Park Place Preschool

Park Place Preschool is a ministry of Park Place Baptist Church providing a Christian, early-education environment.

Park Place Preschool is a Christian education based center. We began in August 2011 with a 3 & 4 year old program. We immediately saw a need and desire in the community for a toddler program. Our program enrolls children age 18 months and up. We follow the Bryant School District calendar, as our teachers are required to have Professional Development as well. However, on some of the extended holiday breaks, we offer a supplemental program. We open doors at 7:00 and close at 5:30. We serve a morning snack, hot lunch, and afternoon snack. For more information, contact Amber Crumby @ [email protected]

Happy Memorial Day!! Today, we remember and honor all the brave heroes who served to hold our flag high! ❤️⭐️🇺🇸

Mrs Amber left a little present for our littles! (Not the complete finished product, but I am so excited with the rooms.). Tiffany Tucker (Linc’s mom) did an AMAZING JOB!!! Thank you so much for sharing your passion with us!!!

Congratulations to the 2020 graduates of Park Place Preschool! We are so proud of you! This year did not end the way we would have envisioned, but we know God is working out AMAZINGLY BIG PLANS for each of you! Stephanie Evans Baker Tara Daniel DeVaux Kalin Dunning Lyndsey Moeck Jenni Vaughn

John Rosemond

Excellent reminders for directing your children!

When giving instructions to children, parents should be commanding, concise and concrete. These are the "Three C's of Good Communication."

Be Commanding: Speak directly to the child and preface instruction with authoritative statements, such as "I want you to..." or "It's time for you to..." or "You need to..." In other words, don't beat around the bush. If you want a child to do something, you must tell him in no uncertain terms. The more uncertain your terms, the more uncertain the outcome.

Be Concise: Don't use fifty words when five will do, as in "Don't ever do that again." Almost all of us were lectured as children, and we all remember hating it. We know from experience that as soon as the lecturer gets going, a fuse blows somewhere between the child's ears and brain.

Be Concrete: Speak in terms that are down to earth, rather than abstract. Use language that refers to the specific behaviors you expect, as opposed to the attitude. "I want you to be good in church this morning" is vague, abstract. "While we're in church, I want you to sit quietly next to me" is clear and concrete.

[05/13/20]   Park Place Preschool is empty! Our kiddos have been home since March 14th. The classrooms are quiet, the halls’s just not right. We miss you SO MUCH!!!

We hope to see you on Tuesday, May 26th for our summer program!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful, wonderful, and just all around fabulous momma’s our there! We know many of you have been working from home, homeschooling, and caring for your kiddos all at the same time for the past few months which can be very trying and tiring but it just shows even more how AMAZING you all are! We hope you have the best day filled with lots of love because you all most definitely deserve it! 💜

[05/05/20]   Mrs Amber will be LIVE in our Preschool Parents page @6:30 this evening with a very important update!

Benton Kindergarten registration!

Don’t forget to get your child registered for Kindergarten! Use the link below.

Registration for other grades coming soon!

Each year, the first week of May is designated as Teacher Appreciation Week. This year, it is so bittersweet. We are blessed to have some of the most AMAZING teachers at Park Place Preschool! Thank you for loving our kiddos and families during this very strange time of distance learning!

Jesus Is My Superhero (Music Video)

In honor of Super Hero day...

Jesus Is My Superhero (Music Video) Hillsong Kids God Bless

Park Place Baptist Church

Join us for Park & Praise on 100.1 FM

[04/26/20]   Happiest of birthdays to Mrs. Lauren! We love you and hope you have an amazing day!

[04/16/20]   Bank OZK & Robi McDonald - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Thank you for taking care of the Park Place Preschool banking needs! You all are the BEST!!!

If you need help with your banking needs, business or personal, call Bank OZK today!

Bryant Public Schools

**Kindergarten Registration Announcement**
Who's Ready to Be a Hornet? Kindergarten registration for the 2020-21 school year will be online beginning Monday, April 20. The link will be posted at We can't wait to welcome the BHS Class of 2033!

“but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Since, therefore, we have now been justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from the wrath of God. For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, now that we are reconciled, shall we be saved by his life. More than that, we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭5:8-11‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Masks are NOT safe on infants and toddlers!

The CDC recently announced that everyone should wear some type of face covering when out in public. But what about kids? If the child is under the age of 2, the CDC says NO. Here are the specific recommendations for keeping babies safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.
#healthcareheroes #morethanever #championsforchildren #covid19 #covidlife #coronavirus #injuryprevention #CDC #nurseryalliance

[04/10/20]   Happy birthday to Mrs Donna Hudgens one of our amazing Board Members! Thank you for your service and leadership through the Board! We are blessed to have you as a part of the PreK family!

A great reminder that kids’ reactions don’t look the way we’d expect them to! Pray, Give extra love and grace during these uncertain times!

Kids emotions about COVID-19 may look like this

Harmony Grove registration!

Whoa! Hold your horses, Cardinal Family! We’re all excited to get your lil’ darlins’ registered for Kindergarten but we are going to have to wait just a bit longer.
As soon as it is safe for us to return to campus, we will announce a new date for registration. We will keep the same appointment times unless you let us know you need to make a change. Haven’t made an appointment yet? Don’t worry! Call 778-7331 or send your name and number to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.
Until then, stay safe and we’ll see you soon.
Y’all take care of yourselves now, ya hear? 🤠

Brian and Terri Kinder, Kindersongs

Great music and movement opportunity!

We will be live
At 9:00am

Bryant Kindergarten registration will be rescheduled!

Kindergarten registration originally scheduled for April 1 & 2 has been postponed. We will announce an alternate date at a later time.

[03/25/20]   A happy birthday to the chairman of the Park Place Preschool Board of Directors, Jody Petty! Thank you for your service and leadership through the Board! We are blessed to have you as a part of the PreK family!

Early Years Ideas and Inspiration

With teachers, teaching assistants, nursery nurses and other educational employees who will be going into work tomorrow to look after key workers children, please only bring you’re children if absolutely necessary.

These employees, while absolutely will give their all to these children who are coming in, are putting their own health at risk as well as the health of their own families by being in.

Wishing everyone good health, keep safe 💚

Garden Time

Time to go outside!

Austin French - Why God (Official Lyric Video)

God is BIGGER than our why!

New song “Why God” from Austin French’s album Wide Open. Listen or Download now at the links below. Apple Music: Spotify...

Wow!!! This spoke to my heart immensely this morning!

The Sadness is Real: An Open Letter to the Teachers

"What's keeping you awake at night?" A friend of mine asks this question when she wants to get the to the heart of what's on the minds of the people she loves. The worries that keep us awake at night can point to the core of who we are.

What's on my mind tonight? The teachers. It's 3:00 in the morning, and I can't get you out of my mind.

You didn't plan on this. And let's be honest: teachers are planners. This is one giant curveball.

You were gearing up for spring break - that's all the time off you needed. One week off, and then you had plans to head into the homestretch of the school year, the weeks we've all been waiting for. The most fun units that you save for springtime. The sentimental traditions. The finish lines. That last stretch where your team rounds third base and heads for home plate.

And now this, the closure that was one week, then two, and now four, probably eight, but who really knows?

I taught kindergarten and third grade, and the thought of someone taking my kiddos away from me in those last weeks? Well, it has me awake tonight, feeling so very sad for you.

I would have worried for the kids who were hungry - for food, yes, but also for soul care. For eye contact. For morning hugs and high-fives and secret handshakes. There's so much you can learn by looking at your students, by the way they slump over their desk during a spelling test and the way they hold the book too close or too tight when they're in the reading corner. You have spent months, weeks, days, and a million moments with them. Your heartstrings are tied to them, and now your heart feels stretched in so many directions that it's frayed down the middle.

A kindergarten teacher I know lined her kiddos up for the "last day," and one of her students said, "Well, I hope I see you again." Oh, bless it all. That's too much. This isn't how it's supposed to be.

In beginning literacy, we teach them that every good story has a beginning, middle, and an end… but your ending just got interrupted.

I get you, teachers.

In a week's time, you’ve gone from being overlooked and underpaid, to now finally being recognized as some of the most important players who keep our world spinning. You're the glitter and the glue.

And I hear you saying, "Right. We knew that, actually. Now can everybody just follow directions so we can get this virus under control and I can have my students back? We've got work to do."

I hear you, teachers. I get you.

You can call it work, but really it's love.

You had more loving to do this year, and you thought you had more time.

I can't fix it for you. But I know a thing or two about grief, and there's a lot to be said for naming what is sad and letting it be sad. So I can sit in the space with you, I can lie awake at night with you on my mind, and I can get up to tell you this: the grief is real and valid and yours.

Grief means you loved well.

Thank you for loving our kids this hard, this much, this well.


[03/20/20]   Park Place Preschool will remain closed until April 17th. We are praying for all of our families!

Sitting, listening to the President and his advisors present the most up-to-date information, I am so thankful we decided to follow the lead of the schools and close! Today, they noted that if even 10% of people choose not follow the recommendations of social distancing, this horrible virus can spread exponentially.

DO YOUR PART! Stay home!

[03/17/20]   Going live for circle time in our Parents’ page in 10min!

Is anyone else having some struggles sticking with a schedule and keeping some kind of order at home??? No...just me. Well, okay!

I am a schedule-oriented individual. I like routine and order. However, when I am at home (when I'm not forced to be home), I like to REST, RELAX, CATCH UP (on housework, shoes, my own homework, etc.).

Finding routine in the chaos is so very important, ESPECIALLY for the children! I've created a simple schedule to keep some kind of "norm" going on here at my house. I'm sharing it below. I hope it helps you as well!

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

Join us on Facebook Live every day this week at 10AM (EST) for Shark Story Hour. Each day we will be reading a new shark themed book followed by a shark Q/A session.

We know many schools are closing due to Covid-19 and parents are looking for enrichment opportunities for their kids. We hope you join us!

Psst! Take Your Kids On Virtual Rides While Disney Parks Are Closed Due To COVID-19

If you happen to have VR glasses, use them when you watch...super cool! Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and more might be taking some time off during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak as Disney World and Disneyland are closed for at least a few weeks, but you can still experience some of that magic while everyone is…

[03/16/20]   Mrs Amber will be going live in our Parents page in about 5 mins!

Many people view Preschool as just babysitting and child care while parents and families work in the “real careers”. But we are OH SO MUCH MORE! We ARE EDUCATORS! Our program is laying the foundation of learning for their future educational endeavors.

Over the last 4 days, it seems as though the world as we know it here in Saline County has been flipped upside down. Thursday, all county public schools were directed to close for two weeks. Very quickly, the multiple “daycares” in our county began scrambling, trying to determine what our response would be to this dramatic closing of schools.

As soon as we at Park Place Preschool heard of this closing, we began prayerfully seeking guidance from the Lord and advisement from those in our local area. After discussions with other Early Childhood Directors, health officials, DHS Licensing, Mrs Amber met with Bro Gary(Pastor of PPBC). Trying to make sense of the madness, we discussed multiple responses to this. While DHS did not REQUIRE us to close, it was clear that following the lead of local school districts was a reasonable response.

After evaluating all of the information we had, the Board of Directors of Park Place Preschool made the decision to close our facility until March 30th (following the lead of the Bryant School District). This decision was not taken lightly and was a very heavy burden. Our closure has an effect on 35 children and their families, as well as 10 team members and their families. The Board made the decision to offer all families a credit for the 8 days that our facility would be closed (we were already scheduled to be close for 2 days during spring break). The Board also made a plan of action to provide pay for our team members despite the closure.

We realize the impact of this closure. We realize it is a burden to families who are still required to work, but we CHOOSE to love our kiddos MORE! There are very wise health officials making decisions on governmental levels. We must use their wisdom to make our own decisions.

Please STAY HOME!!! This is not a time to be out enjoying those family friendly activities. This is a time to BE ACTIVE in our response. Enjoy the time you have with your loved ones AT HOME! Get outside and ride bikes, throw a ball around (when the weather allows), Go for a drive and explore the beautiful land that is Arkansas.

We may be scared, BUT WE TRUST IN THE LORD! He is faithful! Pray for those around you - Especially those who HAVE to go into serve the community (first responders, medical professionals, etc.)! Use common sense (borrow some if you don’t have any). Wash yourself hands. Stay home!

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