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Boise State German Club


It's all a matter of perspective!
Arcis Saxophone Quartet from Munich Germany is coming to Caldwell Idaho!
Wednesday, October 23, 2019
6:15 pm Concert Connection and Dinner
7:00 pm Concert
Jewett Auditorium, C of I
$10 $15 $25 Adult $5 $8 $12 Child

These four young musicians from Munich possess an authentic stage presence that wows audiences with their enthusiasm and passion for this rare form of chamber music.
Tickets at
Hallo! Kennst du einen Stammitsch in Nordidaho? Vielen Dank!

My name is Paige Beach, I work at the Silverstone Library and we have a monthly book club called Mighty Girls for girls ages 11-14 where we discuss a book featuring a female protagonist and hear from a female guest speaker who relates to the book. This month we are discussing A Night Divided by Jennifer Nielsen- it's a historical fiction book about the Berlin Wall. In my research I came across your German club and the Berlin Wall you create every year! I'm looking for someone who might be interested in being a guest speaker for 30 minutes during our club? The date would be Saturday, February 10th at 11:00 a.m. at the Silverstone Library.
Moin, moin Deutsch Klub Leute. Come by Stammtisch today; we can talk about the upcoming Bundestagswahl (Sept. 24th) or maybe cry about not being at Oktoberfest. I'd love to see some new faces!
Id join if it was the GermanSheppard club.

The German Club at Boise State is for anyone interested in German language and culture! The German Club is a club based on expanding our knowledge about German culture which includes music, art, political issues, and more.

We also encourage using and expanding our use of the language. We recruit new students and bring awareness to new students of German as a possible major or minor--and the benefits of doing such. We hold fun German cultural events all year round (including major German holidays) for everyone to participate in. Knowledge of the language is not a must.

Operating as usual

Spanish Speakers Have More Job Options, German Speakers Make More Money 04/02/2022

Spanish Speakers Have More Job Options, German Speakers Make More Money

Spanish Speakers Have More Job Options, German Speakers Make More Money A new study of job listings show that many jobs are open for people who speak Spanish but people who speak German or Portuguese earn more money.



Photos from German Embassy London's post 03/23/2022

Photos from German Embassy London's post

Photos from N-JOY's post 03/15/2022

Photos from N-JOY's post

Bronco Giving Day 2022 02/28/2022

Bronco Giving Day 2022

Bronco Giving Day 2022 March 3–4

Timeline photos 02/27/2022

Timeline photos

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Das ist ein offenes Geheimnis. 😏🇩🇪


The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin lit in blue and yellow for Ukraine.

Nord Stream 2 halted. EU Sanctions. Solidarity.


Das heutige Datum 🤝 Unser Monk



Hat jemand unseren Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher gesehen? 🤔🥚



Zuhören lohnt sich! 😝


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Es gibt Pizza! 😍🍕


Heute beginnen die 24. Olympischen Winterspiele in Peking. 149 Athletinnen und Athleten treten für Deutschland an, 109 Wettkämpfe in sieben Sportarten und fünfzehn Disziplinen werden ausgetragen. Vom 4. März bis zum 13. März finden zudem in Peking die Paralympischen Winterspiele statt.


February 2 = Candlemas (Mariä Lichtmess) and Groundhog Day – Candlemas was a legal holiday in mostly Catholic Bavaria until 1912. "If Candlemas Day is clear and bright, winter will have another bite." The European badger became a groundhog in the US. PHOTO: D. Gordon Robertson - More:


Wenn du deinen Teller leer isst, scheint morgen die Sonne! 😅☀️☝️


Tag der Luftpolsterfolie!

*plop* *plop* *plop* – wir feiern den Tag der Luftpolsterfolie! 🤩💥


Wir verstehen doch alle unsere Haustiere! 🐶😜🐱



Scholarship and Financial Aid (FAFSA) deadlines are approaching.

February 15 – Idaho resident merit based scholarships deadline, including the President’s and Dean’s Scholarships. Students who meet all the criteria will automatically be considered.

February 15 – Last day to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for need-based scholarships and priority aid, including work-study and grants.

February 15 – Last day to submit Boise State Scholarship Applications.

Additional scholarship information:

Timeline photos 01/25/2022

Timeline photos

Here are a couple scholarship opportunities available to graduating high school students living within Idaho Power's service area!

Scholarship for Academic Excellence:
Provides fifteen, $2,000 annual student fee/tuition grants for graduating high school students who live within Idaho Power’s service area. Applicants must have a minimum 3.75 unweighted grade point average. Submission deadline is March 1, 2022.

Idaho Power’s Douglas E. Sprenger, Kevin M. Whittier and Larry R. Wimer Memorial Scholarship Fund:
This scholarship is for graduating high school seniors who live in Idaho Power’s service area and are planning to enroll, or college students enrolled in a natural resources program at an accredited Idaho college, university or vocational-technical school; OR graduating high school seniors planning to enroll in an engineering program at an accredited Idaho college, university or vocational-technical school. This $1,000 one-time scholarship is not renewable. Submission deadline is March 1, 2022.

Check out details and apply here:



Happy Monk! 😇

Photos from Boise State Department of World Languages's post 01/12/2022

Photos from Boise State Department of World Languages's post



Vormerken! 🤩🎬

Update: Danke für eure Hinweise. Uns ist ein Fehler unterlaufen. "The King's Man – The Beginning" ist schon am 06.01. gestartet.



Ein Wolkenkratzer is a Skyscraper but literally a Cloud Scraper, while ein Nilpferd is a Nile horse although we know it as Hippopotamus, and what some of us have after the last days is Hüftgold - love handles. I prefer the German version, ‘hip gold’ ... 🙂

A few literal German/English translations to take your mind off the cold, gray, wet winter months for a few minutes. At least for those of us here in the northern hemisphere.

Die Glühbirne, die Nacktschnecke, the bicycle could also be 'drive wheel' from Fahrrad - Fahr Rad, das Stinktier, das Schlagzeug, die Luftwaffe/die Flugabwehr, die Beerdigung and die Antibabypille.

Cartoon credit: Itchyfeet in Germany

Photos from German Embassy London's post 01/06/2022

Photos from German Embassy London's post


Wir wünschen euch allen ein frohes neues Jahr! 🍾 Wie sich die Neujahrsglückwünsche in Deutschland regional unterscheiden können, seht ihr auf dieser Karte 👇

Inspiriert von


Frohes neues Jahr!!

Das große Jahreshoroskop für Widder, Löwe, Jungfrau – und alle anderen Sternzeichen! 🤓🔮



Genau 🤣🤣🤣




They emerge from the mist ... dressed in fur with fearsome masks. On the move in the twelve Rauhnächte, rough nights, between Christmas and Epiphany.

It is the 'Zeit Zwischen Den Jahren', when doors to the Geisterwelt, spirit world, were believed to open so demons and evil spirits roamed the earth. Causing chaos and fear from Weihnachten until Dreikönigstag. Twelfth Night.

A custom followed since the 14th century in the Bavarian-Austrian Alpine region.

And those closets had better be filled with clean clothes, as no washing should be done during the Rauhnächte.

It brings bad luck, or so it is said. And not only because, while it is hanging outside to dry, wilden Geister, rampaging through the area, might get tangled up in the clotheslines ... in revenge bringing bad luck to those homes for the following year.

Even in these days of energy hungry tumble dryers and not so much of clothes lines, stockpiling the laundry is a Brauchtum, custom, still followed in some German speaking Alpine regions during the twelve days of Christmas.🙂


Most of us don't have a team of stylists and lighting specialists to ensure we look fabulous in photos from every angle. Often there's one side that's our best. In German, your "good side" is your SCHOKOLADENSEITE (chocolate side).

So, as friends and family insist on taking countless photos of you over the holidays, make sure they catch your SCHOKOLADENSEITE!

Photos from's post 12/23/2021




Zum Glück! Es geht wieder bergauf! 😀 ☀️

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Lederhosen races! Clearly some had it down better than others!!




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