Charleston Woodworking School

The Charleston Woodworking School teaches traditional joinery, antique restoration, finishing techniques, and furniture design in a 9 month course.

The Charleston Woodworking School is the only professional woodworking school in the State of South Carolina dedicated to the instruction of students desiring a career in woodworking. Founded by Master Craftsman Sam Sprouse, the school offer students a professional learning environment. A graduate of the prestigious Thomas Chippendale School of Furniture in Scotland, Sam also owns Sprouse Custom Furniture in Charleston. The Charleston Woodworking School focuses on teaching the individual traditional woodworking techniques. From learning how to hand cut dovetails, to business instruction, to project management, the school truly prepares the student for woodworking projects, either as a hobby or an eventual future in professional woodworking.

@redswoodworknsuch making it happen on a beautiful January day! #woodworking #woodworker #charleston #chswoodschool

Lumber day! We got our shipment from @stevewall_lumber_co for our first projects! A huge thanks to Clint and the rest of the crew for sending us some amazing wood to work with once again! #woodworking #woodworker #charleston #chswoodschool #lumber @ Charleston, South Carolina

One of my favorites. Anne Nicole and I were kids (25ish,) when we decided to take a side trip on the way home from living in Denver. We took the northern route December. We went to Mt. Rushmore and then made our way into Madison, Wisconsin. On the way was the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. That detour would give us so much to talk about, even now. That is where the beer we were bootlegging from Denver froze and exploded all over our stuff in the trailer. We next made through a Lake Effect Snow in Gary, Indiana to South Bend and stayed with @jeffromig for a night before heading to Cincinnati to stay with Liz Rod, then home. Of all the trips ANC and I went on, this was one of the most memorable. Not just because of the Corn Palace, but because we learned so much about ourselves during our early marriage on this trip. Especially from the gas station attendant that responded “ If the wind didn’t blow, we wouldn’t have anything to talk to the tourists about.” Truer words were never spoken. Anne Nicole, thanks for another year under the sun. I love you.

And just like that the first semester has come to an end. I love doing an end of semester recap of everything that we learned over the past few weeks. It is always amazing to see the volume of knowledge that the students have gained in such a short period of time. They have all done a wonderful job so far and I am looking forward to starting projects in January!#woodworking #chswoodschool #charleston #woodworking @gnarly_grain @frederich_woodworking @creekfield_woodworks @distressedtimberdesigns @falcon_fine_furniture @harris_and_sons @redswoodworknsuch @victory_custom_works_llc @harwoodworks @jwtwoodworks @ Charleston, South Carolina

Back yard/front yard at the School. Nice way to end a work week. @ Charleston, South Carolina

We had a blast learning turning this week with Ashley Harwood. We are so fortunate to have such an amazing instructor live right down the road!

Thank you to all of the Veterans who have safeguarded our freedoms. I would like to especially thank former and current students Chris, Brett, Tyler, AJ, Tony, Mike, John, Jim, Dustin, Jake, Rick, Todd, Giles, and Scott. Please support their Veteran owned businesses if you can. @charlestonswoodartisan @bbowden84 @palmettowoodcraft @charlestownewoodworks @purpleheart_art @deepriverwoodworks @jemirick62 @distressedtimberdesigns @victory_custom_works_llc @creekfield_woodworks @harwood_works @harris_and_sons @falcon_fine_furniture

Great first day of carving with @marymaywoodcarving !

Some more photos from the past two weeks. Thanks @ktkozar for the great photos! Thanks to @jwtwoodworks for helping out and sharing your knowledge! #woodworker #woodworking #charleston #westashley @ Charleston Woodworking School

The new Conductor’s Podium for the Koger Center at USC was delivered today. This was a fun build! Carving, gilding, and curly of my favorite combinations. #woodworker #woodworking #chswoodschool #uofscalumni @uofsc @gamecockmusic @seppleaf @ University of South Carolina

The calm before the storm! The Professional Course starts tomorrow morning! This will be our largest class so far with thirteen students. We looking forward to having Joseph Thompson of @jwtwoodworks as an instructor this year. He will bring a wealth of knowledge to the School and his expertise will be a huge benefit to the students. #woodworking #woodworker #chswoodschool #charleston @ Charleston, South Carolina

I guess the end of the rainbow is in my detention pond. @ Charleston, South Carolina

Check out the new Fatty’s Flight Swords that 2019-2020 student Dustin with @distressedtimberdesigns built for my good friend David @fattysbeerworks. Swing by Fatty’s for some amazing beer! No sword fighting, please. #charleston #chswoodschool #fattysbeerworks @ Charleston, South Carolina

If y’all need me, this is where I will be all week. I’ll return calls next Tuesday. #bigfrippin #frippalicious #frippinit #charleston #chswoodschool #woodworkersonvacation

Been a busy weekend at CWS! We had Joseph @jwtwoodworks doing a hand tool course on Saturday (see his profile for upcoming classes) and Nate @parlourandpig doing a coopered bucket workshop all weekend and a demo for the @charlestonwoodguild on Thursday to boot! (Check out Nate’s information for his classes.)Derrick @dr_woodshop treated everyone that BBQ on Saturday night. It was delicious. Derrick, I was too busy stuffing my face to take a photo. #charleston #chswoodschool #woodworker #woodworking #coopering #handtools #slowfurniture @ Charleston, South Carolina

Joseph Thompson Woodworks

Joseph and Katie have some upcoming classes!

Join us for beginner woodworking classes at the Charleston Woodworking School this summer.

Upcoming classes! Link to sign up is in @jwtwoodworks profile. Or,

Joseph Thompson Woodworks

More classes!!!

We have more one-day woodworking and marketing classes coming up in July and August at the Charleston Woodworking School. Get more info and register here:

Happy Father’s Day to the guys that taught me how to be a father. (Not the dude all the way to the left.)

Beautiful day to work outside! I haven’t enjoyed sanding this much in quite awhile.
#woodworking #woodworker #charleston #westashley #chswoodschool

We had a wonderful Graduation Showcase for this year’s graduates last night. I am so proud of the hard work, creativity, and determination that each student demonstrated throughout the year. Thanks also to all of the families and friends supporting the students and the school. @max_chosak_woodworking @made_murray @andrewpmurray @jemirick62 @lecroy_woodworking @spencerrrblack @blackcrestwoodworks #woodworker #woodworking #charleston #chswoodschool #droppedsomething @ Charleston, South Carolina

Lots going on the next few weeks until graduation! Finishing production and veneering projects, learning about Indigo as a natural dye, dusting off the carving and turning tools from when @marymaywoodcarving and @ashleyharwoodturning were awesome enough to share their knowledge with us, a little marquetry thrown in there. Never a dull moment around here. #charleston #westashley #marquetry #woodworking #woodworker #indigo @ Charleston, South Carolina

Joseph Thompson Woodworks

Hand tools class this weekend!

Join us for one of our beginner hand tools workshops at the Charleston Woodworking School

I guess I’m deep in thought about something. Maybe about how my 4.5 years at @uofsc Were amazing. Huge thank you to Chris Horn and @tyler_digital for swinging by the School to interview us for the Spring issue of @mycarolinaalumni ‘s publication the Carolinian. Forever to Thee!#woodworking #woodworker #charleston #chswoodschool #uofsc

Class sign up in the link below!

We’re less than two weeks away from the first hand tools class at Charleston Woodworking School on April 27th. If you’re in and around Charleston and want to learn the basics of woodworking, sign up at the link in my bio. I plan to be at the Charleston Wood Guild meeting this week too, and can take sign ups there. #charleston #charlestonsc #woodworking #finewoodworking #slowfurniture #handtools #woodworkingclasses

I can’t believe I’m here with my dad and brother for opening day. Definitely once in a lifetime trip. #fenway @ Fenway Park

Joseph Thompson Woodworks

Friendly reminder...

A friendly reminder that our first Hand Tools workshop at the Charleston Woodworking School is Saturday, April 27. We already have a few sign-ups and are getting ready to spread the word to local newspapers and events calendars, so if you're on the fence I'd go ahead and register. We'd love to have you! It's going to be a great time. Register and get more info here:

What a great three day course learning carving from the ever talented Mary May. I can’t wait for next year!

Just finished a fun 3-day class for the students at @charlestonwoodworkingschool. Not for the faint hearted - they tackled the camellia flower, a shell, and a ball and claw foot (after the oh-so necessary "donut" exercise that teaches grain direction). If you want to have an intensive course on all aspects of joinery and furniture making, Sam Sprouse teaches an amazing 9 month program. FYI - They accept the GI Bill.

We had an amazing three days with @marymaywoodcarving. I am very impressed that everyone was able to do a scallop shell, camellia, a ball and claw foot, as well as the most important, doughnut! We had a blast with you Mary! Looking forward to two sessions with you next year!
#woodworking #woodcarving #woodworker #carving #charleston #chswoodschool @ Charleston, South Carolina

@marymaywoodcarving dropping knowledge on the students. What an incredible teacher. I learn something new every time she is here!
#woodworking #woodworker #charleston #chswoodschool #carving #marymaycarving

Not a bad day at the office! I even got to see My Friend, Andy. It was a quick, but productive day in Columbia. #uscalumni #uofsc #uscschoolofmusic #andysdeli @ Koger Center for the Arts

Intro to Woodworking classes coming soon!

If you’re interested in taking a basic woodworking class or learning about hand tools, we just confirmed two Intro to Woodworking Hand Tools classes at the @charlestonwoodworkingschool for April and May. We’ll cover all the basics, including sharpening. I’m excited for the opportunity to work with more students and grow our woodworking community in Charleston. You can find more info or sign up at 📷 @ktkozar

Joseph Thompson Woodworks

CLASSES ARE COMING SOON! Katie and Joseph are two super talented folks that have tons of knowledge to share. Follow the link to sign up!

For those interested in taking woodworking classes in the Charleston area, we just added a few dates at the Charleston Woodworking School:

Ashley is such an amazing instructor. She is very informative, thorough, and patient (especially with a bunch of hooligans from our school). The Push Cut turning method that she teaches is very unique, but so much more effective than anything that I have learned previously. If you are interested in turning, you need to call Ashley. Ashley Harwood #woodworker #woodworking #westashley #charleston #chswoodschool #pushcut #turning Laguna Tools @ Charleston, South Carolina

I think Andrew P. M. had a little fun yesterday learning the Push Cut method with Ashley Harwood . #woodworker #woodworking #westashley #charleston #chswoodschool

We had a great first day with @ashleyharwoodturning learning about spindle turning! Looking forward to bowl turning tomorrow!
#woodworker #woodworking #charleston #chswoodschool #ashleyharwoodturning #westashley

I love it when veneer gets some shellac. @max_chosak_woodworking #woodworking #woodworker #charleston #chswoodschool

We had a blast with Joseph and Katie. Wonderful teachers and very fun to learn from.

I had the pleasure of teaching these students(and one teacher) some fun joinery this week at @charlestonwoodworkingschool I really think I could do this everyday. I also had the amazing and surreal experience of teaching with my wife @ktkozar for the first time. She gave these students a crash course in marketing. Special thanks to Sam for having us! #slowfurniture #timelessnottrendy #charleston #boopthesnoop

Eased them into some Maloof Joints...well played @jwtwoodworks.

Busy week at the School! @ktkozar teaching us marketing and social media, Joseph Thompson Woodworks teaching us advanced joinery, and Mary May - Traditional Woodcarver teaching an open carving workshop for her students in the other classroom! Not to mention Peter Moore continuing his Finishing Friday course later this week!
#woodworking #woodworker #chswoodschool #charleston Women of Woodworking @ Charleston, South Carolina

P.G. Moore Fine Finishes

Can’t wait to learn some of your sorcery Peter Moore!

It's "Finishing Friday" at Charleston Woodworking School!

Joints, joints, and more joints. This desk will have over 150 individual joints when completed. @blackcrestwoodworks @spencerrrblack #woodworker #woodworking #chswoodschool #charleston #westashley #whiteoak @ Charleston, South Carolina

Joints, joints, and more joints! This desk will have over 150 individual joints when completed. @blackcrestwoodworks @spencerrrblack #woodworker #woodworking #chswoodschool #charleston #westashley

University of South Carolina College of Arts and Sciences

You might not expect a that sociology degree would lead to founding South Carolina’s only woodworking school, but Sam Sprouse has used his College of Arts and Sciences education to carve out a unique career path that he is passionate about.

Charleston Woodworking School

The perfect desk job

It is such a great honor to be featured in the University of South Carolina Alumni publication, the Carolinian. We will be in the Spring ‘19 issue out in April. UofSC is a very special place for me and my family. I am very grateful to be a part of this wonderful University. Forever to thee! At the Charleston Woodworking School, Sam Sprouse teaches his students the right way to make fine furniture, using traditional tools and a craftsman’s sensibility. To succeed here, the only school of its kind in the Palmetto State, students make lots of mistakes — and learn from each one.

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Charleston, SC

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Monday 09:00 - 17:00
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