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College Knowledge™ 08/19/2021

College Knowledge™

🚨: See below! Be sure to #MaximizeAndUtilize your Student’s remaining College Funding Prep Time™️ this fall ! 😄📈🎉

📚Early Merit Funding™️ (PreK-11th)
vs On-Time Merit Funding™️ (12th)

📚Automatic vs Competitive Academic & Leadership Award Offers (12th)

📚 Funding The Remaining Balance Of Partial Athletic Award Offers (8th-12th)

📚The (4) Main Categories of Merit-Based Scholarship Funding (PreK-12th)

👉🏼Visit our N2College®️ Virtual Parent Support Desk: www.n2college.com for our Complimentary Campu$ Concierge™️ Advising Today !

College Knowledge™ Countdown-2-College Knowledge™


Jill Howel N2College.com Merit Based College Funding Avg's $120,000 per Student





😄🙌🏼🎓It’s Sr. #Scholarship Award Ceremony Season !!!! We are SO PROUD of all the competitive,merit-based scholarships awarded to our #ClassOf2021 #CullmanHighSchool #Bearcats !!! This group -like all of our Scholar$hip Jump$tart™️ Program seniors across the county, state , & nation - have really persevered & made a STRONG finish to an unprecedented end of a high school career !!!! We are HONORED to work with such amazing young people & their sweet families to help MAXIMIZE their
*(4) main categories* of #competitive, #meritbased scholarship funding in order to lower/reduce any remaining out-of-pocket cost to the greatest degree that they may still have!!! Over🌟💲32,000,000 ⭐️ has already been awarded to our Client Families
& Partner Groups nationally, and we are still counting ! 💯📈🥳

😄🙌🏼🎓It’s Sr. #Scholarship Award Ceremony Season !!!! We are SO PROUD of all the competitive,merit-based scholarships awarded to our #ClassOf2021 #CullmanHighSchool #Bearcats !!! This group -like all of our Scholar$hip Jump$tart™️ Program seniors across the county, state , & nation - have really persevered & made a STRONG finish to an unprecedented end of a high school career !!!! We are HONORED to work with such amazing young people & their sweet families to help MAXIMIZE their
*(4) main categories* of #competitive, #meritbased scholarship funding in order to lower/reduce any remaining out-of-pocket cost to the greatest degree that they may still have!!! Over🌟💲32,000,000 ⭐️ has already been awarded to our Client Families
& Partner Groups nationally, and we are still counting ! 💯📈🥳


I am so appreciative to be included in the on-going #WhiteHouse Stakeholder Calls for state, local, & tribal leaders regarding the #ReOpeningOfAmerica! This week’s call featured important updates from Senior Administration Officials & agency heads representing the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (#CDC) ,the Small Business Administration (#SBA), Health & Human Services (#HHS) , the U.S. Dept. of #Education , the U.S. #Treasury, & the Economic Development Agency (#EDA) ! It is so wonderful to receive first-hand information on the “whole of government” , #AllOfAmerica approach that is being taken to help #preK20 students & #AdultLearners and their families with continued post-secondary academic & vocational/technical training access & pre-career preparation during this important time in our nation’s history!!! It is an honor to be able to share this timely information with our families & national program partners as we begin our ✨16th✨year working to help students #MakeCollegeCostLess ™️ !!🙏🏼🇺🇸🎓🛠💼😄 #SweetSixteen


Happy #ResurrectionSunday ! ✨✝️✨


#Free College Planning/Funding Resource For PreK12 Families :

We know everything is turned inside out right now, and no one really knows what to do.

In thinking about that, we decided that, if your family is #remotelearning at home, we will be happy to help your student(s) begin building - or add to - their own personalized #ScholarshipRoadMap™️ by providing *free* access to our 3O-Day #CollegeKids™️, #ScholarshipJumpStartJr™️, & #ScholarshipJumpStartComplete™️
April ePack, designed to be done by grade-levels, for #PreK12 students interested in attending college/vocational training after high school .

To participate, just submit the short online form located by clicking “Menu- Contact Us” the mobile website (www.n2college.com), & we’ll get you what you need in order to :

•answer your college planning/testing/ admissions/funding /pre-career exploration questions;

•receive comprehensive and customized advising/home support for targeted PreK12 grade-level objectives based on your student’s/s’ specific post-high school goals;

•apply for curated, preK-12 targeted #EarlyMeritFunding™️ awards that have deadlines this month;

•help ensure that your student(s) won’t suffer unintended loss of maximum momentum for ultimate award eligibility by helping them to stay on track for the (4) main categories of post-secondary scholarship funding that they will need to continue preparing for between now & their 12th grade year.

Just as our services have been since we began assisting families almost fifteen years ago, this complimentary #FamilyRemoteLearningOffer
is open to preK-12 students in the U.S. and internationally.

We are all in this together, & our goal here at N2College®️ is to, regardless of the challenges or circumstances , continue to help provide clarity in what may seem to be an overwhelming and confusing process by helping your family to truly #MakeCollegeCostLess™️. ✨🌿🙏🏼🌿✨
~ Michael & Jill Gudger Howell


Re-energized & ready time go in the New Year!! Worked this morning from Charleston updating our U.S. #preK12 Client Families regarding Scholar$hip Jump$tart™️ #digital program upgrades that we have planned for Spring 2020, creating a plan for a medically-challenged graduate student in #KY, organizing extra information for a deferred admissions Sr. in #AR,checking on a former client’s #Nashville #internship progress , #customized funding advising for a working Mom of three pursuing her M.A. in psychology via #onlinelearning , completing referral advising for a #firstgeneration American family of five & an academically #gifted, #lowincome high school sophomore via #probono referrals made to our #N2GivingBack™️ Division !! It’s been a great day so far!✨🎉🙏🏼😄🙌🏼🎓✨
#edtech #college #career Jill Gudger Howell


We are excited to announce that, as of Friday,our New Client Roster for Spring 2020 is ✨full✨ & we have started a #FutureCollegeScholar™️ #waitlist for #preK12 families/groups interested in our personalized #CollegeKids™️, #ScholarshipJumpstartJr™️, & #ScholarshipJumpstartComplete™️ grade-level, digital programs as we move into the New Year! We look forward to continuing to serve our current roster of outstanding Client Families/Partner Groups nationwide to help them create maximized #EarlyMeritFunding™️ #ScholarshipRoadmap™️ Plans for their students in order to #MakeCollegeCostLess™️ ! We are so very grateful, & we thank you all so much ! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you & yours from N2College®️!! ✨😄🙏🏼🎓✨


Excited to be asked to judge the 2019 #CongressionalAppChallenge student submissions for #California ‘s 19th Congressional District !! 📲📚💯💻

#science #technology #engineering #math #stem #computerscience #code #middleschool #highschool #congress #washingtondc #edtech #edtechchat
(👉🏼: See post ⬆️ this one on our office page for info link for the 2020 competition‼️😄)


Had a ✨GREAT✨ morning working out initial details for a potential new #preK12 #ScholarShipJumpStart™️ Program Partner Group in #NorthCarolina ‼️
We ❤️ helping #MakeCollegeCostLess™️ ‼️
#edtech #edchat #digitallearning #finlit
#college #career #scholarship #apprenticeship #workforcedevelopment


Happy to be part of the Feasibility Study Committee for Cristo Rey Network #Charleston! Currently,
•37 campuses
•51 university partners
•3,450 corporate partners strong , this #Chicago - based #entrepreneurial network of high schools continues to help students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds nationwide become #collegeready & #careerprepared by affording them the benefits of a rigorous academic education at ✨no cost✨ to them. Combined with 4 years of professional work experience, #CristoRey students graduate prepared to enter the workforce and to begin their careers as part of a pipeline of #21stCentury talent that continues to make a positive difference in their communities & in our world . ✨😄🎓✨


Still can’t believe that I had the opportunity to present at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education ’s #PathwaysToAdultSuccess national convening in Baltimore this week with these dynamic educators & our Alabama Power workforce development partner as part of #TeamAlabama! So appreciative to the Everyone Graduates Center for hosting and to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for funding this inaugural event !! I am excited to get to work! ✨😄📚🎓💼🛠 ✨ #GradNation


👉🏼 SO excited to be ✨presenting✨ at this upcoming Johns Hopkins University School of Education Everyone Graduates Center
national conference with Dr. Faron L. Hollinger & some wonderful #Alabama #K12 , #communitycollege, #highered, & #nonprofit colleagues !! We’re on our way, #Baltimore!!
👉🏼(THANKS so much to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for sponsoring !)


Bring Your Bible

Wait … did you say you ARE participating in #BringYourBible to School Day on October 3? Don’t forget to encourage friends to participate – you can spread the word by using the social media graphics at BringYourBible.org/Tell-A-Friend.


Since 2005! 🥳📚📈🎓🙌🏼🛠🧰 💼#N2GivingBack™️


University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Working with our #preK (Class of 2034 ) up thru 7th grade (Class of 2025) graduating #highschool #CollegeKids™️ Division, this makes my ❤️ SO 🤗!!! Fellow #SEC props going out to The Big Orange Family today!!✨🍊✨

We are thrilled to extend an offer of honorary admission and a four-year scholarship to our #FutureVol who designed his own UT T-shirt for College Colors Day. His story and Vol Nation's response have inspired the world, and more than 50,000 T-shirts of his design have been ordered with all proceeds benefiting Stomp Out Bullying. Go Vols! 🍊


We will #NeverForget the souls we lost that day, the selfless first responders who ran in & the ones who have paid with their health since, the brave patriots in Benghazi on 9/11/2012, or any of the warriors who have fought - and still are- to defend this Great Nation and our way of life . #GodBless them all. #WeRemember & honor them even more today. #WePray God’s Comfort for their Loved Ones, & for the wisdom of our leaders who are guiding us still through the unchartered aftermath of the ongoing impact of those history-changing events from that heartbreaking, clear blue sky day. #GodBlessAmerica 🙏🏼🇺🇸 9•11•2001 🇺🇸🙏🏼
(Image credits: Unknown)


Hello 👋🏼, #September ‼️ ✨😄📚✨
New grade-level program info/updates & Parent Support Services info is now ready for Client Family & Partner Group review/use nationally this 30-days for:

✅ #CollegeKids™️ (PreK-7th)

✅ #ScholarShipJumpStartJr™️ (8th-9th )

✅ #ScholarShipJumpStartComplete™️


👉🏼Our #CustomAdvising Team looks forward to providing #personalized #coaching assistance this month to help our Student-Clients nationally develop the ✨next step✨ in their #individualized #ScholarshipRoadMap™️ #CollegeFunding Plans‼️

#JoinUs 😁

(📸✒️: @suzcunningham -IG)


🚨ATTN: #ClassOf2020
The attached link is a sample of ✨part✨ of what we share in our #ScholarShipJumpStart™️ September #ActionPoints ™️ w/ our Client Families & Partner Groups nationally ! Our #CustomConciergeAdvisingTeam helps walk students & families through ✨each✨ funding phase that is relevant to them in the overall higher ed funding process ! Keeping our students up-to-date on the latest changes in all things #MeritBasedAid funding eligibility & acquisition (+) financial/need-based aid (for all those who qualify) is how we help ✨each✨ of our students - regardless of background or income - build their individual #ScholarShipRoadmap™️ plans to help them #MakeCollegeCostLess™️! 😄🎓
#edtech #edchat #digitallearning #personalizedlearning #preK #K12 #college #career #workforcedevelopment

Here are three types of FAFSA deadlines students should pay attention to: http://bit.ly/2CaP2Tz


Happy that @AlabamaDeptofEd staff inquired with our office re: assistance with #studyabroad #scholarships !
📚🌎 We’re here to help #preK12 students & groups across the country address a specific/custom #college funding objective ~or~ to partner with them to develop comprehensive & personalized #highered funding plans!
✨🎓 📈 💼 🥽✨ #edtech #edchat


We ❤️ it when our students get to show the rest of the country how ✨fabulous✨ they are! Amazingly talented Lauren had a jet-setting ✈️summer that was something out of a #highschool #leadership manual! She ended her amazing tour in Washington, D.C., as part of American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation w/ fellow state representatives, & even managed to visit with our great Vice President Pence!! 😄 This talented actress, civic minded citizen, leader, & academic scholar has already amazed us, & we are so very excited to see what opportunities await her next! 🎉📚🇺🇸👩🏻‍🎓🏛


WCIV | ABC News 4


This is terrific! 👀
Dorchester County Deputy Robb Cass, an SRO at Williams Memorial Elementary in St. George, dances in the rain while directing after-school traffic Wednesday!

abc13.com 08/22/2019

Once a custodian, he's now a principal: 'Don't let someone write your story'

#RoleModel 😄🎉🙌🏼

abc13.com From school custodian to principal. That's the trajectory for 38-year-old Michael Atkins, the new principal at a Colorado school.


George Washington's Mount Vernon


Sign up for our teacher newsletter to learn how you can bring history to life in the classroom with our free online game "Be Washington."


🚨: Parents/Guardians 😄

🎓Just a reminder that this is the ✨next to last✨ opportunity to raise scores for automatic & competitive merit-based #scholarships awarded by colleges for many #ClassOf2020 students !!

🎓Families w/ students on free & reduced lunches, don’t forget that your student can request a #FeeWaiver from his/her school counselor !

🎓Make sure to check to see if your 12th grader’s campuses of interest require the #Writing section or not !

🎓Families with students who have an #IEP or #504Plans can request modifications and/or accommodations!

🎓Students who see this post later & do miss the regular and late registration deadlines, remember that you can request #StandbyTesting !

🎓Families who think their student will have to miss this opportunity due to traveling on the test weekend for personal or school activity competitions, remember that you can request #AlternateSite registration!

👩🏼‍💻We’re available until
✨7:30 pm CST✨ tonight to provide #ComplimentaryAdvising & to answer any questions you have regarding this upcoming test- or in looking ahead planning for future tests- for your student !

“We’re here to help #MakeCollegeCostLess™️ for #preK12 families nationally because #EveryDollarCounts™️!”👌🏼😄🎉📚👏🏻🎓

Today is the last day to register for the September test date without late fees!

If your son or daughter is interested in taking the ACT next month, make sure they register by midnight tonight.

They can register online here: https://bit.ly/2LFJYM2


🚨:With the release of Forbes‘ list of America’s #TopColleges 2019, these qualifying points👇🏼 underlined in red are the take-aways for us. With over $30,000,000 in additional #merit #scholarships ✨awarded✨ to our #preK12 program students nationally to date, we are here -in our 15th year- working daily to help ALL families #MakeCollegeCostLess™️.
📚🎓🏛 #EveryDollarCounts™️


Thanks so much,
Harvard Graduate School of Education, for a ✨great✨ information session tonight! 🏛


👉🏼We are SO PROUD of this former student! Jacob impressed us with his respect for others, willingness to work hard in difficult circumstances while maintaining a positive attitude, & his demonstrable integrity. We know that he will be a ✨tremendous✨ success, & we continue to wish him the VERY best !!!
✨😄🙏🏼🎉✨ #RoleModel

Hello. My name is Jacob Perez. I am the owner and founder of Poultry Farm Company.

This company was something I started from the ground up. It was not something passed down or given to me.

My passion and interest in this grew when I saw an opportunity. I saw a reoccurring problem that I wanted to find a solution to. I worked hard to brainstorm and find the solution.

I realized that no one wanted to do the dirty work of a chicken house, but I love the hard-work and working with chickens.

I love the opportunity farming gives for families all around the world. So, I decided if I can be a help with making farm life a little easier, then that was what I was going to do.

That is my reason why: farming is the future and it is filled with opportunities to bless others. 📸: CydRob Photography

#PoultryFarmService #PFC #PoultryFarm #Chickens #ChickenHouses #FarmLife #FarmHand #Farm #Poultry #HardWork

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I am so appreciative to be included in the on-going #WhiteHouse Stakeholder Calls for state, local, & tribal leaders reg...
We’ve been working on it .... Excited to announce #GradeLevelPricing for fall! 🙌🏼😄📚📈🎓👉🏼Request info on the #EarlyMeritFu...
Dodging the ☔️today! If you know a student who may have trouble paying for #college who is on the #freelunch/#reducedlun...
Our Dad fought #T1D  diabetes valiantly for 60 (+) yrs - even after it took the former All Mid-South , #OVC Championship...
Entering Tuesday like...3-2-1 GO‼️✨🔊🙌🏼😄🙏🏼❤️📈🎓🎉✨
Join us on Pinterest‼️ 😄📈🎓🎉
#OCT4th ✨😄📖✨#Repost @bringyourbible with @get_repost・・・“I’m all about empowering people to live their faith out boldly, ...
THANK YOU, #MayorTommyBattle & #Huntsville / #Madison Co. #community organizations  for allowing us to be a part of this...
From Instagram (@jillgudgerhowellmaed): Thanks to #RushLimbaugh,Blondies Bagels & Cafe, & the #DanielIsland locals for a...



"Scholar$hip Jump$tart" Pre-K Thru 12th Grade Eligibility Preparation Programs,Products, & Individual Guidance Services To Maximize Merit-Based College Scholarship Awards For All Students!!



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