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Mission: "All of us on the Cadet Activities staff are dedicated to providing a rich and robust college experience to all of our cadets. Through an exciting array of programs and events, our cadets are encouraged to socialize, donate their time, experience cultural events, participate in clubs and much more. All of this is oriented to rounding out the education of our cadets and helping develop principled leaders for our nation." Robert A. Sberna Lt Col, US Air Force, Retired Department of Cadet Activities, Director

The Citadel masterfully trolls Oklahoma for pathetic first-quarter showing against Alabama

Woohoo! Take a look! This is pretty cold blooded.

Seniors celebrating wtih their families & friends at the Ring Hop

Seniors celebrating wtih their families & friends at the Ring Hop

[08/11/18]   This morning 839 cadet recruits reported. The Class of 2022 begins their adventure! Super excited & now the work really kicks in. Fun!

[07/26/18]   Athletic cadre arrived last Thursday & the 4th class athletes arrived today. That means that the campus is more active. That makes me very happy. 😁

South Carolina

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Spring Hop 2018

Spring Hop 2018

Battalion Feud!

‘The Voice’ blind auditions: Mitchell Lee sings ‘Hold My Hand’ after ditching dentistry for super-stardom [WATCH]

Tango 2010 grad picked up on The Voice. Go Mitchell! Fantastic young man! We cannot say enough good things about him. :-D Former aspiring dentist Mitchell Lee blew the coaches away on Monday’s premiere episode of “The Voice.” In the Season 13 debut, Lee caused three of the coaches — Adam Levine…

Special Yearbook Message Order Form

Attention Senior Cadet Parents:

The Sphinx yearbook is created by a cadet staff each year and is handed out to cadets at the end of the spring semester. Parents and family members are encouraged to leave a brief message in the yearbook to their graduating seniors. Use the form at the link below to submit your message.

Families may submit more than one message, but there is a $15 fee for each message. Payment is to be submitted separately, by mail. Deadline is October 27.

If you have any questions, please contact our department at (843)953-7775 or by email.

Thank you

P: (843) 953-7775 | E: [email protected]

[08/19/17]   The Class of 2021 has been in training all week. Now, Cadet Activities will take all 788 knobs to The Citadel beach house. They will have the chance to relax without cadre. 😁. We will take loads of photos and post them Monday or Tuesday.

Please note:. No family, friends or alumni will be allowed at this event. It will be the day that so many freshmen will make friends for a lifetime. 😄

Citadel Class of 2021 - Challenge Week Begins

Class of 2021- Challenge Week begins.

Members of the Class of 2021 begin training at The Citadel.

Citadel Class of 2021 Matriculation

Class of 2021 - Matriculaton Day slideshow.

The Class of 2021 arrives at The Citadel.

[08/12/17]   Today, Class of 2021 matriculated this morning. It's hard to believe that the new school year is upon us. 😁

I plan to post many photos tomorrow afternoon. I must collect them from my battalion cadet activities officers.

[08/07/17]   I am thrilled to have the cadet leadership back on campus. They arrived last Thursday. The support staff arrives today. Training will take place all week to prepare for the Class of 2021. I am so happy to have them back. Campus was too quiet without cadets. 😁

[08/01/17]   Attention Anglican/Episcopal families and cadets!!

If you would like to meet our new Anglican/Episcopal priest, plan to attend the religious gathering on Friday, 11 August, in Mark Clark Hall in Buyer auditorium. Rev. Rob Sturdy will be our new chaplain and he is great! He is also a 2003 graduate of SCCC. If you would like to attend, email Ron Plunkett (64') at [email protected] so that he can prepare for your attendance.

Also, MajGen James E. Livingston, MOH, USMC, ret. He is one of only 72 living Recipients of the Medal of Honor and I believe the most highly decorated Marine of the Vietnam War. He is also a member of St. Alban's Chapel.

Again, if you would like to attend, contact Ron Plunkett (64') at [email protected]

[07/26/17]   Today the freshman athletes reported to campus. Those who will play NCAA football, basketball, soccer & volleyball arrived this morning. I had the chance to witness them receiving their post office box keys and have their height/weight measured. Go Bulldogs!!

[07/15/17]   The first wave of cadets report on Wednesday, 19 July. These cadets are part of Athletic Cadre who will train & prepare for the incoming 4th Class athletes.

For those of you who wish to celebrate Flag Day with some alumni.

American Red Cross - Give blood

Next Wednesday, 19 April we will have two groups collecting blood. We will have the Red Cross and the Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP) here to collect much needed blood. The blood collected by the Red Cross will stay in the Charleston area. The blood collected by the ASBP will go directly to the military theater and military hospitals. It will be your choice to who you would prefer to donate.

The drive is from 9:00am – 5:00pm in Buyer Auditorium on the 2nd floor of Mark Clark Hall. When you arrive you can pick to which group you would prefer to donate. If not, we will send donors evenly to both groups. If you would like to speed up your donation process, please make an appointment at The sponsor code is BULLDOG. Your single donation of whole blood can help save up to 3 lives. Those with appointments have priority.

Come as early as your schedule allows. The mornings are less crowded so try to come before 12noon.

Save 15 minutes by answering your health history questionnaire online

To qualify to donate you must:
1. Not have donated whole blood in the last 56 days. If you did not donate blood at the February campus drive, you should be eligible to donate this month. When donating double red, you are not eligible to donate until after 110 days.
2. Weigh at least 110 pounds
3. Be at least 18 years of age
4. And, feel well on the day of your donation.

It is recommended that you keep yourself
hydrated and fed on the day of your donation.

Should you have questions or need more information, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. Thank you and I hope to see you next Thursday. The need for blood is constant – every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. In fact, each day, the American Red Cross must collect approximately 14,000 units of blood to meet the needs of patients at around 2,600 hospitals and transfusion centers

[03/12/17]   Congratulations to my 2017-2018 Cadet Activities Officers & NCO!!! Regimental CAO - Santiago Vega; Regimental CA NCO - Matt Bartolo; 1B - Charles Braddock ; 2B - Emily Claire; 3B - Joey Pappagallo ; 4B - Cooper McCormick; 5B - Dane Butler. I'm thrilled to be working with y'all next year!!

So proud of these cadets! Ten fantastic acts so it was a difficult decision for the judges.

2017 Cadet Talent Show was wonderful! Then great cadet talents were performed and all were fantastic. It made the decision of a winner difficulty. First Place went to Rhaei Brown, Freshman, Palmetto Battery. He played Spanish guitar. Second Place went ot Alexis Fox, Sophomore, Tango Company, . She performed a mime dance. Third Place went to Michael Rice, Sophomore, Papa Company.

2017 Cadet Talent Show was wonderful! Then great cadet talents were performed and all were fantastic. It made the decision of a winner difficulty. First Place went to Rhaei Brown, Freshman, Palmetto Battery. He played Spanish guitar. Second Place went ot Alexis Fox, Sophomore, Tango Company, . She performed a mime dance. Third Place went to Michael Rice, Sophomore, Papa Company.

Valentine's Ball at Summit Place retirement home with awesome cadets.

[11/12/16]   The Citadel is now 10-0. Undefeated! The beat VMI 30-20. GO BULLDOGS!

[11/12/16]   Citadel Bulldogs at VMI today. GO BULLDOGS! Let's go 10 & 0.

VOTE: The Best Rushing Tandem in FCS Football Vote for the best rushing tandem in FCS football.

VOTE: The Best Rushing Tandem in FCS Football Vote for the best rushing tandem in FCS football.

[10/15/16]   Congratulations Class of 2017. You now wear The Ring! Also, congratulations Class of 2020 for your promotion to full cadet. 😀

Welcome | Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center | Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

Second blood drive of the semester. We have 1 per month while school is in session. The October drive is from 0900-1700 on Wednesday, 12 October in Buyer Auditorium on the second floor of Mark Clark Hall. We highly recommend that you make an appointment at Sponsor code: BULLDOG. You single donation can save up to 3 lives. Students, faculty, staff and alumni donate regularly. You can to.

Also, Be the Match bone marrow registry will be at this drive. If you would like to register to be a potential bone marrow donor, you can sign up for free on that day. Once you register, you are on the registry for life.

I do recommend that you try to donate in the morning. As cadets are in class, the process moves faster in the morning hours.

[09/18/16]   Go Bulldogs!! Citadel 31. Gardner Webb 24.

The Citadel earns three #1 rankings from U.S. News and World Report - The Citadel - Charleston, SC

Go Bulldogs!

Citadel Field Day - Pep Rally 10 September 2016

Sturday's Field Day/Pep Rally. Fun was had by all.

Thank you Craig Rieth for the great photos. :-D

This year’s first Pep Rally was combined with Field Day activities including cornhole, dodge ball, ultimate frisbee, inflatable obstacle course, dunk booth, ...

[09/01/16]   Ring Ceremony 2016, Friday, 7 October at 6pm


PASSING THROUGH THE RING: DO NOT BRING: Covers (leave in car), gloves, purses, or more than two guest participants. Please ask your other guests to enter the field house and remain there until you have gone through the ring. You can only go through the ring one time with your company.

(1) Enter (cadet and guest(s) participating) McAlister Field House and go to the back and proceed to card/rose table. Pick up your card and verify information. All other non-participating family/guests should stay in the McAlister Field House and be seated.
(2) Pick up one rose for each guest if you ordered them. See Mrs. Ward, Rm. 210, Mark Clark all to order roses before the deadline given in an email Mrs. Ward sent you weeks before.
(3) Go to the podium and give your card to cadet helper. Assist with any difficult names, etc. DO NOT TALK WITH THE READER! Please see Mrs. Ward, Cadet Activities, Mark Clark Hall, Room 210 before day of event to make changes on the card, if you need to do so.
(4) Move up to the Cadet Activities aide and wait for his/her signal to move into the ring.
(5) Male cadets: Make sure the lady is on your right. If two ladies, one on each side with the more senior on your right. Female cadets: Male escort should be to your left. If two gentlemen, one on each side with the more senior on the right.
(6) When given the signal, move into the ring with your guests. If escorting a lady (ladies), offer your arm(s). Do not wait to hear your name; the announcer reads as you stand in the ring. Give guest(s) rose before entering the ring.
(7) Step into the ring and stop; Look up and smile at the camera. You will be given verbal instructions from the photographer via a speaker in flowers.
(8) Once you see the photo flash and the photographer tells you to, please move out of the ring quickly. As you proceed down the center aisle and through the sword arch, another picture will be taken. Do not stop in the aisle, keep walking; if you do stop you may miss having

the second picture taken.

Please arrive about 5 minutes before your time in case we’re running ahead of schedule. Times are approximate.

Order…going through the ring…2016 (Times are approximate; according to how big each company is)

6:00 pm – Jr. Sword Arch Detail Performance
6:15 – Reg. Commander; Senior Class President; Regimental Activities Officer; Ring Chairman
6:20 – Senior Football Players and Active Duty Students

2nd BN: 4th BN:
6:25 – H 8:15 - T
6:35 – F 8:25 – N
6:45 – E 8:35 - O
6:55 – BD 8:45- R
7:05 – G 1st BN
3rd BN 8:55 - C
7:10 – I 9:05 - B
7:20 – K 9:15 - D
7:30– L 9:20 - A
7:40 – M
5th BN
7:45 – S
7:55 – PAPA
8:05 – PB
8:10- V

Citadel Night at Joe Riley Park, 2016

Tuesday's Citadel Night with the Charleston Riverdogs. Fun was had by all.

The Charleston Riverdogs welcomed The Citadel's faculty and staff and the Corps of Cadets to Joe Riley park on August 30, 2016. Pre-game festivities included...

[08/24/16]   Citadel family & friends: I am looking for more sponsor families for this academic year. With 800+ new knobs and many requesting a home away from home, I have run out of families. If you or someone you know is interested, email me at [email protected].

A sponsor family offers a home away from home in the Charleston area. These kids live as far as China, Taiwan, California and Washingston state. Other than a hotel rooom with their buddies, that is their only place away. If you would be willing to offer yoru home and give them some Citadel support, you will have these cadets for as long as you stay in touch. It truly is a special program. I have sponsored for 16 years now and I am still "mom" to many alumni. It is very rewarding.

Citadel Cadet Activities

4th Class Fun Day at the water park.

[08/21/16]   Today we take all freshmen off campus for the afternoon. The only upperclassmen on hand are CAOs & HAOs. CA staff will be there as well. Fun day in the sun & water!

Parents: This is not a day for you. Please do not attend! If you show up, I'll have 800 other homesick knobs. I don't want to be the mean person to ask you to leave.

Yes. We will take loads of photos. 😁

Citadel Cadet Activities

Good evening everyone! Tonight was Class of 2020 Pizza Night. The cadet activities officers (CAOs), the human affairs officers (HAOs) plus Cadet Activities staff hosted the event. I believe we have some full tummies and had a lot of laughs.

[08/15/16]   As of this morning, we have 819 freshmen on our campus. Good luck to the Class of 2020!

Citadel Matriculation - Class of 2020

Mariculation Day slide show.

Welcome Class of 2020. Audio by The Meters from the album The Best of The Meters: Cissy Strut - Hey Pocky A-Way - Mardi Gras Mambo

[08/13/16]   MATRICULATION DAY!! As of this morning, we now have about 850 knobs on campus. Welcome Class of 2020!

[08/06/16]   Cadre leadership (Regimental Staff, COs, CSMs & 1SGTs) reported on Thursday, 4 Aug. Cadre support staff arrives on Monday, 8 Aug & I am thrilled. Next week all of of these cadets have training to prepare them to better train the Class of 2020.

Next Saturday, 13 Aug we are expecting approximately 857 knobs to report and we will be ready.

I wanted everyone to know it's not just cadets who do community service around town. The Commandant's Staff visited One80 Place yesterday to clean up the grounds and wash some of their vehicles. TACs and staff alike. :-)

[07/21/16]   Athletic Cadre has arrived and are preparing for the freshman fall athletes to arrive.

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171 Moultrie Street, MSC 130
Charleston, SC

General information

Cadet Activities handles Citadel clubs & organizations, 4th Class Sponsor Program, Social Development (Etiquette training), Freshman beach day, Movie Nights, Cadet Cookie Program, Ride-Drive program, blood drives, and so much more is what we are all about, check us out on the website or stop by second floor Mark Clark Hall and ask about the several oportunities, and events that we organize.

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
Friday 09:00 - 15:00
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