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Thank you Karron Griffin of Kaleidoscope for inviting MYNDSpace Mental Health Education & Consulting to Springfield Elementary. Dr. Hugie had so much fun providing mental health education to these amazing young people. They were very engaged and excited!
Thank you Ms. JANICE for the past 34 years as the James B Edwards Kaleidoscope Site-Coordinator. You’ve truly made a difference in all of our lives. Can’t wait to see what this next chapter holds for you💕
Thank you Kaleidoscope for the great fun and the tasty igloo!
We hit the jackpot with Sandra Reed at MPA! So thankful for the wonderful program she runs jam packed with activities, field trips and fun.

Kaleidoscope provides high quality morning and afternoon school care!

Operating as usual

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 05/04/2022

🐛🦋“Students at Carolina Park Kaleidoscope recently had a hands on learning experience with the life cycle of a butterfly. They observed caterpillars turn into cocoons and then into butterflies. They also learned about the importance of butterflies within our environment as they were released into our school gardens.” - Carolina Park Elementary School Site Coordinator, Diane Kelly

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 04/27/2022

“Ms. Wandia Richardson from our awesome North Charleston Rec staff brought in her bunny, Sunny, for the kiddos last Friday. She spent the week teaching the second grade students about rabbits, and how to take care of a pet rabbit. Her group even had to pass a test before she would bring him in! We let all of the students meet Sunny and they loved him. Even our smaller friends had a great time.” - Kat Norsworthy, Site Coordinator at North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 04/25/2022

Last Friday, was 🌎🪴 “In Kaleidoscope we talked about what makes the earth happy and sad. The students were able to create their own Earth and decide which face they wanted to place on the Earth. They also planted flowers!” - Stiles Point Elementary Site Coordinator, Laura Peter

Photos from James Island Elementary School's post 04/25/2022

Photos from James Island Elementary School's post

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 04/22/2022

“Today we were able to present Bitty & Beau's Coffee the essays written by Kaleidoscope students regarding Radically Inclusive-Including Everyone. This was the theme for James Island Elementary Disabilities Awareness week last month. The students were awarded their Not Broken T-Shirts (1-3rd place and Honorable Mentions). Here is a video of the presentation.” - James Island Site Coordinator, Dr. Pamela Pepper 💛 James Island Elementary School

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 04/20/2022

“Today is so we made cheese fries and Mr. Potato Heads!” - Murray-LaSaine Site Coordinator, Robin Fay 🍟🧀

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 04/05/2022

🐾👮🏼‍♂️The City of Charleston Police Department K-9 Unit visited Murray-LaSaine’s Kaleidoscope program last week! The kids had a blast learning about the police dogs and their skills.

Photos from James Island Elementary School's post 03/29/2022

Love This ❤️ And our Dr. Pepper!!

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 03/28/2022

The Children's Museum of the Lowcountry visited a few North Charleston Kaleidoscope Programs this month. They brought out their mobile museum with play-based activities for the students to learn important STEM education initiatives through play. Activities included: imagination playground blocks, simple circuits, raceways, Rigamajig, ball wall, dinosaur bones, and more interactive stations! Thank you Children's Museum of the Lowcountry for providing our students with this unique opportunity.

Photos from Ladson Elementary School's post 03/03/2022

Photos from Ladson Elementary School's post

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 02/18/2022

More Valentines from Midland Park Primary School ❤️ Have a fun weekend everyone!!

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 02/15/2022

Our K-Scope Kids at North Charleston Elementary hope your with loved ones was sweet! 💝

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 02/10/2022

One of our very own, Harold Sanders, a 21st Century Program Officer for Charleston County School District was recently selected as one of the inaugural participants in the South Carolina Afterschool Leaders Empowered (SCALE) Fellowship. Read the full article on www.ccsdschools.com

The The Riley Institute at Furman and the South Carolina Department of Education have partnered to offer SCALE, a new program that will prepare individuals across the state to be strong leaders in the field of afterschool and expanded learning.

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 01/14/2022

💡“For Fun Friday we had SPAWAR come visit our kiddos at Ladson Elementary School! They created their own flashlights and learned about electricity.” - Site Coordinator, Mari Alice Jones.

NWIC-SPAWAR is visiting 9 North Charleston Kaleidoscope programs this month. We appreciate and value their continued partnership for volunteering their services! They introduce our students to various STEM topics, support robotics, and other initiatives in the after school programs.

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 01/12/2022

🎉 Congratulations to our Junior Counselors at James Island Elementary School ! & Thanks to Dr. Pamela Pepper, Site Coordinator, for believing in her students and giving them a chance to help run the program.

“Learning doesn’t stop when the final bell of the school day rings. Every day in Charleston County School District , several thousand students make their way to the district’s after-school program called Kaleidoscope.

The program is designed to be an extension of the school day, where soft skills and leadership methods are taught through various activities. One activity students enjoy is earning the rank of Junior Counselor. The idea is being implemented in programs across the district.”


Murray LaSaine Kaleidoscope did a Toys For Tots drive with the school and collected over 90 toys! 🎁🧸🛍


“I was at St. Andrews School of Math and Science visiting the Kaleidoscope after school program today teaching the kiddos about Vietnam and Vietnamese food. The students loved the Bun Cha. Not picky eaters at all and so well behaved! Tons of awesome questions, and even a few suggestions on how to improve the recipe 😂😂 Thanks Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope, Charleston County School District, Bon Banh Mi and thanks to the students and staff. Special kudos to Mrs. Thompson the Site Coordinator for running an awesome program!” - Jason Sakran, Director


‘Tis The Season, to deck the halls! In this case, we’re decorating the school’s halls. And Drayton Hall Elementary School Kaleidoscope is doing just that! Here’s a photo of their cafeteria bulletin board. 🎄❄️

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 11/09/2021

🦖Yesterday, was National STEM/STEAM Day. The students at North Charleston Elementary Kaleidoscope had some fun to celebrate! “The students and I talked about dinosaurs. We also talked about how people believe that dinosaurs are no longer on earth because volcanoes erupted near them, causing them to lose their homes. We colored a picture of 2 dinosaurs, the students were able to identify the dinos. The students then used dinosaur sand (baking soda) dinosaur soap (dish soap) and special dinosaur water (white vinegar) and they watched their own volcanoes erupt.” - Site Coordinator, Adriana Sousa Brooks

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 10/28/2021

🍩🎃Yesterday, we had a fun little fall festival! With an inflatable obstacle course, face painting, caramel apples, and donut on the string challenge! The fifth graders worked the event and did everything! - Robin Fay, Murray-LaSaine Site Coordinator


Stem Enrichment | "Many thanks to the Naval Information War Center Atlantic for spending time with our after school students in Kaleidoscope to build Air Powered Ground Vehicles. Our young scholars thoroughly enjoyed the challenge." - North Charleston Elementary School
In partnership with CCSD Career and Technology Education.

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 10/15/2021

Ladson Elementary School K-Scope Kids made donut monsters on this spooky Friday! 🍩👻


Nurse Liaison - Full Time Position!👩🏻‍⚕️TAG SOMEONE YOU KNOW🧑🏽‍⚕️
Kaleidoscope is currently hiring for a Nurse Liaison to assist our after school programs. If interested then please call 843-214-9328. Or apply now at ccsdschools.com underneath Job Opportunities - Nurses/Health Services.

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 10/01/2021

🕸Today’s the first day of October🎃 “Our Fun Friday started with the students receiving a letter to attend the Hogwarts Kaleidoscope celebration. We had a blast!” - Ladson Site Coordinator, Mari Alice Jones

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 09/30/2021

❤️Yesterday was World Heart Day, so we talked about how it was important to exercise and eat healthy to keep our hearts healthy and safe. We also watched a fun video on how the heart works! - Robin Fay, Murray LaSaine Site Coordinator


🍉 James Island Elementary School’s summer camp might be late to the challenge, but the consensus of this group is, “It’s not good, but it’s not that bad!” - Site Coordinator, Robin Fay


TAG SOMEONE‼️ Kaleidoscope is currently hiring for the upcoming academic year, 2021-2022. Positions are: Morning and/or Afternoon Counselor, and Assistant Site Coordinator. Call or text 843-214-9328 and learn how to apply!

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 07/19/2021

We know the K-Scope kids and staff are having a blast at AC Corcoran Elementary Summer Camp! With rooms for laser tag and indoor games, Friday's obstacle course and water slide, and daily free choice schedules made by students. Plus so much more!! Thanks to the Site Coordinator's, Richmond Brown and John Logan, for the fun photos.

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 06/18/2021

💦Sliding into summer like this! Just some fun at ARCAE Kaleidoscope. Thanks for another successful school year everyone! Enjoy your summer and be safe!!
Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary School


🎓Congratulations 5th Grade Class! To show their love, Counselors at Jennie Moore Kaleidoscope made posters for their parade yesterday evening. ❤️ Happy Graduation!!

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 06/17/2021

Kaleidoscope is gearing up for summer camp with supplies for all of our sites! ☀️📚🏀🎨
Charleston County School District


Site Coordinator Needed - Full Time Position!!
👦🏾👧🏻TAG SOMEONE💛 Kaleidoscope is currently hiring for a Site Coordinator at Jennie Moore Elementary. Read the flyer and learn how to apply today!

Photos from Expanded Learning Kaleidoscope's post 06/01/2021

Last Friday, K-Scope Kids at Murray-LaSaine made Memorial Day pancakes! 🍓🫐🇺🇸


We are almost to the end of the school year! Which means summer is near!! As the temperature rises and we continue to get warm weather please remember to stay hydrated. 💦 These water bottles were designed by Stono Park Elementary Assistant Site Coordinator for the K-Scope Kids as a gift. ❤️

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CPE KScope - End Of Year 5th Grade Pie Challenge
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