Green World School

Green World School


Thank you Green World School for having us over this morning! We had so much fun and the animals really appreciated your generous donations!
Audrey and Easton are taking good care of Pablo and Grufalo over winter break!
Last Day of School - GWS Aerial Video

We offer a nature based pre-school program for children ages 2-5. Our mission is to provide top quality early childhood education with a focus on environmental education, world culture & language.

Operating as usual


Agree Conscious Parents

Timeline photos 06/30/2022

Timeline photos

Another great quote from Richard Louv!

Let’s get our kids outside and connected with nature! Dirty hands, dirty feet - yes please!


A little reminder I like to give every year! Happy Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere! ☀️☀️

May the long time sun
Shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light
Within you
Guide your way on
Guide your way on

- by Snatam Kaur


We agree! 💕


Happy Father's Day to ALL the Fathers, Biological or not, Step-Fathers, Foster Fathers, Adoptive Fathers, Grandfathers, Spiritual Fathers, Teachers, Uncles, Brothers, Men; You ALL play an important role in the community and in raising the next generation. Hope you all had a wonderful day!



💯Spot-on recommendations from The Occuplaytional Therapist! Thanks to Defending the Early Years for posting ❤️


"Children have a full time occupation. It's called PLAY. Let them be occupied by it from their early years until their twilight years." - Vince Gowmon


Discover the forest, you will. Happy .


Green World School is growing! We are seeking qualified candidates with a love of teaching young children with a nature based curriculum. Positions begin at $14.00/hour and go up to $18.00 based on experience and qualifications. We offer a positive work environment, flexible scheduling (full and part time positions), employee enrollment benefits, paid time off, bonuses and more. If you are interested in a position, please contact us at [email protected] to schedule an interview. Thank you!


So grateful for our team of amazing educators!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! 👏❤️


How will you help "cultivate" this important sense of wonder, this affinity for Nature?

Let's start by getting outside.


Green World School is growing! We are seeking qualified and experienced educators with a love of teaching young children through a nature inspired curriculum. Positions begin at $14.00/hour and go up to $18.00 based on experience and qualifications. We offer a positive work environment, employee enrollment benefits, paid time off, paid holidays, frequent bonuses and more. If you are interested in a position, please contact us at [email protected] to schedule an interview. Thank you!


Green World School is growing! We are now hiring candidates for both Lead & Assistant Teaching positions. Wages begin between $16.00-22.00/hour based up experience and education. If you love working with children and are an educator who wants to be a part of a supportive and collaborative team, message us today to schedule an interview!


Let's be clear: Respectful parenting is NOT permissive parenting.

❌Permissive parenting: no rules/structure, indulgent = well, sheer chaos🌪️

❌Dictatorial parenting: enforces good behavior with threats, shaming, punishment, less parental warmth = an increase in worsening behavior over time + depression later in life

We are OUT with the old school way of parenting: children being seen not heard, blind obedience, listening to authority OR ELSE. This often leads to 1 of 2 outcomes: a child so compliant they grow into a compliant/people pleasing adult who blindly follows orders, someone who pushes their own needs down OR a child who learns to hide mistakes from their parents, someone whose instinct is to hide their feelings, problems, + true selves from loved ones.

The Latin root of the word discipline means "to teach." How do children/people learn best? Well, think back to the worst teacher/boss you've had. On your case ALL day, pointing out EVERYTHING you did wrong. You’re there to follow the commands + shut your mouth.

Were you motivated? Did you learn/ grow? Nope, you showed up, did bare minimum + couldn't wait to leave.

Now, think of the best teacher/boss you've had. Level headed, calm, CONFIDENT in their leadership. They took charge, but you felt safe knowing they'd lead you in the right direction. They made you feel heard + invested time into you.

So, think of yourself as the calm, confident leader of your home.🏡Someone who:

✅ Leads by example, set the tone
You’re strong + supportive. A boss who leads with confidence, even in times of stress, makes their employees, aka family, feel safe.

✅Makes the big decisions
You confidently decide and enforce when it’s time for a nap, what’s for dinner, and when it’s time to leave the park.

You choose the big stuff BUT you empower your toddler with age-appropriate power, eg choosing which pair of shoes they want.

✅Speaks with calm confidence
Resist the urge to meet chaos with chaos. Let your calm be contagious.

✨Struggling with discipline in a way that works + protects their self esteem? Tantrums + all things toddler? Our course is here to help! For parents with kids aged 1-6. Link in bio.✨





If you're reading this blog, your child is likely not among the "endangered indicator species".

But what else can we do? Let's invite their friends to join us on our outdoor adventures! Let's share our love of nature!




Full moon tonight! It technically doesn't reach fullness until the wee hours of the morning (EST) tomorrow, but will put on quite a show as soon as it rises above the horizon later today.

Set a reminder! Tell the kids!

Timeline photos 02/03/2022

Timeline photos

Children's development can be quite uneven, especially in the early years. Some kids concentrate on physical tasks first; others are joyous early readers at age three. Some need to yell and jump endlessly. Others need to observe from a safe place. The whole child needs to be nourished and all aspects— emotional, social, physical, and cognitive— given a chance to develop at the child's unique pace.
—Heather Shumaker

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How will you help "cultivate" this important sense of wonder, this affinity for Nature?

Let's start by getting outside.


Unstructured play is one of the easiest -- and most beneficial -- things we can do for our kids.

There's no application fee, no hourly rate, no advance planning needed. Just free, natural, creative, unbounded, unstructured play.

Nature provides all the entertainment they need!


"The time is always right to do what is right" -Martin Luther King Jr.


Thank you, Dr. King.


My favorite King family picture. Beautiful!

“Without love, there is no reason to know anyone, for love will in the end connect us to our neighbors, our children and our hearts.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his family. Photo credit: Marvin Koner

Timeline photos 01/16/2022

Timeline photos

So true.


Our number one responsibility as parents is to always work towards keeping ourselves emotionally healthy🙏🏻 - Because how we feel has everything to do with how we are able to show up as parents.❤️


🌻Peaceful parenting resources: 🌻
Please respect the work of authors, photographers, and artists. You are welcome to share provided you include appropriate credit and do not crop out author’s names from quote memes. Thank you. 🙂

Fighting a rare, incurable cancer, but I'm still here!💞 L.R.


Time outdoors in nature... An extremely valuable part of a child's life!

I especially appreciate the emphasis on the "whole child", which nature has such an affinity for developing.


Want smarter children take them outside!



Yes! Good things to come!

Are any of these something that you want to try in this upcoming year?

Are any of these inspiring a slightly different version, or with more nuance, that sounds like something you want to try in this upcoming year?

What would you add to this list?


Happy Solstice!

Winter Solstice

“The winter solstice time is no longer celebrated as it once was, with the understanding that this is a period of descent and rest, of going within our homes, within ourselves and taking in all that we have been through, all that has passed in this full year which is coming to a close...
like nature and the animal kingdom around us, this time of hibernation is so necessary for our tired limbs, our burdened minds.

Our modern culture teaches avoidance at a max at this time; alcohol, lights, shopping, overworking, over spending, comfort food and consumerism.
And yet the natural tug to go inwards as nearly all creatures are doing is strong and the weather so bitter that people are left feeling that winter is hard, because for those of us without burning fires and big festive families, it can be lonely and isolating. Whereas in actual fact winter is kind, she points us in her quiet soft way towards our inner self, towards this annual time of peace and reflection, embracing the darkness and forgiving, accepting and loving embracing goodbye the past year.

"Winter takes away the distractions, the buzz, and presents us with the perfect time to rest and withdraw into a womb like love, bringing fire & light to our hearth".

.. and then, just around the corner the new year will begin again, and like a seed planted deep in the earth, we will all rise with renewed energy once again to dance in the sunlight

Life is a gift ❤ a Happy winter to you all...”

🌟🌟🌟Artwork by Jessica Boehman and writing by Dee Laliberte🌟🌟🌟

The Self-Care Parents Need Every Moment - Janet Lansbury 12/08/2021

The Self-Care Parents Need Every Moment - Janet Lansbury

So important during the holidays!

The Self-Care Parents Need Every Moment - Janet Lansbury I’ve been encouraged lately by a slew of online articles focusing on the importance of self-care. It’s one of the fundamental truths of successful parenting: Happy parents are better parents, which makes for happier kids. Self-care is not only unselfish, but mandatory for maintaining our sanity ...

Timeline photos 12/07/2021


"Children do not "learn" to calm or self-regulate. Children become capable of calming and self regulation through consistent experiences of having been calmed by their caring adults."
— Dr. Vanessa Lapointe

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Time, Space & Place



We saw a LOT of this yesterday at TimberNook. Lots of very healthy and reasonable risk-taking. It appears children are craving these types of opportunities even more this year! ❤


Every child matters 🧡

September 30th is Day of Truth and Reconciliation, also known as Orange Shirt Day. If you’re an Indigenous ally, take this day to learn more about the historical and current realities of Indigenous Peoples 🪶


For content on Residential Schools, visit the following sites:



Art piece by Urban Iskwew - Artwork by Hawlii Pichette


It’s a great day to play outside!


Beautifully spoken. ❤


Coercion disconnects and uses a child's immediate need and an adult’s long-term influence against each other.

Coercion may lessen the effect (behaviour) but will intensify the cause (unmet needs)

To help children behave better we need to relate better so we all feel better and do better.

Every moment we choose connection or coercion it’s a ripple in the pool of our lives and relationships.

People (parents) often modify behavior through reward and punishment. This (parenting style) may get compliance but doesn't get confidence or nurture connection to self or others.

Intuitively we all know when we are being manipulated. It corrodes confidence. Most children resist coercion especially if they feel unsafe.

The problem is that children are wired to be connected to those they are dependent upon for survival. Children shouldn't have to choose between protection or connection.

Without unconditional trust and intentional connection there can be no long-term positive influence on the heart and life of another.

Notice how parent-child relationships often set the standard for all other relationships. ❁
This is how the cycle unconsciously continues or is consciously broken.

We can choose to learn differently and be the person we needed. The person we still need. The person our children need.

♡ Lelia

❁ ❁
Online Peaceful Parenting Practice

Timeline Photos 07/01/2021

Timeline Photos

“It is vital that when educating our children’s brains that we do not neglect to educate their hearts.”
—His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

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