College of Charleston Geology Department

College of Charleston Geology Department


Dr. Barbara Beckingham (College of Charleston Geology Department; right picture), CofC Alumni Kerry Wischusen (‘18, B.S. in Biochemistry; foreground of left picture) and Joanna Walker (‘17, B.S. in Public Health; not pictured) were recently published on PLOS ONE for their research entitled “Phthalate exposure among U.S. college-aged women: Biomonitoring in an undergraduate student cohort (2016-2017) and trends from the National Health and Examination Survey (NHANES, 2005-2016).”

Their work served to quantify phthalate concentrations within college-aged females (age 18-22) and compare it to the data from the CDC's National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)! Their research was made possible through the Women’s Health Research Team and Student Health Services, as well as the participation of over 200 female student volunteers from the College of Charleston! Congratulations to Dr. Beckingham, Joanna, and Kerry on their amazing work!

You can check out their paper here:
Friday highlights around the department: a visit from the Appstate Scholars with Diverse Abilities, the paleo undergraduate researchers hard at work, and a seminar on microplastics by Dr. Barbara Beckingham from the College of Charleston Geology Department
More than 40 donors have made gifts to support resources for BEAMS students in memory of beloved geology alum Matt Christie '13. To learn more about Matt's legacy and BEAMS, watch the video and make your gift online:

College of Charleston Geology Department
We are grateful this to honor the life and legacy of beloved geology alum Matt Christie ’13. Thanks to the generosity of Matt’s family and friends, the Matt Christie BEAMS Support Fund will provide vital resources for BEAMS students for years to come. To make your gift:

College of Charleston Geology Department
Earlier this week, Clyde helped Baylin Bible prep fossils for display in the Mace Brown Museum of Natural History at the College of Charleston. Baylin is a sophomore pursuing a General Studies major and College of Charleston Geology Department minor.
The SSM is proud to host Chesapeake Technology's SonarWiz7 Annual Workshop & Expo this week. SonarWiz provides sonar data acquisition and processing software to the marine geophysical and geological survey industry and is used by College of Charleston Geology Department faculty and students. Ten of our students will participate in the training workshop and have the opportunity to network with professionals and learn more about careers in these fields.
Angus Mullis-McCord is a geology major graduating this semester who recently completed his bachelor’s essay comparing the differences in appearance and ability to provide ecological services between an unmanaged watershed and a managed watershed. He worked with Dr. Carl Trettin of the Center for Forested Wetlands Research to conduct his study and hopes to soon submit his work for scientific publication.
College of Charleston Geology Department
Dr. Scott Harris of the College of Charleston Geology Department was recently involved in research that conducted the first aeroradiometric survey to look for patterns and anomalies of critical minerals along the U.S. Coastal Plain! Dr. Harris worked alongside scientists from both the U.S. Geological Survey and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, and it was published in the Geological Society of America’s “GSA Today” Journal in September. Congrats to Dr. Harris!
Dr. Teddy Them and colleagues have published a journal article in Earth and Planetary Science Letters, "New evidence for a long Rhaetian from a Panthalassan succession (Wrangell Mountains, Alaska) and regional differences in carbon cycle perturbations at the Triassic-Jurassic transition". The research focused on understanding the global carbon cycle across the end-Triassic mass extinction.

The photos below were taken while on-site in the Wrangell Mountains of Alaska in 2019. Clara Meier ('20), a recent graduate of the College of Charleston Geology Department, helped with sample collection during this particular expedition.

The article can be viewed here:
This is it, folks - the last water quality report of the season. We wrap up on a decent note, with only 25% of samples failing to meet the water quality standard for safe swimming. Check out more at

Swim Guide College of Charleston Geology Department
Great results this week! Even two greens in James Island Creek! Check out more at

Swim Guide College of Charleston Geology Department
Students in Dr. Beutel’s structural geology class were out mapping on Smith street last week. They were making scales of a section of the sidewalk that had bubbled up while adding the strikes and dips of the planes to determine the cause of the sidewalk deformity. College of Charleston Geology Department

Geology Rocks! And so does the College of Charleston! You won't find a better department to be a part of (I may be a little biased).

Feel free to ask any questions if you're interested in Geology and Environmental Geosciences.

Operating as usual

Photos from College of Charleston Geology Department's post 08/25/2023

✨Night At The Museum✨
More than 60 students solved clues to win prizes as the came to life for the Weeks of Welcome!

The funniest fill in the blank for this scavenger hunt? Body weight on various planets vs the moon 🌚


Join us at our back to school Happy Hour THIS Thursday, August 17 at Baker & Brewer! No RSVP necessary. Hope to see you there!

Photos from College of Charleston Geology Department's post 06/27/2023

If you’ve been following since our post a few weeks ago about summer research students on Dino Expedition 2023 with Dr. Scott Persons, you’d know that this student, Jules Riddle, was double fi***ng a fossil🦕and a 🥪sandwich. (Don’t worry, Dr. Persons made sure all bones🦴were safe.)

Fast forward to Jules toting out a plaster jacket containing the massive armored scute of a nodosaur.

The student team also found a new trackway from a hadrosaur and the skull of a mosasaur (image 2)!

Photos from College of Charleston Geology Department's post 06/22/2023

Welcome back domestic Field Studies 2023! Rocks and snacks is where it's at 👀🔨

If you're new here, WELCOME! If you’re wondering what this post is all about ->

Bachelor of Science majors (GENV majors too) must complete a Field Studies capstone. That means you spend almost 4 weeks in the American West (or abroad pending options) immersed in a group travel experience of a lifetime.


The College of Charleston Geology Board of Advocates is looking for ways to better serve our alumni community. Fill out this survey to share your thoughts on what types of events you would like to see, provide feedback to the Board, and update your contact information to stay in the loop with events in your area!
Survey link:

Photos from College of Charleston Geology Department's post 05/06/2023

POV : faculty-staff-alumni-affiliates in the wild 🐾


Join the “Investing in the Planet Through Improved Hazard Resiliency and Water Supply,” today, April 21. The webinar explores how two Geoscientists without Borders® (GWB) humanitarian projects are helping to increase to geologic in Guatemala and improving potable access and supply for communities in northeastern Ghana. By helping communities address challenges, these GWB projects are helping to invest in the planet. Speakers are:

- Steven L. Roche, Co-Investigator, Hearts in Motion (Increasing Natural Hazard Resiliency in Guatemala)

- Elikplim Abla Dzikunoo, Lecturer, Department of Earth Science, University of Ghana (Provision of Potable Water to Communities in Northeastern Ghana)

These GWB projects help address United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) SDG 4 (Quality Education), SDG 6 (Clean water and sanitation), SDG 11 (Sustainable cities and communities) and SDG 17 (Partnerships for Goals). Learn more and register:


Kick off Alumni Weekend with your College of Charleston Geology Department fam at Holy City Brewing!
Thursday, May 4
5:00 - 7:00 PM
Free to Attend - Food/Bev for Purchase


Coffee, doughnuts, and dolphins, oh my! ☕️🐬🍩

Don't forget that tomorrow from 12-4pm LMMN staffers will be at Cougar Mall with coffee coupons from The Black Door Cafe, doughnuts from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and tons of super cool information (and bones) from local marine mammals! See you there.

Photos from College of Charleston Geology Department's post 03/25/2023

We spy with our little eye a pocket size on a big adventure in Iceland led by faculty Dr. Cass Runyon and Dr. Teddy Them 🐾🧊

Photos from College of Charleston Geology Department's post 02/07/2023

📍Alberta Long Lake
Urban campus on a pen*sula = walking distance geoscience resources. Geochemistry students took a local trek to test water samples for pH, turbidity, conductivity, and chemical ions using probes and colorimeters.

Hard to hate Monday when it's sunny and 75 and your class is outside ☀️🌊

Photos from College of Charleston Geology Department's post 01/27/2023

BEAM Team roll call! T-minus hours until the end of and this year all gifts through the link below go directly to Program support. Help us honor Doc Sautter’s retirement and legacy by keeping this unique program growing!

“Housed in the Department of Geology and Environmental
Geosciences, the BEnthic Acoustic Mapping and Survey Program (BEAMS) is an
undergraduate-focused training and research program with the mission to develop
a strong and qualified workforce of ocean surveyors in support of the academic,
research, and operational marine communities. Gifts to the BEAMS Program will
support student experiential learning activities including at-sea field studies
and research and travel to national and international conferences.”

EXPO 2023 is Open for Student Submissions 01/25/2023

The April 13 event is free and open to the public! More info ➡️

Peep that this photo is College of Charleston Geology Department BEAMS student Jacob Stock presenting research to College of Charleston President Hsu 👀

If you’d like to support BEAMS this early giving is open! In honor of Doc Sautter’s retirement, this year all gifts through this link will go directly to the ⛴BEAMS Program!

EXPO 2023 is Open for Student Submissions On Thursday, April 13, 2023, EXPO 2023 will showcase the amazing work by College of Charleston students under the mentorship of professors. Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to submit any project conducted during summer 2022 or the 2022-23 academic year where they worked with a facu...


Warming up our celebration mood 👀 Remember the date and save this link! On Thursday next week, scroll to Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences and click "donate"! 🥰🐾

Have you received your CofC Day postcard in the mail yet? We're celebrating the founding of the College on Thursday, Jan. 26. Here's the VIP link to give CofC an early birthday gift:


Many of you know Daniel Robinson (Geology class of 2019). In June of 2021 he was reported missing in Arizona after leaving a job site near Buckeye, AZ.

Daniel’s father, David has been tireless in his efforts to locate Daniel and bring him home. You may be following on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or For Daniel’s birthday on January 14th, David urges everyone to take some time in nature this Saturday and share your photos and videos on social media with the tag

Margaret A. Davidson Undergraduate Resilience Research Scholars Program - S.C. Sea Grant Consortium 01/11/2023

We are very excited to share the news that Angela Nganga has been selected as a Margaret A. Davidson Resilience Scholar for 2023. Angela is a meteorology and data science student working with Norm Levine and Lancie Affonso on her research project, and she is also advised by Gabriel Williams.

This South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium scholarship provides support to an undergraduate student working on a project related to community resiliency. More information is at

Congratulations, Angela and advisors!

Margaret A. Davidson Undergraduate Resilience Research Scholars Program - S.C. Sea Grant Consortium An undergraduate fellowship for students from historically marginalized and underserved communities to further environmental resilience.

Photos from College of Charleston Geology Department's post 10/31/2022

It's giving Chadwicked. 🎃⚒

Honorary Ph.Ds conferred 10.31.2022 for the undergraduate Dr. John Chadwicks in Mineralogy & Petrology 🎓📜

Photos from College of Charleston Geology Department's post 10/11/2022

ROCKSHOP 2022: An Alumni-Student Community Connection Event kicks of THIS Thursday!

Connect with fellow alumni and support students by giving them the opportunity to talk with people who have been in their shoes while enjoying good food, good company, and good times!

View the flyers for more info and use the FORM link to let us know which events you'll likely attend!


Photos from College of Charleston Geology Department's post 10/10/2022

It’s Mineral Monday during Earth Science Week! Did you know quartz is the most common mineral on Earth? Made from Silicon and Oxygen, it’s harder than glass and can come in a variety of colors. The images below are all quartz collected by members of the College of Charleston Geology Department from South Carolina!

Photos from College of Charleston Geology Department's post 10/04/2022

It's only natural that the gold me[t]al🥇be at home in the department... or in this case the P.O.S.M. Award! We did it! We brought home the Program Of Study Management Award for best table at the 2022 Majors & Minors Fair!

Screaming THANK YOU to all the students who dug our table and took the time to vote! We had a smashing good time getting to know you!

And ya'll... this event and others are made possible by our rockstar 😎 student volunteers. We love your love for your department and your energy MAKES us!!!

Fist bump these students when you see them and give them a boulder size KUDOS!👊🏻

💎Monika Angner
💎Chase Austin
💎Beyla Bass
💎Jared Boye
💎Victoria Edwards
💎Emma Kubitschek
💎Sophia Mucci
💎Skylar Pope
💎Ashlyn Shirley
💎Karissa Venezia (proudly wore a shirt while working the History table 🤩)


The Mace Brown Museum of Natural History will be partnering with the South Carolina Aquarium to formally announce the discovery and naming of a new plesiosaur. Next Monday at 1:00, there will be a public talk and “unveiling” in the Great Ocean Tank Gallery, followed by a Q&A with the media.

The plesiosaur work is part of our continuing summer field-school efforts in Wyoming. The paper describing the new plesiosaur comes out the same day and will generate broad media interest (including the New York Times). A cast of the plesiosaur’s jaw will be shown at the event, but that specimen will ultimately be going on display at the Mace Brown Museum of Natural History.


The new Center for Collective Impact in Earthquake Science has received $500,000 in funding from the National Science Foundation! It’s goal is to be a leading-edge earthquake research center dedicated to improving resiliency from seismic hazards in an equitable, accessible, and sustainable manner. Kudos to Prof. Steve Jaume and colleagues from across the U.S. on this new program!

College of Charleston College of Charleston School of Sciences & Mathematics

NASA Awards $4 Million Through New Space Grant KIDS Opportunity 09/09/2022

CONGRATS to our very own Dr. Cass Runyon and her collaborators in Space Grant! Today it was announced that NASA has awarded $1 million dollars to the Space Grant Consortium for the NASA Space Grant Kids program “Plant the Moon Challenge”. K6-12 teachers can apply for funds to lead students in classroom experiments to see if plants could grow on the Moon. The winning SC team will have an all-expenses-paid trip to Kennedy Space Center!
"Student teams will get hands-on planetary science experience as they design experiments to grow plants in a simulated version of lunar soil, called regolith, through the NASA Space Grant Plant the Moon Challenge. The project significantly expands the reach of the original Plant the Moon Challenge, developed by the Institute for Competition Sciences, and adds Artemis mission-relevant activities and experiences, provides a state coordinator, and adds a teacher professional development component, as well as a stipend for educators to cover materials costs."

NASA Awards $4 Million Through New Space Grant KIDS Opportunity NASA is awarding more than $4 million to institutions across the U.S. to help bring the excitement of authentic NASA experiences to groups of middle and high school students who are traditionally underserved and underrepresented in STEM.


"Now, maybe it's just me, but college was very confusing times." - Tom Hanks 👟 Forrest Gump

'I'm pretty tired, I think I'll go home now.' - College of Charleston Geology Department students after a month of tent camping. ⛏🥾

Photos from College of Charleston Geology Department's post 08/04/2022

Who wore it better: nebulae, supernovae & stars captured by Hubble Space Telescope, or thin sections of various minerals on display at the Burpee Museum of Natural History in Rockford, IL.


Join fellow College of Charleston Geology Department alumni every 2nd Thursday of the month for a local happy hour at rotating locations! See you August 11 at Island Cabana Bar CHS starting at 5:00 pm!


If you don't follow on Instagram, now is the time! The very first group of students have arrived in Colorado for the very first domestic Field Studies in Environmental Geosciences trip. Students Jordan and Chase are taking over our stories for the next three weeks to bring you a boots-on-the-ground view of the student experience!


medium prize vs. small prize

But is there a big prize? 🦴🦖👀

Photos from College of Charleston Geology Department's post 05/19/2022

POV: romping around all day in dusty western scapes under the scorching sun then smushing into a van with other sweaty bodies + all the field gear is the dream.

ABQ ⬅️ 🗺 | 🦕 ➡️ CPR

Photos from College of Charleston Geology Department's post 05/17/2022

Whenever you want to come home, we'll leave the light on. 🐾

Photos from College of Charleston Alumni's post 04/29/2022

A Charleston Affair is always an event to remember, but this year just got even better with CofC Geology alumna Toni Reale '01 as the official floral designer for Spring Alumni Weekend's signature event! #

P.S. have you RSVP'd to the College of Charleston Geology Department Welcome Reception on Friday, May 13? The deadline is TODAY, so let us know you're coming here:

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Ever wondered how to get water from a well for water testing? Watch our young hydrologist-in-training explain how!
Fall 2021 registration is open again for all students, and we have a few courses with just a handful of seats remaining!...
Summer 2021 Intro to Coastal & Marine Geology
Introduction to Seafloor Mapping
GSA 2020 Virtual Social Hour
DIY Self-Watering Planter




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