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The HypoPolyglot is a podcast dedicated to helping others learn how to learn languages efficiently,

Operating as usual


After a long winter break, I am back at it.... and looking forward to future episodes. Thanks for all the support and feedback.


In the latest installment, I break down the roles that nouns play - nice and simple.


Over the past 6 months, I conducted a survey in which 42 fellow hypopolyglots were asked to answer some basic questions about their study routines as well as offer advice they had on the topic of studying. And, my latest episode shares the results of this survey. So, check it out.


In today’s episode 11-13-2021, I respond to a listener who has asked me to share a few additional activities one can use to develop vocabulary.


Onomatopoeia are perhaps most widely known as the tools we use to communicate the sounds that objects, animals, and humans make. But, they can do much more than that! So, listen to my most recent episode to learn why you should add a few to your vocabulary.

Language Fundamental - 3 Basic Grammatical Moods by The HypoPolyglot 10/30/2021

Language Fundamental - 3 Basic Grammatical Moods by The HypoPolyglot

New episode on Grammatical Mood dropped last night. Check it out.

Language Fundamental - 3 Basic Grammatical Moods by The HypoPolyglot When languages provide extra messages or layers of information into sentences, grammarians often refer to these extra layers as mood or grammatical mood. And today, we are going to take a look at three common moods that nearly all languages utilize.


Episode 44 is up! Learn why it is important to master grammatical gender.


Check out episode 43 - a review of Pimsleur language courses.


Just posted an episodes on nouns as part of the language fundamental series. More are on the way.


Remember, you can find the podcast on the following platforms....Sticher, ApplePodcast, Anchor, Breaker, Google Podcast, Overcast, RadioPublic, and Spotify!

03-11-21 Edition | The Daniel Island News 03/22/2021

03-11-21 Edition | The Daniel Island News

Episode 32 "These are a few of my Spa-ah-nish things" hit the airwaves this evening. In this episode, I reply to John, who is currently studying German and Turkish, who asked , “Even though I am learning different languages, can you share the resources you are using to learn Spanish – and maybe include a brief explanation as to why you use that resource? I think this will really help me better gauge whether or not I am using the right stuff.” (And yes.....I gave the Sound of Music a little nod in the title of this episode - because...well....why not.)

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More great news. Thanks to a few supporters of the podcast, the annoying adds before each episode are no longer needed!


Check out the latest episode!


Episode 29 posted today - it is just a short recap of this past year and a brief look to the future.

More episodes will follow shortly!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We hit 1000 listeners today!


After my winter hiatus and a 3-week visit from Covid-19, I am back and working on new Episodes, I hope to have them posted sometime around mid-March. So, be on the lookout. Until then!


Episode 28 launched! It is a reply all episode in which I answer the question, "How does learning one language help you to learn others?" Want to know how? Give it a listen!


Episode 26 - In this installment I am going to show you a structure way to go about learning words in context. This way, you can start reaping the benefits of this beneficial approach to learning new words right away.


Episode 25: "2 important approaches to reading" is now available. In this episode, I discuss two important approaches – intensive and extensive reading - because having a basic understanding of both can help you make the most of your studies and help you improve your overall language skills


For anyone heading back to school, check out the latest episode.......Increase your chances of success in the classroom.


Just in time for the start of a new school year.....Episode 24 launches today. In it, I share a few behaviors that are highly linked to success in the classroom. Incorporating these behaviors may help to significantly improve your language skills as well as potentially increase your academic performance.


The latest episode - Circumlocution - will hit the airwaves at 6 pm tonight! In this episode, I discuss circumlocution- a helpful tool that many languages learners employ when they find themselves in a tough spot. I thought I would share a few tips on how to put this tool to good use as well as how to avoid one particular pitfall associated with it…… So, stick around


Educators - don't forget to check out to find free activities and quizzes to go along with each episode.


Episode 21 "A world without verbs" hits the airwaves! This episode takes a look at the roles that verbs play, just in a unique way. So, if you want to see verbs in a new light…..listen in!


I promise new episodes are on the way! I have been focusing on creating lessons and activities to support language teachers as they adjust to a Covid-19 world! I promise to get back behind the microphone soon. Thanks for all the emails with your words of encouragement and support!


The Hypopolyglot wants to say congratulations to Whitney Malone on her promotion to assistant principal! Your language students and colleagues will surely miss you. However, they have gained a wonderful leader! Thanks for all you have done to help make this podcast a reality! Your feedback was greatly appreciated. Best of luck on your upcoming adventure!


Happy to report that this podcast now has official listeners in Germany, the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, Japan, Argentina, Canada, and India!

Thank you to everyone for tuning in! And listeners, keep sending me your feedback. It is really helping me to provide content that is useful to you.


Launched the 20th episode today! "Turn off your auto-pilot.....from time to time" - In this episode, I share why it can be very beneficial to turn off your native language’s auto-pilot every now and then. I also share a special message from a few friends of mine who are English teachers. Hope you enjoy!


You can now listen to the show on 7 platforms!


Thank you everyone for your support! With your feedback and your words of encouragement, I will hit the goal of completely launching the site by August 1st!




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