Center for Sustainable Development at the College of Charleston

Center for Sustainable Development at the College of Charleston


How can our waste BUILD CAPITAL rather than reduce it? The video portion of this page is super campy, but the messaging is brilliant.
Need to reset after finals? Head out to my gal's festival in the woods on May 18th! Workshops, nature, music, and more. Check out their page for opportunities... Volunteer positions and student tickets available!
Abundance Music & Arts Fest May 18!!! ♻️ STUDENT TICKETS ONLY $11.11 🐝
From Fisher Recycling........ISO Volunteers: 2019 HIGHWATER We are back for a 2nd year thanks to a great effort by our volunteer team last year!!! What: Recycling & Trash Collection Volunteer - 6 hr shifts When: Friday April 12 12pm – 10pm Saturday April 13 Sunday April 14 Shifts 11a-6p or 6p - 11p Where: Riverfront Park North Chas About: In need of "monitors" and "collectors". "Worker Pass" included. Monitors will man recycling stations designated for aluminum cans or plastic bottles and trash. There is no heavy lifting, just removing the clear bags from the white boxes and setting aside. The trash will be emptied by the Collectors. Collectors will be making rounds on golf cart and on foot to collect bags of recycling and trash and bring back to our landing area on the grounds. Wear comfortable shoes, dress for weather conditions. Each volunteer will be issued a reflective identifiable vest. We are planning on having a camper for storage and snack access. Our Rules: • No smoking on shift in public spaces • No drinking alcohol on shift • While we want you to have fun and enjoy the great music, be aware that during your shift you are representing Fisher Recycling. You should not be a “fan” at center stage in your vest. • When your shift is over, return the vest and re-enter the venue. You will only be allowed access back in, not in and out once you have completed your shift. Email [email protected] to schedule a slot. Many many thanks! Great chance to hear great music doing a great thing!
Hey! If anyone is interested in attending the High Water Music Festival for FREE, Green Heart Project is looking for volunteers to work their beverage stations at the festival! Basically all you have to do is sign up for and work a 4 hour shift at a beverage station at the festival and you get a free ticket to the festival for that day. You can sign up for one shift each day and get a ticket for each day you work! If you're interested, just sign up with this link ( and complete the online training to serve alcohol ( The training costs $8, but that's a whole lot cheaper than the festival would be. Once you've gone through the training, save your certificate with the title as [last name.first name.TIPS] and upload it to this folder ( by March 18, 2019 to keep your spot! You'll also need to present a copy of the certificate when you check-in at the festival, so keep it handy. Take a look at the High Water line up ( and get pumped! Please let me know if you have any questions!
Student Tickets Only $11.11 !!!!!
Are Charleston students going to be the next ones to rise up for climate justice? It's already happening in France, Germany, UK, Belgium, Australia, the Netherlands, Switzerland!
Today is 11/11/18!!! Abundance Music & Arts Fest is offering a Gateway Special! 24HRS ONLY - 1am to 1am Tickets >> Buy One Get Two
Free Entry to Abundance Music & Arts Fest! Only 4 hours of fun volunteering for ticket trade ... 15 bands, nature trails, sustainable workshops & art! Please share with all your friends! See you on the dancefloor!

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Mission: To generate and apply knowledge through holistic praxis to create sustainable solutions that transform society by rethinking, redesigning and restoring integrated systems.

Were you an Office of Sustainability intern or staff member at the College of Charleston? If so, we want to hear from you! Take a few minutes to share your stories and experience and enter to win swag prizes #SustainCofC

Get started here:

Garden Tending Time-Lapse

Spring in Charleston means fresh starts and time in the sun. Center intern and senior Zanna Ellison is tending to one of our campus gardens, amending the soil and mulching 👩‍🌾

Find a map of the gardens or take a virtual tour:

Walker, biker safety improvements on the horizon for dangerous Charleston-area corridors

Five of South Carolina’s top ten most dangerous corridors for bikers and walkers are in Charleston County. Discussions around possible fixes ranged from repainting crosswalks and broken crossing signals on Ashley Phosphate to installing a bike lane on King Street downtown, along with widening the sidewalk for

Who wins this? 🧀🧀🧀

Let’s hear it for College Lodge in the comments below #MindfulMoveout #SustainabilityMadeHere #sustaincofc

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

Congratulations to our graduating seniors! We know you will do great things to make our world a better place!

Happy birthday to this gem! Today, we celebrate Climate Manager and Zero Waste Coordinator Darcy Everett, and we thank her for her hard work, persistence, fun spirit, smarts, strength and vision. She’s moving us forward, y’all 💪

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CofC Earns Silver Rating for Sustainability Achievements

The rating places the College of Charleston toward the top of a list of colleges and universities around the globe. In its first-ever bid, the College of Charleston earned a STARS Silver rating in recognition of its sustainability efforts from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). “Our dedication to sustainability and our relentless pursuit of innovation and together...

That Friday feeling | Fearless leader

Collective action can change the world.

Young people can change the world.

#throwbackthursday to the Climate Kids Rally in 2018! See that tattered sign? 🌎 For Earth Week maybe you can get creative and make a protest sign so you have one ready to go when we rally next. 😉 Check out the #earthdayartchallenge for inspiration! Thanks to the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and @conservationleague for inviting APE to join in that rally! Swipe to see four speakers and the great supporters on Broad St and Meeting Downtown on that chilly day. 🌍 The immediate follow up to this rally was that Our Children's Trust received the Order from the U.S. Supreme Court lifting the stay on trial court proceedings in Juliana v. U.S. — a lawsuit against the government for continued denial of science. @earthguardians 🌎
@chsclimatecoalition members spotted!

It’s our favorite day of the year, Earth Day 🌎🌱🌊 As we celebrate 50 years of collective action to protect our planet, we’re sharing three ways you can get involved and support community partners like South Carolina Aquarium and Charleston Moves. Tag us or #sustaincofc to share your photos #EarthDay2020 #SustainabilityMadeHere

Do you know where your waste goes?

Center for Sustainable Development at the College of Charleston's cover photo

Last meeting of the semester was today.

Thank you to our amazing interns and staff. You are making the difference we must make in this world.

Thank you for being there for each other.

We hope you keep fighting for everything you love.

For those of you graduating, CONGRATULATIONS! 🎉 We LOVE you ❤️ and can’t wait to see you shine bright and do big things in your next chapter.


Majors/Minors: Biology (Honors College); Chemistry and Environmental & Sustainability Studies Minors
Favorite quote: “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” -Kathryn Stockett, The Help
Quirk/Pet peeve: Loud chewing
Beloved pastime: Hiking with Milo
Pet(s): Pup named Milo
Of which college-related accomplishment(s) are you most proud: Completing my Bachelor’s Essay
Leadership positions held at CofC: Bike Share Program Intern; ECOllective Student Project Committee (ESPC) Chair; Sustainability Week 2019 Planning Committee; SGA Sustainability Liaison (Fall 2018-Spring 2019); Assistant Internship Coordinator; started with the Office of Sustainability in Spring 2018; CSD Emergent Changemaker Internship Award Recipient Fall 2018
What are you hoping to accomplish over the next year (personally or professionally)? Complete first year of University of Colorado - Denver’s MPA Program (remotely)
Most memorable moment with the Center: Sustainabilibash 2018 (Sustainability Week 2018 Finale)
Eureka or aha moment (at CofC): It’s important to be confident in your speech so that you and others around you believe that you can accomplish your goals.
Greatest challenge of college career: Performing in a short play for Honors Western Civ in front of the class
Takeaway of your time w/ Center: Sometimes things take a long time accomplish. Patience is key in this sort of work. @ Charleston, South Carolina

Zainab Dossaji.

Majors/Minors: Political Science major, English minor

Favorite quote: "Don't boo, vote" -President Barack Obama

Quirk/Pet peeve: i'll forget that i poured myself a cup of coffee and then i'll find it hours later

Beloved pastime: in honor of this quarantine, one of my favorite pastimes has been walking around Charleston with my roommates and friends (in a socially distancing acceptable manner of course) . These are some of the people that inspire me the most and taking the time to hang out with them and check in is invaluable to me.

Pet(s): None, but planning on adopting a car very soon after graduation

Of which college-related accomplishment(s) are you most proud: Participating in the Harvard Kennedy School's Public Policy Leadership Conference

Leadership positions held at CofC: I was a senior senator on SGA, news editor on CisternYard, treasurer of Rotaract Club, and a member of the Honor Board

What are you hoping to accomplish over the next year (personally or professionally)? I want to implement change by working for an organization that has committed itself to getting women into office.

Most memorable moment with the Center: Oh gosh, many to choose from but I would have to say the healing workshop I helped conduct alongside my INCREDIBLE advisor, Marla Robertson, has been one of my most memorable experiences. To be able to facilitate the workshop as well as partake in it was such a powerful and rewarding experience.

Eureka or aha moment (at CofC): Junior year when I went abroad and finally learned how to appreciate the present rather than stressing about the future.

Greatest challenge of college career: waking up for my first class. Also trying to slow down my caffeine intake. @ Charleston, South Carolina

Have a great Thursday! 😁

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“With the constant stream of concerning headlines, we are excited to share some good news. We are launching a new online resource focused on The Land Institute's first breeding project to transition from research to farm to plate, Kernza® perennial grain. The resource is, a site that serves as the definitive source of information about growing, accessing, and using Kernza® perennial grain. While this website and the tradename are managed and owned by The Land Institute, this site was made possible by the input and collaboration of a broad network of partners from researchers to chefs.”

Congratulations 🎉
To all of our staff and interns, you deserve this for all your hard work and drive to make the world a better place 🙌🏻.

#TheNext250 #sustainabilitymadehere
#sustainability #nature #ecofriendly #zerowaste #sustainableliving #love #sustainable #recycle #savetheplanet #reuse #Charleston #Collegeofcharleston

Sam Jenkins.

Dates and positions with Center: Fall 2018-Spring 2020
Majors/Minors: Computing in the Arts
Favorite quote (if exists): Success means being satisfied with what you do every day. It's being proud of the better person you are becoming. - Dwyane Wade; Great news, I saw a dog today. - Buddy the Elf
Of which college-related accomplishment(s) are they most proud?: My capstone project (image pixelizer, I included some pics below that it generated)
Leadership positions held at CofC: Lead my intramural B-ball team to a B-Division Championship (jk it was a team effort)
What are they hoping to accomplish over the next year (personally or professionally)? Get a job that helps me navigate what I want to do with my degree (in a cool city)
Most memorable moment with Center: Sustainability Week 2019
Greatest challenge of college career: Not procrastinating, waking up
Takeaway of their time w/ Center: I really enjoyed my time with the center; it is a special place on campus with caring and supportive people that are always there for you. I know in the future I will always be able to reach out to anyone at the Center for any kind of advice or support I may need. @ Charleston, South Carolina

Julia Messinger.

“I was with the center for this past Spring 2020 semester, I am a Marine Biology Major and Studio Art and Sustainability Studies minor. Favorite quote at the moment is “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” - Henry Ford. Completing a hard major with two minors, as well as being in the young contemporaries art show. Hoping to accomplish creating and growing business of some sort, probably through artwork. Most memorable moment with the center was at the first meeting when everyone had to tell their fun fact about themselves. Greatest challenge of college career is a tie between figuring out time management and trying to pass invert biology. Takeaway from the center is that anything is possible when you have support, respect and teamwork! And I have like no normal photos of just myself lol so here’s the best most recent I could find!”

Graduated from CofC in December 2019.

Majors/Minors: B.A. Political Science and B.A. International Studies (Concentration: Latin America & the Caribbean)
Favorite quote: “The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change.” -Audre Lorde
Quirk/Pet peeve: I hate watching movies that have super loud action scenes and quiet dialogue- I am always changing the volume!
Beloved pastime: I love cooking! I love visiting farmers markets to find produce I'm not familiar with and using them to try new recipes.
Pet(s): I have two cats at home, named Cupcake & Scout.
Of which college-related accomplishment(s) are you most proud? I am most proud of being able to attend the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Ed (AASHE) annual conference to present my work on the Green Office Program and my efforts to highlight accessibility in technology and physical spaces as equally important to the environmental pillar of sustainability. I was able to connect with so many students, faculty, and staff at other universities and show them how to incorporate social sustainability into their workplace.
Leadership positions held at CofC: Office of Sustainability/Center for Sustainable Development - ECOllective Student Project Committee (ESPC) Member; Green Office Certification Program Lead Intern; Staff: Green Office Certification Program Coordinator; started with the Office of Sustainability in Spring 2018.
What are you hoping to accomplish over the next year (personally or professionally)? I am working on personal resilience to cultivate skills for self-sufficiency. I have begun gardening at home to grow edible plants, and I just started to teach myself how to sew.
Most memorable moment with Center: I have loved our field trips & sustainability bonding activities! My absolute favorite was learning how to crab off the fishing pier at Brittlebank Park. After learning how to cast a net, we took some crabs to cook at the Tin Roof and had a feast.
Takeaway of y @ Charleston, South Carolina

Sofia Troya.

• Major / Minor:
Political Science Major and Environmental & Sustainability Studies and Geology Minors

• Most memorable moment with Center:
The team meetings! 8am was rough but so worth it! I’m gonna miss seeing the entire team in one same room and hearing about everyone’s progress and all the jokes and positive energy!!

• Leadership positions held at CofC / special programs you're a part of.
• Executive Committee Director, Student Government
• President of Citizens’ Climate Education CofC
• President of International Club
• Leadership Cohort 2019-2020
• Greatest challenge of college career
Finding a balance between work life, school life and social/personal life!

@sofiatroya is a change-maker, she is always willing to help others and to change the world, keep fighting for your dreams, you are going to achieve all of your dreams ❤️

Blake Wooldridge.

Major: Hospitality and Tourism Management
Most memorable moment with the Center: Reciting a poem with a mail woman on the annual scavenger hunt
Leadership in the Center: Specialty Recycling/Terra cycle Lead
Greatest challenge of college career: Leaving the office (I think he means our office).

@blake_wooldridge was a huge asset for the center, he was always willing to help and we are so thankful that he was a part of our amazing team! 🙌🏻

Mya Belden.

Major: Supply Chain Management with a certificate in Sustainable Business Solutions
Minor: Spanish
Most memorable moment with the center: CofC’s 250th celebration
Leadership positions/special programs: Schottland Scholars, Peer Facilitator
Greatest challenge of college career: first semester freshman year.

She is a wonderful person, always bringing a smile and we are so thankful that she was a part of the center, thank you @myabelden for all your hard work! Keep working on your dreams ❤️👏🏻

Stay tuned for more information about this virtual panel!

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#sustainability #nature #ecofriendly #zerowaste #sustainableliving #love #sustainable #recycle #savetheplanet #reuse

Did you know you can grow plants from clippings? 🌱
The UGarden has oregano that is perfect for propagation! Follow these steps:

1. Find a stem that looks healthy/doesn't have buds on it (some of it is about to flower, but flowing parts aren't good for propagating since they are putting energy into the flower instead of root growth) 2. Snip stem with a clean device 3. Secure your clipping for the journey home 4. It's safest to prevent it from dying by storing in water for transport 5. clean water in a jar or bottle works well! 6. now you're in the location that you want to root this stem, remove some of the leaves from the bottom 7. set stems in clean water, change water often, & watch for roots (usually 2-3 weeks) 8. once it's grown several roots, you can plant in soil! make sure to water frequently as it transitions into the dry environment & enjoy your growing oregano plant (the one in the pot has been transplanted for two weeks now)! #goinggreenmeansgrowing #springgarden Check out @cofc_studentgarden gardens for more gardening info! #oregano #herbgarden @ Charleston, South Carolina

We need to hear your opinion 🙌🏻
Please go to:

Link on the bio.

To vote for our next campus-wide sustainability theme 🌱

#TheNext250 #sustainabilitymadehere
#sustainability #nature #ecofriendly #zerowaste #sustainableliving #love #sustainable #recycle #savetheplanet #reuse

This weeks sustainability month theme was food security so we thought we would share 2 recipes with you, vegan and not vegan. Hope you guys enjoy them, we sure did! And remember we are ZERO WASTE 😁 hope everyone is having a great week.

#TheNext250 #sustainabilitymadehere
#sustainability #nature #ecofriendly #zerowaste #sustainableliving #love #sustainable #recycle #savetheplanet #reuse @ Charleston, South Carolina

The Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability at the College of Charleston was officially founded in the fall of 2011 and has been growing ever since. Now with 8 staff members and 28 student interns, a multitude of projects and programs have been created and carried out varying from the Student Bike Share Program to Social Justice Coffee Hour to Synergies to Zero Waste.

The Office of Sustainability is a hub for sustainability and sustainable development. We focus on applied research opportunities, experiential learning, operational management, and public engagement on campus and in the greater Charleston community. We not only want to make our campus more sustainable, but also want to educate our students and faculty on how they can make a difference as well. We are all interconnected and part of one great, big community!

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Garden Tending Time-Lapse
Eddy takes your follow up #SolveClimate questions





14 Green Way
Charleston, SC

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
Friday 09:00 - 15:00
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