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The Cancer Full Moon January 17, 2022 6:48 PM EST
Sun & Moon at 27 degrees; Sun conjunct Pluto; opposes Moon
Venus remains retrograde until the 28th; Square Eris; Sextile/Trine Neptune;
Mercury retrograde to Feb.3; Mars Quincunx Moon

There is always a particular emphasis on emotions, feelings, and intuitive responses when there is a full moon in Cancer…Being among, if not the most sensitive of the signs, this full moon promises- by way of its opposition to Pluto and it awkward energies from Mars, to cogent and maybe even coercive in asking us to pay attention to those feelings of attachment or resistance that seem to have a hold on you or that stir up fears and apprehensions.
Here is what Lena of the Shamanic school offers are her observations about this moon’s energies and effects. She writes:
“Full Moon in Cancer on January 17th is also known as the Wolf Moon, this full moon suggests a deeply emotional time giving opportunity for some serious emotional clearing of pent up frustrations, past disappointments, regrets, judgments and feelings about what has or has not happened. It is a good time to sort out the difference between your mental thoughts and judgments and the true nature of your emotional center and what it holds.
This year (2022) is an emotionally centered year and we see it anchored in this full moon. Since the theme of January is about values and what is important, this will also be highlighted during the full moon window.
Beware of self-judgment around what you should have paid more attention to or put more energy into. What is past is past. Clear the emotions around it and move on. This is also a good time to receive the higher emotional energies of gratitude, love, awe, beauty and inspiration.
Do some self-care during this time that includes some higher-centered possibilities. Since Mercury is now retrograde, this is a time for more being rather than doing and a good time for reflection and study of where your true power comes from.
What is important to you? What do you value? What do you love? What do you love to do and where do you love to be? And with whom?”

The Cancer Moon when it acts best or on the behalf of your personal growth and self understanding, promotes the release of old habits and routines…Until you let go of old, often tired habits and routines that have lost their value and importance for you, you cannot make room for new approaches and insights from new knowledge and new awareness. Cancer people, including Cancer rising, have a tenacity about them that resists and even refuses to let go of deeply imprinted ideas and feelings that once served a valuable purpose, even to the point of self protection. This is a time when redundancy or repetition, and rehearsal patterns are all being called into question and we now have revealed them even though they remain a part of the person that the adult has outgrown. Once something is known, there cannot be any further avoidance or denial except by willful choice… Look to where Cancer is in your chart for further details on what areas need your introspection and courageous release or corrections! Sometimes, this energy will present or complete itself with the emotional and personal recognition that something is over; done; complete and no longer needs to occupy a place in your mind or heart…
So thanks to the deep and probing dimensions of Pluto, we can be assured that this moon will be holding or carrying a turbulence within it- I would envision it as a clearing and cleansing whirlpool, spinning you around in order to break your emotional tentacles of the past, and enable you to flow more freely towards a future destination!
In order to chart or direct the best pathway for any new changes or growth patterns, it is important to look at the aspects and planetary movements that happen close to the full moon- those just before, and in this month’s consideration, those movements just after the moon is full…
First, Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius on the 14th all the way back into Capricorn, while joining Venus in Capricorn, and Pluto which also still retrograde…
Because of the change of signs while moving backward, your experience of this Mercury retrograde will be two-fold. The first, while still in Aquarius will continue along Aquarian themes such as intellectual curiosity and searching for new truths, but it quite possible that you will be faced with the need to pare down what you are interested in, because of time, energy, focus…and an inner honesty that will not allow it! I see this retrograde as being one where the gluttony of ideas comes face to face with intellectual honesty and the quest for deep or genuine understanding… there is not “having it all” in the information world either!
One other phenomenon I would note is the re-contact with friends, groups, and previous areas of interest and see IF they have any lasting renewal power or whether it is a nice whim!
Dorothy Oja, who writes expertly on a variety of astrological considerations, gives these indications for what might be possible during this retrograde. She writes:
“Mercury in Aquarius wants the truth, clear and unvarnished. Just give it to me straight. The objective, detached energy for Aquarius can take it. This is a hybrid Mercury Retro which means that it will return to the previous sign, Capricorn and turn direct there – spanning two signs. We have to navigate our understanding of the essentials of our lives or perhaps our history and habits that brings us to present time. Only then will we have a clear understanding of how our future will be affected. Some situations or circumstances will benefit from being reviewed and new truths may emerge as a result.”
Another snippet of insight comes from April Eliot Kent of Big Sky astrology. She observes:
“Revisit unfinished projects. Reply to correspondence. Reorganize your systems, especially for handling paperwork and bookkeeping. And most importantly, give your mind time to relax and reflect.”
The next crucial consideration comes with the annual meeting between the Sun and Pluto on the 16th. As I am writing this column, I am beginning to sense the new initiatory push that this yearly event offers us. Pluto is THE planet that can never be taken lightly…superficially… or without serious regard for it symbolizes the deep, shared human collective consciousness. Given that it rules large movements of consciousness, and the resistance to those systemic changes, when Pluto conjoins the Sun, we are given a new :charge: or assignment in our lives. A new sense of purpose comes from feeling as if it is part of humanity’s shared responsibility to welcomes change and guide it through all the necessary and difficult ways we humans evolve and and how each of us can assist the planet in its “mission” to sustain its life and make itself into a hospitable place for life to thrive….
This year, the focus will be typical or an expected focus on structure, rules, laws, ethical norms, and other legislation or behavioral expectations that make structure useful or effective. Since 2008, and carrying through until 2025, the annual Pluto conjunction in Capricorn will ask us to make systematic changes. In a correlation to this emphasis, all that is not transformative…that is stolid, entrenched,seemingly unmoveable will be dragged into greater awareness, thereby losing the authoritarian grip that was held and preserved over the decades. Be sure to check out where Capricorn is in your chart to see which area/arena of life could be most influenced by these connections…
Writer and astrological columnist astro butterfly reinforces these conclusions with these remarks. She writes:
“There’s a lot of Pluto energy, inviting us to transform at a core, structural level. If you’re still unsure about what all these Venus and Mercury Pluto transformations exactly require from you, pay attention to anything that happens, any download or any aha moments you may have around January 16th. (PEL… I would say… from the 15th to the 18th…)
Some insights about ourselves, about who we really are, can be hard to take in. But as soon as we surrender to whatever this truth is, the exact thing we’ve been terrified of becomes our greatest ally. Things will suddenly become clear, and you’ll know exactly what you need to do.”
She goes on to give a quick synopsis of the first month of the Nodal shift into Ta**us and Scorpio… Remembering that the Nodes move every 18 months or so, this patterns will become important to our over-all new emphasis and directions in life. She writes:
On January 18th, 2022 we have one of the most important events of the year. The Lunar Nodes change signs. The North Node leaves Gemini and moves into Ta**us, and the South Node leaves Sagittarius and moves into Scorpio.
“At a collective level, the emphasis will shift from Gemini-Sagittarius themes (movement, travel, education, laws) to Ta**us-Scorpio themes (values, finances, possessions). At a personal level, you want to look at the houses ruled by Ta**us and Scorpio in your natal chart to see which areas of your life will be impacted by this transit.”
After the moon reaches its fullness and through into the days after, we have some additional planetary motions and meanings to consider. First, is the planet Uranus stations at 10 degrees of Ta**us and ever so slowly begins its forward movement. This allows for changes to be more direct, shocking, intense… and unpredictable! Such a comforting thought!
The most positive outlook here is making a more clear pathway to change and moving the mountain of inertia you might be currently seeing or feeling, and either Uranus will become active and busy breaking it down into workable, bite size chipmunks, or fracturing it open to let new ideas and ideals to appear into the light of awareness, growth, and change!
“Finally, Mars enters Capricorn January 24th. Mars is exalted in this placement. This offers us all a big clean up mentality and the dogged persistence to do our best. During this transit of Mars, which lasts till March 6th, we can accomplish enormous feats of recovery and community rebuilding.
The Uranus Saturn Square that ticked off mayhem and climate extremes in December 2021 continues to impact throughout this month, asking each of us to stay resolute in positive mindsets, facing the real issues with climate, money, and community.”
The last part of this moon report I am giving over to my trusted companions at Spirituality and Practice… for many years a rich source of information for anyone pursuing the wider issues within the spiritual path. While I never have been an avid follower of rituals, I do see their
Importance and value in making/allowing a person space and time to become more receptive to realms of the intuitive and benefit from tuning into bodily wisdom and its revelations.
Here are some insightful guidelines from the magazine, Spirituality & Practice from author Shannon Kaiser:
“Every full moon is a chance to metaphorically and physically drop anything that no longer serves you. It is a night to release negativity and practice gratitude.
From your must-have green tea latte or coffee in the morning to your daily gratitude practice, habits are a huge part of our everyday lives. Many of our habits are so ingrained that they just become regular routines. But if you’re on a spiritual growth path, chances are you like to be intentional about your experiences, which is why rituals are such a special practice.
Rituals go beyond regular routines because they are usually centered on a specific event, intention, or experience. They can help us live more balanced, focused lives. One of my favorite rituals is a full moon ritual because the full moon energy is a sacred time for releasing and calling in things that are in better alignment with your highest path.
As Emma Lowe, co-author of The Spirit Almanac: A Modern Guide to Ancient Self-Care says, “Since the beginning of time, rituals (both religious and otherwise) have been ingrained in culture. People conducted ritual—routines infused with spiritual undertones—because in some scenarios they didn’t really have a choice. It was simply a way of life.”
The night of a full moon is all about releasing negativity and practicing gratitude. The ritual does not need to be completed nor does it need to be at the exact moment of a full moon, but for best results it’s a good idea to perform within 48 hours before or after.
A full-moon ceremony is a potent time as there is an energetic intensity drawn to the earth from the moon’s magnetic pull. There is a type of focused, even frantic, energy where things that must be looked at will rise to the surface. You know, like those self-sabotaging habits that keep holding you back; the limiting thought patterns that are preventing you from seeing your true worth; or the reengaging of an ex you just can’t seem to shake or let go of (even though you know it’s what is best for both of you). These are the types of things we are forced to address during a full moon.
“Every full moon is a chance to metaphorically and physically drop anything that no longer serves you,” says Emma Lowe. A common ritual is to write down negative self-talk or old habits that are getting in your way, and then rip them up or burn them on the night of a full moon, signifying a release of their old energy.
Another great practice to add to your full-moon ritual is repeating affirmations. The types of affirmations that work best during a full moon are those centered around letting go, forgiveness, and acceptance.”
Celestial Blessings, Peter

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The Pisces New Moon
March 2, 2022 at 12:36 PM EST
Sun/Moon at 12 degrees; conjunct Jupiter at 14
Venus, Mars, and Pluto conjunct; Square Eris
Mercury conjunct Saturn

Calling all intuitives, creatives, and “right brain” types! This is YOUR moon!

Pisces has been long regarded as the most spiritual, ethereal, cosmic, and metaphysical of the signs. When there is a new moon in Pisces, all of those energies, abilities, premonitions, and other affiliated psychic “downloads” can flourish and become manifest! Given that Jupiter is also closely aligned with this moon, there is an expansive reach and lasting nature of its effects that cannot be undervalued or left unexpressed!

This auspicious moon brings with it all the enhanced qualities of the Piscean nature… from the musically gifted to the emotionally confused; from the rich artistic imagination to not even knowing what day it is; from the lofty inspirations of the spiritually attuned and attenuated to the acute wondering why I am here, or what is for dinner?

In short, there is a spaciousness and a seemingly amorphous quality to the Piscean nature… making it the hardest sign to define or pin down in is descriptive possibilities, and you can be sure that the lingering enigmas of character and conundrums of identity will follow the plans you make, and it might be a lifelong challenge for Pisces people to set boundaries and feel clearly directed toward a specific goal…

Lena from the Shamanic school gives us a synopsis of the lunar possibilities for Pisces to try to give their attention to and focus on… She writes:

“...The challenge is to be clear about what you want, how you want your life to unfold, and what it is you wish to manifest. Don’t worry about the details and don’t overthink the process. What does your heart want? Rely on your intuition rather than intellectual information and imagine your intentions from a place of creativity and dreaming more than what you have accepted as your reality. Set the seeds now that will determine how to support your intentions once they are set… Stay away from negativity, martyrdom, cynicism and limited thoughts, both in yourself and in others.

Simone Butler, writing in Mooncircles, offers us more encouragement for our aspirations and some necessary caution for our visions… She writes:
“This is the first time since 1856 that Jupiter and Neptune, the co-dispositors of Pisces, have been in their own sign at the Pisces New Moon. Between now and the time those two heavenly bodies embrace on April 12 at 24 Pisces, we’ll be hearing the siren call to take a leap of faith. All the planets are direct through April, so very little can stop us from pursuing our dreams.

Why not set a big, seemingly impossible intention at this New Moon? Even peace on earth is possible if enough of us are committed to it. Jupiter in Pisces knows how to make magic happen, and he particularly favors the water and earth signs now. Yet we should all stay open to portents, dreams and random encounters that conspire to sweep us into the current, reveal previously unknown truths and talents, and reinforce our faith in our higher guidance.

The element of water embodies the Divine Feminine, which we’ve been sorely lacking for the last few thousand years. Now we’re flooded with Her essence, a gift of unfathomable grace that opens the floodgates of feelings and sensitivity to others. This is meant to be a cleansing process, as long as we don’t become submerged in its shadow side of depression, addiction and fear.”

Aligned most directly in time with this new moon is an important conjunction aspect between Mercury and Saturn. At first, many people new to astrology might conclude that any aspect of Saturn usually brings some challenge, restriction, or even a blockage into your life. That would be a false assumption, especially when it involves such a positive connection to Mercury. This is the ideal aspect to “start something” where it's a new career, friendship, social contact or a book you have been meaning to read, etc., today is the best- it is big with beginnings!

This aspect gives you structure, it offers you a format or a willingness to get things out of neutral and move into a new experience! We all need discipline somewhere… this aspect will give it to us as a necessary gift !

As you recall, the new moon is the best time for beginning and for setting heartfelt intentions for the coming month/year… Practice a ritual for the setting of these intentions using water, music, a candle, and maybe sacred objects and/or crystals … If possible, recall a dream of significance for you that you would like to see come to life, or that could become a new purpose or direction for your life…

Because of the nature of Pisces, a less materialistic approach would be best; so choose to focus on the depth of your spiritual journey, the opening of your heart to more intuitive knowing, and expanding your creative and artistic skills in ways that enhance and improve your life goals.

Given that Pisces is the most spiritual of the signs, I feel that I would be remiss if I did not speak about the dimensions of faith and the depth and range of spirituality that this placement could provide…

Of any time in the spiritual calendar of the year to begin some soulful practice, the synchronicity of Ash Wednesday with the Pisces new moon is quite startling! Without going into too much theological and liturgical detail, this time of year is dedicated to or is focused on how best you can understand the practice of releasing the past, and comprehend that the spiritual life connects you with the essence of who you are- That act of letting go that can be Ash Wednesday for you…

With this as your Lenten guide, allow yourself some sacred, quiet time… following my recommendations for the new moon, set aside some table or sacred corner etc., and there you can add pictures, symbols, and books of people or pictures of virtues and values etc..
This “altar” can function either or two ways: Because it is where you have placed images and articles that pertain to your spiritual path, you can use it to focus on gratitude you have for who and what has been a part of your past, and the things you now have to leave behind, and secondarily, you can use those symbols, pictures, and those qualities to represent what you wish to embody and practice this coming year….

(Throughout my ministry years, and even today when asked to offer the ritual(s) to an interfaith group, I have chosen to transform both Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent from being a more dour and restrictive time, to a time set apart of deeper work of “letting go and letting God” for Lectio or spiritual reading, for meditative breath walks, and spiritual exercises etc. activites and intentions that both redeem the time and overcome negative patterns in our lives. If anyone would like some interfaith readings for Lenten reflection, I will gladly share some with you…)

One of my favorite ”down to earth” astrologers who recognizes the value of the Piscean qualities in our lives is April Elliot Kent. If one finds the concept of spirituality troublesome or without a particular focal point for their lives, Ms. Kent gives us this helpful guideline based on where the sign of Pisces lands in your birth chart (For further refinement and study, you can also look into where the planet Neptune is, and to a lesser degree, where Jupiter resides…) here is what she has written about Pisces in our charts:

“Wherever Pisces falls in your chart, you seek to create a sanctuary… In fact, I think the areas of life symbolized in our birth charts by Pisces are sacred not just because they’re places where we can retreat and regroup, but because they describe where we meet the issues that stand between us and true inner peace.

So at this Pisces New Moon (March 2, 2022, 9:35 am PST), I invite you to find sacred sanctuary in your chart, and consider how these areas of your life serve as both your retreat and your spiritual classroom. Here are a few real-life examples ( with a few additions by me!) to prime your imagination.

A friend with Pisces rising, born with a curved spine, finds her sanctuary in her yoga practice, transforming her body through physical exercise.
An acquaintance with Pisces on the cusp of the second house finds sanctuary in his love of gardening, cooking, coin collecting, and of collecting antiques.
With Pisces on the cusp of the third house, a serious, businesslike Capricorn-rising client found tranquility in writing poetry and making music with friends.
One client with Pisces on the fourth house lives full-time on a houseboat!
One woman with Pisces on the fifth house adored artwork with a sacred focus;.... With Pisces on the fifth house cusp, you may consider music, art, other creative pursuits, or time spent with pets or children as your sanctuary.
A co-worker with Pisces on her sixth house cusp held a well-paying position, but worked in a basement office with no natural light. She transformed her prefab cubicle into a sanctuary, complete with a trickling fountain and Japanese scroll.
A client with Pisces on the seventh house cusp found sanctuary in a series of lovers who were artists, musicians, and spiritual seekers—and ultimately married a man who is strongly religious.
One friend with Pisces on the eighth house cusp was an avid devotee of Ta***ic yoga. The eighth house is a house of sexuality, but also of sharing and of magical practices. Pisces offers an element of spirituality to these connections.
A woman with Pisces on the ninth house has been known to sigh, upon entering a library or bookstore, that “books are all I know of heaven.” Come to think of it, she would probably love to buy a church and turn it into a bookstore!
An artist with Pisces on the tenth house cusp said she did her very best work once she rented an office above a local church. For many, the secret to this placement is a career that reflects spiritual as well as material values. It is often regarded as a sign for monks, mystics, and clergy; also spiritual healers, and people dedicated to music, art, etc..
A sensible Ta**us rising man with Pisces on the eleventh house cusp found soothing refuge in his friendships, including his recovery cohorts, numerous artists, and at least one priest.
One woman with Pisces on the twelfth house cusp used to sleep as much as possible; when awake, she drank a lot. When she got sober and found love and religion, her faith became her sanctuary.

And these closing meditative thoughts from spiritual astrologer, Dana Gerhardt… She asks us to :

Do not fear your empathy. It blesses you as it blesses the ones you hold in your heart. Be willing to be engaged. Aquarius is the sign in which we honor our social contracts. Let the emotions of the social fabric move through you. But energetically, be like a screen door in a windstorm. Let the energy pour through you without your clinging or resisting it.

The Pisces New Moon is all about compassion. Breathe and let its sweet healing energy wash through the darkness. Stay awake. Know that more will be revealed.

Celestial Blessings, Peter


The Full Moon in Leo
February 16, 2022 11:57 AM EST
Sun at 27/28 Aquarius; Moon at 27/28 of Leo
Square the Nodes; Trine Eris; Venus Conjunct Mars
Planetary Stellium in Capricorn

Since February is our shortest month, it often will give us “wrinkles in time” that are usual and noteworthy… This year, there is NO new moon in February! Given that the last new moon was January 31st/February1st across the USA, and the next new moon will be on the 3rd of March!

When noting this unusual phenomenon, some astrologers will see February as a continuation of January’s energies and teachings… Some will put more of an emphasis on this week’s full moon… The way in which this full moon fits or places herself in your chart will reveal its character for you!

Simone Butler, an astrologer who writes for Mooncircles, gives us this synopsis of the power and potentials of this Leo full Moon. She writes:

“The upcoming Leo Full Moon (Feb. 16, 8:57 a.m. PST), however, can help. Any Leo lunation has the capacity to open hearts, but this one is especially potent since it falls so close to Valentine’s Day – and an exact conjunction of Venus and Mars. These cosmic lovers have been flirting with each other since late Jan. in Capricorn, a sign associated with age and maturity that still likes to get a little frisky from time to time.
This high-energy Full Moon creates a karmic grand cross by squaring its own nodes, so it could coincide with fated lovers uniting or other twists of fate with matters of the heart. The Moon at 28 Leo will turn void of course just after it’s full, which suggests a final hurrah or letting-go of a burden we’ve been carrying.
This is a more upbeat lunation than the Jan. 31 New Moon conjunct Saturn. Still, if we open our hearts we’re going to feel whatever is there, whether it’s love, grief, or bitterness. Wednesday’s Full Moon encourages us to do it anyway, to shed any tears and release the pain as we fan the flames of love. Leo's energy is quite sunny, charming and loves to have fun. … expect things that have been pending for some time to finally get catalyzed, thanks to the added blessing of Jupiter sextile Uranus the next day.”

This moon, being emphasized by the signs of Aquarius and Leo, is not well supported by the other planets… As a consequence, the shift of Mercury into Aquarius on the 14th, acts as a signal or a messenger that might be awkwardly yet quietly received- filled with mental promise and far reaching ideas, but needing to accept the boundaries and limits that Capricorn and the other earth sign like to bestow!

So, in many ways, this report has distinct facets to our overall appreciation of its messages for us… the moon, the nodes, and then the planets in Capricorn and in the earth and water signs that are influencing everything else!

April Elliot Kent, in one of her latest columns offers us this understanding of the relationship of this full moon to the Nodes of the moon. She writes:

The Sun and Full Moon are square to the lunar nodes in late Ta**us and Scorpio. Planets square the lunar nodes are said to be at “the bendings” of the nodes. If the planet is at an opening square to the North Node, it’s south bending, and it’s involved with internal experience and release. In this Full Moon chart, the Moon is south bending, encouraging a release of painful emotions around being seen and acknowledged. Is your voice being heard and valued? If the answer is “no,” and you’re carrying hurt about it, this is a good Full Moon for letting that go.
If a planet is at the closing square to the North Node, it is north bending and will be expressed more outwardly rather than inwardly. In this chart, the Sun is north bending. And so, while at the same time the Moon in Leo is carrying this pain about not being noticed, the Sun in Aquarius reminds us that our individual gifts are most meaningful when we share them with others.”

After a prolonged stay in cautious Capricorn, Mercury moves back into Aquarius on the 14th and stays in Aquarius until March 9th! In other words, just in time to write your love notes with a poetic and idealistic touch! You see, Capricorn has rarely been considered to be a romantic type! While they do not lack for earthy or direct passion, they are much more likely to keep their expressions more conventional, routine and more straight to the point!

Mercury enjoys his stay in Aquarius where he can be a strong presence as an awakener of new thoughts and as a source of thinking filled with futurist ideas. He is allowed the freedom to roam the verbal and inspirational universe- exploring ideas, getting lost in words, and finding just the right phrase to convey their messages that are wide, wild, and diverse!

Riding the coattails of this full Moon in Leo, where the energies of expressiveness can run high and the focus on oneself and their needs for relationships can become primary, we have the planets of love and romance, Venus and Mars, conjoining at 17 degrees of Capricorn.

Astrobutterfly in her latest column advises this outlook on the importance of this conjunction and how its message for you can best be understood. She says:
“The best way to understand this influence or effect has to be from the images and energies Pay attention to what happens at the time of the conjunction – these could be insights, events or opportunities that will trigger something inside you – you may become aware of something that is very important to you – suddenly everything will make sense.”
Later in the month, when Pluto enters into the combination, we get a three-way chemical reaction because Pluto never settles for any connection or relationship that abides easily by societal norms. He wants the alchemy of change and does not allow the two lovers to get off the hook without addressing the shadow of each person, and without the promise that when people come together or meet for more spiritual and alchemical purposes, the changes in self and soul are lifelong and lasting!”

Speaking of Pluto… Much is being made of the significance of the Pluto Return which becomes exact on the 19th… Since this is not a column for astrology researchers or long time students, I will try to summarize the meaning of this one in a lifetime return to the place where Pluto was at the time of the American Revolution, and where it was in 1776!
Here is a shortened version of research done by Dorothy Oja, teacher and astrological researcher… She gives us her insights:

“Pluto is known for many things, among them: transformation, regeneration, life & death, rebirth, passion, intensity, research. In short, it is the relentless process of evolution, creation & destruction. It governs power, money, and resources and how we use the same. It represents part of the zeitgeist of the times, the deep political, emotional undercurrents that force events and people to the surface of awareness.
In the sign Capricorn, fear must be managed, and security gained. Perhaps a sense of instability has brought fear into the culture. As society shifts demographically and social norms evolve, there could be a sense of not knowing where and how we belong. Each human being must find a way to gain stability within changing social and cultural dynamics. … Pluto’s concentrated power and influence shakes the standards, rules, and institutions that have existed and prevailed. Those cracks in the walls of established entities have raised alarms for those who are unwilling to change and those who want to maintain the status quo…
Pluto in the sign Capricorn is also preoccupied with position, reputation, integrity, achievement, mastery, and leadership. It means that we are observing how these concepts and attributes are working (or not) in our society. As the culture and groups of people respond to these issues, there we will experience changes because there is where the increased pressure will demand it. We are in for a reckoning of the shadow self of the country. If you have Pluto strongly affecting your chart, remember that Pluto is the lord of the underworld. To survive the journey through the underworld, one must be exposed, naked, and vulnerable. Pluto will demand an offering, a sacrifice, something must be left behind.
So, review the past, release what no longer serves you and move into the new cycle unburdened with an unembellished version of your best self, strong and confident in your values.”

One of the last considerations that needs our attention is the rare event happening at the end of the month- February 26th and 27th. It is a stellium in the sign of Capricorn. A stellium is the traditional word for a gathering of three or more planets and/or asteroids gathered in close approximation, usually sharing a place within the same sign so that a blending or an intensification of energies, principles and influences are possible…. It has many dimensions of significance, not the least of which is that it will not happen again for approximately 250 years!
While there is much that can be said about this rare alignment, let me share with you the highlights of the research that I have been able to discern and discover… The heavenly bodies involved are the Moon, Venus, Mars, Pluto and the asteroid Vesta. For those of you unfamiliar with the asteroids, there is an increasing amount of research and regard for what the asteroids symbolize and can teach us. There are four large asteroids that many astrologers will discuss: Pallas Athena, Ceres, Juno, and Vesta. (Chiron is considered primarily on its own as a planetoid or special significance…)

Vesta has an ancient connection to the vestal Virgins and those women who were priestesses and keeper of the sacred flames at oracle sites such as Delphi…
Their responsibilities include tending the eternal fires of Truth, and have a role in the answering of questions and the comprehension of what the requirements of receiving an answer and what the actions and consequences required might be…
The more spiritually aligned astrologers who delve into the more mythological and esoteric meaning will ascribe to the Moon as being the seat of the unconscious, or the seat and residence of the soul in their readings. As the message of this combination comes from a place deep within us, it most often bubbles up as a dream, an inspired awareness or a sudden insight! All of which can take us by surprise and be disorienting at first, only later to reveal their more complete meaning and value for us…
The key to all this intense aligning energies comes to us from where it falls or is placed in your natal chart… IF you have planets, the Sun or the Moon, located between 23 and 29 degrees of Capricorn, or for that matter 23-28 degrees of any of the Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, you might experience these happening more acutely than most other people…(1 to 2 degree orbs)
The intensity of these influences cannot be readily denied IF you are even conscious of them and their importance to your growth and well being. What comes to the surface can be and often is startling, but it is also gracious in that it clearly points the way to progress necessary for you to move toward what you really want, what you genuinely need,and what connections and relationships grow to meet your soulful purposes.
As the astrology author, Astrobutterfly describes it, this conjunction is not only a call to release whatever is stale or outgrown, it is also indicative of some changes of self and soul that are crucial and transformative. She observes:
Some people can end careers, relationships or life situations that are no longer supportive of what their soul truly wants. Others may say yes to something they always wanted, but they didn’t know they wanted, or they didn’t have the courage to say yes to.
Pluto work is anything but easy. Pluto will strip down our ego, asking us to take a very honest look at our shadow. Some very hard truths may need to be confronted.
Awareness is key. The more we listen to what the planets in Capricorn are trying to tell us, the easier the integration process is. The more we’ll try to resist it, the more brutal the Plutonic awakening will be.”

Quite a full moon…Quite a month!
Celestial Blessings, Peter

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