will undoubtedly enrich the experience for all attendees, and we look forward to your gracious participation. Should you have any inquiries or require further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.
With warm regards,
Zucker Family School of Education 📚🤍

Photos from The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education's post 07/18/2023

🫶🏿🫶🏾🫶🏽🫶🏼🫶🏻 Zucker Family School of Education staff and nearly 80 graduate students had the remarkable opportunity to experience the rich history of South Carolina at the NEW, captivating International African American Museum.

🌎📍It was an occasion not to be missed, where we gained firsthand insights and deepened our understanding of African American heritage. We didn't pass up the chance to broaden our knowledge and engage in a meaningful cultural experience📜🔍

Innovation in Education: Summer Bridge Program prepares incoming Citadel cadets for success - The Citadel Today 07/12/2023

📢 Exciting News! 🌟 The Citadel website has featured our remarkable Summer Bridge Program, designed to equip incoming cadets with the tools for success! 🎓✨ With the invaluable support of our dedicated peer tutors, we ensure a smooth transition and provide the necessary guidance. Join us on this transformative journey!

Congratulations to the Dean, Evan Ortlieb, Dr. Andrew Zutell and THANK YOU to the incredible teachers and dedicated cadets offering endless support💙🫶📸 WE APPRECIATE YOU ALL!🤍

Innovation in Education: Summer Bridge Program prepares incoming Citadel cadets for success - The Citadel Today The Zucker Family School of Education is ensuring cadets from the incoming Class of 2027 are prepared through the new Summer Bridge Program.


🎥🚨 🇺🇸Q & A w/ MAT Secondary Education Student Ryan Jones '24

✏️What motivated you to pursue a Master's in Education from The Citadel?
📓I pursued a Master's in Education at Citadel because it offered better preparation for a teaching career than the PACE program. Additional motivating factors were the potential for a higher starting salary and access to a respected professional network. Given the concerns of teacher burnout in South Carolina, I wanted to be well-prepared and receive support from The Citadel in finding the right school for my career. Citadel's vital placement statistics and personal conversations with various professors confirmed that the M.A. program was my best choice.

✏️How does Citadel's Masters in Education program prepare students for careers in education?
📓Citadel provides a comprehensive approach to education by combining educational theory from readings, hands-on classroom experiences, and classroom discussions. The in-person learning experience also facilitates networking opportunities where prospective educators can seek advice from experienced teachers. While online courses offer flexibility, I recommend taking some in-person courses at Citadel to align thinking with experienced educators and understand the continuous improvement process in teaching.

✏️Advice for individuals considering pursuing a Masters in Education at Citadel?
📓Two crucial aspects for prospective students considering a Masters in Education at Citadel are having a genuine desire to positively impact students and recognizing the turnover and attrition within the teaching field. A mindset focused on improving student outcomes and critical thinking, along with a willingness to constantly refine teaching tactics and expand content knowledge, will lead to a fulfilling and successful career in education. Citadel provides opportunities to achieve both aspects.

✏️Plans after graduation?
📓After completing my current program in May '24, I plan to enroll in the M.A. Military History program at Citadel in August '24. This decision will allow me to deepen my content mastery and prepare for potential leadership roles in my field.

🗣️🎖️Keep up with Ryan Jones teaching journey through ZFSOF LinkedIn and Facebook account! 🤍

Photos from The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education's post 07/07/2023

📍🧑‍🏫Employee Spotlight ⭐️👏💙
We are thrilled to highlight the incredible work of our very own education department associate professor, Dr. Guy Ilagan, who is operating a series of two-day workshops at Galen University in Belize, Central America! 🌎🇧🇿

🗣️The workshops focus on training and strengthening counseling strategies for educators, counselors, and social workers. Guy Ilan is a dedicated professional with extensive experience in this field, and we are honored to have him as part of our team. These workshops offer an invaluable opportunity for professionals in the education and social work sectors to enhance their counseling skills and stay informed about the latest techniques. Guy Ilan's expertise and passion will undoubtedly make this event an inspiring and transformative experience.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity at Galen University and join Guy Ilagan’s workshop series. It's a chance to grow, learn, and make a positive impact in our communities. Don't miss out on this amazing event! 🙌🇧🇿🇺🇸🫶


🎓It's official!! CSI classes are in FULL SWING📝👏Today, students had the pleasure of getting acquainted with the new curriculum, attending first classes, and meeting incredible new teachers. We couldn't miss the PEER TUTORS, sporting their navy 🗣️”staff"🗣️tee shirts, ready to provide support to CSI students and address any questions that may popped up.

Brace yourself for the thrilling journey ahead! 🙌

Peer tutor pictured 📸: Sitarik ‘25 & @ 🇺🇸Navy Veteran, Jeremiah Fouch ‘24

SC Commission on Higher Ed on Twitter 07/05/2023

LOVE TO SEE incredible projects come alive & make remarkable impacts on our South Carolina community of educators 🇺🇸💙🥂🏆

SC Commission on Higher Ed on Twitter “📢 Exciting News! The Citadel STEM Center's new Learning to Lead (L2L) program is said to support math education leaders in rural areas, bridge the education gap and foster excellence in mathematics.! 📚 To learn more, click the link below:


🥂Dr. Evan Ortlieb , Dean of the Zucker Family School of Education, is thrilled to be finishing a prestigious two-week executive education program at Harvard University.🎓🏛️ This program, focused on higher education management, is a remarkable opportunity for Dr. Ortlieb to enhance his leadership skills and expand his knowledge in the field. 🌟✨ We congratulate Dr. Ortlieb on this well-deserved opportunity and look forward to the valuable insights and ideas he will bring back to our beloved institution 📚


🏀 Exciting announcement! 📢 Cadet Anthony Washington'26, proudly representing ZFSOE, is wholeheartedly dedicated to teaching first and second graders the captivating game of basketball. 🎉 "Spreading my love for the sport and being a positive role model brings me immense joy!" 👏 With the remarkable collaboration of the renowned Wings Basketball Academy, Cadet Anthony Washington is not only refining his communication skills but also gaining a profound understanding of children's social dynamics. 🌟 "This incredible journey fills me with gratitude as I have the opportunity to make a positive impact on these young minds." Stay tuned for more updates on this amazing endeavor! 🤗


🌍🇬🇷 Q&A with study abroad student Lauren Sommerfeld '2A5

💭What valuable lessons did this trip teach you?
🏛 Apart from learning how to adapt to drinking water without ice, it showed me the significance of personal opportunities and revealed my true independence.

💭 How can study abroad experiences enhance classroom learning?
🏛I strongly advocate dedicating more classroom time to delve into Greek mythology and the rich history of the empire. Incorporating these study-abroad experiences can significantly enrich the educational journey.

💭What advice would you give someone studying abroad?
🏛 Take a moment to appreciate your surroundings and be grateful for the incredible experience most people can only dream of.


📍🎓🌟Q & A w/ 2023 Citadel Alumni, Erick Mendoza !!

💭What motivated you to choose education as your major?
✨ From the moment I first set foot in a classroom, I realized that my true calling was to become a teacher. It was an innate desire that had always been with me, and I knew that pursuing an education major was the natural path for me. The prospect of sharing knowledge, particularly about history and subjects that deeply fascinated me, ignited a passionate fire within me.

💭 What was the most significant thing you learned from The Citadel's Department of Education?
✨One of the aspects that truly captivates me about being an education major is the constant quest to discover the most effective ways to engage and connect with students. I am deeply passionate about understanding their unique needs, motivations, and learning styles in order to create a nurturing environment that fosters growth and cultivates a love for learning.

💭What are your plans after college?
✨My current aspiration is to return to the Citadel and collaborate with Dr. Orlieb and Dr. Zutell in regulars to the peer tutoring CSI students. Additionally, I aim to contribute to the STEM center, utilizing my expertise to support and guide students in their pursuit of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education. 👨‍🏫 📚 ✏️


🎥🚨📒Q & A w/ Cadet Zaniyah Williams, a minor in education, November Company 2024!!

💭 What prompted your decision to pursue an education minor?
📒The allure of the school environment and the joy of working with children were the main factors that motivated me to choose an education minor. Being in a school setting and having the opportunity to interact with young learners greatly appealed to me.

💭 What are you most looking forward to next year?
📒Looking ahead to the next year, I am filled with excitement about the upcoming experiences and the chance to navigate my senior year. It's a time of anticipation as I contemplate how this pivotal year will unfold and shape my future.

💭 What are your plans for after graduation?
📒Post-college, my ambitions encompass two main goals. Firstly, I aspire to become an army officer, serving my country and making a meaningful impact through my military career. Additionally, I have a strong desire to establish my own juvenile counseling recreation center, where I can provide guidance and support to young individuals in need.

💭 In what ways do you feel your education minor is proving beneficial?
📒My education minor is proving to be incredibly valuable in several ways. Firstly, it is enhancing my determination and equipping me with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle the challenges that may arise when establishing my counseling center. Additionally, it broadens my understanding of educational practices, which can inform my interactions with children and contribute to my overall effectiveness as a leader and mentor.

FUN FACT❕🏆Cadet Zaniyah Willams was honored with the Dawleys Award, a recognition earned through my extensive community service. “I was nominated for this prestigious accolade by the Italian tax and supported by the SLCE team. Although it may seem like I was solely focused on having fun during my free time, it's worth noting that I genuinely enjoyed engaging in service activities and contributing to the community.”

It is truly inspiring to witness the remarkable progress and relentless pursuit of dreams by Cadet Zaniyah Williams. 🥂💙⭐️


🎥🚨 Q & A w/ Cadet James Brady (right), Romeo Company 2024

💭What inspired you to choose education as your major?
〰️During my summers as a camp counselor, I discovered my passion for working with children. I found great fulfillment in connecting with kids, especially those aged 15 and up. This experience solidified my desire to pursue a career in education and become a teacher who can make a positive impact on the lives of students.

💭Who has had the most profound influence on your life?
〰️My brother who is a second-grade teacher. Seeing my brother's passion for teaching inspired me to become a teacher as well, with the goal of becoming an even better teacher than my brother. His dedication to his students and his ability to make learning fun and engaging truly inspired me and showed me the kind of impact that a great teacher can have on their students.

💭What are you most looking forward to next year?
〰️I am excited about attending classes with my buddies Carl and Cameron and working with Dr. Dague again in a fun and challenging class. Dr. Dague is an amazing professor who always finds creative ways to engage his students and make learning enjoyable. I am eager to see what exciting projects and discussions we will have in this class and to continue growing my knowledge and skills in my field.

💭What are your plans for after graduation?
〰️I hope to begin pursuing my master's degree while working at a high school and coaching football on the side. I am eager to continue growing as a teacher and contributing to the academic and athletic success of my students. Coaching football will not only allow me to stay connected to the sport I love, but it will also give me the opportunity to teach valuable life lessons to my players, such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. Overall, I am excited to start this new chapter of my life and make a positive impact on the lives of those around me.

FUN FACT❕〰️ Cadet James Brady is a member of The Citadel Bulldog's D1 football team, where he has played as a running back since his junior year.


✨In recognition of Memorial Day🇺🇸, we would like to extend a special tribute to one of our esteemed students who has honorably served our country as a veteran. This heartfelt message is dedicated to acknowledging the remarkable contributions and sacrifices made by this individual, representing the countless men and women who have selflessly defended our nation. 🪖👏

💙⭐️Q & A w/ veteran student, Houston Motz, but his friends call him BUDDY! 🙃🎖️

💭What was your experience in the military?
🇺🇸I volunteered for the Navy ⚓️right after high school in 1964 when I was 17 years old. After completing Boot Camp, I was deployed twice to Vietnam. During my service, I learned the importance of team building and acquiring ship skills. The bonds I formed with my fellow shipmates will always hold a special place in my memory.

💭Why did you choose The Citadel and What interests you about the Zucker Family School of Education?
🇺🇸I chose The Citadel because I am not aware of any other colleges in South Carolina that place such a high value on and teach the character-building traits of honor, duty, and respect. I believe these values will serve the students well in their lives, regardless of what they do or where they go.
🇺🇸I like the Zucker Family School of Education because their professors provide a great learning environment for the students, and we all work together like a family.

💭What is your goal after graduation?
🇺🇸My goal is to continue teaching part-time at Belmont Abbey College, a small Catholic school near where I live (Rock Hill, South Carolina).

Thank you, Buddy, for sharing your experiences with us. As we honor you this Memorial Day, on behalf of the Zucker Family School of Education, we want to express our deep gratitude and love for you as a valued member of our educational family. 💙⚓️🇺🇸🤍


📕📙📒📗Throwback Thursday📗📒📙📕

📎 Dean Evan Ortlieb, enthusiastically took part in a simulation designed to replicate the experiences of individuals with deafness and visual impairments 🧏‍♂️🧏‍♀️ This immersive activity was integrated into his own course, Learners with Exceptionalities, showcasing his dedication and active involvement in the subject matter.

📎Through these simulations, educators are provided with a valuable opportunity to temporarily experience deafness and blindness, enabling them to develop a profound understanding of the challenges confronted by individuals with sensory impairments. This immersive encounter fosters empathy, sensitivity, and a heightened appreciation for the distinct needs of students who are deaf or visually impaired.

📎We extend our sincerest gratitude to Jerry Francis for his steadfast support in this endeavor. These experiences serve as a shining example of The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education's unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive and impactful education. 🫶💙🤩


📍🎓🌟Q & A w/ 2023 Citadel Alumni, Triston Freeberg !!

💭What motivated you to choose education as your major?
✨ I developed a deep passion for teaching during my time in high school, and ever since then, I have aspired to become an educator.

💭What was the most significant thing you learned from The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education?
✨ From my experience at The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education, I gained a profound understanding of the immense influence that teachers have on the personal growth and development of their students.

💭What are your plans after graduating from The Citadel?
✨ Upon graduation from The Citadel, my plans entail serving as a field artillery officer in the US Army, stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia.🪖🎖️🇺🇸

📍KEEP UP📍with Triston Freeberg’s military career and teaching journey through his incredible LinkedIn account @ Triston Freeberg


🏆✒️We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Albert, Dr. Deepti Joshi, and the entire team for their remarkable achievement. The National Science Foundation has bestowed a Continuing Grant to support their DRK-12 project values at $3 million. This grant supports a vital role in synthesizing discoveries, providing technical assistance, promoting research contributions, and fostering the DRK-12 community🍾🥳💙⭐️

➡️[email protected]
➡️[email protected]


🎥🚨Q & A w/ Cadet Carlton Enes (left), Golf company 2024

💭What inspired you to choose education as your major?
〰️During high school, my English teacher had a significant impact on me. She inspired me to pursue a career in education and give back to students by mentoring them.

💭Who has had the most profound influence on your life?
〰️My dad has been my greatest inspiration. He has taught me so much and has been there to support me every step of the way.

💭What are you most looking forward to next year?
〰️I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to meet my students during my student teaching experience in the second semester of my senior year.

💭What are your plans for after graduation?
〰️I plan to return to my hometown, Rock Hill, South Carolina and secure a teaching position at the high school I graduated from.

FUN FACT❕〰️ Cadet Carlton Enes was selected to join the 2023 -2024 Summerall Guards, which is a highly prestigious honor. Only 61 cadets are chosen each year to undergo a rigorous training program that includes hours of practice and physical conditioning, culminating in performances during special events like football games and parades. 🇺🇸⭐️💙


📕📙📒📗Throwback Thursday📗📒📙📕

📎 Cadet John Wood, a finance major in the class of 2025, participated in a field experience observation led by class professor. The scheduled class period was on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and the observation took place at James Simons Elementary School, with which the Citadel has a partnership.

📎When asked about the reason for his participation,
John stated🗣️, “I aspire to become a lawyer, and I believe that learning how to convince children to learn is a critical skill that will benefit me in my future career."

📎John was able to participate in this program through the Citadel's outreach program, which offers neighboring schools the opportunity to mentor cadets interested in gaining knowledge about education.


📍🎓🌟Q & A w/ 2023 Citadel Alumni, Catherine Debuisseret !!

💭What motivated you to choose education as your major?
✨Having experienced some negative situations during middle and high school, I developed a desire to create a classroom environment that promotes acceptance, respect, and care. This led me to pursue a major in education, where I can learn how to effectively facilitate a positive learning experience for my future students.

💭What was the most significant thing you learned from The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education?
✨The Citadel's Zucker Family of Education taught me the importance of being well-prepared for the challenges that come with being a teacher. From developing multiple lesson plans to adapting to different learning styles and abilities, the program emphasized the need for thorough planning and flexibility.

💭What are your plans after graduating from The Citadel?
✨After college, I plan to participate in The Citadel's SUCCEED summer program through the Krause Center to gain further experience in the education field. My ultimate goal is to earn my master's degree and secure a teaching job in my hometown, where I can make a positive impact on the lives of local students.

📍KEEP UP📍with Catherine’s teaching journey through her amazing LinkedIn account Debuisseret

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Charleston, 29409

Connect with friends and ideas; read, research, and reflect; and, explore a variety of subjects from

College of Charleston Center for International Education College of Charleston Center for International Education
207 Calhoun Street
Charleston, 29424

CIE assists CofC students who would like to study abroad with a variety programs. We work with incom