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The New Moon of July/August July 31st 11:11 PM 2019 Sun, Moon, and Venus Conjunct! Trine Chiron and Square Uranus 11:11?? Late on July 31st (EDT) and in the Western states on August 1st, we are given a significant burst of creative and relational energy in the Leo New Moon. The Sun and Moon are conjunct Venus and her influences become highlighted by this powerful urges or energetic impluses towards creative, new beginnings. Before I go into the descriptive meanings of this New Moon, I noticed that there was an emphasis on the number 11- being the degree of the Sun and Moon conjunction and also we arrive at the 11th degree of Aries rising in the chart drawn for Charleston, SC that evening… 11:11? For those who follow the symbolism of numbers and give credence to the study of numerology, this synergy or synchronicity can hold so intriguing and inspirational messages and possibilities. What could 11:11 mean? Some people give this ocurrance a personal and even a life altering importance, while others see it as a synchronistic event that acts as a simple spiritual “wake up call!” The whole spectrum of interpretations can apply. After scanning the many pages of possible meanings, my summary is that 11:11 can symbolize an Angelic message that is trying to come to/through you… AND/OR it can be an indication that you are about to enter into a new doorway or phase of your life. Some people ascribe a more esoteric meaning to this number event by giving it the significance of being a “portal” or an entrance into another realm of consciousness, or a new level of increased awareness. As some of the descriptive articles declare, there can be a permanent change, while others say the presence of these numbers acts as a sacred glimpse; as an awakening into the previously unknown or the unexpected. I invite you to find/explore these various answers or interpretations and see which of them resonates with you and your life experiences… The Leo New Moon My summary emphasizes this time- (most potently from the 30th through to August 3rd) as a time for a distinct beginning, a new inception, even a long awaited launching point. Since it has the fire of Leo dancing throughout this time period, it can be seen as moving and leaping- moving us into a new phase or awareness of your core identity. From this opening or awakening, we can see more clearly how we are living, and how best to employ your talents and gifts. You will discover (or expose) any patterns that will reveal how you choose partnerships and express your desires and interests in your life! The Leo areas of our lives will tend to emphasize (exaggerate?) creativity, adventure, taking risks, romance, children, and importantly not being afraid to say what you want from life. Because Venus is connected to this New Moon, additionally we can see a concern for beauty, balance, art, idealism, and the tendency towards infatuation in its many forms and guises. As I see it, this New Moon acts as a cosmic vision board… but not as commonly understood- as a visualization practice that outlines your wishes and goals. While such exercises can be positive and productive, serving your immediate your aims and goals, it is not the full picture nor is it soulfully complete. Whenever we are called to a vision, we are also called to an opportunity to express a deeper desire or a higher purpose. However, as a dynamic spiritual balance point, we are also called to clear or clean out a past challenge, a karmic episode, any lingering fears etc.,that have blurred whatever vision we might have! The New Moon welcomes the appearance of these new challenges from within our deeper recesses of feelings and experiences, and asks us to clear the way so that our choices are more pristine and clear, and we can become more aligned, attuned, and honestly expressive of our innermost values and potentials. As author, astrobutterfly, puts this impulse: “ Your desire to grow is simply stronger than your fear of change.” She also speaks cautiously yet convincingly about the other major aspect of the week on August 2nd, 2019 – Venus Square Uranus: “On August 2nd, 2019 Venus is square Uranus, now at 6° Taurus. Venus is what we want, and Uranus is freedom. When Venus is square Uranus, we want freedom. Freedom is a little bit more than “I want to do what I want when I want”. Freedom is not about being carefree and careless. Freedom is about taking full responsibility for who you are. When you are true to yourself, to your values, freedom comes automatically.” Another summary of the potentials of this time comes to us from Diana McMahon Collis, of the most recent Mountain Astrologer (page 91) who describes the influences and effects of this New Moon in these words: “With this Leo New Moon we are not just breaking up old patterns We strive to find the shape of a new creation. We must actively set our heart and will on the creative process. Leo relates to the urges of the heart and people talk about the willingness “to change things in a heartbeat”... We might have to accept that this will require a serious commitment, patience and careful application”... “Even a small shift can make our world better…” Mercury is still Retrograde! But what about Mercury being Retrograde? Doesn’t that ruin creativity? Doesn’t frustrate our best efforts and will stall our plans? Ordinarily, I would agree to some of these troublesome qualities! However, Mercury stations (stops or halts as he prepares to move ahead again at 23 degrees of Cancer- and more likely to affect any of your planets from 23 to 4 degrees of Leo) Because of this shift in gears, the negative or problematic behavior is lessened or displaced due to the glowing and the potent power of the Leo New Moon as a more definitive initiator of change and the opening of new directions. One astute astrologer/writer, astrobutterfly, encapsulates the meaning of this last retrograde in these words: “August couldn’t have started better. On August 1st, Mercury finally goes direct at 23° Cancer. This Mercury retrograde was more difficult than the usual Mercury retrograde because Mercury was inflamed by a prolonged conjunction with Mars. Mars (will power, anger) conjunct Mercury (thoughts, communication) brought anger, resentment, and arguments. Also, because Mercury was retrograde, we found it more difficult to put into words (Mercury) what we want (Mars), which in turn created even more frustration, resentment, and anger. This is all over now. Phew. Mercury is still recovering from a hammering opposition to Pluto, but it’s slowly, slowly departing from the ‘crime scene’. Life will get better and better.” Other Planetary Factors to Consider: Sun Trine Chiron… but Square to Uranus... If you have ever felt cramped, driving down a one way street or feeling as if you were up against a wall in your life, this aspect can signal a turn around and the release of newly found energies. It signals a new strong and more set of confident convictions that can show you that you are now going in a new, expansive direction! The two ways this aspect manifest for us is through the vehicle or expression of healing(around tensions, limits, and feeling held down or held back), and the reconciliation that comes when you are freeing your heart and releasing old feelings when there is an overdue resolution to an old blockage or a negative situation. However, this New Moon is not without its challenges. The dynamism of this square aspect teaches us that rarely, if ever, does growth or real transformation comes to us without unsettling, erratic, and even some chaotic feelings! Remember the well known saying about how a crisis contains both danger and opportunity...well, here is the planetary version of it! Under the laws of transformation, feelings of dis-comfort and disillusionment are more often markers for the readiness of change than any feelings of satisfaction or status quo security. So it is crucially important that when embarking on change, growth, expansion of awareness etc., that you choose to adopt a loving regard for yourself, and let your sense of values and your aspirations towards deeper virtues guide your steps, and inform your actions! Celestial Blessings, Peter
Solstice Sermon Extract... The Sun, The Soul, and The Solstice We are now coming to the Summer Solstice- which is the day in astronomy or in a scientific measure, when the Sun shines for the longest time, creating the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The opposite occurs on or about December 21, some six months away. That is the time of the Winter Solstice, when we experience the least amount of sunshine, or what we call the shortest day of the year. From a mythical viewpoint, one that can connect a deep sense of light to the energy within us, the experience of the light and warmth of the Sun gives our souls a clue for their best expression. The length of daylight corresponds to the time we are urged or encouraged to go or be outdoors in the light, and the sun also signals when it is best for our psyches or souls to seek the darkness for contemplation and rest. The longest time period for light and outward energies occurs during June-July and the Shortest time occurs between December and January. In the time of increasing light, the soil and the soul warms to invite growth, expansion, and the planting of seeds. Fertile possibilities now can take root, and grow in the earth and in our minds and hearts. In this time of the expansion of light and heat, plants grow to the peak of their height and ripeness, and the creative energies of nature dominate landscape and life. As this time period applies to humans, what seems to happen more in June or July than any other time of the year? Hmm... let’s see... traditionally there are more weddings during this time period than any other... more children are conceived .... more people graduate, ripen, mature or move out and away, further up and farther out into the world.... are there any others you can name or add? In the fields of transpersonal psychology and spirit-centered theology where I make my academic home, it is affirmed and supported that when a person, or a culture, or a nation loses its sense of natural rhythms, cycles and seasons, it endangers their soul; it puts at risk our needed attunement to nature as sacred, which results in a loss of regard for our needs to nurture and reflect, express and create along with these natural cycles. As geologian Thomas Berry put it: The human community and the natural world will go forward as a single sacred community, or we will both perish. In astrological and mythological symbolism, the Sun has come to represent the core, true individuality of a person, as opposed to the learned personality traits or how one learns to respond to cultural ideas and attitudes that comprise social conduct, behaviors, perceptions, and outlooks. The Sun is the signature self; how we most naturally relate to what is sacred and holy in ourselves, in others, and in nature; The Sun reveals how we best express the gifts and graces, talents, desires, and skills of this life. When a person or a culture forgets about the Sun and the seasons, they can lose contact with the essentials of our interpersonal and interdependent life- the more heart-centered empathetic, and nurturing ways that make relationships more enjoyable and for having a gratitude for life and love more sustainable. (What I worry about concerning electronic addiction or an exclusively social life based on emails and web sites... Obesity and the general lack of communication skills and social graces... The creation of fantasy worlds vs. The courage to live in the real one!) A couple of provocative, maybe loaded questions: Do you feel that our society has lost touch with these seasons and reasons? How can we best recover our souls? Maybe it is that need to recognize and affirm natural ways and cycles of revealed truth that is the yearning that is behind our interest in recapturing many of the Native American celebrations, or the Wiccan and Celtic wisdom traditions, that clearly celebrate the seasons with reverence and delight??? Going a little deeper, we can see in the mythical literature a need to look to the Sun to define our inner being. In The Upanishads, the ancient sacred texts of Hinduism, we are given a reply to the question the Brahman asks of Ajuna, one of the gods of light and life: “[Who are you? ... I am a season, and the child of the seasons. I am sprung from the womb of infinite space, the seed of the husband and the wife, I am the light of the year, the Self of all that is; and whatever you are, I am also. ... I am but a phase of the universal life, and a child of the manifest cycles... I am a spark of the Divine, evolved through the cycle of the twelve stages, And signs and by my means, is all growth accomplished.]” Moving to the consideration of the Solstice as the longest and shortest days, we are given the contrasting image and the complementary rotations or resonance that represents the revolving seasons of the soul. One definition of the cycles of the year and the seasons is this; A year, in the life of day and night, is the way the soul moves, manifests and matures itself. Some of the mythopoetic and metaphysical correlations are these: The solstice points are the only time in the whole year that the Sun stays stationary or is seen as standing still. This station can be seen as a time of concentrated self or soul energy... A time that reinforces what you know about yourself and can affirm the next steps in your path to more complete selfhood. Second, the two solstice points act as complementary and supplementary mirrors of beginnings and endings. The solstice points act as the mirror that has two faces- one summer one is concave- a view that elongates the search for authenticity and true definitions, and the winter one has a convex face that widens and deepens introspection, assessment, discipline and inner peace. These points at the beginning of the summer and the winter act as the two faces in the mirror of our being. They complement one another and they place before us the completion of an important life’s task-- These two points give us a special time for expressing and then for integrating what you know about yourself. Lastly, the solstice points are an opportune and gracious time for the recapturing and the reconnecting of your personal and relational missing links- those parts of you that you had previously let go or places in your life where you have felt lacking or where you have felt that something is missing. The solstice time period offers us the spiritual opportunity that gives us both the time and energy to reclaim and reconnect them. A parting thought, from one of my recent research projects about connections and correlations between grace and time: “[We live in a soul-centered universe, and all beings share in the blessed perpetual motion of the world within and the world without. ... These cycles of time and awareness are ours to discern and comprehend; to translate and apply to the complex world of human understanding and behavior. By following the mythic path of The Sun that will reveal out inner and outer connections to a more seasonal, sensual, and soulful life, we can find more of the answers to how we can find out more about our true selves.]” Happy Solstice... and may the Long Time Sun shine upon you, All love surround you... and may the gifts of the Solstice be yours to know! So Be It! May the long time sun Shine upon you, All love surround you, And the pure light within you Guide your way on.

Astrology Charts offered: General (natal), relationship compatibility, career, health and more! Spiritual Life Coaching and Interfaith Spiritual Direction

Built on over 30 years of education and experience, Peter offers interfaith spiritual guidance, spiritual life coaching, and astrological charts and consultation...

** All services are offered via phone and Skype. Charleston locals have the option to meet at any place that is convenient for them! I meet in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. SPIRITUAL COACHING: All too often, we live in such a daily rush that we can easily ignore a spiritual problem until it has developed into more painful or troublesome physical and emotional symptoms such as: Chronic stress Self medicating activities like drinking or drugs Difficult relationship patterns or problems Anxieties and depressive moods Feeling at a loss with no where to turn. Sometimes the best answer is to seek out immediate professional help to learn how to quickly understand and manage any difficulties you are facing. In order to foster the lasting change you seek, you may need to take a longer view. The complex nature of the healing and transformative work you will need to do will take time, and it will take you deeper… Discovering more of who you are, and what your path and purpose in this life truly includes! While health care professionals are a valuable resource, most are not well acquainted with the timeless traditions of spiritual practices. These have always been a rich repository of wisdom and offer us invaluable and powerful tools for our transformation. As your spiritual life coach, I can give you the benefit of my 30 years of spiritual discovery; my journeys into the wisdom traditions of both East and West; and share with you the various aspects of the struggle to become authentically spiritual or what it means to become more readily attuned to the Spirit’s sources for transformation that will affect the quality of your daily life. ASTROLOGY: As I understand it, astrology is a time honored system of celestial correspondence. It systematically observes the heavenly derived patterns of the planets, stars, etc., and gives these patterns of movement a particular Mythological and metaphorical meaning that corresponds to the psycho-social and to the larger non causal synchronistic patterns of our human behavior. Therefore, astrology is a mythopoetic system and symbolic path towards greater self knowledge and greater personal understanding. Similar to all paths of a more esoteric nature, the astrological comprehension of one’s place in the Cosmos can range widely or be interpreted differently by different individuals. Like all subjective paths, any of the conclusions that are drawn can contain both promises and pitfalls. Therefore, one’s chart will need to be discerned carefully, and then those insights can be incorporated as a reliable means of inventory and increased self awareness. Astrological insights and consultations can be a valuable asset, and can be added to all the other learned ways one understands, acknowledges, and accepts oneself. For many years now, I have used astrology as a helpful tool in my therapeutic and soul work with others…. Additionally, I have found it very worthwhile to work with a client’s therapists, physicians, and with managers who needed some assistance to outline the growth of their companies, and guide the hiring and firing of employees. In a basic yet wide ranging way, I believe that there is very little that the informed use of astrology cannot add to or complement as a source of information and knowledge for your own decision-making! YOUR REASON TO ACT: While it is true that we live our lives according to clock time and calendars, there is another form of time that is recorded in our souls. It is a timetable generally unknown in the outside world except when it is triggered by crisis, or by a chance encounter. It is a quality of time that can be better understood when we can listen to the guidance we can receive from our inner urges or learn from how we are dissatisfied with the feeling of emptiness in modern life. Because of my accumulated life experiences, and my deep appreciation for the wellsprings of wisdom and discovery that are to be found in those times and places, I am confident and know that I can be your coach and your soulful guide…

[05/06/20]   The Scorpio Full Moon

May 7, 2020 6:44 AM EDT

Sun conjunct Mercury; Neptune Trine Moon

Jupiter conjunct Pluto; Pluto Square Eris

As the old Creedence song puts it “There’s a bad moon rising!”...

And we have to understand its potent energies and aspects since we know that Scorpio/Pluto rule transmutation- the change of cellular structure and our inner realities. Unfortunately for the world around us, and for our society/world as a whole, that change agent also includes the virus, and its possible mutations… It also influences personal and planetary shifts that can release us from our limitations, and that would encourage/promote changes in our consciousness in ways that will be permanent or ultimate…

It is the last of the “Supermoons until next Spring, and we can perceive its size best because the Moon is at Perigee- Its closest point to the Earth- That closeness or cosmic intimacy makes us marvel at its size and gives us strong and more definite awareness of its transformative effects on our psyches and across our culture as well.

This Moon is also known as the “Flower Moon”: for all the obvious reasons that May brings the Spring into more full bloom, and it is Moon/day that is the Buddhist commemorative day for Buddha’s enlightenment.

It is called Wesak or Vesak, and it refers directly to the day when Buddha, sitting under the Bo tree, was able to conquer the illusions and delusions of his mind/consciousness, and come to a place of awakened awareness or inner balance/peace. Buddha means “The Awakened One” and from this awareness he laid out the principles of Buddhist thought and practice... Teachings such as the Eight-Fold Path, and the need to practice discernment, alertness, and more mindfulness.

Now let us delve deeper into the power and purpose of this Scorpionic Moon…

Jesse An Nichols George, a new astrological resource for me, offers these cogent and provocative words about this Moon...

“This Full Moon is strongly focused on transforming our victim patterns. Most victim patterns come out of being too heavy into the material world. When this happens, we place our self-worth in things; and believe that we need other people's approval and validation. We look to physical rewards, instead of internal peace….

It is important with this Full Moon that we learn to stand up for ourselves, without engaging in competition. We need to command respect and simply focus on ourselves more than others. There is no doubt at this time that we have enough of our own responsibilities and obligations to focus on. The more we are able to take care of our own things, the more we will open the door to having successes and opportunities come through….”

She goes on the say:

“If there is something within yourself or your life that you would like to give a major overhaul to, and completely transform; this Full Moon will be a great asset to doing that. It is all about making major shifts and changes. It is likely that we will experience this, whether we engage in it consciously or not; so you will do best to choose what you want to transform.

Death, completion, and endings are also very evident pieces with this Full Moon. .... What is stable and unstable could completely shift. It is wise to keep travel to a minimum, and to stay away from those that are focused on power and control. We could see many souls departing at this time….“

A less dramatic interpretation comes from Astrobutterfly who writes extensively on the Moon and her Nodes… She teaches:

“May 7th, 2020 we have an intense Full Moon at 17° Scorpio. This is one of the positive Full Moons of the year. The Full Moon is opposite Mercury in Taurus and is trine Neptune in Pisces. The keywords of the Full Moon in Scorpio are intimacy, compassion, and heart-to-heart communication. Mercury is in an exact sextile to Neptune. You have an almost psychic awareness of your environment. Feeling stuck and uninspired? The New Moon trine Neptune will help you envision a better future.”

Now… If that is not enough to cogitate on, there is a major shift in the Lunar Nodes that happening every 2/12 years (lasting from this week until 1/22) that shifts the energies of attention from the fixed cardinal signs of Capricorn/Cancer axis, with its emphasis on business, development,

success, status and productivity/home, family,neighborhood and nature to the mutable cadent signs of the Gemini/Sagittarius axis which can be described in many words and many ways!

Here is what Dorothy Oja outlines as a synopsis of this shift. She observes:

“A Nodal shift is important because it sets a new 19-20 month change. Entering mutable signs adds flexibility and innovation in thinking, philosophy, curiosity, research and a plethora of ideas, all kinds of ideas and endless ways of communicating them.

At the same time, all mutable signs thrive on sharing information, communication, and seeking alternatives and flexibility in tasks and projects. The axis of Gemini/Sadge is focused on information and the technologies that drive it, education, all media and reporting, places of learning, schools and even sports events. …”

Lastly, May sees the shift back, into retrograde, of 3 planets: Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn… And it sets the table for even more entrenchment and intensification when Mars turns retrograde later this Spring…

First, Venus… This is a RARE event…. While the larger ones like Saturn, and transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) will go retrograde up to 50% of the time, Venus and Mars rarely do! Venus goes retrograde every 18 months which makes it the personal planet that stays direct most often, and goes backward quite rarely! (only approximately 9% of her time)

There is an old rule in traditional astrology that says when a planet rarely goes retrograde, that time period when it does, gains more significance!

Venus in Gemini, moving backwards, will influence our relationships and our ability to be expressive and responsive. As I see it, it will not be a happy or positive time for starting a new connection between people, and be better used as a time to learn about relationships and communication and also to learn how to practice more self care or self nurture...

Astrologer Crystal B gives us a summary of the sign changes and the backward movement of the planets:

She writes:

May 11th, 2020 – Saturn Goes Retrograde

On May 11th, Saturn goes retrograde at 1° Aquarius. Saturn entered Aquarius on March 21st, giving us a first “taste” of the Saturn in Aquarius transit, which will last until 2023.

We can already see some of the Saturn in Aquarius themes emerging – social distancing, remote work, distance learning. Does this mean we will wear masks until 2023? Not necessarily. But society will be transformed from the bottom up, and what we’ve witnessed is just the beginning.

May 11th, 2020 – Mercury Enters Gemini

On May 11th, Mercury enters Gemini. Mercury is in domicile in Gemini, which means it feels at home in this sign. Our ability to learn and grasp new concepts is at its best when Mercury is in Gemini. The next two weeks are a great time to learn a new skill, to write, or to do DIY projects.

May 13th, 2020 – Mars Enters Pisces

On May 13th, 2020 Mars enters Pisces, to stay here until June 28th, 2020.

Mars and Pisces don’t have many things in common. Mars acts, Pisces feels. Mars goes for what he wants, Pisces waits for the “right moment”. In the next 6 weeks, you will only act if you feel like it – for good and for bad.

But there is another reason why Mars in Pisces may be, in fact, one of the good Mars transits this year. Mars will soon enter Aries, go retrograde, and stay in Aries until January 2021… and just a warning, it won’t be pretty!

So if you need to get “Mars stuff” done this year, Mars in Pisces might be one of your best windows of opportunity.

May 14th, 2020 – Jupiter Goes Retrograde

On May 14th, 2020 Jupiter goes retrograde at 27° Capricorn. Jupiter will stay retrograde until September 13th, and will meet Pluto for the 2nd time on June 30th. In fact, Jupiter is in the close proximity of Pluto for the whole year. And when Jupiter is conjunct Pluto, nothing will be taken lightly. These are intense times, and Jupiter retrograde conjunct Pluto will help us make sense of the higher purpose of this transit so we can adjust our approach.In fact, Jupiter is in the close proximity of Pluto for the whole year. And when Jupiter is conjunct Pluto, nothing will be taken lightly.

These are intense times, and Jupiter retrograde conjunct Pluto will help us make sense of the higher purpose of this transit so we can adjust our approach.

In all, a very dynamic month that holds our feet to the fire! It contains both the promise and challenge of change in our lives and in our world…

Celestial Blessings, Peter

[04/20/20]   The Taurus New Moon
April 22, 2020 10:25 PM EST
Uranus conjunct Sun & Moon
Out of sign squares to Jupiter and Saturn

We welcome the Taurus New Moon and its potentials for offering us a respite from any frantic energies we might be feeling and that it can provide us with the rest and relaxation that we need or are looking for...NOT!

Taurus is the sign that speaks to us about our basic needs, appetites and feelings of security and contentment… and it often outlines where our stubborn habits lie, and can indicate how determined or bullish we can be in trying to satisfy or meet those needs!

At its best, this new moon speaks to us about the value/virtue of self reliance (RW Emerson) Given that we might be feeling a restless anxiety in the midst of this lengthy pandemic (whose restrictions I would speculate will not lessen until after the June 5th Full Moon…) so it will be important to our health and societal well being that we take these personal lessons and larger social implications and intentions of this new moon to heart…

As astrologer and author Diana McMahon states in this month’s The Mountain Astrologer:
“ If our needs are not met… it may be like an ongoing hunger which gets stronger, so that the level of need seems to increase exponentially.
The Taurus Moon reminds us not to only notice when a new need is making itself known, but to be careful not to delay doing something to try and meet the need.”

First, let's be honest… there are many ways to cope with stress, depression, and our collective discontent… The larger but unresolved question she poses here is in the “how” we meet those needs and if the approaches we take towards meeting those needs are truly nourishing, balanced, objective, and at the very least not toxic to our psyches or harmful to our bodies!

Before I share my views, here are two summaries of the major events of this new moon time, and what it can contain for us from author, teacher, and astrologer Dorothy Oja and astrologer Crystal B:

“Sun/Taurus conjunct Uranus/Taurus @ 6 degrees. Once a year, these two planets meet by conjunction both ending a yearly cycle and beginning a new one. The energy contained in this meeting is a shocking awareness of new ways to live and survive.

Taurus ruled by Venus and Venus now traveling through Gemini for four months feels scattered in its sense of stability. The stability Venus/Gemini offers is that of maintaining strong social connections, communication and dialogue. The more we share information to solve problems the stronger the fabric of society becomes and the easier it will be to resolve problems. We must all be conduits of ideas and help each other. We are all connected. This fact has become more and more apparent in the present reality we are living through.”

“As you set your intentions at this time, try to go outside your bounds of the comfortable. This is an Earth Day April New Moon that wants us to try a little experimentation. It’s screaming it’s time to get ‘comfortable with the uncomfortable’ because we won’t be able to run from it any longer. … If you have found yourself stuck, this New Moon could be a ticket out—but it may come in an unexpected package. Uranus surprises us, and likes to keep us guessing till the very end.”

As I encounter this moon period, especially after digesting what many astrologers have outlined and concluded, I see this time as encouraging the gift of contemplation, discernment, and what I consider to be the hidden message of this moon cycle, the spiritual gift of giving us a “Holy Pause.”

We all know about pause buttons on our electronic devices… But are we aware that this time of pandemic and limited movement/activity that it is an ideal soulful time to rest and recharge? When we examine our motives for change, do they grow out of a discontent or a disillusionment? If so, those can be genuinely instructive on the spiritual path... Rather than simply and quickly “scratching an itch”, these feelings of discontent can assist us in examining our deeper motives for actions and those core feelings that occupy our hearts.

In our soul lives, and on our path towards self understanding, we remember that whenever we act habitually, the past becomes the present...

Taking from the Buddhist tradition and from the Christian contemplative teachings, many of the meditative and centering practices are aimed at impulse control, and letting go of any desires or compulsions we might feel…

Their collective advice for us during this time is to observe a “Holy Pause”, Which is best understood as a time “to watch and pray” … That is, to be observant of what arises in our minds and dwells in our hearts that can often lead us into our human actions: The Buddhist advice is to do this:

Watch your thoughts; they become your habits
Watch your habits; They become your stories
Watch your stories; They become your excuses
Watch your excuses; they become your relapses
Watch your relapses; They become your dis-eases
Watch your dis-eases; They become your vicious cycles
Watch your vicious cycles; They become your wheel of life.

Quoted from Valerie( Vimalasara) Mason-John 4/1/20
in an article entitled How to Free Yourself from 7 Obsessions
from the magazine Lion's Roar May 2020

During this week of the new moon, there will be struggles with staying put, a restlessness that can become bitter or remain sad, even frightening… Thoughts and feelings that could “Get the better of us” unless we are watchful and willing to be more discerning- guarding our thoughts and being more careful of our actions…

What this time period will not promote is any prolonged level of feeling stuck or powerless! The Uranus factor here boldly and courageously asks us to listen internally or intuitively for new ways to act, to create, to discover, and to understand the larger picture of our lives, and how best to adapt and then renew ourselves.

The most lasting planetary movement we encounter during the final days of this month is the time when Pluto goes retrograde…
Here is what Dorothy Oja says about this event:

“4/25/20 – Pluto/Capricorn Stationary Retrograde @ 25 degrees. On the same day, as the Mercury tensions, there is a powerful twice a year station of Pluto makes its effects known. Pluto is the collective and the zeitgeist, the sum total of the groundswell of psycho-emotional, spiritual energies. We see the monster in its full impact.

The collective shows its underbelly. We become fully aware, if we have not yet of the impact of our collective dilemmas. Wherever Pluto is in your chart, there you must transform.”

Pluto acts as a transformative agent in our world and in our lives and will influence the timeline of the pandemic as well as influence all the ups and downs of the stock market… In that way, we can say that Pluto will influence our collective health and wealth!

This time of intensification and depth of focused energies can, in their positive aspects, support medical advances. However, it can also increase our awareness of what foundational changes have to be made in the structure and operations of our society. This shift in movement or energy when mindfully understood can foster the greater awareness of cultural changes that are necessary for us to reach the positive side of our social dilemmas and heal our diseases.

With this in mind, I urge us all to practice the “Holy Pause”;
To resist impatience and replace it with a compassionate perspective that looks at our social conditions and what needs to change. Then, in our next thoughts, take the time necessary to discern our personal feelings about our personal role in cultural change, and discover the best ways for us to understand the path and the practices that serve to uplift our society and will restore ourselves…

Celestial Blessings, Peter

PS: Virtual Meetings, Online Classes or Discussions?
Given that our need for social distancing will be prolonged, (if we are to avoid any relapses or an extended sense of quarantine) many people have turned to the Internet to keep their connections to family and friends.
Additionally, there has been a virtual explosion of workshops, seminars, and UTube classes being offered by international teachers as well as local instructors and guides…

In the spirit of wanting to be of greater service, I am wondering IF there is sufficient interest among my readers and subscribers to create a Zoom/GoToMeeting/Google Hangout etc.,with me for teaching any ongoing classes, for offering group spiritual direction meetings, life coaching, or for a “round table” discussion of a variety of spiritual questions and related topics…(I would have to learn how to be the convenor or moderator, but I think I am up for the task!)

So, IF you are interested, please write or text back to me with a list of 4 topics you would like to learn more about or explore, and what times that you could be available…(given many of us are house-bound, we could have discussions in mornings or afternoons as well as evenings!)
IF there are enough people, we can start soon! Peter

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