Charleston Woodworking School

The Charleston Woodworking School teaches traditional joinery, antique restoration, finishing techniques, and furniture design in a 9 month course.

The Charleston Woodworking School is the only professional woodworking school in the State of South Carolina dedicated to the instruction of students desiring a career in woodworking. Founded by Master Craftsman Sam Sprouse, the school offer students a professional learning environment. A graduate of the prestigious Thomas Chippendale School of Furniture in Scotland, Sam also owns Sprouse Custom Furniture in Charleston. The Charleston Woodworking School focuses on teaching the individual traditional woodworking techniques. From learning how to hand cut dovetails, to business instruction, to project management, the school truly prepares the student for woodworking projects, either as a hobby or an eventual future in professional woodworking.

Operating as usual

Photos from Charleston Woodworking School's post 04/05/2021

We had an amazing field trip to @ashleyriverlumber last week! Even better was CWS Alumni @harwoodworks giving us the tour! Ashley River Lumber is a full service sawmill with lots to offer including milling, kiln drying, plenty of local lumber, and custom woodworking. They are a great resource for local professional woodworkers and are more than willing to share their knowledge and skills to help make projects perfect. Thanks for letting us hang out with y’all for awhile! @aaronlucasdesigns great to see you again! #woodworking #woodworker #charleston #chswoodschool

Photos from Charleston Woodworking School's post 03/28/2021

French polish on @bananaland_woodworking ‘s solid wood project, caning with @angeew , @womenofwoodworking have an amazing new follower (I’ll never get that hat back), and my grandmother’s irises are about to get crazy for the first time at the shop (smarties), and Woody likes the rainwater runoff pond a little too much so baths are too frequent thing now (for Woody).

Photos from Charleston Woodworking School's post 03/10/2021

Just a few things that have been going on in the shop the past month or so. @marymaywoodcarving came to teach us some advanced carving techniques with a ball and claw and acanthus leaf knees on a Cabriole leg. @dacoach53e is working on a Greene & Greene inspired set of bed side tables, when Woody isn’t begging for wood. @kumareriwoodcraft is building a tool chest which he can easily fit inside. Some small three legged stools, Oliver’s drawers on the side of his contemporary desk, Woody eating a hickory slab, and Jim’s carcass for his drawers. More to come! We started veneering recently, my favorite time of the year! #woodworking #woodwork #charleston #chswoodschool

Photos from Mary May - Traditional Woodcarver's post 02/25/2021

One of the best times of the year is when Mary comes to teach the ball and claw foot on a Cabriole leg! Looking forward to adding an acanthus leaf on the knee tomorrow! We learned letter carving earlier in the week that we are going to gild later in the year.


First semester recap! It is always fun to review what all we leaned at the end of each term. I’m sure there are a few things that didn’t make the list, but it is an impressive list nonetheless. #chswoodschool #charleston #woodworking #woodworker


A little update on the past week or so...three legged stools, Krenov inspired saw horses, carving from @jhowewoodworks , steam bending, the list goes on! #woodworking #woodworker #chswoodschool #charleston


A whole lot of brick building was going on today. We started our “curved woodworking week” out with a good one. Brick building has so many uses from round posts to bombe chest of drawers. #woodworking #woodworker #chswoodschool #charleston


We have had a TON going on the past few weeks and I’m sorry I didn’t document everything. We were so lucky to have @marymaywoodcarving come teach the past few days. We all learned so much! Thank you Mary! It is always a highlight of the year when we have our carving weeks. Upholstery? Check. Mortise and tenons? Check. Dovetails? Check. Half-laps, cross laps, sharpening, turning, bridle joints...etc.? Check. Tools for the Veterans from Lie-Nielsen? Check. @lienielsentoolworks #woodworking #woodworker #chswoodschool #charleston #respectthedoughnut


The calm before the storm once again! The shop is clean, the paperwork is placed, the sharpening stones are ready. The Professional Course for 2020-2021 begins Monday. Now, to pick up the pizza, go home, and hopefully get some rest tomorrow. This is going to be a great year!
#woodworking #woodworker #chswoodschool #charleston #westashley


Another double? West Ashley is just showing off. Once, twice, three times a lady! #lionelrichie


Twice in one day? We must be doing something right. There is a very, very faint double to the left. It didn’t show up well in the photo.


Solid way to end a Thursday.


Well, the week was a success. A ton of information was covered this week. A couple of loose ends to tie up, but learning French Polishing, gilding, and brushing finishes in one week is a LOT to take in. Kudos to all the students for doing such a great job. Woody even tried to help with the gilding. I’m guess we have a “golden retriever” now. Hey-ooo! #woodworking #woodworker #gilding #frenchpolish #chswoodschool #charleston #dadjokes @ Charleston, South Carolina


Gilding week! French Polishing week! Complete madness to do both in the same week? Not for these students. Everyone is crushing it. More photos to follow. #woodworking #woodworker #chswoodschool #gilding #frenchpolish @gnarly_grain @frederich_woodworking @harwoodworks @ Charleston, South Carolina


We got some new toys last week! Looking forward to getting them up and running! Thanks to Mrs. Walker, Keith Thomas, and Fairfax Tow Trucks for making this happen. It was a quick trip to Northern Virginia, but a good one. Had a quick stop in Asheboro to see the folks and pick up the kids and dog, see my brother and nephews for a solid 10 minutes, and stock up on some Biscuit Co. #woodworking #woodworker #chswoodschool #charleston #asheboro @ Charleston, South Carolina


Welcome to the School, Woody!

#shopdog #woodworker #woodworking #chswoodschool @ Charleston, South Carolina


Welcome to the School, Woody!

#shopdog #woodworking #woodworker #chswoodschool @ Charleston, South Carolina


At the end of February, we had the great opportunity to meet with @aaronlucasdesigns up at @ashleyriverlumber for the day. The tour blew us away. It was so awesome to see what kinds of LOCAL woods are being harvested and available. Please give them a shout if you are looking for local wood. I know we will! #woodworking #woodworker #chswoodschool #charleston #lumber @ Charleston, South Carolina


Well, not a lot is happening at the school right now, rightfully so. The students are working from home as best as possible. When we all get through this, we will hit the ground running and continue with our projects in the shop. In the mean time, spending a few days away at the farm site has been nice. Please stay safe and be smart! @ Charleston, South Carolina


Giles @harris_and_sons crushed this parquetry panel. #woodworking #woodworker #veneer #chswoodschool #charleston


We had another great session with @marymaywoodcarving a few weeks ago! I’m so amazed at how much the students have improved with their carvings. We also had the honor of getting some basswood, walnut, and Honduran mahogany (as well as a wheelbarrow full of duck decoy castings) from master carver Jim Palmer. #woodworker #woodworking #carving #chswoodschool #charleston @ Charleston, South Carolina


We are thrilled with our new Oliver 16” jointer! Rachel @r.l.landron is milling some 30 year old air dried cherry we recently acquired. Thanks for making such a great machine @olivermachinery1890 ! #woodworking #woodworker #olivermachinery #charleston #chswoodschool @ Charleston, South Carolina


A few samples of the veneering skills that we have learned in the past two weeks. #woodworking #woodworker #chswoodschool #marquetry #veneer #charleston @ Charleston, South Carolina


Solid wood projects are starting to take shape!
#woodworking #woodworker #charleston #chswoodschool @harwoodworks @falcon_fine_furniture @harris_and_sons @distressedtimberdesigns @creekfield_woodworks @redswoodworknsuch @bearandbeanwoodworks @gnarly_grain @ Charleston, South Carolina


@redswoodworknsuch making it happen on a beautiful January day! #woodworking #woodworker #charleston #chswoodschool


Lumber day! We got our shipment from @stevewall_lumber_co for our first projects! A huge thanks to Clint and the rest of the crew for sending us some amazing wood to work with once again! #woodworking #woodworker #charleston #chswoodschool #lumber @ Charleston, South Carolina


One of my favorites. Anne Nicole and I were kids (25ish,) when we decided to take a side trip on the way home from living in Denver. We took the northern route December. We went to Mt. Rushmore and then made our way into Madison, Wisconsin. On the way was the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. That detour would give us so much to talk about, even now. That is where the beer we were bootlegging from Denver froze and exploded all over our stuff in the trailer. We next made through a Lake Effect Snow in Gary, Indiana to South Bend and stayed with @jeffromig for a night before heading to Cincinnati to stay with Liz Rod, then home. Of all the trips ANC and I went on, this was one of the most memorable. Not just because of the Corn Palace, but because we learned so much about ourselves during our early marriage on this trip. Especially from the gas station attendant that responded “ If the wind didn’t blow, we wouldn’t have anything to talk to the tourists about.” Truer words were never spoken. Anne Nicole, thanks for another year under the sun. I love you.


And just like that the first semester has come to an end. I love doing an end of semester recap of everything that we learned over the past few weeks. It is always amazing to see the volume of knowledge that the students have gained in such a short period of time. They have all done a wonderful job so far and I am looking forward to starting projects in January!#woodworking #chswoodschool #charleston #woodworking @gnarly_grain @frederich_woodworking @creekfield_woodworks @distressedtimberdesigns @falcon_fine_furniture @harris_and_sons @redswoodworknsuch @victory_custom_works_llc @harwoodworks @jwtwoodworks @ Charleston, South Carolina


Back yard/front yard at the School. Nice way to end a work week. @ Charleston, South Carolina


We had a blast learning turning this week with Ashley Harwood. We are so fortunate to have such an amazing instructor live right down the road!


Thank you to all of the Veterans who have safeguarded our freedoms. I would like to especially thank former and current students Chris, Brett, Tyler, AJ, Tony, Mike, John, Jim, Dustin, Jake, Rick, Todd, Giles, and Scott. Please support their Veteran owned businesses if you can. @charlestonswoodartisan @bbowden84 @palmettowoodcraft @charlestownewoodworks @purpleheart_art @deepriverwoodworks @jemirick62 @distressedtimberdesigns @victory_custom_works_llc @creekfield_woodworks @harwood_works @harris_and_sons @falcon_fine_furniture


Great first day of carving with @marymaywoodcarving !


Some more photos from the past two weeks. Thanks @ktkozar for the great photos! Thanks to @jwtwoodworks for helping out and sharing your knowledge! #woodworker #woodworking #charleston #westashley @ Charleston Woodworking School


The new Conductor’s Podium for the Koger Center at USC was delivered today. This was a fun build! Carving, gilding, and curly of my favorite combinations. #woodworker #woodworking #chswoodschool #uofscalumni @uofsc @gamecockmusic @seppleaf @ University of South Carolina


The calm before the storm! The Professional Course starts tomorrow morning! This will be our largest class so far with thirteen students. We looking forward to having Joseph Thompson of @jwtwoodworks as an instructor this year. He will bring a wealth of knowledge to the School and his expertise will be a huge benefit to the students. #woodworking #woodworker #chswoodschool #charleston @ Charleston, South Carolina

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