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High school was a blast guys
2016 is the year for the Chambers Alumni Banquet which is usually held on the Saturday night of Memorial Week-end. This year another very important Chambers Event, the Molly Miracle Makers, is being held that day and night. Therefore the Alumni Banquet will be held Sunday, July 3, 2016 in conjunction with the 4th of July Events. We want to get this word spread for those who plan to come from a distance for the banquet on Memorial Week-end so please help us spread the word. There will be some new and great things in regards to the banquet this year so watch this page for more posts and plans are made!
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Need some information about the 2012 Alumni Banquet..... anyone know how much and time frame
Anything started for next year's alumni banquet? I hope to see some old friends and classmates there. Who do we send contact info to?
Lisa, you do a great job with this site! Thanks for doing it!
Proud to announce that my pool team just won the VNEA Sportsman Division in Las Vegas last week. Who would have thought my days of playing pool at the den would lead to this? Will post some pictures when I get them back from our vendor.
The 2010 Alumni banquet was a success last night! 115 people attended this time around. Big thank yous to Lisa Green, Michelle Haburcek, Steve Randolph and the CHS FCCLA group...this could not have been accomplished without your efforts and talents.

This page is for all Chambers High School alumni and teachers past and present, including those who

Photos from Chambers High School Alumni's post 07/20/2022

Just a quick trip down 2022 alumni memory lane....

thanks for all who attended and helped out in any way.

Still looking for volunteers to help with the upcoming years festivities to lighten the load for the small but mighty crew of only 3.


We need your help. 😍

We are looking for pictures for the Alumni Banquet this Saturday. Please comment below or send us a message with those pictures. Please add any details/captions that you can!


🚨🚨Last Call 🚨🚨

Get your reservations in NOW! We can’t wait to have you join us.
Delicious Food
And music.

What else could you ask for?! Get your ticket now!

Mike Durre
LeAnne Schaaf
Jeremy Sladek
Amy Scott



Did you get your ticket yet?
Did you contact your class and remind them?

We have some fun things planned that evening, you don’t want to miss out.

Plus, catering by Gary & Deb at the Village Market. 🤤😍

Please note- if mailing invites, use zip code 68725. 🙃


Did you get your ticket yet?
Did you contact your class and remind them?

We have some fun things planned that evening, you don’t want to miss out.

Plus, catering by Gary & Deb at the Village Market. 🤤😍

Please note- if mailing invites, use zip code 68725. 🙃


It’s that time of year! 🥳
Join us Memorial Weekend for an evening of fun! 🗓

Share away with fellow classmates and peers. Get your reservations in soon and reach out if you have any questions. We hope to see you there!

For Fun 🤩 Comment below ⬇️ your favorite Senior year memory!

LeAnne Schaaf. AmyScott
Mike Durre. Jeremy Sladek



Attention Chambers Villagers and alumni! This is a request for a card shower for Mr. Nolte who is retiring after 49 years at CHS. His address is:
Russ Nolte
PO Box # 36
Chambers, NE 68725

I know that he would absolutely love hearing from us as he enters this new chapter of his life! THANK YOU!
*** feel free to share this so it gets to as many alumni as possible!

Photos from Chambers High School Alumni's post 03/28/2021

Please join us for these two upcoming local events to support our community.

If you are unable to participate in any form, please feel free to reach out to them and consider a monetary donation instead!

1- Color run @ 10:30 on Saturday, April 2.
2- Easter Egg Hunt to follow later that day at 10:30 for all families who will be coming to town to visit for the weekend!!

3- Alumni Bball Tourney on Saturday, April 17.

We hope to see you there!


We are sad to announce that due to the current situation of our global pandemic, we will be canceling our July 3, 2020 Chambers Alumni Banquet.

We will plan to resume as usual in 2022.

We hope to see you then!

We will also be honoring these classes at that Banquet as well as those current Honor Classes!


Save the Date Info 👇👇


Calling all Chambers friends, residents of Chambers, and Chambers students. There is a card shower going on for retired teacher Sue Burrell, who taught for 40 years in the district. Let's bring her joy from all of us by sending a card to Sue at: Sue Burrell 1203 E Hynes Ave O'Neill, NE 68763


Message this page with your current email and mailing addresses!!

If you can send us info on family members or friends, please do so!!

We truly appreciate your help making this event come together.


To make our Alumni Banquet a success we could use your help!

Currently in need of:
🎯 someone to help the committee find & update email and mailing addresses for past alumni

🎯 someone to help with mailing out save the dates and invites

🎯any local alumni with bulk mailing abilities?

🎯someone from each of the honor classes to help out a bit even from afar

🎯Add all your friends and past alumni to this page

🎯Hope to see you all July 3, we should be ready to socialize and have a great time by then 😉

“Many hands make light work.”


Hey Alumni!!

Tag below the members of the following classes! (Don’t worry, we know who you are, but this will be more fun 😉)

And gooooo.... 🥳


Well, it is time for another Alumni Banquet! Make plans to attend the upcoming Friday, July 3rd Banquet. More details will be coming soon!

In an attempt to enhance and bring more people together we have decided to host the Alumni Banquet the same weekend as our already fantastic Hometown 4th of July. By joining these two celebrations together we hope we are helping with the hassle of an additional trip for some of our friends, an additional day to celebrate since the 4th is on a Saturday, adding another fun factor into our already fun festivities that will be planned.

If you are interested in helping or becoming a committee member, please send us a message here or reach out to one of us, posted below. Don’t feel like you have to be local to be a part of the meeting. We can use help in all areas especially in social media, obtaining addresses (snail mail and email), mailing, entering addresses into a computer program, decorating, and so much more.

Yes, we know Alumni Banquets are a thing of the past for the younger generations. However, we strongly feel that we have a rich and strong history and we want to keep it going for many years to come. It has been fun to watch all generations come together and mingle at previous Banquets!

Hope to see you there!

Mike Durre
Amy Scott
Brittany Boettcher
Charissa Sladek


It's next weekend but reservations need to be in by May 20th. If you want, you can let us know you're coming and pay at the door. 😉

Wyatt Ehlers, Chambers Public School's Youtube 04/14/2018

Hey CHS alumni. We have a current student in a contest to win $2000 for the school. This is Matt Ehlers's son. If you all could vote for him daily through the 20th, it would give him a great boost! And share to your friends if you can. Thanks!

Wyatt Ehlers, Chambers Public School's Youtube Chambers State Bank: Make Your Money Work for You


There are two questions we keep getting from people about the Alumni banquet.

1. Why is the price so high for a pulled pork sandwich dinner?
Your tickets to the banquet pay for so much more than your meal. It pays for the 1000+ mailed invitations that are sent to people who don't have email. It pays for decorations, honor class gifts, caterer, dj for the dance and so many other little things that we can't even begin to mention it all. The Alumni funds are very low and we don't have alot of extra to pull from for these things.

2. Why did the banquet move to the 4th of July weekend and will it stay on that weekend?
Honestly, one of the main reasons we moved to this weekend was to try something different as we have declining numbers on Memorial Day weekend and many tell us that they aren't around that weekend to attend. Also, the Molly's Miracle Makers event this year is on the Saturday of Memorial Day due to scheduling conflicts for them. They didn't demand that we move, but we feel like it's an opportunity to support childhood cancer research by not taking attendees away from them. As for the banquet staying on this weekend, we will re-evaluate next time and see if it was a good change or not.

The alumni committee, though small in numbers, devote many hours of volunteer time to preparing for the banquet, making decisions, keeping our mailing list up to date since so many people change addresses frequently, decorating and so much more. In addition, many of the committee members are donating financially for some of the needs because we know there isn't enough money for it all.

I guess my main point is that we are doing the best we can to provide an opportunity to come together and share memories and reconnect with classmates. If you don't like decisions that are being made or have an interest in making changes in the future, we would welcome your input on the committee as a member. Even if you don't live close to Chambers, you can still participate.

Let's make Chambers High School proud to call us alumni!

(And if you know of a rich benefactor that wants to fund the alumni committee/banquet, we're all ears!)


Chambers Public School Alumni Committee
invites you to join us for the 2016 Alumni Banquet.
Sunday, July 3rd at 6:00 PM
at the Chambers American Legion
Supper will be: Pulled Pork Sandwiches w/salads, chips & dessert.
Stay for: 4th of July dance sponsored by the Chambers Alumni 8:00 PM-1:00 AM
Featuring: Music old and new. Something for everyone!
Honor Classes: Classes of 1990 & 1991 and Classes of 1965 & 1966
(Honor class photos will be at 6:00 pm)
Reservations: $20/person by June 7th or $25/person June 7th – 24th.
(This includes the banquet and dance.)
Make your reservations by mailing your check to:
Chambers Alumni, PO Box 25, Chambers, NE 68725 or by calling
Lisa Green @ 402-340-9582 or Linda (Papke) Green at 402-340-2173


Do any of my Chambers-connected friends have any photos from Chambers, the community, events, activities for school or clubs, churches, etc, that would be either from recent past or further back? I'm working on a slideshow and would love anything that you could either email to me or if you're local, I could pick up from you by Wednesday evening to scan myself. I know it's short notice, but anyone who has anything, please PM me and we can make connections. Thanks!


The Class of 1963 & 1964 are our 50/51 year honor classes this year. 4 class members have registered for the alumni banquet so far. We'd love to have a great group show up!


Class of 1988 & 1989, you are our 25/26 year honor classes! We'd love to see you at the Alumni Banquet. Make your reservations this week!


Ok, Alumni people...I just sent my first round of email Alumni Banquet invites. More than 50% of them came back to me with invalid email address messages.

Please pass the word far and wide that we need updates! You can send them here or to my page (Lisa Green).
Thanks for helping out!


Hi all!

Please Send me a PM with your email address or mailing address if you don't have an email address. I'm trying to do a really good update of our contact list and I'd like to verify contact info. Pass the word to your friends from CHS too, please. Questions? Let me know! Thanks!

Lisa Green, Class of 1992


Save the Date! Chambers Alumni Banquet will be Saturday, May 24th. Details to follow. If you have address updates, please send us a note.


Status Update

By Maureen Metschke

Birthday card shower: A week from today- the 23 of July- a very GRAND lady will slide gracefully into another year. Please take the time to send Genevieve a card. (I think she will be 95 years young- but I could be off a year.) She still lives out on the home place and takes very good care of herself. She 'knows' her limits and is respectful of them. My 'favorite' is that she doesn't walk down the lane to get her mail if the wind is blowing, because it blows her over! :-) Just love this lady who 'molded minds' for YEARS and YEARS. My children benefited from her expertise as did many others. She got a lot of cards last year - and she was so thrilled to be remembered. Let's do this! Go ahead - make her day! :-)
Here is her address:

Genevieve Klabenes
49351 853 Road
Ewing, NE 68735


Hi everyone! We have some inquiries about the possibility of a Class of 1969 reunion. Is there anyone here that knows any plans? Or is there anyone who would like to make plans? Post your thoughts here and maybe some connections can be made.

Remember, this is an off year for alumni banquet, so we'll see you next year! :)


Hi all! May 23rd is the last day to make a reservation for the Alumni Banquet on the 26th. Make sure you call or email your reservation before then. Tickets are now $17/person. See our post on May 14th with all the details.


Hi everyone! If we've missed you with an invitation, I apologize. Here's the info:

The 2012 Alumni Banquet will be Saturday, May 26th at 7:00 PM. Doors will open at 6:00 PM. Honor classes are the 25 and 26 year classes and the 50 and 51 year classes. Those classes will have photos at 6:00 PM, so please be there at that time for photos.

Entree choices are Lasagna or Chicken Alfredo. Ticket prices are $15 before May 15th and $17 after May 15th with no more reservations taken after May 23rd. I know this is short notice, so if you would like to make an early reservation, you can email [email protected] or private message me on the page here and then pay at the door.

Reservations can also be mailed to PO Box 25, Chambers, NE 68725.


Attention all Chambers High School Alumni!! I need addresses and emails. We are sadly lacking in information to contact those of you who have graduated since 1999. Please go to the Chambers alumni page and let us know what your contact information is or send a private message to me with it. Thank you! Lisa Green Class of '92


Hey everyone! Invitations to the alumni banquet will be coming out very soon! If you haven't already done it, please update your address and email with us. You can contact us at [email protected] with the info. Thanks!


Chambers High School Alumni committee has a new email address. [email protected]. Please send all address and email updates to this address as soon as possible so that we can begin updating our mailing addresses for invitations to the upcoming Alumni Banquet. More info coming!


Alumni banquet is coming! Plans are for the Saturday night of Memorial Weekend as usual. More details to follow. Sorry for the long silence. We'll make up for it soon!


BIRTHDAY CARD SHOWER: A very special & GRAND lady turns 92 years young this Saturday, July 23rd. Genevieve Klabenes taught many of you, your children, & perhaps some grandchildren. She is quite the 'young' lady, still living on the home place & managing by herself. Let's surprise her with LOTS of cards & well wishes. Her address is: 49351 853 Road Ewing, NE 68735 Take a minute & help to make her day special. :-)

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For all the details of the Holt Co. Fair, visit Let's get out and enjoy all the hard work the fair board has put into making this a great experience!

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The Holt Co. Fair has some amazing entertainment this year! The Redhead Express will be here Aug 11th at 7 pm at the grandstands for a free concert. Check them out at

Redhead Express From the Wilds of Alaska RedHead Express welcomes you to join their family for a night of outstanding entertainment and high-energy music. From hits of the 50s and 60s, to country, original songs, traditional, bluegrass and old time music, RedHead Express will delight with tight family harmonies and...


Check out Kiki Tree on Facebook. A new business created by one of our alumni, Katie Dankert Liles. Art class can take you places!

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