Collegeville Elementary School

Collegeville Elementary School


There are no words to describe the proud honor I feel for my school, my teachers, my staff, and students to receive recognition as a Capturing Kids Hearts Showcase School!!!
To start our Digital Learning Experience, you gotta know that missing you all is at the very heart of it all!
So proud to be part of this great school!!
This made our day! Thank you CES!! Matthew is sure missing everyone
I can not WAIT to see my students!! Help us spread the word!
Shout out to some pretty special teachers that showed up to support their students and the Bryant Black Sox this weekend! 🖤👏🏼😊
Been a long 2 weeks!! We are so so so thankful to everyone at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Beyond blessed with the many friends and family members who have been there by our sides. For all the prayers from people and churches we have never even met. Collegeville elementary staff and students we will forever love you and be ever so grateful for all you have done. This is more than a school, they are family! Mrs. Watson get Harlow’s seat ready, It won’t be much longer, we love you so much. There are way too many people to mention but you know who you are. There are no words to express the overwhelming love and prayers we have felt. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Love this
Thank you so much to the Collegeville staff (family) for making the last 6 years an amazing experience for our babies!!! You will truly be missed! We were blessed with some of the greatest teachers! Mrs. P, Ms. Poe, Mrs. Koon, Mrs. Gillespie, Mrs. Grist, and Mrs. Hamby! And Mrs. Banks You had a hand in Terron being the great kid he is today. Thank you all for the love and support you gave him and all the kids each day!!!!!
Heard a shoutout to the staff of Collegeville on Alice 1077! Thank you guys for all that you do for our kids! It's always so nice that regardless of the weather, there's someone to help our kids all the car and give them all a hug and welcome to school.
I am new to this school and I already love it!
We love Collegeville!! You all are so great!! We love that you all post pics and keep parents informed and so frequently!! #collegevillecuties #newschoolforthebensongirls

Collegeville Elementary School

Operating as usual

Our hearts 💗just grew a little bigger today as we celebrate with Mrs. Ashley Poe and her husband! Sweet Arlee Knox Poe 🎀arrived weighing 8 lbs. 10 oz. Isn’t she a doll?!? Mrs Poe and Baby Arlee are doing great! Welcome to the CES family, baby girl! 💕💞💖

Hello from Mrs. Edwards, your Principal at Collegeville!
Let me start with a THANK YOU for all the well-wishes for my Mom as I spent the week helping her with post-surgery care. She is doing well and improving every day. I certainly missed being at school and look forward to seeing my students in person tomorrow!
I don't know if you saw the weekly Covid Contact Report posted by the district, but I am so proud of everyone at CES. We have had such a great start to the year especially considering pandemic.

Though I know it is very possible that Covid WILL affect us at some point, my main priority continues to keep our students safe and AT school. Therefore, I also want this email to encourage you to continue your diligence. We are off to a great first few weeks and we will get through this crisis. I want to send these reminders so we don’t become complacent:
1. Make sure your students are wearing masks appropriately.
2. Make sure we are practicing hand washing and hand sanitizing.
3. Make sure students maximize distancing between others in our building.
4. Make sure students bring a full water bottle every day.

NWEA testing will continue this week for grades 3-5. As we mentioned last week, these assessments are diagnostic and help us know how to differentiate instruction for each student. We encourage students to do their best and the rest will give us all the information we need to help each student succeed!

On another note: With the new state grant that allows all students in
Arkansas to have free breakfast and lunch, we are working to accommodate the extra students at breakfast and still maintain social distancing. I always tell students, “Your brain won’t work if your tummy is growling” so we are excited to provide breakfast for anyone who needs it. With that said, we need your help. School BEGINS at 7:50. We start dismissing students from the cafeteria at 7:45 am so they have time to get to class without being late. If you are planning for your child to eat breakfast at school, he or she MUST arrive prior to 7:40 to have time to eat before class.

Looking forward to a GREAT week as we soldier on and continue to make our school the VERY BEST place to work and for our students to learn!

Mrs. Robertson’s class has been hard at work this week and earned some special privileges this afternoon! Lunch with Mrs. McBride was one of the favorites!

We continue to take EVERY precaution to keep our kids safe! But please know, our on-site kids are so happy to be back at school and we are over the moon about it ourselves! #CESstrong

Bryant Public Schools is committed to providing transparent, factual information about COVID-19 safety.

A report will be published by noon each Friday which shows the number of active positive COVID-19 cases for students and staff in the district.

Find the report for September 11 posted at

Additional Health and Safety resources are available at

Miss Blair’s class is doing a fantastic job solving math problems on Seesaw and Zearn! We see those happy faces behind their masks!

Wrapping up Week 3 with Positive Office Referrals! We talked this week about how the word “INTEGRITY” describes the Wildcat Way: Doing the Right Thing, even when no one is watching!
But we sure are watching and love bragging on these great role models!

Mrs. Poes class read Edward the Emu this week! They ended their week with a non fiction text about emus! Padlet was a fun way for them to share their new facts with their friends!!

Have cart, will travel! Mrs. Covert traveled to Mrs. Williams’ Class for STEM Lab today.

Students enjoyed Virtual Lab lessons (Code, Origami, Art Hub, Kodable, Chess, Jigsaw Puzzles and Legos/ Bits N Bricks) just to name a few! It’s still one their favorite activity classes!

Mrs. Edwards misses us! She has met with every class this week on Zoom while she was away caring for her Mom. We loved getting to see her and practice Zoom!


#HungerActionDay is a great reminder to purchase and donate peanut butter at any Bryant school until September 30. Your donation will help feed hungry children in our community. #SpreadHope

Why peanut butter? Because nearly 5,000 kids in Saline County are facing hunger. You can help today by donating peanut butter to any Bryant school through September 30. #SpreadHOPE

NLC Thank you

From CES to NLC: THANK YOU New Life Church for always pampering us! You make us feel valued and appreciated and we are so very grateful!
NLC Saline County

Collegeville Elementary PTO

We appreciate our PTO sooooo much! We know they are always ready to help with anything we need!
Let me also mention... PTO purchased bottled water for students who may forget theirs on occasion and also helped (before school started and after hours so the building was empty) to space hooks farther apart for backpacks.
They purchased desk hooks for lunchboxes and backpacks and larger tubs for student supplies.
Our PTO comes to our rescue for anything that comes up so our school can be a safe & happy place to learn!

For those who may be wondering.....

CES PTO is still around, just in a different capacity this year. With visitors/parents not allowed on campus at this time, no group gatherings, and no fundraising allowed (for now), we are kind of just hanging out behind the scenes to help the school and staff as needed.

We have purchased 2 water bottle filling stations and hope those are installed soon. We have also provided carabiner clips for lunch boxes so they can be clipped on the fence outside instead of being on the ground.

If you are wondering how you can help....Passive fundraising will be important for us this year. This includes things like Box Tops, Kroger Rewards, and Amazon Smile.

Kleenex for your child’s class is also greatly appreciated 😊

We are hopeful that as the year goes along we will be able to be more active.

Thank you for all you do to help make CES the awesome place it is!!

Was Humpty Dumpty able to take the fall?

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...

Humpty Dumpty sat on a Wall...

Kindergarten students discover how Humpty Dumpty could have used SCIENCE to stay safe!

Kindergarten combined literacy with investigation for some physical science fun! We read about pushes and pulls and then answered questions about hard pushes, soft pushes, motion, and direction. We predicted which materials might keep Humpty Dumpty safe when pushed from a drop place. We tested each material, recorded our observations, and found out if our predictions were correct! 🥚🤴🏻🐎

FORM FOR BLENDED LEARNERS (DEADLINE TONIGHT): The current situation with COVID-19 is a very fluid one. District leaders are preparing for any number of possible situations during the school year.

ADH and DESE have provided a Levels of Response document ( to assist districts in the decision making process for different levels of positive cases. In the event of COVID-19 related closings (Bryant has to close classes or entire schools or the Governor closes all schools in the state), blended (onsite) instruction will transition to virtual (online) learning. The district is making preparations in advance to supply students with technology and educational services in order to have a seamless transition should virtual learning become necessary in the future.


We know some of our students do not have any type of internet or cell service at home. We also realize there are other obstacles for families when students move to all virtual learning. In the event of this transition, we are laying the groundwork to bring a limited number of students onsite, if possible.

If you have blended (onsite) students, help us by completing the following form. FILL OUT ONE FORM PER FAMILY.

Link to form:
en español:

Hello from Mrs. Edwards, your Principal at Collegeville!
We have another successful week in the books! I would like you to ask your child, “What is your job at school?” I know he or she will be able to tell you that our job at school is to “Learn and Get an Education.” When we are doing our job, we will be fulfilling one part of our Mission, which is to “Love, Learn, and Grow Together to Achieve Success.” This next week, we will be focusing on the “Love” part of our mission as we begin to implement the characteristics from our Social Contracts. These are student-led guidelines for how we want to be treated, and how we expect to treat others. We emphasize that using respect, kindness, and doing the right thing is the #WildcatWay.

Also this week, we will begin onsite NWEA testing for grades K-2. These state assessments help us focus on the “Grow” part of our mission as we use these assessments to know where each student’s strengths and weaknesses are, and how they can show growth over time when we take these assessments again. Please note that these assessments are diagnostic and help us know how to differentiate instruction for each student. Though we want students to give their best effort, they should not feel any testing anxiety. The Wildcat Way means we just always give our very best effort, even if it’s hard!

Some Word of Wisdom for this week regarding a smooth start to week 3:
1. When dropping off or picking up students, please pull all the way around the front corner if you are the first in line, and always park your car as close to the car in front of you as possible. We never want students walking between cars, and pulling close helps us load or unload as many vehicles as possible.
2. Don’t forget to send a full, clean water bottle with your student every day! Our PTO has graciously been providing bottled water for students who occasionally forget theirs, but please send one daily.
3. District policy due to Covid-19 forbid our office taking ANY deliveries to the office. If your child forgets his or her backpack, lunch box, folder, etc., our office will not be allowed to accept it to deliver it to your child this year. He or she can get a cafeteria tray if lunch has been forgotten. In order to comply with CDC guidelines, we are limiting the exchange of any of those types of items in the office.
4. You’ve done a fabulous job supporting our mask mandate, and our kids are doing a tremendous job. Thank you for sending your child with a clean mask every day.

I’d like to end on a personal note so I can keep you as informed as possible. My mom lives about 3 hours away and underwent hip replacement surgery last week. My only sister stayed with Mom last week, but it will be necessary for me to help with post-surgery care this next week. I cannot ever remember missing an entire week of school in my 30 year career other than maternity leave, and I won’t lie---the thought of being gone causes me a fair amount of stress and anxiety. I normally wouldn’t subject you to details about my personal life, but due to concerns about Corona, I wanted to share because I know you are accustomed to seeing me at car drop off and dismissal every day. I worried that seeing me gone would create undue and false anxiety that my absence was related to Covid. I have always said that the staff and teachers at Collegeville are so remarkable, all I have to do is show up. I can assure you, they will be able to carry on splendidly with Mrs. McBride in charge. I will be accessible and available remotely with plans to Zoom with each class and continue our Morning Broadcasts. It’s always been my motto that “family comes first” and I’ve reminded staff or parents of that many times, only to find myself having a hard time taking my own advice. Thank you for your understanding in allowing me to tend to my Momma. That said, please know I am also always available this week and will certainly stay connected and involved.

Happy Labor Day tomorrow! Enjoy your extra day off as we prepare for another great week at CES!

“Bryant teachers can teach VIRTUALLY anything!” Huge thank you to Everett Buick GMC for new shirts showing their belief in us and their support!

This week Kindergarten learned how to be a “Health Hero” at school! We have discussed important healthy habits that keep our bodies, our friends, teachers, and family free from germs that make our body sick! We celebrated what we learned today by making a “Health Hero” badge! Shout out to our littlest learners for not only learning new school expectations, but also learning to do it with health and safety in mind! Congratulations Health Heroes! 😷😷🦸🏽🦸‍♂️🦸🏾‍♀️

“We will win the fight! Our germs will not spread if we do these things right.”

Mrs. Edwards is BEAMING! Only two weeks into school and we’ve already gotten our very first POSITIVE Office Referrals! Showing the #WildcatWay is always brag worthy!

Mrs. Williams’ fifth graders worked collaboratively on Google Docs to brainstorm multisyllabic words that contain different syllable types.

Good news, Bryant families! We are now able to offer FREE meals thanks to a new USDA waiver. All students (PreK-12) will be able to eat one school breakfast and one school lunch, per day, at no cost beginning Tuesday, September 8.

Extra breakfast, lunch, or à la carte items must purchased separately.

The free meal waiver is effective through December 31, 2020. It is very important for families to fill out the free and reduced lunch application in order to continue receiving free (or reduced) meals after December 31. If you have not already done so, apply online at or pick up an application at any school office. The district receives important funding based on the number of free and reduced lunch applications submitted by October 1.

More information is available at

Mrs. Gillespie’s Class has been super busy the first 2 weeks. We are learning to use our technology platforms ( drag,drop, turn, and scribble)! We have been learning to multiply and divide and also learning the difference between action verbs and Linking verbs! We deserve this 3 day weekend!

[09/03/20]   Who are our COVID heroes? School nurses!

BES nurse Lynn Dreher shares information on preventing the spread of germs and provides details to parents about COVID-19 protocols. #SafeHornets

What is one thing you can do TODAY for a better TOMORROW? Respond to the 2020 Census! Federal funding and grants are based on population numbers, so #BeCounted. Time is running out. #BryantCounts2020

What happened to the germs??

We love how Grady is taking care of GERMS!

Mrs Watson’s class did a fun science experiment with water, pepper, and soap! The water was our hand 🖐 and the pepper was the germs. 🦠
When we put our hand in the water the “germs” got all over our hand and it was hard to get off. When we added soap to our hand and put it in the bowl of water with the germs, the germs quickly disappeared! This was a great experiment to show us how important it is to use soap🧼 and wash our hands! 🖐 🖐

Mrs Watson’s class did a fun science experiment with water, pepper, and soap! The water was our hand 🖐 and the pepper was the germs. 🦠
When we put our hand in the water the “germs” got all over our hand and it was hard to get off. When we added soap to our hand and put it in the bowl of water with the germs, the germs quickly disappeared! This was a great experiment to show us how important it is to use soap🧼 and wash our hands! 🖐 🖐

Today Mrs. Watson’s class read the story, Our Class is a Family and we created our class social contract. Our contract is an agreement of behaviors that we will keep in our classroom. We answered the following questions while creating our contract:
**How do you want to be treated by the teacher?
**How do you want to be treated by each other?
**How do you think I want to be treated by you?
Together we came up with a list of behaviors that we will follow. After completing our contract, we each signed and committed to follow the behaviors.

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A message from Mrs. Edwards




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