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Applications are now open for the 2022 SC Impact Fellowship! Fellows in the two-year program receive a yearly stipend and enriching professional development while teaching in a TFASC partner district. We’re excited to offer three program tracks for the 2022-23 school year: Teacher Excellence, Education Leadership, and Innovation in Education.

Interested in joining our 2022 cohort? Apply now at tfasc.org/sc-impact-fellowship. Early application deadline is February 15, 2022!
Meet our supporter Eddie Shuler, principal of Darlington Middle School! Eddie keeps himself and his team of educators focused on one element he considers most important in all coaching and teaching.

“It’s how we connect,” he said.

“Building motivation among faculty and students is all about how we connect. Transferring knowledge requires establishing a relationship. You can be a pure genius, but if you’re not able to connect with others, you won’t ever be able to transfer information and motivate their performance.”

Eddie has found that educators have a unique ability to connect in ways that matter. During his first year as principal of Darlington Middle School, he hired four TFASC teachers. He continues to laud the talents and support the development of the “young, brilliant, and service-oriented TFASC people” at his school and in South Carolina.

Read his impact spotlight at https://bit.ly/3qInGN5.
"We must shift our thinking and our perspectives in recognition of our interconnectedness and interdependence. We must shift power and resources to eradicate racism, inequity, and poverty. We must shift our energy and time to focus on the authentic.

These are collective shifts, but they start with each of us. I am hopeful that the 2022 King Holiday Observance will usher in a period of contemplation joined with coalition building, critical thinking toward the establishment of true peace, and coordinated social change to create the Beloved Community."

- Dr. Bernice A. King, CEO of The King Center
Meet our educational partner, Elrica Glover! She serves as principal of Mellichamp Elementary School, and Elrica has welcomed several teachers to Mellichamp.

“TFASC teachers all come highly motivated. They’re very energetic. They’re self-starters and go-getters,” she said. “Positivity is almost their brand.”

Elrica believes those winning spirits fill a critical need in South Carolina today. “We have a huge teacher shortage,” she said. “TFASC teachers solve a lot of problems. I’d much rather have a teacher who comes here from an alternate educational pathway than no teacher at all.”

Non-traditional thinking, Elrica feels, will help South Carolina’s education system in many areas now.

“We need to keep the conversation open about innovation,” she emphasized. “Covid presented a lot of obstacles, but it allowed us to discover innovation and flexibility. To make an impact on this profession, we need innovative options that attract the best and brightest.”

Read her impact spotlight at https://bit.ly/33uEHkB.
For our next impact spotlight, meet Paige Riggins, alumna of and equity specialist for the Baltimore City Public Schools!

“I joined TFASC to be part of a movement and to make a difference,” she said.

In 2016, Paige was placed by TFASC to teach English Language Arts to eighth-grade students at Holly Hill-Roberts Middle School where she was also a student. Then, last year, she moved from South Carolina to work for the Baltimore City Public Schools.

Paige feels that TFASC’s training gave her valuable insights into being a culturally relevant teacher. “It was important to understand that even students that looked like me … weren’t like me,” she said. “Students are their own people, and my training helped me realize how to build relationships with them by being vulnerable – by being real.”

“The work I am doing day by day, student by student, is going to make it just a little easier for those who come after me,” Paige added. “If everybody in the movement for educational equity drops even a small stone in the bucket, it’s going to make a difference.”

Read her impact spotlight at https://bit.ly/3pUHRXA.
Today is the last day to make a tax-deductible gift to TFASC in 2021!

that the federal CARES Act extended an above-the-line tax deduction for charitable giving during tax year 2021? An individual filing a single return is eligible for a $300 above-the-line charitable deduction, and a couple that is married filing jointly is eligible for a $600 above-the-line charitable deduction. This deduction is available to all tax filers even if you planned on not itemizing and taking the standard deduction, which means an online gift to by 11:59 p.m. ET tonight could qualify you for this deduction.

Will you give to TFASC today? We depend on the generosity of donors to support our teachers who are working to expand opportunity and access for all students. Donate at https://bit.ly/3mnBnOY!
We are honored to share our next impact spotlight of Teacher Haley Kantor (’19)! Haley teaches first grade at Meeting Street Elementary at Brentwood, a groundbreaking public-private not-for-profit partnership school between the Charleston County School District and private contributors.

“It is important to me that my work advances educational equity, making the best learning possible for students no matter where they live or their economic circumstances,” she said.

TFASC provided her with a network of like-minded teachers, and Haley especially values TFASC’s personal support.

“My voice and concerns are always heard by the TFASC team,” she said. “That helps me keep my teaching mindset focused where it should be – on students’ potential. I try to inspire my students to believe they can conquer whatever they run into.”

Read her impact spotlight at https://bit.ly/3JnJYei.
We wish you a rejuvenating and peaceful holiday season!

As we head into the new year, we are deeply grateful to our teachers, alumni, partners, and supporters for their uncompromising belief in the potential of all children in South Carolina.
Support educational equity with a tax-deductible gift to TFASC by December 31, 2021!

that the federal CARES Act extended an above-the-line tax deduction for charitable giving during tax year 2021? This means that an individual filing a single return is eligible for a $300 above-the-line charitable deduction, and a couple that is married filing jointly is eligible for a $600 above-the-line charitable deduction. This deduction is available to all tax filers even if you planned on not itemizing and taking the standard deduction, which means a gift to by December 31, 2021 could qualify you for this deduction.

Will you give to TFASC by December 31? We depend on the generosity of donors to support our teachers who are working to expand opportunity and access for all students. Donate today at https://bit.ly/3mnBnOY.
Meet our supporter LaTisha Vaughn, chief operating officer of Tri-County Cradle to Career Collaborative! She has been a vocal advocate for as a board member.

“I clearly see the value TFASC brings to the community, starting with educator preparation,” said LaTisha.

“The level of support TFASC offers to their first- through third-year teachers – coaching, classroom visits, and ongoing professional development – is really commendable,” she said. “I honestly see it as a model we could use to rethink teacher preparation because many teachers coming into our South Carolina classrooms right now are simply not ready for the classroom reality they face.”

LaTisha senses a greater willingness in South Carolina education today to consider fresh ideas.

“I see more people coming together now around the issues and barriers that have long impacted children and their families,” she concluded. “I hear more conversations and alignment in certain circles. There’s still a divide, but I see people mobilizing. It makes me hopeful.”

Read her impact spotlight at https://bit.ly/3mkYD00.
For our next impact spotlight, meet Michael Van Tyne, alumnus of and assistant principal of the Darlington County Virtual Academy (DCVA)!

He brings a mathematics education major, his TFASC training and attitude, and eight years of experience at Darlington Middle School to the task of opening completely new educational pathways to students.

Michael has co-led the district in creating the DCVA, an online learning platform that takes best practices from remote classes amid the pandemic and applies them more intentionally in a non-traditional educational model. The DCVA became the largest ‘branch’ of the Darlington County School District practically overnight.

“Not all students learn best in face-to-face settings,” he said. “Many students can excel using virtual platforms. Some have medical reasons. Some like using technology and online tools better.”

“We feel like pioneers,” added Michael. “So much is new. Not many people have experience in creating virtual lessons. We must now think how to interest and access students by camera. Our teachers are using every platform they can to find what’s effective. We’re seeing many innovative ideas.”

Read his impact spotlight at https://bit.ly/3F7ObAe.
For our next impact spotlight, meet Rachel Brailov, alumna of (’15) and dean of academics at Compass Collegiate Academy!

Rachel always knew she would be a teacher. But what she learned about teaching – and herself – as a teacher for TFASC vaulted her purpose to a whole new level.

“My training taught me how to teach, but TFASC taught me to be an advocate for scholars, families, and communities,” said Rachel. “They helped me realize the power I have as an educator – partnering with families and transforming communities.”

In 2021, she started the opportunity of a lifetime to manage all curriculum and coaching for the newly opened Compass Collegiate Academy.

“We want to transform Charleston,” added Rachel. “Everyone is welcome here – there are no testing admissions and no zoning. We’re diverse, reflective of our community in downtown Charleston.”

Read her impact spotlight at https://bit.ly/3GDSBz9.

For the past decade, we worked intentionally to increase the pipeline of qualified teachers, close t

Operating as usual


Refer a candidate to the SC Impact Fellowship!

Do you know a TFA alumni educator who would make an impactful SC Impact Fellow? Refer a candidate, and if they are accepted and join the fellowship, you'll receive $300! Refer a candidate here: https://forms.gle/ZBgWPwmwKRfAKv39A


SC Impact Fellow Reflections

Current SC Impact Fellows say their fellowship experience has developed their educational leadership, advocacy, and excellence. What are you waiting for?! Apply to join the 2023 fellowship cohort today! https://tfasc.org/sc-impact-fellowship/


We’re quickly approaching the Round 3 deadline to apply for the SC Impact Fellowship! To learn more and to apply for the fellowship, click here: https://tfasc.org/sc-impact-fellowship/


Join us in congratulating Rosie Powell on being selected to join the 2023 SC Impact Fellowship cohort! , learn how you can develop as a leader and increase educational equity in South Carolina schools! For more information: https://bit.ly/3wKeATp.


What is the SC Impact Fellowship? Click here to learn more about our fellowship tracks and how you can expand your leadership, reach, and impact with students in South Carolina! https://bit.ly/3wKeATp


Join us in congratulating Josh Jennings on being selected to join the 2023 cohort of the SC Impact Fellowship! Josh says he's "excited about the opportunity to work in conjunction with other TFA fellows and corps members across the state.” We look forward to the great impact Josh will have on South Carolina students!


Join us in congratulating Arteria Lingard on being selected to join the 2023 SC Impact Fellowship cohort! We look forward to the positive impact Arteria will continue to have on students in South Carolina.


TFASC teacher Charlotte Groves invited a special guest into her classroom in commemoration of Black History Month: her student's grandfather. He spoke to the class about his life as a Black man in the 1960s, including his experiences seeing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speak. Charlotte shared that during his visit, you could hear a pin drop in her captivated elementary school classroom!


Earlier this month, TFASC teacher Titus Echols and his TFASC coach, Leeza Steward, co-taught a Black History Month ELA lesson for his 5th grade class at Brockington Elementary. Learning about the Great Migration and the Harlem Renaissance, the students analyzed videos, artist illustrations, and the poem "Lift Every Voice and Sing" by James Weldon Johnson. Through a Socratic seminar-style discussion, the students drew on music, visual art, and poetry to make connections to the triumph and pride of the Black people who migrated from the South to the North during the Great Migration in the 20th century.


Here's another shining example of how the SC Impact Fellowship has contributed to our current fellows' professional goals while advancing their commitment to making a collective impact for South Carolina's students. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/3wKeATp

Photos from Teach For America South Carolina's post 02/22/2023

Congratulations to 2019 TFASC teacher Meggie Cruser and 2020 TFASC teacher Brad Montgomery for being named 2023-2024 Legacy Middle & High School Teachers of the Year! 🏆


We greatly appreciate the referrals we’ve received for the SC Impact Fellowship! If you know an excellent educator interested in developing as a leader while teaching for two years in a South Carolina classroom, complete the referral form and you will have the opportunity to receive $300! https://bit.ly/3Hn2gw9


SC Impact Fellow Story: Abigail Moncus

After working for a year outside of education, Abigail was called back to the classroom through the SC Impact Fellowship. Check out Abigail's story, and click here to learn more: https://bit.ly/3wKeATp


Join us in our effort to retain top educators who are interested in making a difference and having a lasting impact on students in South Carolina. For more information on the SC Impact Fellowship, click here: https://bit.ly/3wKeATp


We love hearing how the SC Impact Fellowship has contributed to the growth in our current fellows’ professional and personal lives. Click here to learn how the fellowship can further aid TFA alumni with a desire to enter the education leadership pipeline and make a collective impact for students in South Carolina: https://bit.ly/3wKeATp


The cycle 1 deadline to apply for the SC Impact Fellowship is today! To learn more and apply for the fellowship visit: https://bit.ly/3waQteZ

Photos from Teach For America South Carolina's post 02/02/2023

Through the SC Impact Fellowship, educators receive professional development aligned to their long-term career goals, setting them up for leadership roles or an even deeper impact in the classroom. For the 2023-2024 school year, we're excited to launch the 'Aspiring to Lead' track for educators interested in transitioning to mid-level leadership, such as instructional coaching. Click through to check out the three fellowship tracks, and apply by the first-round deadline, February 3rd! https://bit.ly/3wKeATp


Do you know an excellent educator interested in expanding their leadership while teaching for two years in a South Carolina classroom? We're now accepting referrals for the SC Impact Fellowship! Fill out the SC Impact Fellowship referral form, and if your referred candidate is accepted and joins the fellowship, you will receive $300! Refer a candidate here: https://bit.ly/3Hn2gw9


Applications are now open for the 2023 SC Impact Fellowship! This fellowship has a focus and mission to recruit and retain effective educators to our great state of South Carolina. We work with individuals who want to develop as leaders and impact positive outcomes for students at all levels of the education system (classroom-district-state). If you are a classroom teacher with a desire to enter into the education leadership pipeline and make a collective impact that will get us closer to One Day, then this is the Fellowship for you. The first cycle of applications are due by February 3rd. To apply, click here: https://bit.ly/3waQteZ


Applications for the 2023 SC Impact Fellowship will open on Monday, January 16th! If you are a TFA alum with a desire to enter into the education leadership pipeline and impact students in SC, we encourage you to apply to the Fellowship. For more information visit: https://bit.ly/3wKeATp


Our children are all unique - why shouldn't their education be? How can we adapt our education system to meet the needs of every child? Let us know your thoughts below! 👇


Not long ago, Vernesha didn't know she'd love leading a kindergarten classroom. After graduating college, she went out on a limb and filled out an application for TFA. Four years later, she knows she has found her purpose in the classroom.

“(When we took our standardized tests last year) my kindergarteners really grew," she said. "Sixteen of 20 students met their goals in math and reading, a huge improvement over (the year prior).”

With your support, TFASC can recruit and retain more excellect teachers like Vernesha. There’s still time to make a gift this - click here! https://bit.ly/3mnBnOY


Like you, we know the life-changing impact a teacher can have on a child's future. TFASC supports new teachers as they enter the classroom, and provides veteran teachers with the support and development they need to stay in the classroom long-term. This , join us in our mission to give every child in South Carolina an opportunity to attain an excellent education by making a gift today! https://bit.ly/3mnBnOY


Spotlight: Darrin Goss

"We need to bring [more educators] to the table at the education policy level... there are some things that teachers can teach us in terms of shaping and crafting policy at the state-wide level that would make sense in application the classroom." - Darrin Goss, President and CEO, the Coastal Community Foundation.

If you could reimagine the education system, what would you change?

Photos from Teach For America South Carolina's post 11/15/2022

The primary source of local revenue for public education is property taxes. In practice, this means lower property values in some districts translate to less funding for their schools.

During DiscussED 2022, participants suggested an alternative to the current school funding structure. What if funding via property tax was eliminated, and instead districts were funded via area sales tax? Would a new funding structure help end the financial disparity between school districts?

Let us know your innovative solutions to equitable public school funding below or click here to read more ideas from the DiscussED 2022 white paper! https://bit.ly/3wsbJhm


The feeling is mutual, Ms. Mason! 💙 Educating a student truly takes a village - we're grateful for all the teachers, administrators, families, and partners in our SC education community.


This Saturday, November 5th, Fatty's Beer Works in Charleston will be giving $1 of every pint sold from 12pm to 10pm to TFASC. We'll be there from 12pm to 5pm, so stop by and see us!


Spotlight: Sherrie Snipes-Williams

If you want to go far, go together. 💙

Grateful to our partners, including Sherrie Snipes-Williams, CEO of Charleston Promise Neighborhood, for her work to ensure that every child in Charleston lives a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Photos from Teach For America South Carolina's post 10/18/2022

Our education system was designed to address the needs of an agricultural and industrial economy. A century ago, students were out of school in the afternoon to harvest crops. But does the school schedule of a century ago still serve the needs of families today?

During DiscussED 2022, participants suggested that the school day be restructured to begin later and to offer more afternoon enrichment and extracurricular activities. Do you agree? Let us know below or click here to read more ideas from our DiscussED 2022 white paper! https://bit.ly/3wsbJhm


Last school year, SC school districts started the year with more than 1,000 teacher vacancies. We know that alternative certification pathways are a key to solving the teacher shortage crisis in South Carolina. What other initiatives might help recruit more teachers to schools? 🍎


Spotlight: Rachel Brailov

"The whole goal is that they love learning... that by the time they leave us, they have all the opportunities that they could possibly want." - Rachel Brailov, 2015 TFASC teacher and current Dean of Academics at Compass Collegiate Academy. We agree, Rachel!

Photos from Teach For America South Carolina's post 09/20/2022

Young students today were born into a digital world. But has the school curriculum evolved to meet their changing needs and capabilities?

During DiscussED 2022, participants suggested that computer science should be added to the elementary and middle school curriculums to better prepare students for the careers of the future. What other evolutions should be made to the curriculum to better prepare students for the world they'll graduate into?

Share your thoughts below or read the DiscussED white paper for more ideas!



Congratulations, teachers, for having the first month of the school year under your belts! We know the first month can be tricky as you find your groove, but also know how grateful your students are to have you. Keep going, you've got this! 💙


And 45% of teachers achieved 1.5+ years of growth in their classrooms! A huge congrats to our teachers - and all SC teachers - who showed up for their students in a big way during a challenging school year.

Our teachers serve in schools with the greatest needs. By accelerating student learning, TFASC teachers support students to close their learning gaps, realize their potential, and achieve their dreams.


Spotlight: Dr. Mary Fran Croswell

"[My work] is about making sure [children] get the tools they need to heal in order for them to function - and part of that functioning is functioning well in the classroom." - Mary Fran Croswell, 1991 TFA Houston teacher and current child abuse pediatrician in Greenville, SC.

Inside or outside the classroom, each of us has a role in a child's future. How do you impact education in your community?

Photos from Teach For America South Carolina's post 08/23/2022

Last March, TFASC hosted our first annual DiscussED event, a bold and innovative conversation series to reimagine South Carolina's education system. Business, education, and community leaders came together to answer a big question: how must we evolve South Carolina's education system to prepare students for a changing world?

Today, we're kicking off a new series to share some of the innovative ideas put forth by DiscussED 2022 participants. First up? Community schools! How can schools better partner with community members and community-based organizations to provide integrated services for all students?

Read the full DiscussED 2022 white paper here: https://bit.ly/3wsbJhm


TFASC is thrilled to welcome Brandon Johnson to our Regional Advisory Board! Brandon - a 2014 TFASC teacher now serving as an assistant principal at Eastside High School - brings to the board his deep understanding of both classroom teaching and school administration. Welcome, Brandon!

Click there to learn more about Brandon's journey in education: https://bit.ly/3wbGuX9


As teachers and students begin heading in back into the classroom, TFASC wanted to wish everyone a great 2022-2023 school year.


In the last 10 years, over 70,000 students have been impacted by TFASC teachers.
When you donate to support TFA South Carolina, you're supporting teachers across the state making a difference in students' lives daily.

Future doctors, lawyers, politicians, teachers, and more are being impacted by the work our teachers do, and you can support today. Visit our website here to donate. https://bit.ly/3mnBnOY

Photos from Rotary Club of Charleston's post 08/05/2022

Always fun to get the big checkbook out and support local organizations in need with our RCCF grants.

Our two latest worthy recipients:

Kelly Hampton represented Lowcountry Autism Foundation. TH organization is committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families through individually designed programming, advocacy, and awareness efforts. Our club’s donated funds will go to support monthly training (AID project) of local first responders on how to identify persons with autism, so they can accurately support and protect persons with autism.

Rotarian Karl Brady Courtney Waters and Troy Evans attended on behalf of Teach For America South Carolina. Teach for America South Carolina’s mission is to enlist, develop and mobilize our nation’s most promising future leaders to become teachers in order to strengthen the movement for education equity and excellence in South Carolina. Our club’s donated funds will help fund a professional development workshop on Effective Communication, presented by Strategically Authentic, to 8 Charleston teachers in their SC Impact Fellowship.

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