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How to Build a more Rewarding and Beautiful Life The Academy is a consortium of experts and enthusiasts: world-class chefs, prolific authors, academics, CEOs, florists, beekeepers, musicians, and more.

Founded by presiding Dean Suzanne Pollak in Charleston, SC, an original American city with a long history of Cooking, Hospitality, Design… We offer year-round culinary courses, topical lectures, skills workshops, field studies, our Handbook in print, plus additional resources online. Our platform is designed to equip students with the tools for building a beautiful life, and for maximizing every square inch of his or her primary investment (financial and otherwise.)

Operating as usual 08/31/2020

'Traveling the Perfumed Road' for September VIE — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits “This summer, the scent of the lilies made me revisit the 240-year-old house and 150-year-old spirits, reminisce about their antics, and think of the B&B I always wanted to run — minus the ghosts free to go wherever and do whatever they please, night and day. Recently, other scents take me 05/25/2020

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Sip with Suzanne. This Week’s Topic: The Sidecar.
An unbelievably tasty cocktail. Learn the skill involved using just three ingredients.
What you will need: Cognac, Cointreau (or Grand Marnier or Dry Curaco), fresh lemons. Invite fellow drinkers! Wednesday at Sip with Suzanne. 5:30-6:00 EST Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, confer... 05/25/2020

'The Pink Teacup' for June VIE — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits “I seem to have lived in a series of pink houses throughout my life. The first was in Mogadishu, Somalia, when I was a young girl. The second, in the early 2000s, was an eighteenth-century townhouse on Rainbow Row in Charleston, South Carolina. Now I live in another eighteenth-century pink house a... 05/22/2020

Less is More — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

New on the Blog: Dinners for two or three have a certain je ne sais quoi about them. Small dinner parties are the ones we can host at the moment. The cozy size has appealed to my entertaining sensibilities for the last decade. I adore them!  The size is particularly useful for one of our essential needs 04/30/2020

One Action Dinners, Part Three — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits One Action: OPEN YOUR LIQUOR CABINET.  Cook with gin, vermouth, tonic, bitters & more. Those bottles can do more than fill cocktail glasses. Let the elixirs flavor your dinner food, too. Last week’s Academy project (finding fun anyway possible) was cooking with booze, using tables 04/23/2020

One Action Dinners, Part Two — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

Easy "One Action" Dinners, Take Two! Less equals more, that’s what we are learning. We know what we do not need, what we can live without, and what we can do that we didn’t realize before. We might be discovering that the simplest dinner ever can be soul satisfying. The children might be happy with macaroni and butter but you need ... 04/16/2020

The Art of Biscuits — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

Still feel like baking but stores are still out of yeast? We've got you covered... THE ART OF BISCUITS  Carbs make people feel better, that is by now a well-covered fact . Another current fact is that yeast is difficult to find. The first and foremost beauty of the biscuit is no yeast is required. Find the Academy’s best Biscuit recipe HERE and CONTACT to schedule 04/09/2020

The Greatest Gifts for May VIE — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits “Our brains tend to run wild with stories all the time, even more so after a cancer diagnosis. The [first] surprise gift from the unknown sender was titled A Year to Live by Stephen Levine. Receiving the book out of the blue, between the time of the biopsy and the doctor’s calling to report on t... 04/02/2020

A Kitchen Wears Many Hats — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

Everyone always ends up in the kitchen... In quarantine time the kitchen will serve as dining room, office, playroom, classroom, homework station, living room, winery, even penal colony. It’s a room that is integral to family life no matter the size of the family, one to a dozen.  Exploit all its advantages. First off: Order in 03/29/2020

Time for Carbs — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

Here's a meditative Sunday afternoon project you can enjoy all through the week... The fact is that carbohydrates are mood lifters. If you are cranky and exhausted — and who isn’t right now? — then don’t poo poo carbs. Give them a try! When I was fifteen, I left Monrovia, Liberia, for boarding school in New Hampshire. I knew no one in this new country, new climate, my twel... 03/29/2020

Time for Carbs — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits The fact is that carbohydrates are mood lifters. If you are cranky and exhausted — and who isn’t right now? — then don’t poo poo carbs. Give them a try! When I was fifteen, I left Monrovia, Liberia, for boarding school in New Hampshire. I knew no one in this new country, new climate, my twel... 03/26/2020

One Action Dinners — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits We love Churchill’s Action This Day ! campaign. He believed in getting the extreme priorities done daily. (Everything else was relegated to Report In Three Days ...) At the Academy, we take Churchill’s quote in a culinary direction because feeding people is an extreme priority. We like the idea ... 03/26/2020

Who is the wisest among us all? — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits People who live in wheelchairs know how to live in confinement. Those with limited mobility find ways to connect that most of us never had to consider until now. Charlie Harry is one of the coolest guys I ever knew. He contracted polio at eighteen. One day he was the star quarterback; the next morn 01/08/2020

"Be Well" for February 2020 VIE — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits “Self Care is ‘the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.’ But this requires us to develop a specific intelligence. It means listening to your body and letting it guide you, going granular on how you view your e... 12/31/2019

The Ultimate Leftovers — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

Caviar Soufflé goes great with champagne! In the unlikely, lovely, & extraordinary event a half tin of leftover caviar lies in your kitchen, the Academy knows exactly what to do with it! Caviar soufflés! Caviar soufflés are beyond delicious, delightful, deluxe, and completely do-able. Thank you to retired Academy Dean Lee Manigault 12/19/2019

Personal Libraries — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits These are some of my favorite personal libraries seen last week in NYC. Libraries are not the place for interior designers but interior thoughts and tastes. There is really nothing better than sitting in a room full of books, stacked on tables, lining walls from floor to ceiling. Books cal 12/04/2019

"The Ultimate House Party" for VIE January — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits “I visited Tony and Carla in their home in southern France for two summers, and now we are family. We’ve adopted each other. When I need a lift, I tap into the memories of those halcyon days at the Hendra’s place. What could be better than reveling for a week (yes, a full week!) in communal bl... 11/15/2019

Conversations at Home — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

New on the blog! The conversations in a restaurant are completely different than the ones around your dinner table at home. Think about it. At a restaurant we mostly gather in groups - four, six, eight - as couples or a gaggle of women. (By the way, when the group is more than eight, the fun occurs once in a thousa 10/30/2019

Great A Little a Today is Pancake Day — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

New on the blog! Besides tea and liqueur , another favorite liquid we must not forget is BUTTERMILK. 10/11/2019

Turkey Talk for November VIE — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits “It’s time to elevate the ordinariness of the daily dinner. My experience from marriage and mothering, from listening to Charleston Academy students, and from accepting invitations to other people’s houses, is this: If you never use your dining room or you do so infrequently or only on big occ... 10/09/2019

The Point of Tea — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

Time for Tea! I am a tea addict. My mornings begin with a comforting mug of milky tea and honey, a cup of smokey Hu-Kwa highlights my afternoons. My favorite characters in fiction join my tea habit. The redoubtable Dowager Countess in Downtown Abbey insists there is always something particular to discuss at tea 09/27/2019

One Pan Wonder — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

Here's a recipe you can make with just one pan... What is so great about one pan meals? For starters, one word: EASY to make and to clean up! Beyond that, one pan is a way to train the brain to become free from distraction and endless chatter. Use this type of cooking to remain razor focused for a short period of time instead of multi tas 09/19/2019

"8 Ways to Get Guests to Remove Their Shoes" for — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

Here's a tip or two... There is no need to be overbearing! #7 comes straight from the Academy — " Rely on witticisms. Rather than asking straight up for guests to remove their shoes, which some may perceive as rude, inject a funny quip to lighten the mood. Suzanne … has a particular phrase of choice: ‘We ru 09/12/2019

3 of the "4 Things You Should Never Store Under Your Kitchen Sink -- and 5 You Should" for REAL SIMPLE — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

Here's the latest: “While convenient, [kitchen towels and paper bags] don’t belong under the sink, says Suzanne Pollak. (A leak would ruin them.) Stash them in a nearby closet or another cabinet instead for easy access…. If you want to keep things even simpler, get a few plastic containers or tubs to hold your s... 09/10/2019

"Walking into a Perfume Bottle" for October VIE — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits “A ballroom needs structure to contain its empty party space, and a garden ballroom is no different. Four ‘walls’ were a way of containing the area but open to the sky where anything seemed possible: a place for sitting still or dancing among a crowd. One wall was an avenue of thirteen twenty-... 08/29/2019

Start a Project: PICKLES — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

FYI bumper crop season is the best time to stock your pantry with pickles for the cold months to come... Why not spend an afternoon making pickles? A pickling is not a big time commitment but still delivers huge rewards in the coming weeks. A refrigerator door lined with jars of homemade pickles is always worth opening — if only to admire, get a blast of cool air, and for the good feeling of being on... 08/22/2019

Start a Project: Thank You Notes — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits Back to school! Your very first homework assignment of the year: THANK YOU notes… Why? When you see your handwritten note on a friend’s mantel or stuck in her mirror, you know your words produced a bit of happiness, because you acknowledged something lovely someone did. Thank you’s pay off 08/15/2019

Start a Project: Reading List — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits An old-fashioned concept might be brand new to some: READ A BOOK! Since school is starting soon, we at the Academy took it upon ourselves to watch less Netflix and read more books. Immediately we were reminded that reading is just as relaxing and possibly more rewarding than night after night of ep 08/09/2019

Ice Cream Camp — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

There's only one place to go in these last few weeks of Summer: Mom would never knowingly sign Little Man up for Ice Cream Camp but sometimes parents cannot control what happens when kids are away from home! Camp began as soon as mom dropped the toddler at her parents. She met them at a midpoint burger joint and they insisted on the first order of business: dou 08/07/2019

"A Culture of Your Own" for VIE September — Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

New on the blog: “There are two things I know for sure. First, never sacrifice your personality for someone else’s idea of ‘perfection.’ You have your own background, beliefs, and set of influences. I have mine. Yours and mine are different, and that is what makes life interesting — to identify what makes ... 08/01/2019

P.S. Another Perfect Party It may seem impossible, but I went to yet another marvelous dinner party this Summer… 07/25/2019

A Tale of Two Parties, continued...

What do you do at a four day party? Read on for details! Two weekends later in Charleston: an over-the-top four day birthday party! Guests flew in from Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Texas, Arkansa, Alabama, New York; in other words, everywhere, because everyone loves the birthday girl. She defines Girl Power. A four day party means guests make a commitme 07/18/2019

A Tale of Two Parties...

Part(y) One on the blog today! I want to share the details of an unforgettable pair of parties I attended recently. Not to cause FOMO or to duplicate (impossible!) but to tell the tale of two grand hosts and perhaps reveal some of their trade secrets. These two are totally suis generis , never copying anyone, 100% marching to th 07/12/2019

Rice 103: Pudding!

Who doesn't love rice pudding!? While the first two rice dishes in our Rice summer school series — paella and risotto — have great cultural pasts, rice pudding is personal, evocative, emotional...  For me, rice pudding brings up memories of college dinner parties my sister & I gave for our friends. Instead of tim 07/10/2019

"The Architecture of Dinner Party" for August VIE

New on the blog: “If you are asking yourself, Why bother? Let’s just go to a restaurant , STOP! The delights of a private dinner party cannot be replicated in the public arena. No waiting, no crowds, no loud party next to you. No feeling that you have to give up your table before you’re finished talking or eat...

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