The Citadel - Student Veteran Association

The Citadel - Student Veteran Association


Hello! I am an alumnus of the MBA program at The Citadel. The Lowcountry Veterans Home First Annual Gala raises money for veterans in need. The event is on November 5th at 6:30 PM. I purchased a table and will have 6 seats available. My wife and I would love for student veterans would join us. The seats are free. The only requirement is that they must be 21+. Please, contact me to reserve the free tickets and enjoy a night of charity, networking, and fun on the USS Yorktown.
Happy Veterans Day from the Veterans of Vantage Point Foundation! Thanks to all our Partners and Supporters for empowering South Carolina veterans to Push Forward!
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Final reminder: this event is happening TODAY from 10:00 - 3:00! Take this next step to your future.
The Citadel - Student Veteran Association
To any veterans here, I want to thank you for your service. I appreciate your determination and courage. I didn’t realize the amount of sacrifice and strength the American Soldier exhibited while serving until I watched this interesting documentary called Above the Best. It follows an Apache Pilot named Daniel Flores during his tour through one of the most dangerous areas in Afghanistan back in 2006 and it’s a David Salzberg film. Much like some of his other films like Hornet’s Nest and Danger Close, he presents an authentic look into perseverance, loyalty, and bravery with the real combat footage from the ground and the sky. I gained so much respect for our troops and veterans that I felt like I had to spread the word about this film. If this sounds like something that might be of interest to anybody here, it’s available on VOD. The trailer’s also on the film’s website.
Stand up for veterans and other patients in need, this Wednesday!
for more information.
to register.
Jose Cajar is a former Marine and now an honor student with The Citadel - Student Veteran Association completing his BA in English.
Hello Everyone, I am a student-veteran at George Mason University within the Ed Psych program and I would like to ask if anyone would be interesting in participating in my survey for my Master's Thesis Project. The survey is online and takes 15-20 minutes to complete. Only requirements are to be a currently enrolled student and a veteran/service-member. Link to the survey below. Thank you.

Put us in coach, we’re ready to play! ⚾️

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday March 12 at 7 pm for the Citadel Baseball vs Carolina baseball game. , thrown by our own Elliott Young (Veteran and The Citadel Alumni), will be at 6:54 at the Charleston RiverDogs Stadium. !

The Citadel Sports Citadel Veterans The Citadel - Student Veteran Association
Need to post this in the Vet Center. ;)
This is for all those veterans that would like to try hockey out, or for those that used to play and can no longer play due to disabilities. This is a wonderful group for veterans that is run by veterans. We also have the support of the local ECHL team The Stingrays, and various NHL clubs as well. They just got a huge donation of equipment from the NY Rangers of the NHL. All equipment is provided for those that want to try it out.
Any word on the Veteran Ring?
If any of you get a chance and are interested, the Charleston Warriors Sled Hockey group is forming here. Please check out their site to see if it's something you may want to get into.

The Citadel, Student Veterans Association (CSVA) is a student governed organization. We assist all Giving guided tours, and much more.

We assist new and current veteran students by being points-of-contacts, mentors and moral support. We guide each student on understanding of the schools traditions, policies and procedures. Student veterans has many active participants in extra curricular sports and campus clubs. We also give back to the community by participating in volunteer work via Krause Center for Leadership & Ethics - The Citadel.

Operating as usual


Another beautiful day for intramural softball, come join us!!


Victory Monday for the vet students in intramural softball, start your week off right and come join us!


Happy Spring! Meaning intramural sports are back in action! We are currently in the middle of ultimate frisbee and will be jumping into softball to close out the spring semester. Stay tuned for more details!🤙

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The Alumni Association came to speak today to the Veteran and Active Duty students about how to become apart of the alumni upon graduation and all the amenities that go along with it. Stay tuned for more information and thank you Citadel Alumni Association for your time!


We are happy to lend a helping hand!! Thank YOU for all that you do for us!

In honor of Valentine's Day we are sharing seven reasons we love the Veteran Student Success Center (VSSC)! To start us off, coming in at # seven on our list but #1 in our ❤s, our students and Student Veteran Association (SVA)! Thank you to Aurel, Ashlyn and Ross for your leadership.


In honor of Valentine's Day we are sharing seven reasons we love the Veteran Student Success Center (VSSC)! To start us off, coming in at # seven on our list but #1 in our ❤s, our students and Student Veteran Association (SVA)! Thank you to Aurel, Ashlyn and Ross for your leadership.

Photos from The Citadel Department of Health and Human Performance's post 02/05/2023

Congratulations!! We are so proud of the impact you have made on campus!!

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A great turnout for the hockey game this past Saturday night! A huge thanks to the South Carolina Stingrays for accommodating all of us for military appreciation night.

Stay tuned for future events!

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Today was the first SVA meeting of the spring!

Below are the details for the next meeting and keep track of your emails for meeting minutes to follow. Here’s to a great semester!

Monthly Meetings:
Where: Veteran Center
When: First Friday of every month
Time: 2:15pm

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For our monthly meeting we had Phil Palmer, the founder of and a Marine Vet, come and speak about how he helps the veteran community heal their internal wounds through fitness. Thank you for joining us!

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While we didn’t make it to the championship, we still played some killer games out on the court🏀

This was the first time in 10 YEARS that the Veterans had a team in intramural sports. To say we are extremely proud, is an understatement 🤩


And we’re off to the play offs!! Veterans are now 3-1 in the 3v3 Basketball Intramural🤩
Catch them playing Kilo Company on Monday at 1600 🏀


There is a great opportunity for our community happening THIS Saturday called the Valor Series 🇺🇸

It is sponsored by : a nonprofit focused on empowering Veterans health through fitness 💪🏽

The registration is linked in our bio and it is open to Veterans, Active Duty🇺🇸, First Responders 🚒and their families. 👨‍👩‍👦

Did I mention, admission is free? 👀

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First meeting of the semester was a success! Missed this one? Find the information for our monthly meetings 👇🏼

Monthly Meetings
Where: Veteran Center
When: first Tuesday of every month

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First CSVA social, with many more to come!! Thank you to everyone who came out last night!!

Student Veteran Support 01/22/2022

Apply by the April 20 Deadline.

The VFW's "Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship"

Student Veteran Support 1 Student Veteran offers direct assistance to student veterans who have questions or are experiencing problems accessing their VA benefits. Our direct access to VA Regional Offices means we can work quickly to provide our student veterans with timely and accurate answers regarding the complex claims...

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This year for Leadership Day, Citadel Veteran Students volunteered to help clean up Folly Beach! Thank you to everyone that came out to help out and give back to our local communities!



We have spent the last several years inextricably tied to some type of social system, whether it was a brigade, battalion, company, platoon, squad, team, or just one on one with a battle buddy. During those years, solitude was rare. Now, suddenly we’re no longer attached to those systems, and the feeling of vulnerability can be terrifying.

Coming out of the pandemic we must join together and take care of each other. There are not very many people in our lives that understand the situation we are in. Separating from the military, families, college, jobs, interviews, businesses, and much more are on our plate.

Let's get together this Thursday 7pm at the Carolina Ale House in Summerville to chat, and get to know one another.


We have student currently looking for a roommate out in the Johns Island Area. If you are interested please contact [email protected].

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Veterans from all eras are reacting to the events in Afghanistan, such as the U.S withdrawal and the takeover by the Taliban.

You are not alone.

Veterans may question the meaning of their service or whether it was worth the sacrifices they made. They may feel more moral distress about experiences they had during their service. It’s normal to feel this way. Talk with your friends and families, reach out to battle buddies, connect with a peer-to-peer network, or sign up for mental health services. Scroll down for a list common reactions and coping advice.

Resources available right now
• Veterans Crisis Line - If you are having thoughts of su***de, call 1-800-273-8255, then PRESS 1 or visit
o For emergency mental health care, you can also go directly to your local VA medical center 24/7 regardless of your discharge status or enrollment in other VA health care.
• Vet Centers - Discuss how you feel with other Veterans in these community-based counseling centers. 70% of Vet Center staff are Veterans. Call 1-877-927-8387 or find one near you.
• VA Mental Health Services Guide - This guide will help you sign up and access mental health services.
• - information, resources, and Veteran to Veteran videos for challenging life events and experiences with mental health issues.
• RallyPoint - Talk to other Veterans online. Discuss: What are your feelings as the Taliban reclaim Afghanistan after 20 years of US involvement?
• Download VA's self-help apps - Tools to help deal with common reactions like, stress, sadness, and anxiety. You can also track your symptoms over time.
• Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) - Request a Peer Mentor
• VA Women Veterans Call Center - Call or text 1-855-829-6636 (M-F 8AM - 10PM & SAT 8AM - 6:30PM ET)
• VA Caregiver Support Line - Call 1-855-260-3274 (M-F 8AM - 10PM & SAT 8AM - 5PM ET)
• Together We Served -Find your battle buddies through unit pages
• George W. Bush Institute - Need help or want to talk? Check In or call:1-630-522-4904 or email: [email protected]
• Elizabeth Dole Foundation Hidden Heroes - Join the Community
• American Red Cross Military Veteran Caregiver Network - Peer Support and Mentoring
• Team Red, White & Blue - Hundreds of events weekly. Find a chapter in your area.
• Student Veterans of America - Find a campus chapter to connect with.
• Team Rubicon - Find a local support squad.

Common Reactions
In reaction to current events in Afghanistan, Veterans may:
• Feel frustrated, sad, helpless, grief or distressed
• Feel angry or betrayed
• Experience an increase in mental health symptoms like symptoms of PTSD or depression
• Sleep poorly, drink more or use more drugs
• Try to avoid all reminders or media or shy away from social situations
• Have more military and homecoming memories

Veterans may question the meaning of their service or whether it was worth the sacrifices they made. They may feel more moral distress about experiences they had during their service.
Veterans may feel like they need to expect and/or prepare for the worst. For example, they may:
• Become overly protective, vigilant, and guarded
• Become preoccupied by danger
• Feel a need to avoid being shocked by, or unprepared for, what may happen in the future
Feeling distress is a normal reaction to negative events, especially ones that feel personal. It can be helpful to let yourself feel those feelings rather than try to avoid them. Often, these feelings will naturally run their course. If they continue without easing up or if you feel overwhelmed by them, the suggestions below can be helpful.

Strategies for Managing Ongoing Distress
At this moment, it may seem like all is lost, like your service or your sacrifices were for nothing. Consider the ways that your service made a difference, the impact it had on others’ lives or on your own life. Remember that now is just one moment in time and that things will continue to change.
It can be helpful to focus on the present and to engage in the activities that are most meaningful and valuable to you. Is there something you can do today that is important to you? This can be as an individual, a family member, a parent, or a community member. Something that is meaningful to you in regard to your work or your spirituality? Such activities won’t change the past or the things you can’t control, but they can help life feel meaningful and reduce distress, despite the things you cannot change.
It can also help to consider your thinking. Ask yourself if your thoughts are helpful to you right now. Are there ways you can change your thinking to be more accurate and less distressing? For example, are you using extreme thinking where you see the situation as all bad or all good? If so, try and think in less extreme terms. For example, rather than thinking “my service in Afghanistan was useless” consider instead “I helped keep Afghanistan safe.”

Finally, consider more general coping strategies that you may want to try including:
• Engage in Positive Activities. Try to engage in positive, healthy, or meaningful activities, even if they are small, simple actions. Doing things that are rewarding, meaningful, or enjoyable, even if you don’t feel like it, can make you feel better.
• Stay Connected. Spend time with people who give you a sense of security, calm, or happiness, or those who best understand what you are going through.
• Practice Good Self Care. Look for positive coping strategies that help you manage your emotions. Listening to music, exercising, practicing breathing routines, spending time in nature or with animals, journaling, or reading inspirational text are some simple ways to help manage overwhelming or distressing emotions.
• Stick to Your Routines. It can be helpful to stick to a schedule for when you sleep, eat, work, and do other day-to-day activities.
• Limit Media Exposure. Limit how much news you take in if media coverage is increasing your distress.
• Use a mobile app. Consider one of VA’s self-help apps (see such as PTSD Coach which has tools that can help you deal with common reactions like, stress, sadness, and anxiety. You can also track your symptoms over time.
• PTSD Coach Online. A series of online video coaches will guide you through 17 tools to help you manage stress. PTSD Coach Online is used on a computer, rather than a mobile device, and therefore can offer tools that involve writing.
If you develop your own ways of adapting to ongoing events and situations, you may gain a stronger sense of being able to deal with challenges, a greater sense of meaning or purpose, and an ability to mentor and support others in similar situations.

Help Army Vet and family recover from fire., organized by Luke Darling 08/05/2021

Hello Citadel Family, one of our own has been displaced due to an apartment fire. He, along with his wife and two young children, was able to evacuate before the fire consumed their building. If you are able to donate anything to this cause, it would be much appreciated. If not, please share this GoFundMe with friends and family to spread the message. Thank you for your support of our Veteran Student.

Help Army Vet and family recover from fire., organized by Luke Darling The Citadel Student Veteran Association is asking for assistance to help one… Luke Darling needs your support for Help Army Vet and family recover from fire.

Find Your Next Opportunity 06/21/2021

Find Your Next Opportunity Join us on Wednesday, June 23, 2021 for a virtual career fair with South Carolina employers who are looking to hire veterans, transitioning military personnel, and military spouses. This virtual career fair will utilize a mobile platform called Ping by Tallo, a matchmaking system for job seekers and...

Stay Engaged this Summer with Chapter Events 06/16/2021

Stay Engaged this Summer with Chapter Events As the summer term begins for chapters across the country, SVA is excited to announce nationwide events your chapters can participate in to keep chapter members engaged.

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Looking for a job or internship? Want to learn more about available opportunities? Hoping to network with employers? Be sure to register on Handshake & look out for employer highlights on our story this week 🤝

See y’all next week!


Veteran Student Housing Survey

If you have a minute, please take this short survey regarding local housing options for Citadel Veteran and Active Duty students! Take this survey powered by Create your own surveys for free.


A veteran, student, alumnus and coordinator -- meet Jesse Brooks | The Citadel Today

Check out this interview with Jesse Brooks - Veteran, alumnus and graduate student, Veteran Services coordinator and CSVA advisor. An integral part of The Citadel is the Veteran Student Success Center, open to both day and evening veteran students.


Citadel cadets unveil Witting Tree to bring awareness to veteran su***de

Chaplin Joe Molina and SVA President Ashley Towers speak about the Witting Tree to help bring awareness to veteran su***de. If you are a veteran, know a veteran, or anyone at all that is thinking about su***de, please seek help from the nearest emergency room or one of these services.

American Foundation for Su***de Prevention (800) 273-8255 Text: TALK to 741741

Community Crisis Response and Intervention (SCDMH) (833) 364-2274

Assessment/Crisis Hotline Georgetown County 8:30AM to 5:00PM
(843) 546-6107 (Georgetown)
After Hours (833) 364-2274

Assessment/Crisis Hotline Horry County 8:30AM to 5:00PM
(843) 347-4888 (Conway)
(843) 492-2795 (Myrtle Beach)
After Hours (833) 364-2274

Assessment/Crisis Hotline
Charleston/Dorchester (843) 414-2350 (800) 613-8379

Crisis Intervention Hotline
Berkeley (843) 761-8282 (888) 202-1381

Crisis Text Line Text "HOME" to 741741

Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Hearing Loss Su***de Hotline TTY: Dial 711 then (800) 273-8255

LGBT National Hotline (888) 843-4564

National Hopeline Network (800) 784-2433

National Sexual Assault Hotline (800) 656-4673

National Su***de Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-8255

One80 Place Crisis Line
Charleston, SC (843) 737-8357

Su***de Hotline
North Charleston, SC (843) 744-4357 (800) 922-2283

Su***de Prevention Lifeline (Para Español) (888) 628-9454

TeenLine (843) 747-8336
(800) 273-8255 (statewide)

Trans Lifeline (877) 565-8860

Trevor Project for LGBT Youth (866) 488-7386

United Way Association of South Carolina Call, text, or chat 211 from a local number or call (803) 929-1000

Veterans Crisis Line Text: 838255
(800) 273-8255, press 1 CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – With Veterans Day approaching, Citadel cadets wanted to continue a new tradition that helps bring awareness to veteran su***des. This tradition is called the Witting…


What: The Citadel would like to take a group photo of as many Veteran and Active Duty students as possible

When: Thursday, November 5th, at 3 PM

Where: Summerall Field (rain location: meet in lobby of McAlister Field House)

Why: To honor Citadel Veteran students by having a great current photo for Veterans Day and other purposes, including distribution to the local newspaper

Dress: Business casual or uniform, and wearing a face covering (will be positioned in a socially distanced manner for the photo)

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Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Wednesday. 20 March.Edmund's Oast Brewing Company, 5pm. Veterans, Civilians, and Active Duty welcome! This is a great op...
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We are proud of our time in service..Whatever branch or however long we served, without a doubt it shaped some of us to ...
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8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1... Welcoming in The Citadel Homecoming with a bang! Have fun today and enjoy!.From my personal fi...
8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1... Welcoming in The Citadel Homecoming with a bang! Have fun today and enjoy!.From my personal fi...
Veterans DayDavid Boreanaz and Tyler Grey of @SEALTeamCBS join Student Veterans of America to bring you an important mes...
Weekend vibes.#America#SecDef#MadDogMattis#WeekendVibes



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