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ROOM FOR RENT to share with another ACBA student. Private bedroom and bath. Shared living area. Quiet and can take side roads to school. Located in North Charleston. Half bath for guests and community pool. I can be contacted by text at 423-708-1281 or by e-mail at [email protected] for pictures and more information.

The address is 6240 April Pine Cir B

Rent will be 450 plus half utilities
Elections have finally wrapped up and we have a new Student Guild Cabinet and Representatives!

Be sure to say Congratulations to the following people:
• President: Jennifer Sustar
• Vice-President: Bradford Earle
• Secretary/Treasurer: Mallory Perkins
• Social Chair: Stephen Clark
• Freshman Representative: Casey Hagen
• Classical Architecture & Design Representative: Ashlee Street
• Iron Representative: India Lee
• Masonry Representative: Peter Thuronyi
• Wood Representative: Jackson Ross-Parent
We're all excited for this new Guild and what the year has in store for the students and all of ACBA!
Hi all, I know lots of you are out of town for holidays, but a friend is selling some nice wood some of y'all might like:

2” and a 3” live edge slab of hickory approx 6’. $40 each.

Two 4 x 4 x 8 poplar $50 es

Two 3x10 x8 mantle shelf willow oak $75 each

Black walnut live edge 10-12” wide 2”. 6-7’. $50-90

If anyone is interested, dm me and I'll share the contact info. Happy new year!
Does anyone have recommendations for student housing?
Hey Guys.

Here's a super affordable housing option for downtown that's available now.

Calling Stone grad's.
I have a job lead for someone who is willing to relocate to Bedford IN. They've heard we have the skills and want to see if there is someone out there who's available. This sounds like a long term shop setting (banker mason). They are also willing to give additional training if needed.
It's a small shop not an impersonal productions setup.
PM me if your interested.
If anyone needs a place to go, get in touch with me. Or if anyone needs help boarding windows.
Hey, folks. Who would be willing to lend a hand with unloading a truck on James Island next Sunday evening and/or Monday morning (June 2/3)? There will be pizza or whatever else y'all want to eat.
Don't forget-
Resume writing how-to tomorrow @ 12 @ the jail!
Got a 3.0 or higher? Join the National Technical Honor Society. Get $$ for college!
You guys all rock! I can't wait to see where this takes you! Very exciting!

The Student Guild is the student government organization at The American College of the Building Art Do you want a t-shirt or hat from ACBA?

The ACBA Student Guild is a self-funded student organization that provides a voice for the student body with the administration of the college, as well as organizes initiatives in community outreach, student enrichment and social events. All proceeds from ACBA merchandise benefit the student guild. Reach out to [email protected] for more info!

Operating as usual

Photos from ACBA Student Guild's post 01/24/2019

One day to go! We are stoked!

We've gone over all the beverages that we'll have at the event, but now let's talk about music.

Craftsmen and Craftbrews is going to have Charleston's one and only Green Levels there! These guys are super talented and we are pumped to have them joining us tomorrow night!

Green Levels formed in Charleston, SC in 2008, and have been playing regularly at venues and events around the Lowcountry ever since. Not quite straight ahead bluegrass, not quite folk, not quite acoustic jam rock, sometimes all of the above- these guys are bound to make every event a great time!

Have a listen to one of their songs at

Buy your tickets now

(Photos courtesy of Green Levels)

Photos from ACBA Student Guild's post 01/23/2019

Want to come to Craftmen and Craftbrews but not really a drinker?

Passionate about all craft beverages, not just beer?

Don't worry guys, we have you covered!

Cannonborough Beverage Co. is a locally owned business that produces AMAZING craft soda from fresh ingredients. Started by three friends back in 2012, they noticed a lack of creativity in the non-alcoholic beverage market and saw soda as the perfect vehicle to carry over the attention to detail and quality sourcing of the craft beverages they admired.

Cannonborough Beverage Co does it right and we're stoked to have some of their sodas at the event. Not just one flavor, not just two flavors, but THREE Flavors to choose from!! We'll have Honey Basil, Grapefruit Elderflower, and Raspberry Mint available!

Buy tickets now at

(Photos Courtesy of Cannonborough Beverage Co.)

Photos from ACBA Student Guild's post 01/23/2019

Happy Hump Day! Two days to go and it's beer drinking time!

Today we're talking about Tradesman Brewing Co.!
Tradesman Brewing is an institution if there was one among the craftbeer community here.

Anyone who's been here a minute knows they used to be on James Island and completed a move to the Brewery District a couple years ago. Now located on the King street extension, they have an incredible space with ample indoor and outdoor seating. (You can spot their bright green shipping container to know where to go!)

Tradesman always has something fun happening and help support so many awesome causes around the lowcountry! They keep about 20 beers going- all packed with flavor.
For Craftsmen and Craftbrews, they're providing the Bricklayer's Red Ale (In the Student Guild's opinion, one of the best beers out there)

Buy tickets now at

(Photos courtesy of Tradesman Brewing Co.)

Photos from ACBA Student Guild's post 01/22/2019

Another day closer, another brewery to talk about!

Today it's all about Rusty Bull Brewing Co.!

Rusty Bull Brewing is up on Montague Avenue and have an awesome taproom space!
Rusty Bull has an awesome variety on tap and focus on making beers that are just what they are with no need to fit into anything else! In a world of craft beer conformity, they let each beer be it's own and embrace it's flavors to the fullest.

Rusty Bull Brewing always seems to have something fun happening and have aton of games in the taproom! (from connect four to the hook game)

For Craftsmen and Craftbrews, Rusty Bull is providing Free the Trippel- a Belgian Trippel. This cheeky beer is full of flavor that fits it's name.

Buy tickets now at

(Photos courtesy of Rusty Bull Brewing Co)

Photos from ACBA Student Guild's post 01/21/2019

Alright everybody, 5 days till Craftsmen and Craftbrews!

Today we're talking about #3 of the 5 breweries whose beer we'll have at the event: Palmetto Brewing!

With the thriving Charleston craft beer scene today, it's good to look back to where it all began. Palmetto Brewing was the first Craft brewery in Charleston, starting off with their flagship beer- the Huger Street IPA.

Palmetto Brewing is currently expanding to become better than ever- but don't worry, the taproom is still open! (To any trivia people out there, theirs is Tuesday at 7!)

For Craftsmen and Craftbrews, Palmetto Brewing is providing their Espresso Porter!! It's got a nice deep, roasty flavor with a clean finish that makes you just want more, the perfect winter drink!

Buy tickets now at

(photos courtesy of Palmetto Brewing Co)

Photos from ACBA Student Guild's post 01/20/2019

Happy Sunday!

Today we're talking about the second brewery of the five whose beer will be at Craftsmen and Craftbrews: Low Tide Brewing!

Low Tide Brewing is located on John's Island, right on the main road as you're coming from Charleston. They have over 16 beers at any given time. While making beer is no secret, it's the ability to bring all the flavors out of the ingredients that sets Low Tide apart.
They have an awesome set-up with ample outdoor seating and a giant fire pit! (We're all pyromaniacs at heart)

More than that, Low Tide Brewing is truly a lowcountry brewery- They work with lowcountry chefs, bartenders, and restaurant owners to create flavors that are truly tailored to either compliment or set off a dish or style.

Low Tide Brewing is providing a Pilsner for the event, light and refreshing, this is sure to be one of the first beers we run out of!

Buy tickets now at

P.S. If you're into Glitter Beer, they have it! Check out their social media to see when!

(Photo Courtesy of Low Tide Brewing)

Photos from ACBA Student Guild's post 01/19/2019

We are six days out from Craftsmen and Craftbrews so we just wanted to do some features on all the people we're having at the event!

We're having 5 beers from 5 different breweries at the event. One of those is from Fatty's Beer Works.

Fatty's is located on the Meeting street extension right in the Charleston Brewery District. You can't miss their color changing sign. Who is Fatty exactly, some might ask? Well, he's a time-traveling brewer that landed in Charleston to share his brews. Stop by to get the full story.

Fatty's has some awesome beers on tap and just released a 710SMaSH- A CBD infused beer. They have a great brewery space which opens up to the outdoors and almost always seem to have some live music going! (For any hat enthusiast out there, they have a pretty awesome patch hat too, that on select nights can snag you a discount!)

For Craftsmen and Craftbrews, Fatty's is providing 38CH42- an Oyster Stout!
(Photos courtesy of Fatty's Beer Works)

Buy tickets now at


Hey Everybody!

The Student Guild is hosting Craftsmen and Craftbrews on January 25th!! Tickets are for sale online now at

All-you-can-drink craft beers from 5 local breweries... Espresso Porter from Palmetto, Bricklayers Red Ale from Tradesman, French Siason from Fattys, and more!

Green Levels is going to be there playing some music!

We also have some craft soda from Cannonborough Beverage Co and discount tickets for any non-drinkers out there as well!


Nominations for the 2019 Student Guild are now open. Please refer to everyone's email for further instructions. Thanks!


Hi everyone!

Had a fair bit of questions about housing lately- our page ACBA Student Guild Communications is the place to post about housing related subject matter.

If someone is searching for roommates, please post on that page or reach out directly via messenger to the guild page.



Hey everyone!

In an effort to open up communication more amongst the student body and anyone associated with it, the Student Guild has created an open group called ACBA Student Guild Communications.

This is a platform to post anything from housing options, help wanted, stuff happening around town, anything. It's meant to be an open discussion type group.

To join just go and search for the group and add yourself to group, that way you can be part of the active network!


Hello party people!

Reaching out to see if anyone knows if they need a roommate yet for next year?

Future freshman (and current students)have started the hunt and are trying to find their future homes!


TOMORROW! The Guild is hosting A Very Building Arts Holiday Party! At lunch in the courtyard and North Building. Can wait to see you there!

Timeline photos 01/26/2017

If you give out pizza, they will come! We're happy to say that the first school wide Student Guild meeting of the semester had a good turn out with not a single pizza slice to spare! We are excited to see what this new semester has in store. We got some great ideas and look forward to putting them in action!

Timeline photos 12/31/2016

Happy New Year's Eve! We are so excited to announce the 2017 Guild Officers!

President: Kaelyn Robinson
Vice President: Jose Jimenez
Secretary/Treasurer: Maggie Adkins
Social Chair: Patricia Willis
Iron Trade Rep: Otto Engel
Wood Trade Rep: Shannon Depiesse
Trowel Trade Rep: Kevin McCarthy
Freshmen Rep: Zak Macon

Congratulations to all and thank you to our 2016 officers for all your hard work!

Timeline photos 12/16/2016

We are having our first ACBA movie night!! We will be watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!

When: Tonight @ 7pm.
Where: ACBA Science Lab

There will also be hot dogs, a fire pit in the courtyard, plus popcorn and sodas for the movie. BYO candies, etc.

Come escape your crushing finals stress by taking it all the way back to 1989!


Need a study break?
Google "atari breakout", click on the first result and thank us later!

Photos from ACBA Student Guild's post 12/08/2016

Its true, we get to go on the best field trips! The freshmen went to Drayton Hall and got a tour of the house. Thank you Drayton Hall for having us, we always love visiting!
Photos: Freshman, Gavin Howell

Building arts traditions revived 12/06/2016

"It should be no small source of pride that Ilya Somov, one of the craftsmen who worked to repair the 1,300 cracks and other deficiencies in the cast iron dome, learned his trade at the American College of the Building Arts in Charleston."

Way to go, Ilya! Another great article mentioning ACBA!

Building arts traditions revived On Friday, the first comprehensive restoration of the Capitol Dome in Washington, D.C., was completed to great acclaim, acknowledging the national importance of the historic architectural treasure.

Timeline photos 12/01/2016

We are happy to announce that we have the final nominations for the 2017 Student Guild Officer positions! Congratulations and best of luck to all nominees! We will begin voting next week.

Timeline photos 11/12/2016

Come play dodgeball with us tomorrow at 3pm! We play at Sullivan's Island Baptist Church, located at 1753 Central Ave. Bring anyone and everyone! See y'all there!

Photos from ACBA Student Guild's post 11/10/2016

Ian Hart, a senior blacksmith, made this beautiful wooden chest! This is a four panel colonial blanket chest. All the oak was split out from the tree, planed and carved by hand, and then assembled using traditional joinery. The drawer pulls and hinges are forged, as well as the nails securing the lid. It is FOR SALE! Ian is also taking custom orders! Follow the link for more information and pictures! Amazing work, Ian!


We need your help! Is there anyone driving from Charleston to Rock Hill or Charlotte that has an extra seat in their car for a student? They have a place to stay, just no way to get there!

Phone numbers to know when Hurricane Matthew strikes 10/06/2016

Phone numbers to know when Hurricane Matthew strikes Add these numbers to your phone contacts because they may come in handy when Hurricane Matthew drenches the Lowcountry. The S.C. Emergency Management Department recommends fully charging your cell phone and other mobile devices before the hurricane a

Timeline photos 10/05/2016

We are preparing for hurricane Matthew! Shout out to our amazing trade representatives for reaching out to their fellow students to make sure everyone has a plan and place to stay! Thank you Chris, Ian and Kevin for being the best trade reps! Everyone be safe!

Photos from American College of the Building Arts's post 10/03/2016

We are so incredibly proud of our Student Guild Vice President, Daniella Helline! This is preservation in action!

Photos from ACBA Student Guild's post 09/19/2016

Annie Arthur installed her sign bracket! This beautiful piece now hangs above the iron classroom and office at the Trolley Barn! Great work Annie!

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