Intangible Roots

Dedicated to the education and preservation of Afro-diasporic social dance formations.


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Intangible Roots week 3.

100% of the profits from the sale of the Everything Remains Raw shirt goes to supporting the licensing fees for my documentary

50% of the proceeds from the sale of the Intangible Roots shirts will be donated to the school is building in Africa. Supporting Intangible Roots is helping to support humanities effort of being better and doing better.

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Last Saturday we had a great start let’s continue this coming Saturday with day two. If you weren’t able to sign up for all five you still have four more to go. So let’s go

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Tomorrow July 3rd, 10:30 am pst
If you purchase all five classes we’ll send you a free Intangible Roots t-shirt

See you all tomorrow. Looking forward to another exploration into the hueman experience


Check out my dude Mike Gamble new Podcast Gamble’s Green Room on Spotify. Interviews with Alison Faulk, Popin Pete pt 1&2 and yours truly pt 1. Fun times full of stories and memories


Check out this new documentary I’m featured in, The Evolution of African Dance. Presented by WACO Theater Center. available on YouTube copy and paste the link below

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One more week for Intangible Roots 2021. Don’t miss this one. Always bringing you something new to think about and consider. Registration is open.

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My definition of the word ART. Concept by design by ordering will be available July 2021

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The fifth and final class and one of the shirt designs. Purchase all five class and we’ll send you a free shirt (shipping cost applied to out of the country sales)

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18 Days left to register. 3 hours of this 2021 course can be applied to the Intangible Roots Certification program. There are several new programs scheduled to being this fall. Can’t wait to launch. Also keep an eye out for the new merchandise coming to the shop on the website. Check the last post for a sample. Intangible Roots, working to develop and provide the highest quality for Social dance education and cultural exploration.

Tag a friend, repost, share, comment. Looking forward to seeing the regular IR supporters and new participants to the IR experience.

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Intangible Roots. Know your roots, so you can plan your routes. Purchase all five classes and get a free Intangibleroots T shirt while they last. Make sure when you register we have your address. Orders outside the U.S. will be charged shipping cost.

Registration link in the bio

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My fellow Earthlings, Spread the word. Intangible Roots: building upon movement philosophy, deep dives into history and heritage, helping to find and redefine cultural and personal identity, and awareness through exploration of the human condition. Unlock the doors to the hip hop concept “can you rock” understand how your own social cultural expression has a roll to play in your appreciation for hip hop and a reimagining in your own cultural knowing.

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Here’s your first class for Intangible Roots 2021. Registration link is in the bio. Looking forward to another great experience with the regulars and those new to the experience. Stay tuned for more class info, another programming, and merch. Thank you all for the love and support. Please continue to share with anyone you feel would be interested. Hours from these and other courses will go toward the certification process. Details about certification, professional development courses, and recorded classes will be available this fall.

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My fellow earthlings, the wait is over, spread the word...Intangibleroots summer sessions are back. And this time with two movement explorations. Registration is now open. Fliers by follow us plus new programs coming this fall

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Looking forward to this discussion for hosted by with as we talk about African derived dance forms and their impact on American dance forms 2:30pst, 5:30est

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My fellow earthlings, here we go. Tighten up your seatbelts for this fast and furious discussion about jazz dance. Finally some real talk about jazz dance because many of you have some serious gaps and holes in your education. My article is straight no chaser. Congratulations to our editors Carlos Jones and Wendy Oliver and to all authors etc. thank you for including me again on this second book. I’m full of gratitude. From discussions at NDEO conference to words on the page.

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This will be fun. Come check it out

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It’s time for another weekend getaway. I need to realign my spirit. Get back into a practice of peace. Time for some internal work


2003 Philly, dancing with Clyde Evans Chosen Dance Company. 2nd and Market. My best dancing was never captured on video. I like this song more than how I’m dancing to it. Just basic groove in the 4/4 for me, sometimes that’s good enough. I never really dance to perform or entertain I dance simply because I enjoy the music even when I’m supposed to be “performing.” I stole that first step from Link

Intangible Roots updated their website address. 02/04/2021

Intangible Roots updated their website address.

Intangible Roots updated their website address.


intangible Roots session II winter addition. First class this coming Saturday November 28th. From Gospel to Beyoncé. Register at individual classes and full sessions available &heritage,

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Intangible Roots session II all new subject matter. Registration now open. Spread the word and use a hashtag.


This week it is my pleasure and honor to speak at Upward Bound Buffalo State. I’ll discuss The Who what when where why and how I ended up on this journey of sharing and illuminating the heritage of dance music and culture.


That time in Korea with my locking partner . I didn’t win the locking battle but didn’t care the experience was more rewarding for me than fleeting bragging rights. I need to find the footage of me stretch and Jimmy Soul getting down together.


Get your today. Limit number left. Warning in order to ship to other countries during this time may incur extra shipping cost and may take longer. Thank you all for your continued support. Keep an eye open for Intangible Roots Winter course. Details coming soon


It is with a heavy spirit that I wish Brotha Chadwick Aaron Boseman 1977-2020 a blessed return to the spirit world. You are with the ancestors now. Thank you for your intentional work to show the joy, pride, strength, creativity, and love of Black people. My condolences to his friends and family. Your time here has left an amazing legacy to inspire many for generations. May your bones and flesh return to the earth may your spirit journey free to its next destination. Ase


Order yours today. Limited number XX, XL, L, M, S visit the website to place your order


The last class is this Friday July 31st 2020


Today I begin my journey into my Power-5/Knowledge-1, trip around the Sun. I was planning to go live to celebrate with you all but after a 90min talk Friday for Intangible Roots and a 5hr talk yesterday with for the dance community in Switzerland my voice needs rest. So throughout the day I will make a few posts this being the first. As is my custom i wish my mother a happy anniversary. Something I believe we all should do instead of making it about you when it’s the anniversary of our birth and the day we got to see the woman that was carrying and feeding and nurturing us. Also I acknowledge my ancestors who endured so that I might be here. I am grateful and blessed. The only thing I would add is that special woman to share, experience, witness, and design the rest of our journeys with. I love you all be safe, take care of yourselves and each other. @ Downtown Los Angeles


Needed this today.


See Friday for the third class as we focus on Move-meant Knowledge and examine the repurposing of space with the creators of the Nae Nae, and find out what Beyoncé was telling and showing us in Formations, and how political was Michael Jackson? You will never watch another video or movie the same way.


thank you brotha.
Next class Friday July 24th. Movement knowledge looking beyond what’s there to extract meaning. Ciphers battles and music videos. Sign up
Click Online Course. Reading and prompt material emailed out Wednesday. Zoom link emailed out 1 hour before the start of class. Spend $25 gain $500 worth of knowledge for 90min of your time. You will not find this level of investigation for this price anywhere.


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That time in Korea with my locking partner @buddhastretch. I didn’t win the locking battle but didn’t care the experienc...
The last class is this Friday July 31st 2020
See Friday for the third class as we focus on Move-meant Knowledge and examine the repurposing of space with the creator...
@alphajackscereal thank you brotha. Next class Friday July 24th. Movement knowledge looking beyond what’s there to extra...
Student testimonials thank you @eves_happening
Students testimonials @jillyjillzzz Two more classesJuly 24th and July 31st
Thank you @gogalit always enjoy our conversations. We have about 20 hours left until the first Intangible Roots course k...
Thank you @eves_happening  for your kind and heartfelt thoughts and words. I truly appreciate you and all that have dedi...
Thank you @2bcrystylz for this wonderful ad The count down has begun. I look forward to communicating with all in this e...




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