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Taproot Birth Partners


Childbirth Education classes with not one remarkable educator but two?! Check out this collab of Taproot Birth Partners & Angie Hotz Doula !!!
Look at the gorgeous latch! No clicking, lips are flanged, just transferring milk like a champion. 🏆
Check your cabinet!
How were you welcomed to the Mother community? How would you have liked that to be?
Little finger..wrapped! ♥️
What cultural traditions have you passed along to your kids?

We have a Christmas celebration for our ethnic history. Filipino, French, Danish and Irish so far. 😍
Yay, midwives!! Did any of these awesome folks support you at your birth? ♥️
Hey, you never know! 😂 Were there any surprise tips in your parenting journey?
A birth story is up on the blog
Hey families in Kitsap and surrounding counties, looking for amazing, integrity filled doula services and/ or childbirth education? Check out Taproot Birth Partners new website.

Providing childbirth education, doula services, and placenta encapsulation expecting families on the Olympic Peninsula. Click 'About' below...

Experienced and professional doulas, Kristina Kruzan, CBD, Dip CBEd, and Laura King, offer skilled care for families in the birthing year. Whether you are looking for childbirth education to help you prepare, doula care to support you along the way, or extra services like placenta encapsulation and henna art, we are your one-stop-shop for these great services!

Operating as usual

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I'm ready to close up my studio in downtown Bremerton, and I'm looking for someone to take my spot. Cyndislight will continue providing prenatal and soul-nourishing massage out of the studio. My needs have shifted and I am not able to pour as much love into the studio as it needs, so I'm moving out when my lease is up in January.

Located on 4th and Pacific in downtown Bremerton, walking distance from the ferry, and across from Hot Java and Ashley's Pub. There are shared spaces ideal for teaching or small groups, waiting area, or whatever you can envision. There is also a small office that would be excellent for client appointments or treatments, if that's your jam.

Pictures below... Please PM me if you have serious interest. The January timeline could possibly be moved up if needed.


Viral video of Trader Joe's workers dancing and singing to stop a toddler's tantrum

Community.. it really does take a village.


It's time for the Fall class session! Registrations are coming in and there are only two spots left.

• 7 Weeks of instruction including birth preparation, Spinning Babies, postpartum preparation and more
• Tuesdays, September 3 to October 15, 6:30-8:30
• $300/family

Register online!

Survey seeks input on breastfeeding in Kitsap County 08/09/2019

Survey seeks input on breastfeeding in Kitsap County

Kitsap Public Health Department is looking for your input! Please SHARE!

Survey seeks input on breastfeeding in Kitsap County The Kitsap Public Health District launched a survey this week to assess how Kitsap County residents view breastfeeding and support for breastfeeding moms.


How one mother is trying to raise her kids from jail

Minnesota Doula Project, impacting lives of incarcerated mothers and their children. 🥰

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Angie Hotz Doula always inspires me to be more of a "maker". Today we fired up her shiny new still and made lavender essential oil. 😊

Peninsula Community Health Services plans behavioral health hub 07/15/2019

Peninsula Community Health Services plans behavioral health hub

Great news! There is such limited access right now, this is desperately needed.

Peninsula Community Health Services plans behavioral health hub $1.7 million will help the Kitsap-based health center add physicians and providers that treat people with mental health and substance-abuse disorders.


Mothership-Angie Hotz and I spoke with the residents at the Northwest Washington Family Medicine Residency today, about what doulas do, the way our roles cross over, how we can help each other support our clients in great births! We also talked about the value of midwifery in our community, and encouraged them to bring in some of our homebirth midwives to learn more about the skilled care they provide here. There was a lot of enthusiasm, great questions, and I dare say, some excitement to work together! I can't wait to be in the birth space with every single one of these glorious humans.


Strongly recommend chiro! Your body works best in alignment, and baby can do their work to come out. 😍

Our first July baby is here! After mama’s last adjustment unwinding her sacrum she went into labor just a few hours later. Since labor with her first was so intense, long, and drawn out she thought she had lots of time ahead of her. Nope! A few hours in she felt the need to go to the hospital. 8cm! Less than an hour later Baby Landon was born with only 3 pushes beating the doctor! Get aligned mamas!!! Your body and baby will love you for it! 💕🌻


Get ready for the adventure with a great class! Join me and Mothership-Angie Hotz for this 7-week session where we'll talk about stages of labor, when to go to the hospital, prepare for postpartum, and featuring Angie's presentation on Spinning Babies!

7 Week Series starting Sept 3, to October 15. 6:30-8:30.
Private classes available!


The Coast Guard will pay for moms on duty to ship breast milk to their babies back home 06/28/2019

The Coast Guard will pay for moms on duty to ship breast milk to their babies back home

Via a new program, moms on duty who send breast milk back home for their babies will be able to get up to $750 of yearly shipping costs reimbursed.

All active duty members -- including Public Health Service officers, US Navy chaplains attached to the Coast Guard, reservists on Active Duty for Operational Support and their spouses, and civilian employees -- are eligible for the reimbursement program, the Coast Guard said.

The shipments must fall during business travel periods of 72 hours or longer.

The Coast Guard will pay for moms on duty to ship breast milk to their babies back home The US Coast Guard is trying to make it a bit easier for new moms to return to work.


I did a thing! 😍


🎉Guess what happened today? 🎉

The VERY FIRST staff-midwife attended birth, at Silverdale Harrison Labor and Delivery ... And Marta and I got to be there!

Midwife Misty Molina Cnm is at Kitsap OBGYN, and is just one of what will be several midwives attending births. So very excited for our community to finally have midwives at hospital births! 😎🥰


Thanks for the shout, Salmonberry Midwives and Birth Center! 🥰

Doulas do A LOT!!! Thank you to all the doulas in the community for all that you do!

When Surgeons Are Abrasive To Coworkers, Patients' Health May Suffer 06/20/2019

When Surgeons Are Abrasive To Coworkers, Patients' Health May Suffer

Note: Obstetricians are surgeons. Trust your gut with any person who is tasked with your medical care.

When Surgeons Are Abrasive To Coworkers, Patients' Health May Suffer A new study shows a link between how surgeons act around coworkers and their patients' outcomes. Turns out rudeness and other unprofessional behavior isn't just obnoxious, it may be dangerous.


What positions did you use in labor, and how did you know to try them?

Birthing positions..⁣

Researchers believe that giving birth in an upright position can benefit the mother and baby for several physiologicreasons. Physiologic refers to a healthy body’s normal function. In an upright position, gravity can help bring the baby down and out. Also, when someone is upright to give birth, there is less risk of compressing the mother’s aorta, which means there is a better oxygen supply to the baby. ⁣

Upright positioning also helps the uterus contract more strongly and efficiently and helps the baby get in a better position to pass through the pelvis.⁣

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies have shown that compared to the back-lying position, the dimensions of the pelvic outlet become wider in the squatting and kneeling or hands-and-knees positions⁣

Flexible sacrum positions take the weight off the tailbone:⁣

Using a U-shaped birth seat⁣

In comparison with non-upright positions, people who were randomly assigned to upright positions in the second stage of labor were:⁣

25% less likely to have a forceps or vacuum-assisted birth⁣

25% less likely to have an episiotomy⁣

54% less likely to have abnormal fetal heart rate patterns⁣
-Reposted from Sadie Wild Photography

Timeline photos 06/15/2019

Yes! Thanks, Blossom Baby! 🤩

Happy Pride Month!!! 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

If you are looking for some gear to show your pride this month or headed out to Pride Parade festivities, make sure you drop in and get some Pride Socks before you go!

For the rest of the month, all orders that mention "PRIDE" we will donate 10% of profits to the Trevor Foundation to help at risk LGBTQ youth. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Pregnancy & Birth 06/10/2019

Are you talking with your provider about what you'd like to happen with the cord? Look at this beautiful, robust cord, filled with your baby's blood!

While we use the language "delayed cord clamping", we're starting to see a lot of variation on what that might mean. I generally coach my clients and students now to be specific- do you want to wait 2 minutes? 3 minutes? What about until the cord is "white and flaccid", which is very easy to discern visually?

Use clear language so that your provider is set up for success, and you're both clear on what you want.

"Look at that beautiful umbilical cord! When a baby is born, anywhere from 25-60% of their blood supply remains in the placenta. Waiting to clamp the umbilical cord, even for just 30-60 seconds after birth, allows the placenta to pulse this extra blood to the baby. What does this mean for them? What are the benefits? This extra blood contains iron, mostly in the form of red blood cells. This grants babies up to an extra 6 months of precious iron stores and lowers their risk of anemia. Studies have also shown that having anemia early in life has been linked with later cognitive and motor delays. These delays do not seem to completely reverse with subsequent iron supplementation. For the maximum benefits, the ACOG recommends waiting the full 3 minutes to clamp/cut the cord! And don't worry birth partners, you still get your moment to shine!! Just a few minutes down the line. 💓 " -Kristie Breakiron [Photo origin unknown - this was passed to us by a birth worker. If you know the photographer's name, please share so we can credit.]

BIRTHING Pregnant Moms Due in 2019 & 2020 DrMomma.org

*The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommends waiting at least 2 minutes to clamp a cord.

*The American College of Nurse–Midwives recommends waiting at least 2–5 minutes until the cord is finished pulsing.


If you went to a restaurant for a once-in-a-life-time meal, imagine the difference between having the menu already established, handed to you... OR, the chef walking out to your table and saying, "What can I prepare for you tonight? Whatever you want!" The possibilities suddenly open wide! Friends.. visioning the BEST birth you can imagine, is not the same as choosing from a menu of what you think you're allowed to have.

Want Adele to sing "Can't Help Falling in Love With you" while you labor and your grandma's chicken soup in a crockpot on the hospital counter? Write it down. Want an altar for a lost loved one who you wish could be present? For everyone to sing "Eye of the Tiger" while you push? Yes!!

If you only think about your labor from what you think you're "allowed' to do, you're limited already. DREAM! Then trim back the things that are not realistic. But don't deny yourself the chance to imagine the best, happiest, most satisfying birth. Let's build your vision from that place, not a limited menu of "allowed to."

Bill Of The Month: $4,836 Charge For Laughing Gas During Childbirth Is No Joke 05/29/2019

Bill Of The Month: $4,836 Charge For Laughing Gas During Childbirth Is No Joke

Pretty confident that Salmonberry Midwives and Birth Center aren't going to charge you $5k for nitrous!

Bill Of The Month: $4,836 Charge For Laughing Gas During Childbirth Is No Joke Nitrous oxide is making a comeback for pain relief during childbirth. But charges for the option vary from free at some hospitals to thousands of dollars at others.

Photos from Birth Becomes You's post 05/25/2019

A lot of folks talk to me about considering having their kiddos (of varied ages) at their birth, but worry that it will be too intense for them, and that they will be traumatized by the sights and sounds of their parent in pain.

I have yet to see this be true! Kids of all ages do so well, because they are supported by a designated care giver who is tracking their feelings and needs, and giving context to what is happening. They can also touch and check in with their parents at any time and see that mama might yell like a bear during the contraction, and is "familiar" again in between. Sometimes kids laugh at those big noises, but often they stroke a nearby body part, offer sips, give snuggles, sing songs, ask the care providers questions and generally have every reason to feel a part of it, because they are!

Sometimes the birthing folk feel the kiddos will be too much of an emotional distraction for them as they labor, and decide to opt out of labor with kids, and then bring them in just at the end for the birth.

Sometimes, parents opt out of kids in the birth space all together.

Do what's right for you!

Timeline photos 05/18/2019


Learn how to do braids, pony tails, pig tails, and much more in this fun event with your little one. Join other dads as we show our girls that it’s not just mom that can make their hair special!

We want you to beyond the simple pony tail in an effort to bring more smiles, more hugs, and more happy memories into our father-daughter relationships.

We hope to share this experience with other dads who want to play a more active role in their daughters’ development, and maybe learn a thing or two along the way!

Class taught by hairstylist Alexandria McClure 💇👱‍♀️👨‍👧

Spaces are limited! Reserve your spot for only $5 per pair of attendees at https://shop.blossombabynw.com/products/dad-daughter-hairstyling-class

Important note: this class and all classes at Blossom Baby are inclusive. Both boy and girls hair can be styled and if Dad is not around or a mom, step parent, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, etc wants to bring a little one for this class, do not hesitate to join us. ❤️

Penny Simkin on Delayed Cord Clamping 05/16/2019

Penny Simkin on Delayed Cord Clamping

What's all this business about cord clamping? Let Madame Penny tell you about it.

Penny Simkin on Delayed Cord Clamping Penny Simkin demonstrates why the baby's umbilical cord should not be routinely clamped and cut immediately following birth


I see you, friends.



Tell your fellow va**na owners.

1. Vaginal discharge is normal.

2. Wearing panty liners 24/7 is not necessary.

3. Vaginas are acidic enough to BLEACH fabric, hence the discoloration of underwear.

4. Longer labias are more normal than smaller ones (but both are fine).

5. S***m CAN throw off your ph balance and also change the smell of your va**na

6. It is not safe for va**nas to smell like sunshine and flowers.

7. STOP douching and washing your va**na with bath&body works, and Victoria secret. Its not healthy for the va**na.

8. The va**na cleans itself.

9. Having s*x has no correlation of how "tight" your va**na is.

10. Yeast infections are COMMON!!!

11. The best thing you can do for your va**na is to leave it alone.😴

12. If your va**na or your discharge smells bad and has a color then see a gynecologist or midwife.

13. Let it breathe.

14. The VA**NA is the narrow canal that runs INSIDE the body. NOT the whole ge***al area. That is called the v***a.
*Do not use soap in your va**na.*

15. Always urinate after s*x to rinse the urinary tract of fluids that could be caught there and can cause UTIs.

16. Drink water.

17. COTTON underwear. Wearing silk, satin and lace seven days a week will throw your Ph off.

18. If you are using baby powder, stop IMMEDIATELY! Talcum causes cancer.

Nitrous Oxide During Labor - Evidence Based Birth® 05/09/2019

Nitrous Oxide During Labor - Evidence Based Birth®

Big news! Both the Kitsap birth facilities will offer Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas, exactly like what you get at the dentist)!

Salmonberry Midwives and Birth Center was the first facility to bring this option to Kitsap, and Harrison joined not long after. Unfortunately birth centers in WA had to stop offering it while some legislation got sorted out but now we'll have it again. What a boon for out of hospital birth!

Did you use NO2 in labor? Would you try it?

Nitrous Oxide During Labor - Evidence Based Birth® In this video you will learn about nitrous oxide gas and how it can be used during labor for pain relief. We discuss the research evidence on nitrous oxide during labor and the main pros and cons of this approach to pain management.


Hey, midwifery students! Niki Coraggio Midwife is looking for you! ♥️

Death doula training: health program formalizes Indigenous tradition | CBC News 05/06/2019

Death doula training: health program formalizes Indigenous tradition | CBC News

For most of his life, Shxw'Ow'Hamel First Nation elder Mike Kelly has been helping ease the end-of-life transition.

The job is now more commonly known as an end-of-life doula — similar to a birth doula — but it's long been a part of Indigenous tradition. Kelly started helping with death in 1975, after accompanying his elders to hospitals and to the homes of those at the end of their lives.


Death doula training: health program formalizes Indigenous tradition | CBC News For most of his life, Shxw'Ow'Hamel First Nation elder Mike Kelly has been helping ease the end-of-life transition.

Photos from Natural Beginnings Birth Center's post 05/06/2019

Curious about water birth? 😍




Childbirth Education, Birth Doula Services, Postpartum Doula Services, Placenta Encapsulation, Henna Artistry, Family Meal Preparation



511 4th Street
Bremerton, WA

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