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Has anyone taken the Charlotte Danielson course from ISU? Danielson's Framework for Teaching: Administrators
If you have can you PM me please?
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I am searching for additional participants for my dissertation. My topic is on the value and effectiveness of Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR)/Community Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS) as a school-based mental health service.

I am needing Idaho general education teachers (k-12th) who had a PSR/CBRS worker in their classroom during the 2019-2020 school year prior to COVID closures. Even if you are a middle/high school teacher and only had a worker for one class period per day you still qualify as a participant.

I am conducting individual interviews via Zoom, which are taking approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. I am also looking for participants for a focus group, which will take place via Zoom.

My dissertation topic and data collection are approved through the Institutional Review Board for Grand Canyon University where I attend. I also have the approval to request participants through public Facebook sites/pages.

If you are interested in interviewing with me please send a message to me directly or email me at [email protected]

Thank you,
Sara Palmer
Trump, Donnie Jr. calls teachers losers that indoctrinate children from birth.
I had a great visit with Senator Fred Martin from District 15 - he has seen the working recommendation from the judiciary committee, but they are under the impression that this is only concerning doctors and pharma and the dispensing of meds. He told me he did reach out to the IEA (and I hope that it is true)... bottom line, WRITE YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES! they are not fully aware of the potential ramifications of this piece of legislation - as a former teacher, Senator Martin is very teacher and education mindful.... He assured me that he would be in contact early next week to discuss the Joint Education Committee mtg 8/14 and the Judiciary meeting next Monday. Please don't think your voice won't matter!
Ok fellow teachers! Let's talk about something sorta fun! I am doing my annual back to school "I'm gonna be so organized this year" shopping. The ONE thing I hate about our profession is all the junk we seem to need to take back and forth {laptops, iPads, papers for grading, student files (sped). Not to mention the regular stuff like keys, wallet, phone, water bottle (because we all know this will be the only way we get to drink anything besides at lunch), and lunch}. I really don't like the whole taking multiple bags to and from work (minimalist at heart), so I have a few questions. What do you do to streamline what you take back and forth to work into as few things to carry as possible? And what are your favorite "Teacher Bags"?
Genuine question: at what point do we say “enough” and strike? If not now, when? Our government has voiced no gratitude after a remarkable pivot in March and Districts feeding families for extended periods in this hard time. Instead, they cut nearly 100 million dollars and then announce that the state doesn’t even need to access their rainy day funds. And then, they want us to step into the pandemic and “make it work” while our numbers our skyrocketing?

What is being done to truly speak up for our safety and respect?
So many questions about reopening!!
What, specifically, is the district doing to protect staff against infection?
If a teacher tests positive and/or has been exposed and has to isolate for 14+ days, will those days be deducted from their personal sick leave? Or will the district cover those days?
If a staff member contracts COVID from a student and ends up needing hospitalization, will the district cover the employee’s medical bills?
If a staff member develops long-term health complications due to a school-acquired COVID infection, can they sue the district?
Would catching COVID at school be considered a workplace injury, covered by workman’s comp?
If a teacher tests positive, do all his/her students need to isolate for 14 days? And vice versa- if one of our students tests positive, do the staff also need to isolate?
What happens if a student who tests positive has a sibling who attends school in another building?
If a parent tests positive and still sends his/her kids to school, what will be done?
If a teacher refuses to work due to health concerns, is their job protected? Will they be allowed to deliver instruction remotely?
Are teachers going to be required to offer full in-class AND online instruction? Is 100% of the in-class material to be made available online, and vice versa? If so, how will staff be compensated for their time?
Can individual teachers mandate that students wear masks in their classroom, just as we can say no food, no phones, etc?
Will the district be providing masks for staff and students? Hand sanitizer? Disinfectant sprays and wipes?
What happens when there are not enough subs to cover classes for teachers who are required to stay home?
How do teachers effectively distance themselves from students when there are 25+ students in the classroom?
How do we enforce social distancing between students in our classroom (how do we keep everyone 6 feet apart) when there are 25+ students in one room? What will be done with students who refuse to comply?
What will the procedure be for disinfecting rooms between classes?
What will be done to prevent students from congregating in common spaces such as the cafeteria, hall, gym, restrooms, etc.?
THE WORD FOR TODAY IS PROPAGANDA----This post is for all new homeschool teachers, middle and high school students, college students, millenniums, baby boomers and retired people over sixty-six. As a retired vocational education teacher, I can advise and empathize with some of you. Parents you were your child’s first and most effective teacher for six- years, welcome back to teaching. You now have a lap top computer that weighs about five pounds to replace that heavy 50-pound set of encyclopedia or trips to the library. Some of you didn’t like all your children’s teachers in the first place (smile). Like me, your children’s teachers (though we are not treated or paid that way) are professionals. Call them to help you teach your children. I encourage the other groups to take some time to watch the news on TV. I watch TRUMP break all the rules by using his press conference as a campaign rally every day to further his propaganda. As all good teachers do, I will give you an explanation of the word propaganda for the younger ones and for those who forgot. Propaganda is telling others the same old lies over and over until they believe it. Like the story your Uncle Billy Bob tells about how long and how big that fish was he caught or Aunt CC’s story about how many points she averaged as a high school basketball star. Have you ever watched your team be down by 30 points with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter and your cheerleaders dance and shout, we are number one? Vice-president Pence is a boring and very low-key cheerleader. I have never seen him dancing and waving his hands in the air as he praises TRUMP over and over at, his press conference/ rally but he like TRUMP is full of propaganda. Some of you will register and vote in 11 years and others have never registered or voted. To educate yourself, please take 2 hours each day during lockdown, to listen to TRUMP and then research to see if he is telling the truth or spreading propaganda/lies. Why should you care what he is saying or doing? It is because your life is on the line. To date, over 24,000 in the U.S. have died from coronavirus. Do you know any of them? TRUMP said in February he ordered 167 million masks needed in all hospitals to protect the medical staff and all other hospital workers and patients. His statement was a lie, propaganda, he did not order the mask until March 24, 2020. If you didn’t learn anything today, you were not listening class dismissed!!! P.S I bet many of you wished the head cook in your family had taken Home Economics when they were in high school (smile). I hope and pray the education administrators and school boards bring back home economics, carpentry, auto mechanic, bricklaying and other vocational classes. Yes, us “good” teachers love and pray for our students (smile). The minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, Congress is trying to raise it to $15.00. Those vocational training jobs pay 2 to 3 times more than what most of your children are paid now. Will you parents encourage your children to take them? One of TRUMP’S biggest lie was when he said we will have enough test kits to test all of us. They have tested less of 1% of us taxpayers. TRUMP’S family has been tested twice. How many people in your family have been tested?
Hi My name is John Frost, and I am a teacher in Pennsylvania! I have been making educational videos for learners of all levels, and I was wondering if you would be able to share my page as a resource.¬if_id=1585697511509705
Question: Is IEA leadership considering canceling DA this year due to Coronavirus concerns? Or conducting it online?

The IEA advocates for the professional and personal well-being of Idaho public school employees and the vision of a great public school for every child.

IEA Core Values

Public Education: Preserving the foundation of democracy

Justice: Upholding fair and equitable treatment for all

Unity: Standing together for our common cause

Integrity: Stating what we believe and living up to it

IEA members are actively involved in their communities, inside and out of school. The IEA Children's Fund has provided nearly $1 million in assistance to Idaho publi

Operating as usual

PACE - Idaho Education Association 12/05/2022

PACE - Idaho Education Association

LOBBY DAY 2023 is fast approaching!

IEA members are Idaho's most important experts on education policy and during IEA's annual Lobby Day your perspective and expertise improve education policy, inform legislators, and change minds. In short, your influence as an IEA PACE member makes a difference.

To learn more go to

PACE - Idaho Education Association PACE Idaho’s Voice for Education Contribute to PACE Register for Lobby Day Joining PACE ensures students, educators and public education win. Why Pace? Pace Membership is the only way to: Give all of our students access to quality, public education. Ensure pro-public education candidates are elect...


SUBSTITUTE EDUCATORS DAY! These professional educators provide a critical link in the education of Idaho's public school children. We couldn't do it without you!


We've seen ESPs go well beyond anything we have seen before as they work to meet the needs of our school communities in the midst of a pandemic. On ESP Day, join us to honor and advocate for the ESPs who continue keeping students safe, healthy, and ready to learn.


Thank you to parents, family and volunteers who help students and educators! According to experts, parents need to take an active and assertive role in their children's education on a daily basis for optimal success at school. Ongoing research shows that parental involvement in schools improves student achievement, reduces absenteeism, and restores confidence among parents in their children's education.


American Education Week happens this week!

We honor the team of people who work in our nation’s public schools, everyone from the bus driver and classroom teacher to the cafeteria worker and administrative staff, plus countless others.

Teachers: In their own words Archives - Idaho Education News 10/25/2022

Teachers: In their own words Archives - Idaho Education News

From leaving the profession to the reality of today's classrooms. Idaho Education News in a five-story series takes a look at the state of education from the educator's viewpoint.

Teachers: In their own words Archives - Idaho Education News The vast majority of Idaho teachers are sticking around for now, but they tell us they are beleaguered and distressed. Some feel stuck, others search for an escape, and others plan to persevere no…

IEA Endorses Bi-Partisan, Pro-Education Candidate Slate for Nov. 8 General Election - Idaho Education Association 10/13/2022

IEA Endorses Bi-Partisan, Pro-Education Candidate Slate for Nov. 8 General Election - Idaho Education Association

Here are the IEA's 2022 General Election Endorsements for Pro-Education Candidates. VOTE for the leaders our students and educators can count on.

IEA Endorses Bi-Partisan, Pro-Education Candidate Slate for Nov. 8 General Election - Idaho Education Association Idaho Education Association announced endorsements of pro-education candidate endorsements in five statewide races 48 legislative races across Idaho earlier this week. The bi-partisan endorsements include nods for the governorship and superintendent […]

Center for Teaching and Learning - Idaho Education Association 10/08/2022

Center for Teaching and Learning - Idaho Education Association

Sign up now for Center for Teaching and Learning Fall Series!

Center for Teaching and Learning - Idaho Education Association The 2022 Fall Training Series is now available. See below for the schedule and registration. 2022 Fall Training Series Introduction to the Danielson Framework October 8th | 9:00 am to 4:00 pm MST | Online | Earn 1 Credit Register Here Student Loan Forgiveness October 12th | 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm MST |....


Congrats IEA and PFEA Member Karen Lauritzen for being Idaho's 2023 Teacher of the Year!! Well deserved.

CONGRATULATIONS Karen Lauritzen, Idaho's 2023 TEACHER OF THE YEAR!! Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra visited Treaty Rock Elementary this morning to surprise 4th-grade teacher Karen Lauritzen with a $1,000 check, balloons, and the prestigious title of Idaho Teacher of the Year!

Selected by a blue ribbon panel from among 13 finalists, Lauritzen will serve as a spokesperson and representative for Idaho educators. She will also be our state’s nominee for National Teacher of the Year.

“Putting Idaho’s incredible teaching talent on display is always a privilege, and I’m so excited to again announce an incredibly deserving Idaho Teacher of the Year,” Superintendent Sherri Ybarra said. “This year, we received 348 nominations that resulted in 58 teacher applications. As always, learning about our teachers’ deep dedication to students, community and the craft of teaching was absolutely inspiring. If these instructors are any indication, the future is bright for Idaho students.”

“This year’s winner, Karen Lauritzen, is an amazing example of an educator who has made going the extra mile for her students a part of everyday practice,” said Superintendent Ybarra. “Karen’s talents go beyond a mastery of teaching. She has created tremendous connections with her students and the wider school community, and she excels in the art of building classroom relationships that involve not only her students, but also their educational network, from parents to peers.”

“Karen has found creative and effective ways to help students continue classroom conversations at home while connecting with their families on a daily basis,” the superintendent said. “At the end of each school day, she gives students a chance to talk about the great things that happened that day. She then writes them on the board and emails a photo to parents, encouraging conversations at home about each and every school day.”

Lauritzen has taught at Treaty Rock since 2012 and has served on the school’s behavioral leadership teams, providing focused professional development to both the school and district staff. She was chosen as the Treaty Rock Elementary School Teacher of the Year in 2021.

“Her ability to bring real topics to life in the classroom is unparalleled and her dedication to creating opportunities for her students to learn goes beyond the classroom walls,” Superintendent Ybarra said. “When it came time to teach her speech-writing unit, she connected with Governor Brad Little, who was able to visit for a bill-signing event and to give a speech. Karen also gave her own speech on partnering with the Idaho Legislature to promote the best education outcomes for her students.”

“I was thrilled to see that she chose this topic. Karen has identified an amazing opportunity to bring instructors, educational communities and lawmakers together to find ways to prioritize improving public education for everyone. That we have instructors thinking this way and acting on it is definitely something to be excited about,” the superintendent said.

In her 20 years as a teacher, Lauritzen has served students and communities in Arizona and Alaska as well as in the Post Falls School District. She is a founding member of Citizens for Post Falls Schools and has successfully advocated for essential school levies through grassroots efforts. She also is vice president of the Post Falls Education Association.

Lauritzen is a 2002 graduate of the University of Fairbanks in Alaska and went on to earn her Master of Arts in Special Education from Indiana’s Ball State University in 2018. She is currently working on the final phases of her Ph.D in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Idaho.

“Mrs. Lauritzen excels in building relationships with her students, among her students and with the families of her students,” said Mary Ann Pattis, a third-grade teacher at Treaty Rock Elementary. “She holds daily class meetings, asking questions that help her to better understand her students’ interests and home life. These meetings help build a sense of belonging, setting her students up to appreciate and respect each other.”

Treaty Rock principal Katrina Kramer said Lauritzen combines excellent classroom leadership with dedicated public advocacy.

“Mrs. Lauritzen does a tremendous job of connecting with her students on a personal level and creating a positive classroom community where students are honored for their contributions and work hard to improve themselves,” Kramer said. “On top of planning amazing lessons, Mrs. Lauritzen takes on leadership roles throughout the district and at the state level. She is gifted in making connections with people from all walks of life, in a variety of settings.”

Whether supporting students and colleagues or bringing her voice to the public conversation, Lauritzen’s dedication to the art of teaching has been an invaluable part of the Treaty Rock Elementary School community, colleagues say.

As Teacher of the Year, Lauritzen has goals that go beyond curriculum and classroom.

“I hope that as Idaho Teacher of the Year, I will be able to be an ambassador between teachers, parents and our communities,” Lauritzen said in her application. “Our communities, state and nation would benefit from relationship building that starts in our humble public school classrooms. I would be honored to lead the way!”

City of Post Falls Government


Idahoans believe Public Schools are a public good.

A 2022 Poll shows nearly 9 in 10 Republican Voters say every student has a right to FREE and EQUITABLE Public Education.

IEA Commissioned poll of registered Republican voters (n=700) conducted April 30-May 4, 2022. The margin of error is +/- 3.7% at the 95% confidence level.

Empowering Parents 09/08/2022

Empowering Parents

Do you know families who need help with education expenses? Idaho's Empowering Parents grant program offers eligible families credit for $1,000 per child up to $3,000 per family to be used in the Empowering Parents online marketplace. The first wave of grants will be awarded to eligible families earning $60,000 per year or less and will be funded on October 7.

Empowering Parents


A record $330 million investment in K-12 education is on its way to Idaho public schools!

Idaho lawmakers just approved House Bill 1 (55-15 in the House, 34-1 in the Senate) and Gov. Brad Little is expected to sign the historic bill into law next week (stay tuned).

IEA members showed up in a big way for the Legislature's special session with amazing testimony from IEA President Layne McInelly, West Ada Education Association President Zach Borman and Vallivue Education Association member and organizer Brianna Gibson (that’s Brianna in the photo testifying in the House committee this morning). In addition, IEA members sent 360 emails to policymakers in favor of the bill this week.

Fantastic work IEA!

WAEA West Ada Education Association Vallivue Education Association


The IEA team ready for action in the House gallery at the Idaho Legislature’s special session. Time to advocate for a record $330 million K-12 education funding!

IEA: Survey shows overwhelming Republican support for education 08/26/2022

IEA: Survey shows overwhelming Republican support for education

A poll commissioned by IEA members shows Idaho GOP voters overwhemlingly reject the anti-education nihilism of the fringe right.

IEA: Survey shows overwhelming Republican support for education The teachers’ union released results from the survey of 700 likely Republican voters Wednesday, ahead of next week’s special legislative session.


NEWS RELEASE: IEA Statement Supporting Sept. 1 Special Session

The IEA supports the Special Session, hear from IEA President, Layne McInelly why and what it means for educators.

NEWS RELEASE: IEA Statement Supporting Sept. 1 Special Session FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 23, 2022 CONTACT: Mike Journee (208) 514-5041 [email protected] Idaho Education Association President Layne McInelly released the following statement on behalf of IEA members regarding today’s news of the coming special session of the Idaho Legislature on Sept. ....

A teacher’s life. In the summer 08/16/2022

A teacher’s life. In the summer

“Like any job, in all honesty, people can step back and think there’s not much to it,” Morton said. “I can say without a doubt there’s so much more to it than you can possibly imagine going into the field of education.”

IEA Members, Jamie Morton, Melissa Stroup, and Sheila Frei talk about what an educator's life is like in summer in a recent article by the Lewiston Tribune. Big shout out to the IEA Center for Teaching and Learning too!

A teacher’s life. In the summer This has been updated from its original version to correct an error.

CLAIMS UNFOUNDED: Why school funding initiative wouldn't have higher-than-advertised price tag 08/15/2022

CLAIMS UNFOUNDED: Why school funding initiative wouldn't have higher-than-advertised price tag

Jared Walczak, vice president of state projects for the Tax Foundation, made the claims in a July 14 article headlined, “Idaho’s tax-hiking ballot measure is riddled with mistakes.” The claims were then picked up and trumpeted by the Idaho Freedom Foundation, which opposes funding public education.

CLAIMS UNFOUNDED: Why school funding initiative wouldn't have higher-than-advertised price tag BOISE — Widely reported claims that an Idaho education funding initiative actually would raise taxes by $570 million appear to be unfounded, and a drafting error in the initiative’s inflation


Fantastic work VEA!

IEA - JOIN. BE HEARD. 08/03/2022


Hear from IEA members across the state about why IEA membership is so important. JOIN. BE HEARD.


Eye on Boise: Wayne Hoffman is wrong, and real journalism is essential 08/02/2022

Eye on Boise: Wayne Hoffman is wrong, and real journalism is essential

IEA members stand with all who believe in truth, equal opportunity for all, and knowledge. A free press and the right to a free, high-quality public education for all are essential to our TRUE LIBERTY as Idahoans and Americans — not the cynical nihilism offered by the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

They and their allies across the nation do not let facts stop them from vilifying those who question their alarming, fascist perspectives.

Take a few minutes to read this very important column from Betsy Russell at the Idaho Press, perhaps our state’s most respected journalist.

IEA members stand united in their belief that the pursuit of the truth — whether in the press or the classroom — is society’s best inoculation against extremism.

Eye on Boise: Wayne Hoffman is wrong, and real journalism is essential BOISE — Wayne Hoffman has been revving up his cynical campaign of lies, insults and mockery aimed at undermining the credibility of Idaho’s hard-working news reporters.

Photos from Idaho Education Association's post 07/13/2022

A dozen hand-picked IEA members from Southwest Idaho started training as part of the exclusive Growing Engaged Members program yesterday. In a 12-week course, these IEA GEMs are learning how to grow the capacity of their local education association's engagement with members and potential members. Engaged IEA members are Idaho's most important and passionate public education advocates. Boise Education Association WAEA West Ada Education Association Kuna Education Association Caldwell Education Association Vallivue Education Association

Summer Institute Bus 07/07/2022

Summer Institute Bus

Leave the driving to us! We are chartering a nice bus (with air conditioning) to take Summer Institute Participants from Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Twin Falls, and Boise areas to Summer Institute in Lewiston Idaho! The bus ride is FREE- and it will be first come first served. Don't wait to sign up - there are limited seats.

Summer Institute Bus Don't miss the bus! We are chartering a NICE bus to take educators from Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and Twin Falls areas to Summer Institute!

Photos from Idaho Education Association's post 07/06/2022

IEA leadership & delegates proudly representing Idaho educators at the Representative Assembly in Chicago.


Have a relaxing and safe 4th!

REGISTER NOW — 2022 Summer Institute 06/13/2022

REGISTER NOW — 2022 Summer Institute

REGISTER TODAY! The 2022 Summer Institute is four days of the best professional development available for public school educators and support staff offered in the state of Idaho.

REGISTER NOW — 2022 Summer Institute   The four best and most anticipated days of professional development for Idaho educators — IEA’s Summer Institute — is queued up for July 27-30 at Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston. No less than 63 separate classes, including 13 online offerings, offer professional and personal learning ...


The best teachers teach from the heart, not just from books. Todd Knight received the IEA Marsha Nakamura Award for Teaching Excellence was established to recognize, reward, and promote excellence in teaching and advocacy for the profession.


Have you ever met somebody whose spirit seemed larger than life? Somebody whose enthusiasm knows no bounds? Somebody whose passions could be read on her face? That was Shane Anderson.

Jamie Morton was honored at this years Delegate Assembly with the Shane Anderson Outstanding Member Award. Way to go Jamie!


Christopher Farnes, Lewiston Education Association
received the Larry Caldwell Member Advocacy Award for his work in speaking out for fairness and justice, both for our students and for our profession. Chris has confronted extraordinary challenges in assuring their students, their school, their colleagues, and their profession, have been treated fairly and justly.


Michelle Sakota from the Idaho Falls Education Association was presented the Sue Hovey Mentoring Award for mentoring new or struggling colleagues and who acted courageously and with undaunted spirit in the face of those challenges.


"Ceremonies are important. But our gratitude has to be more than visits to the troops, and once-a-year Memorial Day ceremonies. We honor the dead best by treating the living well." Jennifer M. Granholm


The IEA Membership Recruiter Award is presented to Kootenai Education Association Leadership team who has exhibited leadership skills in the area of membership recruitment and retention. They were selected recipient on the basis of sustained efforts in the area of membership recruitment and retention, particularly in the last year. Thank you!


Zach Borman, Cord Breuer, Heather McDonald, Melissa Stephens, Melissa Stephenson, and Eric Thies. The WAEA Comms team did an outstanding job this last year and are the recipients of the
Betty Roper Public Relations Award. The Betty Roper Public Relations Award is awarded to a local organization that carries on Betty’s commitment to furthering the cause of public education and the work of the association through public relations activities.


The 2022 IEA Friend of Education Award is presented to Greg Wilson, who have made a special and unique contribution to the cause of education over an extended period of time and particularly in the last year. Thank you Greg!

REGISTER NOW — 2022 Summer Institute 05/27/2022

REGISTER NOW — 2022 Summer Institute

The four best and most anticipated days of professional development for Idaho educators — IEA’s Summer Institute — are queued up for July 27-30 at Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston.

No less than 63 separate classes, including 13 online offerings, offer professional and personal learning in topics from educator self-care and student loan forgiveness to career advancement and the politics of education.

REGISTER NOW — 2022 Summer Institute   The four best and most anticipated days of professional development for Idaho educators — IEA’s Summer Institute — is queued up for July 27-30 at Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston. No less than 63 separate classes, including 13 online offerings, offer professional and personal learning ...


The news from Texas is devastating. Our hearts cry out for all of those who were lost to this senseless violence. 19 beautiful children, an educator dedicated to their learning, and a young man clearly in crisis. Those who must on go on without them have our deepest sympathies.

We must recognize that our schools across this entire nation, including here in Idaho, are in desperate need of mental health services for students stretched to the breaking point.

Please keep the families of Uvalde in your thoughts and prayers.


Photos from Idaho Education Association's post 05/02/2022

Congratulations to Glen Riley, who received the 2022 IEA Friend of Education Award. 👏👏

The IEA Friend of Education Award is presented to a person or persons who have made a special and unique contribution to the cause of education over an extended period of time and particularly in the last year.


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! We know the past 2 years haven't been easy, and it's been difficult to feel supported. So this week we celebrate the work you do each day to keep things moving forward – and the trust between you and the families you serve.

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Students, Parents, and Educators. Together. We Can.
Thank You!
We asked Idaho State Board of Education President Debbie Critchfield these important questions (and more) in a wide-rang...
IEA President, Layne McInelly  - Take Action on the “No Accountability” Legislation
COVID-19 and School Buildings: A Doctor's Perspective
IEA President Discusses School Funding and Reopening
Shutdown Stories: Uniue Insight from Educator-Parents
IEA Interview: School Reopening and the Digital Divide
Exclusive IEA REPORTER interview with Gov. Brad Little
IEA Interviews school counselors during the COVID-19 crisis.
IEA President, Layne McInelly interviewed by IEA Director of Communications, Dave Harbison




620 N 6th Street
Boise, ID

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