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I am a intuitive healer helping men and women, reveal and experience their " Higher Soul Self." Living their lives with unbounded joy, freedom, and success


Marianne Williamson

The spiritual community should not be standing on the periphery only talking about “love and light.” This is a time for us to be willing to speak up. If you agree, please share.


BE your "Highest Soul Self."
Shine "Your Light of Love."💛🙏🌟

Sometimes we are on the verge of Blossoming into a thousand flowers.
But we don't.
We are waiting. We are thinking, ”Maybe tomorrow. I'm quite busy right now doing the same unsatisfying things I have been doing for years. Yep, pretty busy."
Or maybe we are afraid of what will happen if we open up. We are afraid to leave a bad situation because we've forgotten what a good one even looks like for us.
We've gotten so used to a life surrounded by unhappiness that we've convinced ourselves it's normal. After all, everyone else's life looks like this, too.
Somewhere along the way we stopped believing in our own strength and beauty. We think we've lost it, or maybe it was never really there.
And worst of all, we've let someone else define who we are for us. We've lost who we are so we'll believe whatever anyone else tells us, even if it makes us smaller...angrier.
There are not enough voices telling us the Truth. There are not enough voices to get through the mist that has gathered around our belief in ourselves.

Right now, let me be that Voice.
Right now, let me tell you:
You are Strong.
You are Beautiful.
You are Capable.
You are Worthy.
You have made mistakes. You have lashed out. You have hidden your dreams, your light, and your power. These things are true. These are things you have done. They are not you.
You are your Dreams.
You are your Light.
You are your Power.
You are a Miracle waiting to happen.
You are a Blessing waiting to be bestowed.
You are an example of Truth waiting to be spoken.
You are a thousand Blossoms waiting to explode into colour, fragrance, delight and joy.

Don't let anyone hold you back.
Yes, you have been buried.
Like all good seeds. It's time to live.
It's time to open to the world, to the Sun and to yourSelf.
You are on the verge
Of something

~Aaron Paquette


Hay House

Kyle is a "True Angel."😇💛🌟

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katiecavuto.com 06/12/2017

{Breathe} How To Heal: Loosen Your Grip and Love From Within | Nourish.Breathe.Thrive.

Thank you for your courage dear Katie! 🙌🙏🌟

katiecavuto.com When I let go of my tight grip, when I learned to love myself instead of criticizing my inadequacies, the light started to pour in. I truly began to heal.

thepowerofideas.ideapod.com 05/27/2017

“To love without knowing how to love wounds the person we love.” Thich Nhat Hanh on mastering the art of "interbeing" - Ideapod blog

thepowerofideas.ideapod.com We’ve all asked the question, “what is love?” Is it a feeling? An action? Or is it something we simply can’t define? Well, according to Buddhist…


You were created to create the good, the holy, and the beautiful.
Virtue is its own reward. Never underestimate your power to create your reality! •lawofattraction •thoughtsbecomethings

thatericalper.com 05/24/2017

Person Asks Online For Advice On How To Deal With Grief. This Reply Is Incredible.

Deep within abides another life, not like the life of the senses, escaping sight, unchanging. This endures when all created things have passed away.
BE still.. and know I Am🙏🌟😇

thatericalper.com Via


The third chakra is called Manipura which in Sanskrit means " city of jewels." The energy radiating from it is the most consistent and uniform in frequency in the subtle energy system.
When we refer to " listen to your gut," or "fire in the belly," this is your center of power. Meditate.. bring your awareness to your solar plexus.. Breathe...radiate from your center "Yellow Light " with Love.. throughout your body...radiate from your center Love to everyone, radiate from your center Love to everything. Namaste' .."We Are ONE"💛🌏🙏 #fireinthebelly


The Self is the Lord of Self...When a man subdued well his self, he will find a Lord very difficult to find... knowing that it's nature is that of a mirage, the disciple passes untouched by death ... He in whom the desire for the Ineffable has arisen, whose mind is permeated by that desire, whose thoughts are not distracted by lower desires, he is named " Bound upstream." #youaretheuniverse


Hay House

This world is an illusion..Love is to fear what Light is to darkness.

Hi! I’m Anita Moorjani. Let’s talk about choosing LOVE, no matter what. Listen to my Hay House World Summit lesson for free here: http://bit.ly/2pgLpoS

gaia.com 05/12/2017

E-Motion-Opt - Gaia

Feel it to Heal it is a mantra we must consider every moment. When we practice conscious "awareness," (BE-ing) in every sacred, precious, present moment, we become "Charged....Consciousness having an authentic experience." Meditation everyday, puts us in right alignment with the true divine power within.
Then we are able to manifest and create our reality with ease and joy!
💛Love Yourself, 🌀Love Everyone,
👌Meditate Every Day

gaia.com You are what you think? Join experts from around the world including Sonia Choquette, Joe Dispenza, Nassim Haramein and Neale Donald Walsch as they explore the connection between our thoughts and our physical well-being. Plus, discover techniques to better manifest your divine purpose.


When we ask and The Universe answers, ''tis a most beautiful dance of spirit." Sitting with Marianne Williamson after her day long Seminar. Her latest book " Tears To Triumph," is a balm to ones soul. None moves through this life without loss. When we allow ourselves to "feel" our pain and sorrow, only then may we have compassion for the exquisite beauty of this life.
Thank you Dear Marianne for You!💛🙏😇

npr.org 05/05/2017

'Just Show Up': Sheryl Sandberg On How To Help Someone Who's Grieving

npr.org The Facebook executive lost her husband in 2015. She says, "Rather than offer to do something, it's often better to do anything. Just do something specific." Her new book is called Option B.


Brian Weiss, MD -- Workshop in Philadelphia 4-22-2017 😇

I know that there is a reason for everything. Perhaps at the moment that an event occurs we have neither the insight nor the foresight to comprehend the reason, but with time and patience it will come to light.

nicaskew.com 04/11/2017

Nic Askew | Soul Biographies » Let Me Introduce You to the Moon

Nic's work is profoundly beautiful. I hope to work with him someday. On this day the 11th of April, marking 8 months of my son Daniels journey into the realm of "All There IS" I love this film, as it brings remembrance, recollection, and reunion, to my heart and soul. Thank you Nic

nicaskew.com Next PROGRAMS using Nic’s Dynamic Truth Process are in Minneapolis and London. Explore, Find, Articulate and Record Purpose on Film.


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shar.es 12/04/2016

Greater Happiness in 5 Minutes a Day

shar.es How to teach kids loving-kindness meditation


Buddhist Boot Camp

My philosophy teacher held up a bucket full of golf balls at the front of the class one day and asked us if the bucket was full. We all agreed that it was. He then poured a box of pebbles into the bucket, and the pebbles naturally rolled into all the open spaces between the golf balls. He asked us again if the bucket was full, and we again agreed that it was. He then poured a box of sand into the bucket, which filled-up everything else. We, of course, said "Yes!" when he asked us if the bucket was full again. Finally, he poured two cups of tea into the bucket, effectively filling all the empty space between the sand. All we could do was laugh.. But as the laughter subsided he said, "This bucket represents your life, and the golf balls represent the important things in it (the big stuff, you know? Things that even if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full.. like health, friends, family, God, passions). The pebbles represent things like your job, house, and car. And the sand is everything else... you know, the small stuff."

"Now," he said, "if you put the sand into the bucket first, then there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls. So don't spend all your time and energy on the small stuff or you won't have room for what's truly important. Set your priorities and take care of the golf balls first, everything else is just sand."

And remember that no matter how full your life may seem, there's always room for a cup of tea with a friend. :)


Look deep within the center of your heart and find that tiny pinpoint of brightly colored Light. It is such a beautiful color It is the very center of your Love and healing energy. It is the Light of The Divine! 🌟Breathe In.." Hum... Breathe Out .."Sah"... Hum Sah.. " I Am That." 🌟"I am a Light Being. I radiate the Light from my Light Center throughout my being🌟. I radiate the Light from my Light Center to everyone. 🌟I radiate the Light from my Light Center to everything. 🌟I am in a bubble of Light and only Light can come to me and only Light can be here. 🌟Thank you God for everyone, for everything, and for me." "metta #lovingkindnessmeditation #HighestSoulSelf💛🙏🌟


The Holy Instant--- the idea--- the cosmically ordered Universe --- One moment --- "Be Still and Know" ---Give God that one instant. Aham bramasmi.. " I am the universe." #metta # lovingkindness # meditation #HighestSoulSelf💛🙏🌟


"Full Moon Goddess Dance" 🌕🌏💛 The veil is thin, we surrender and release all that no longer serves our " Highest Soul Self." We manifest and create our reality. We are called to lift ourselves up and remember who we really are ---Divine beings of spiritual power here on Planet Earth 🌏 to channel Love, 💓Care, 🙏and Peace ✌️️for the Higher Good of All Beings. #manifest-dreams🌟 #Love- everyone equally 🌀#Love-everything 🌀#Love -yourself💝 #HighestSoulSelf💛🙏🌟


Highest Soul Self-Suzi Elledge


This image is the measured vibrational frequency of my son Daniel saying, "I Love You."

You're a "Real" Rocket Man! 💛🚀😇


How beautiful the leaves go to their graves! How gently lay themselves down and turn to mould! Painted of a thousand hues and fit to make the beds of us living...Thoreau
#itsallyellow #circleoflife #mindfulness #highestsoulself🙏💛🌀


No one lights a lamp in order to hide it behind the door; the purpose of light is to create more light, to open people's eyes to reveal the marvels around. - Paolo Coelho
#steadyflowoflove #lovebirds #lovemmyfamily 💛🙏🌟


My friend Ted Wiard, a pioneer in grief and loss science and service, told me this loss of my son Daniel, was" like a brain injury... this is a scientific fact."


Keep your faith, as it will ensure a steady flow of support materially, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.
#abundance #allneedsmet #steadyflowoflove #steadyflowofmoney


Without friends the world is but a wilderness... Chloe, " The Marsh Goddess" says,"self Love is not selfishness, you cannot serve from an empty vessel." #mindfulliving #meditationisthemedication #sistersister #highestsoulself🙏💖🌀


Highest Soul Self-Suzi Elledge

Feel the utter exquisiteness of life.. The sorrow, the beauty, the magic, in every cell of your being. Living mindfully every day. Go deeper longer. Breathe the essence of who you are...behold the gem in the flower.🙏 The Divine within.. OM MANI PADME HUNG🌺


Self Acceptance

Self Acceptance...Taking responsibility or and tending to our inner state sustains our freedom.


Let me not squander the hour of my pain --Rilke

instagram.com 09/13/2016

Instagram photo by Niloo Golshan Yamin • Sep 7, 2016 at 12:26am UTC

Feel the utter exquisiteness of life.. The sorrow, the beauty, the magic, in every cell of your being. Living mindfully every day. Go deeper longer. Breathe the essence of who you are...behold the gem in the flower.🙏 The Divine within.. OM MANI PADME HUNG🌺

instagram.com See this Instagram photo by @nilooyogaandhealing • 13 likes


Chloe, the marsh goddess, knows we must "feel it to heal it." The shadow is not necessarily always an opponent. In fact, (it) is exactly like a human being with whom one has to get along. The shadow becomes hostile only when (it) is ignored or misunderstood. As long as your heart and mind lack a channel of clear communication, you will be confused about what to do with your life. As Jesus said, " if a kingdom is divided against itself, it cannot stand" (Mark 3:24). Go deeper,longer to feel your sweet, tender heart. Be courageous to know and love your true self. #mindfulliving #heartmindconnection #meditateeverydamnday #highestsoulself🙏💖🌍


Happiness lies in the holy instant..Alignment with God.. Miracles arise from your conviction. Life on planet earth is temporary. Eternity exists in consciousness. #carpediem #Loveveryone #Loveverything# #metta-loving kindness #meditateeverydamnday #highestsoulself🙏💖🌀


Chloe, "The Marsh Goddess" say's, "You can choose to live a life where life happens to you. Or you can choose to live a life where life comes from you...". "Be A Visionary" 😎 #Chloethemarshgoddess #ajnachakra #thirdeyeofintuitiin #purpleclear #shamsound #manifestdreams #highestsoulself🙏💖🌍

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Look deep within the center of your heart and find that tiny pinpoint of brightly colored Light. It is such a beautiful ...
Hiking in The Great Smoky Mountains following Mindfulness 101 Meditation Workshop. Thank you to all who shared your hear...




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