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Dr. Laura Garland has over 25 years of experience as a trained Shaman. She heals the mind, body, and soul with Shamanic Reiki and Life Coaching.

Ran into some flat-earthers recently. The amazing thing is that they seem to have mega-computers, the latest cell phones, and use GPS to find directions. Yet, they “reject science.” Any idea how dissonant that actually is? You don’t have to be a full flat-earther to have some massive dissonances in your head. Anytime we hold a belief to be true in the face of contradictory data, we have created a dissonance in our head. We seem to have created a huge segment of our populace that believes their “feelings” about something trump facts. People seem to have fallen for the trap that they get to pick which facts to adhere to and which they can reject. I say it’s a trap because that way leads to repeated and multiple dissonances within our their thinking. If we continue in this manner, we will soon find ourselves completely unable to tell reality from fiction and never be able to determine Truth again. This is a problem because it’s our perception that creates our experience of reality. When we are in complete dissonance with the Truth of a situation, we can create more and more harm for ourselves and others. It’s not always easy to notice where we have dissonances. Sometimes it’s downright impossible because we’re inside the situation. If we examine our most dearly held beliefs, the ones we argue with others about, this sometimes leads us to our own dissonances. Something to think on. #Truth

Of course, each person is going to answer this differently, but what’s the common causation? What do we do to create those blockages in our lives? Where do our limitations live? What are we doing to push those limitations? Do we have to accept our limitations? These and other questions of your own making can occupy the whole of the afternoon. Namaste.

There are so many things running through my head today. It’s my mom’s birthday — the second one since she passed. Last year was just surreal. I don’t know what this year is. I’ve had to break a lot of bad habits that I created in my mind due to how I was raised. I was raised to have compassion for everyone around me, but… There was very little self compassion. My internal critic and judge were tuned to maximum volume for a lot of years. Learning that there are ways to motivate myself other than beating myself up took a lot of work and study and learning and practice and understanding that I was worthy, too. You are worthy, too. Practice self compassion today. Namaste. #URWorthy2

What Are Your 3 Wins?
I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. If you want to shift your perspective to a more optimistic one, do the “3 Wins at Night” every night. Try it for a week. Just see what happens. You don’t even have to write them down. You don’t even have to say them out loud, but please acknowledge them to yourself. #3wins

Our state of consciousness can be determined or maybe it’s determined by (it’s the damn chicken and egg thing) the level of our brain state. The alpha/theta threshold is one of the boundaries that can have profound implications for our state of consciousness. We easily drop into alpha state throughout the day, but hitting that alpha/theta threshold is something that we want to accomplish during meditation. Our brain slows considerably, and we have access to our subconscious. If our majority brain waves are in delta, we are in a very deep sleep or very deep state of meditation. We can access parts of ourselves in that state that simply can’t be accessed during normal, waking consciousness (majority beta brain waves). Where’s your mind today?

Not everything is as it appears. If our perception is not as sharp as it could be, we can easily miss important details. Our sense of reality can be drastically altered by what we pay attention to today. We make so many assumptions about reality, but what is actually going on around us? What are we missing? What are our assumptions causing us to miss? See if you can spot where you’re “filling in reality” with your assumptions. It can be transformative. Namaste. #Reality

We all go through periods when we question ourselves. At least we do if we are neither a narcissist nor a psychopath nor a sociopath. Self-doubt is healthy in small doses. It becomes a problem when we allow it to make us stuck or when we wallow in it. Self-doubt is good when you’re about to step off of a tall building (without a base-jumping suit). However, when you constantly doubt yourself in even small things, it may have become a crippling factor in your life. When you’re young and trying to decide a direction for your life, some self doubt is normal. When you can’t make decisions because of it; it’s time to seek help. Sometimes friends can help you work through it, but if it’s at the level of pervasive or tipped into crippling, then professional assistance is probably best. Maybe a life coach can help if it’s not yet crippling, but if it’s crippling, please seek a skilled counselor. We are not meant to spend our days in that type of pain. Life is meant to be lived. Find your way to kick the self-doubt habit.

What would I still do if I knew I could fail? That’s easy. Teach. That’s at the heart of who I am. It doesn’t really matter what pursuit I’m doing; I’m somehow teaching. Even if I knew I was going to fail at a particular pursuit, I would still do it if it had some component that was about teaching. What would you still do if you might fail? What if failure was a possibility? What do you care enough about to continue to do? If you’ve ever asked what your passion was, answer the question at the beginning of the paragraph, and you might begin to find an answer to what your passion is.

So, what’s been happening that’s good? We often focus on all the negative stuff that’s been happening in the world and forget to even notice when something good happens. It’s our brain’s negative bias. Because the brain tends to work that way, we have to consciously make the effort to notice anything good happening. So, make a list of three things that are good that have happened recently and then remind yourself to celebrate them. Namaste.

Happiness is an internal state of mind. It can be found inside. But… if you’re Mr./Ms. Grumpy Pants today, go find that damn video I told you to find yesterday and go laugh your ass off till you feel better. P.S. Even if you’re in a good mood, laughter is great medicine, so watch your favorite videos for a few minutes.

You know one of the only things you can do when you’re seriously having one of those days is to just be less serious. Find something, anything to laugh at. Just start laughing for absolutely no reason — or watch that YouTube video about the guy that just starts laughing on the subway — or how about the fox on the trampoline video. When it’s just getting too much, find a go-to video, save it in your favorites, and, well, go to it and watch. P.S. Do it now.

The water is all about the flow. Fluids fill their container and find the path of least resistance. You can’t “break” a fluid. While solids may seem to stand tall and proud, they can be worn away or be broken. Namaste.

Trick or Treat!
The Treat is You Are Enough. The Trick is believing it.

The level of stress that currently exists in our lives is requiring that we do a re-think on how we handle ourselves. It’s becoming more and more imperative that we find ways to renew ourselves on a daily basis. The weekend isn’t soon enough anymore for many people to get the recharge that they need. We need to come up with ways everyday that support our wellbeing and give ourselves a chance for renewal. This is a daily routine that I’m talking about. Meditation is great for some, but others feel too much frustration with it or are too tense to even have a chance at sitting still for 15 minutes. Don’t do what I do for renewal. Don’t do what your friend does. Find a way to do what you need to do and make it a part of each day. Namaste.

Ever notice how waterfalls can really let us relax and find a sense of peace? This sense of peace is something that we can cultivate. Finding it is important for our health. Sometimes when we’re meditating, we can get to that feeling. Sometimes just having experienced it, even briefly, can allow us to return to that feeling when we focus on it. Our current world doesn’t really allow for peace to just settle around us automatically. We have to DO something to make that feeling part of our lives. Each of us is different, but each of us can find our own pathway to experience a sense of peace.

Love you! This is for you. Have a great Sunday.

Is this how your life feels? I know that at various times I’ve definitely felt this way. But the only way out was through, and through entailed understanding my part in creating my life that way. I had made the mess by attracting what ever it was be it people, places, incidents, etc…. It was sometimes emotionally hard to realize how I had contributed to the mess, but it was always true. It was important for me to be accountable for my actions and for the thoughts that pulled what ever it was to me. I still have to be cognizant of my role in creating my life. A couple of weeks ago the hot flashes returned with a vengeance, and guess what…. my business disappeared. I didn’t want to be around anyone, so no one came around. I had to acknowledge my role. I then had to change my belief, and finally, I had to return to The Now and stop anticipating “bad” things by getting into the quantum field and finding a different outcome. Namaste. #LOA

Okay, so it’s a well photoshopped image. But… Let’s talk about Belief vs. Hope. If you intend to manifest the best life for yourself, do you hope for it or do you believe in it? Let’s hope you believe in it. Sorry, horrible humor. Really, though, if we only hope things will turn out well, we’re allowing the possibility, maybe even probability, that things won’t turn out well. If we believe that things will happen the way we intend, then there’s no place for the opposite in our thinking. Since we actually are attracting what we believe in, it’s important to believe what we intend. It’s a mindset thing; so we have to learn to shift our mindset to belief vs. hope. #LOA

There is a “place” of infinite time. It’s the quantum field where it’s the infinite Now. Getting into that Now can be tricky, but when we’re there, it can allow us to create so much more. Very often we’re in the past — that’s where we spend so much time — ruminating over everything that’s gone wrong, occasionally celebrating what went right. Often we’re either yearning for the “good ol’ days” or we’re stuck in thinking that nothing can go well because everything in the past went so badly. We’re not here, right now. When we’re Now, we aren’t sending our energy to some other time; we can use our energy to create in the moment. Practicing remaining in the present moment can take work because that’s not how we’ve been taught to behave. It’s one of those patternings that we have to work to clear if we want to create a future that this different than our past. #TheNow, #LOA

Creating the future that we want requires several things. One of the keys is being able to access the quantum field of possibility. It is that place that is no place and all places, that time that has no time and all time, where there is nothing and everything, and you’re nobody and everybody. Getting “there” requires letting go and focusing all at once, which, of course, is that trick of meditation. Once you’re “there”, you have to select who you want to be and how you want your future to progress — belief and gratitude are the keys here. Now you know the secret to LOA. #LOA

Only you can push the smile button for yourself. We feel a certain way because we’re thinking certain thoughts. With practice it is possible to learn to shift our thoughts to a more joyous basis. I’m not saying that we have to be happy every second, but it is possible to shift our thoughts so that the baseline is higher overall. It takes works; it takes practice. It takes paying attention to our eating habits, sleeping habits, fluid intake, supplements, what we’re reading, watching, and hearing. Being a better us doesn’t just fall into our laps, but it is achievable. Decide to work on one aspect of being a better you this week. Just one aspect — see how many times it’s possible to hit the smile button this week. #Smile

It is okay to stop and smell the roses, even if the rest of your day is “sucky”. Maybe it’s that moment when we pause and see the beauty that can allow us to get out of our own heads and telling the tale of how “sucky” things are. Maybe with just that pause for beauty, we can break the cycle of our own thoughts and begin to create something better, something new, something beautiful. #LOA

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