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So yesterday I did the beef in the crockpot with a jar of pepper rings… but I think it was too large of a jar because this beef is pucker-ific… not awful on tacos with egg life everything wraps air fried to crispy… and then peppers, lettuce and tomato…

Great quote that helped me get started on this journey….”Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.” — Fitzhugh Dodson
What's everyone having for supper? I'm at a loss at what to make. I have chicken already cooked but it needs help with flavor and something to go with it. Help!
Decided to jump on the roasted rutabaga campaign - highly recommend!
If only it were this easy. 😬
Don't forget to register for the Low Carb Thanksgiving Dinner this Sunday! Please join us for our FAVORITE & "BEST" event of the year: Phase 1 Thanksgiving Feast! You may attend independently or with your family members. Cost is $12.50 / person & includes a Holiday Season Recipe book. This event will be "Open House Style", so even if you'd like to just pop in for a take out dinner, that's an option. Tickets are available online or you may purchase your ticket at the Canton or Hartville office during your weigh in. Click on the date when you register...
Hey everyone !!! I hope you’re having a great day? I am checking to see if anyone here is in need of a Full time or part-time job It’s $21.86 hourly
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Having a small group of people over after my daughter’s graduation Saturday. Need ready to serve phase 1 ideas!

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Operating as usual


WEEK 1 of the is complete & those who are participating lost a total of 165 pounds this week!!! CONGRATS to all who are staying focused on their goals. I know many of you are looking to clip off these final 10-15 pounds before summer & excited to transition to Phase 2 in June. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ~ So exciting to see you all working together & succeeding 🌟


First trip to @nclattelovecafe ... coffee is AMAZING, service was quick & staff was super friendly❤ Will be back soon❤


Today is DAY 1. Suggested activity for points today is to plan (and post a picture to our private group for bonus points) of what you have planned for dinner this coming week. READY. SET. GO!


FINAL CHANCE TO SIGN UP FOR MAY CHALLENGE!! Here's the sign up link for May Challenge:


We were invited to speak to the Women's Club at Willowdale tonight about


Click here to register for this 4 week challenge: You'll be paired with a fellow dieter for extra support & motivation. You may either choose your partner or trust @coachjulieangione to pair you with someone amazing. Either way, there will be prizes for both participation & percent weight loss. This is the PERFECT opportunity to refocus, buckle down & get a good 8-15 pounds off before swim suit season. If you know someone who is not currently dieting with us & would like to give the program a try for 1 month, message us or give them our phone number (special start up pricing & referral bonuses available). You've only got fat to lose & health to regain!! 330-309-3499 (text us)


HANG IN THERE!!! Please make a plan for the Easter Holiday so that you don't accidentally fall off course. If you need help in this planning process, contact your coach or text Julie at 330-309-3499. YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!



The journey may have challenges but in the end you will persevere 🦋


Yes... WE UNDERSTAND! Accountability is the key ❤❤❤ Text for a free consultation or to get refocused. It's officially spring... & summer is right around the corner 🌷 330-309-3499


CONGRATULATIONS to Melissa A from Hartville Office. You're the winner of a free box of food this week ❤❤❤ CONGRATS to all who had successful weigh ins this week ❤


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Coach Melanie🎈☘☘🌈☘☘🎈So thankful to have you as part of our team ❤


The choice is yours...


ummm... THIS IS SO FLIPPIN' GOOD...SO.GOOD.... Run to Giant Eagle & snag some... it's on sale this week too!!!😋😋😋


friendly dinner: 2 cups chopped peppers, onion & celery mixed with Amazin Mayo, garlic, a can of chicken or 4-6 oz of shredded chicken & ...Best part: it can be made ahead of time & enjoyed on a busy evening.


Breakfast! As most of you know, I L❤VE coffee... which is TOTALLY FINE to enjoy while dieting. Only rule is that for each cup of coffee you drink, you need an EXTRA cup of water in addition to your 64oz. minimum daily water requirement. My favorite way to drink my extra water is with a little from @trume.wholehealth My favorite way to enjoy my coffee is with 1/2 of an Ideal Protein Ready made Vanilla or Cappuccino drink. I save the other half for a mid day coffee or a yummy decaf after dinner coffee. PS: My first day "back" to hot yoga will be tomorrow with @sage_and_lavender_ and @kara_mf at @yogastrongstudios ... I took the month off due to being in P1, but I have transitioned to P2 & am READY TO HIT MY MAT tomorrow ❤🥰❤ ...there will probably be a lot of skipped vinyasas, but that's part of the process 🌷🙌


NEW FLAVOR!! @trume.wholehealth BCAAs + Electrolytes. Pink Lemonade TruMe will be 10% off throughout February.


WE ARE OPEN! Feel free to pop in to the Canton Office this morning 8-12 if you're running low on supplies!


My kids have a snow day tomorrow, so I am planning to come in for just a few dieters on Friday afternoon. Feel free to text if you're in need of an appointment / product tomorrow or Saturday. 330-309-3499 If you're out on the roads tomorrow, please use extra caution ❤


We'll be closed tomorrow, Thursday, February 3rd due to the inclement weather forecast. We plan to reopen on Friday at 11:30, but will continue to monitor the weather & make decisions based on the safety of our staff & dieters. Thanks for your patience & understanding. If you're running low on product, please message Julie at 330-309-3499 & she'll be happy to help you meal plan based on product you have available.


In case you have forgotten...your coaches are dieting too! We are doing our best to be compliant and make weekly progress. I personally have 1 more week of P1 & am hoping to lose at least one more pound this week before transitioning to P2. My key to success is meal prep & hydration. Although I have had a few not so great days, I have continued to stay the course & am pleased with my progress. If you have any questions or are struggling throughout the week, don't hesitate to contact us... I believe our phone issue has been resolved ❤


It has recently come to my attention that some of my outgoing texts & incoming texts may not be going through. Please direct message me on Instagram or Facebook if you've tried to get in touch & I haven't responded. THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE!!


FRIDAY! OPEN HOUSE 8:30A-6:00P Stop into the Canton Office to sample dishes PERFECT for your Super Bowl Party. Recipe Handout provided so you can duplicate your faves at home! If you love crockpot dishes, THIS IS YOUR LUCKY DAY!! All samples are friendly.

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Phase 1 gummies from Dea Marie Suhai @deasrecipes I used 2 scoops watermelon @trume.wholehealth for 1 batch & 1 packet Tangerine water enhancer for the other batch. Easy & delicious.

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HUNGRY??? These make an amazing "free" snack!! Did you know that they are allowed as an extra each day? I am personally not a fan of croutons on my salads, but I will occasionally have a bag of these if I am hungry & it's "not time" to eat. YUM!

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OFFICE IS UNEXPECTEDLY CLOSED TODAY. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I am "stuck" at home. Hopefully AAA can get me going again for tomorrow. If you need to come in tomorrow, please text me 330-309-3499


A limited supply of popcorn is in stock. If you want a box saved for your next weigh in, please message me. Once they are gone... they are GONE... with no re-release date scheduled.

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Breakfast Sandwich with mashed potato packet, 1 egg, mustard & 1/4 cup veggies... made in mini waffle maker. Idea from @gigi_jeffries


Three Cheers for Coach Kathy!! She is celebrating her 1 year anniversary with Canton Ideal Lifestyle Center!! She lost weight last January-May & began coaching over the summer. She's a positive ray of sunshine to everyone she meets & has done an incredible job maintaining her weight loss since last year. CONGRATULATIONS & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


5 weeks on protocol... It's more than just the number on the scale. is a that targets fat loss while maintaining muscle mass. This was my personal transformation picture.


Evening prep... pack your lunch, extra veggies, bcaas & an extra food the night before so you can grab & go in the morning ❤


SO....Our Coach's Challenge started on Monday... and I typically get a headache EVERY day 3 or 4... and this time, I DIDN'T!! YAY! I have been drinking at least 3 of these / day (each with a scoop of the BCAAs) & have been detoxing hard core (up 4-6 × / night to go to the bathroom & down 5.2 pounds)... AND YET, NO HEADACHE!! I will be extending a sale on these at 20% off or 25% off with the purchase of 3+ boxes of food. The @trume.wholehealth BCAAs not only help to increase water intake, but they taste great & are full of & WIN WIN WIN. Thank you @melissahozack

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Shout out to Laura for an incredible weight loss journey. Despite having a long drive down to Canton each week, she stayed committed to herself & didn't make any excuses. Her physical transformation is amazing, but more importantly she feels like "herself" again. CONGRATULATIONS. So excited for you, Laura!!!


lunch. Riced cauliflower, IP cheddar cheese sauce, hot sauce... tastes like buffalo dip. I use the celery to scoop it out. YUM👍


If you can believe it, you can achieve it. Cheers to 2022 🎊

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