College of Charleston, School of Business, Schottland Scholars

College of Charleston, School of Business, Schottland Scholars


Awesome page! Love to find pages that show such a diverse range of talented students! As a fellow business student, I thought it would be helpful to provide some information on this new sci-fi thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end! It follows a man who joins a startup for an extreme virtual reality company to find himself tangled up in a corrupt business. I'm so excited for this film to release on VOD September 24th!
#proud of our very own Tori (‘18) who was just recently awarded the JW Griffin Leadership award, one of the first Voyagers to ever win! Our Schotties never fail to impress #schottlandscholars #cofc #marriott #voyager #leadership
Atlanta Schotties, come out to the COFC Atlanta Alumni Club's LinkedIn Networking Event on March 14th!
I "retired" from Schottland Scholars 2 years ago, and still I talk about it nearly every day. I can't help myself. Just this week I've: *heard from one of my students that she met Lauren Foster Summers at a Women in Business event *met with Tom Martin about Martin Scholars and Schottland Scholars *told a student about our alumni base in New York City *had TWO visits from William A Finn *recruited students for next year's class *met with two students who hope to apply During Give to What you Love, I always give to the Schottland Scholars program, my first academic love!
I just saw a trailer for a new documentary that looks really interesting! #GoodFortuneMovie tells the inspiring story of self made billionaire John Paul DeJoria, who's work ethic and perseverance allowed him to transform from a homeless gang member to become the founder of Patron Tequila and co-founder of Paul Mitchell. John was able to do all this while practicing his values of generosity and charity, making him a role model for conscious capitalism!

Schottland Scholars

A program for a select group of College of Charleston School of Business senior students.

Mission: Schottland Scholars is a leader development program for exceptional College of Charleston School of Business undergraduate seniors. The Schottland Scholars program develops leadership skills through exposure to a broad range of successful business executives representing diverse industries, organizational cultures, leadership styles, and measures of personal and organizational success. The Schottland Scholars strive to be ambassadors by developing strategic relationships for the Scholars, the School of Business, and the College of Charleston. We are committed individually and collectively to high professional and ethical standards.

Go Schottie! 🔥🔥🔥🌟🙌💪

Feeding people is what brings joy to alumna Lauren Furey ‘19. Lately, she’s collaborated with nonprofit Lowcountry Local First to produce a cooking webinar that utilizes products from local farmers.

Fulfilling passions while helping others is what we like to see! 🤩 Click here to read the full story:

And our final Schottie spotlight for the class of 2020 - Abigail ‘Abbey’ Ucci. During Abbey’s time at CofC, she worked with and led fellow students through the inaugural HTMT Flip the Fair event, she’s contributed significantly to the work of the department and OTA as a student employee, she’s started, successfully run and sold her own online retail business, she’s worked as an independent consultant in web design and SEO, and she’s participated not once but twice in the HTMT Innovators incubator program! Recently she was awarded the HTMT Outstanding Student Staff Award and relocated to the Spartanburg, SC area to begin her innovator plan of developing and starting her own micro green/fungi farm! Always a stunner...we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

We congratulate all our 2020 Scholars on finishing strong! Have a great summer and we’ll see you in October for the BIG Celebration!!

Another highlight for another outstanding 2020 scholar! Rachel Singletary just wrapped up both of her internships this semester, one with dominion energy in finance & accounting and the other she was a meeting coordinator for the Riley center of livable communities. Rachel is currently job hunting for sales and marketing positions, as well as filling her time with some graphic design work. You’re awesome girl! Keep up the good work and congratulations! #Schottie2020

Another highlight of another one of our outstanding class of 2020 scholars, Ryan Klaff. Ryan is currently wrapping up his position as a Development Intern at Lowe (formerly Lowe Enterprises). After graduation, he is starting as an Investment Analyst at Bonaventure Realty Group, a real estate development shop in Washington, DC. Congrats Ryan, we are so proud of you!!! #Schotties2020 #Classof2020

Thanks to Zoom we were able to capture the moment each of our new ‘21 Scholars found out they’d made it into the program! 🙌

Please take a moment to recognize and congratulate our new Schotties...the incoming Class of 2021 Schottland Scholars!

Maggie Carpenter
(Major: INTB, Minor: ECON, SPAN)
Savannah Deaver
(Major: SCIM, Minor: GEMN)
Jonathan Dickey
(Major: INTB, Minor: ECON | GEMN)
Aleksey Gorman
(Major: INTB | GEMN, Minor TRAN)
Maggie Howe
(Major: ACCT | DANC)
Graycen Hensley
(Major: ACCT, Minor: BADM | GEMN)
Cassidy Hyatt
(Major: HTMT, Minor: PSYC | LCSR)
Reagan Kilpatrick
(Major: MKTG)
Mary Morano
(Major: MKTG, Minor: HTMT)
Andrew White
(Major: FINC, Minor: SPAN)
Emily Wiesler
(Major: ACCT, Minor: FREN | DSCI)
Kia Williams
(Major: BADM, Minor: ECON | LCSR)

We’re so glad to welcome all of you to the Schottland family...just look at those smiling faces 😁😁😁

Another highlight for another very impressive scholar. Karina Kostova Is currently working for LeaderStat as a Project Management intern who is interested in continuing her path within the Project Management industry. Congratulations Karina! We are so proud of you!! #Schotties2020 #Graduating

While COVID-19 has ended many of our seniors year short, we want to spend this week highlighting the rest of our 2020 class and their exciting paths following graduation. Mya Belden Is currently wrapping up her internship with the Center for Sustainable Development on campus and beginning her job search after graduation. Her unique interests surrounding Supply Chain Management and Blockchain Technology have set her on her path to find the perfect job after college. We’re so proud of you Mya!!! Congratulations to our Schottland class of 2020!
#SchottiesForever #Classof2020

Anybody recognize our new boardroom?! Schottland Scholars don’t let a little thing like a worldwide pandemic stop us! Huge thanks to Jonathan DiOrio (formerly of Uber) and @blurino of @myheatworks for being our [online] guests as we finish our this unprecedented semester!
#nostoppingusnow #cofc #cofcschoolofbusiness #schotties #zooming #gettingitdone @ Zoom-Online

Happy hour with some Schottie Alum and then dinner with The Beach Company, Charleston. Huge thanks to Dan Doyle and the rest of company for hosting us and sharing their insights! @ The Beach Company

Got to meet an awesome company last week, Urban electric company! Huge thanks to Dave Dawson, the founder and president for having us and showing us their amazing factory! #urbancompanies #schottievisit @ Urban Electric Company

What an incredibly inspiring visit we had today @blackbaud HQ! Thanks to Otto for the tour and President and CEO Michael Gianoni for sitting down with us to discuss inspiration, growth and culture among so much else! And a special thanks to alumna and Blackbaud peeps Victoria Gaul and @hazelkral for helping coordinate the meeting and spending some time with us!
#inspiration #dogood #cofc #cofcschoolofbusiness #blackbaudworldhq #blackbaud #worldclass @ Blackbaud World HQ

Turtles, stingrays and otters...oh my! Big thanks to President & CEO Kevin Mills and his team at @southcarolinaaquarium for the insightful discussion and incredible tour! Inspired from conception, inspiring ever since!
#aquarium #scaquarium #turtlerescue #cofc #cofcschoolofbusiness #schottlandscholars #schottlandscholars2020 @ South Carolina Aquarium

Got to meet with a truly inspiring non-profit last week, Turning leaf. Originally started by Amy Barch who’s vision and passion for people gave her the credibility her program deserves. Thanks for having us and helping us making #SchottlandScholar shirts! 🎉👚👕

Got to meet with the President of RawleMurdy, Branding & Marketing Agency this week! Big shoutout to Bruce Murdy who took the time to fill us in on all of the outstanding services they offer and how they got their start! #SchottieNightOut #MeetingWithThePresident @ Charleston, South Carolina

Give to School of Business in #CofCDAY!

Happy Birthday CofC!!! 250 looks good on you;)

Now...let's meet the challenge and show our CofC community our love for this College, School, Program and Community. If you're going to give, please consider supporting us and ensuring the Schotty experience continues to get better and better for our Scholars! #CofCDay #schotties #giveback #proudcougar I’m ready to support School of Business on January 30, 2020 during CofC Day. Learn more about School of Business.

Couldn’t have had a better time in the Upstate last week after our Schottie day outing in Asheville. We had the pleasure of visiting Milliken in Spartanburg, along with AstenJohnson! Huge thank you to everyone who made this trip so special including Jeff Price, Debra Clements, Maurie Lawrence, Craig Haydamack, and Carmen Scism from Milliken who took the time to meet with us and give us a tour. Also a great experience seeing the AstenJohnson paper making plant! This all followed by dinner at Two Samuels with Coby Hennecy, Jada McAbee, and Greg Tolbert with boys and girls club of the upstate! So many unforgettable experiences in such a small amount of time. Thanks to everyone who made it possible! #SchottieTravels #SchottieOutting #SpringTrip @ Spartanburg, South Carolina

Congratulations to our beloved Bill Finn for being one of the first members of the School of Business Board of Governors to receive an honorary degree. We are so proud of you! 🎉❤️ #BillsScholarly #GoSchotties

Dinner with President T. Hsu, Thanksgiving break, and then dinner at the Chalreston Grill... its safe to say no one went hungry this past month! We would like to offer a huge thanks to President T. Hsu for inviting us to his home for dinner a couple weeks ago. Also, a huge thank you to Mickey at the Charleston grill for hosting us along with Laurie Smith and Cat Dority from the CVB! We are thankful for all of you and wish everyone a very happy rest of their holiday season! #HappyHolidays #SchottlandScholars

It was a busy and hectic weekend for the Schottland Scholars who got to take a tour of the South Carolina Ports Authority Friday afternoon guided by the current President and CEO, Jim Newsome. On Saturday, a couple of us attended the Higdon Center 2019 Fall Leadership Conference hosted by entrepreneurs and industry leaders from throughout the country. On Sunday, ALL of us showed our support at the Memorial for Alexis Davis, someone who isn’t with us physically anymore but who still shares all of our experiences in spirit. Prayers still go out to the Davis Family. ❤️ #SchottiesForLife #everdaysanadventure

To the College of Charleston Community, we are very sad to announce the loss of our fellow student, beloved friend, and new member of the Schottland Scholars, Alexis Davis. Alexis was an outstanding student with several awards for academic excellence as well as a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society. In addition to her endless achievements, she was an amazing human being who touched everyone’s life around her. Her endless compassion for others and hard working mentality were seen by all who knew her. She will he missed❤️

Highlight of the night goes to Mathew Battin! He’s not only one of our newest Schottland Scholars, but he is also a member of the William Aiken Fellows Society for the honors college, and is currently working as a student assistant for the Real Estate Department at the College of Charleston. You go Matt, keep up the hard work! 👏🏻🎉 #NewestClass #SchottlandScholars2020

Highlight of the night goes to Mary Cathryn Pope who’s currently got her hands full working for the College of Charleston as both an intern and a peer facilitator, on top of her position at Q4Launch! Keep it up girl you rock💥 #SchottlandScholars2020 #SchottieHighlight

So this week we will be highlighting our newest class of 2020 Schottland Scholars. Starting with Alexis Davis who was recently awarded with the South Carolina Governor’s Award for Outstanding Hospitality Student. Congratulations Alexis we are so proud of you! 🎉#schottlandscholars2020

Celebrating birthdays weren’t the only things on the Schotties agenda this week. On Friday afternoon we went to the InterTech Group to talk with Anita Zucker, son Jonathan Zucker and their hardworking team. After, we were invited aboard the Lady Victoria for the evening. Thanks again Captain Tim! #ScottiesBigWeek #BirthdaysBoatsBusiness

Keep em comin October!! Today we’re celebrating the birthday of 2020 Schottland member, Anastasia Palaska. Hope you have a great day! 🎉🎊 #OctoberBirthdays #SchottieBirthday

We love having Mallory ‘18 back on campus! And we are lucky enough to have her helping the program as our GA this year! Excited to see where her Accounting skills and a shiny new MBA will bring to this Schotty 💫 🙌🤩


Mallory Banks is our first MBA Monday feature of the school year! Mallory is a 2018 graduate of the College of Charleston with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, Mallory participated in Schottland Scholars, a leadership program at the School of Business. This program allowed her to have one-on-one training in a professional setting through roundtable meetings and dinners with leaders of prominent companies in Charleston. She also interned for two years with a small accounting firm in Charleston, McCay Kiddy.

After graduation, Mallory accepted a full-time offer with McCay Kiddy as a Tax and Audit Associate.During her time at the firm, she was able to work closely with her team members, managers and partners to get through multiple federal deadlines on both the tax and audit sides. She also worked in other departments when needed such as client accounting services and support staff.

Currently, Mallory is working for a multi-brand food and beverage company. She is developing skills to enhance guest experiences and assist the management team. She is also continuing her education at the College by pursuing a Master of Business Administration with a focus in Hospitality Revenue Management.

[09/06/19]   Tonight’s alumni reception will be postponed until next week. Details coming soon...

Our last full day in the city! It was so great to tour and experience @zola this morning and our time with @reddit was fascinating! We were also lucky to meet with the CEO of @holewallcamp and we are so inspired and thankful for these incredible opportunities. @ World Trade Center

Busy busy day 3! We are so thankful to have spent time with @knotel @foxbusiness @lifeatpwc and @duffandphelpscareers 👍 @ Knotel Hq

4 days, 11 *incredible* visits, 10 exhausted Scholars, 1 proud director, countless impressed executives and more perspective than calculable...yeah, good trip. 🙌 #perspective #nyclife #cofc #schotties #cofcschoolofbusiness #polished #prepared @ Manhattan, New York

Day 2️⃣ was fantastic! This morning we met with @thesiegfriedgroup where we learned about leadership & personal development. Then we walked on over to @wellsfargo where we received a market update and a tour of the trading floor📈📊 @ New York, New York

College of Charleston, School of Business, Schottland Scholars's cover photo

Class of 2020

Incredible kick off to our Fall Tour of Orgs in NYC! Google✔️, Uber✔️ ...and on to Day 2 🙌 @ Google

🙌 ‘Atta boy, Ryan! Congrats and keep making those waves! 👏
#proud #cougarpride #schotties #leadership #cofc

Ryan Laders ’15 wore many hats while at the College, including Admissions Representative, intramural athlete, campus radio DJ, and SC Student Legislature participant while also holding membership in both Phi Gamma Delta and Omicron Delta Kappa Honors and Leadership Society. Mr. Laders received his BS in international business with a minor in Asian studies and was a Schottland Scholar his senior year. Similar to his time at CofC, Mr. Laders has held many roles at CVS Health in Woonsocket, RI, starting as a Senior Consultant in 2015, and most recently being promoted to Senior Advisor, Rx Personalization – Enterprise Career Maps. Congratulations to our alumnus!

#KnowThyself #Since1770 #CofCMeansBusiness #AlumniSpotlight

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