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Boise State German Club


Arcis Saxophone Quartet from Munich Germany is coming to Caldwell Idaho!
Wednesday, October 23, 2019
6:15 pm Concert Connection and Dinner
7:00 pm Concert
Jewett Auditorium, C of I
$10 $15 $25 Adult $5 $8 $12 Child

These four young musicians from Munich possess an authentic stage presence that wows audiences with their enthusiasm and passion for this rare form of chamber music.
Tickets at
Hallo! Kennst du einen Stammitsch in Nordidaho? Vielen Dank!

My name is Paige Beach, I work at the Silverstone Library and we have a monthly book club called Mighty Girls for girls ages 11-14 where we discuss a book featuring a female protagonist and hear from a female guest speaker who relates to the book. This month we are discussing A Night Divided by Jennifer Nielsen- it's a historical fiction book about the Berlin Wall. In my research I came across your German club and the Berlin Wall you create every year! I'm looking for someone who might be interested in being a guest speaker for 30 minutes during our club? The date would be Saturday, February 10th at 11:00 a.m. at the Silverstone Library.
Moin, moin Deutsch Klub Leute. Come by Stammtisch today; we can talk about the upcoming Bundestagswahl (Sept. 24th) or maybe cry about not being at Oktoberfest. I'd love to see some new faces!
Id join if it was the GermanSheppard club.

The German Club at Boise State is for anyone interested in German language and culture! The German Club is a club based on expanding our knowledge about German culture which includes music, art, political issues, and more.

We also encourage using and expanding our use of the language. We recruit new students and bring awareness to new students of German as a possible major or minor--and the benefits of doing such. We hold fun German cultural events all year round (including major German holidays) for everyone to participate in. Knowledge of the language is not a must.

Operating as usual

OPINION: Every student can benefit from minoring or double majoring with a foreign language 06/08/2021

OPINION: Every student can benefit from minoring or double majoring with a foreign language

OPINION: Every student can benefit from minoring or double majoring with a foreign language Staff columnist Emily Cooney breaks down both the personal and professional benefits of investing time into studying a foreign language in college.

Timeline Photos 05/20/2021

Timeline Photos

Guten Morgen zum heutigen Weltbienentag! Wusstet ihr, dass rund 80 Prozent unserer Nutz- und Wildpflanzen von diesen fleißigen Insekten bestäubt werden? Daher ist es umso wichtiger, sie zu schützen - etwa mit dem Verzicht auf Pestizide in der Landwirtschaft.

Pandemic sees spike in global demand for languages 05/09/2021

Pandemic sees spike in global demand for languages

Pandemic sees spike in global demand for languages In this extraordinary moment in human history, language learning is not just proving more popular, but more essential for businesses to grow.


Heute vor 76 Jahren endete die Schreckensherrschaft der Nationalsozialisten und der Mord an den Juden Europas - das dunkelste Kapitel deutscher Geschichte.
Der 8. Mai 1945 wurde zum Tag der Befreiung für Millionen Entrechtete und Verfolgte, zum Tag des Gedenkens an die Opfer, zum Sieg über das Unrecht.
Dass von deutschem Boden nie wieder Krieg oder Menschheitsverbrechen ausgehen dürfen, ist heute unverrückbarer Kern deutscher Außenpolitik. Wir treten ein für ein starkes und geeintes Europa, für die Menschenrechte als universelle Ausprägung menschlicher Würde und für regelgebundene, internationale Kooperation.


If you’re trying to express how serious you are about something, what word would you use? In German, you would say you are bierernst (“beer serious”). No joke! Or is it?

The word bierernst (which is an adjective) does not sound like one that you would use to express your seriousness. But it is – seriously! Someone who is bierernst about something is someone who is not kidding around. Germans are clearly serious about their beer – so serious, in fact, that the word “serious” is overly emphasized when combined with the word “beer”.

Let’s look at an example: your friend tells you she is moving to Fiji. At first, you think she’s joking – why would she take off and fly thousands of miles away? She looks at you sternly and tells you that she is bierernst. At this point, you know she’s telling the truth.

The term can be traced back to the early 1900s. At the time, it was assumed that wine makes people act happy and relaxed, whereas beer changes someone’s mood and makes them more serious. But whether or not this is the case, you can still use the word bierernst to express your sincerity!


Torch = flashlight



Gratuliere, Chloe!


Chloe Pampush, from Tillamook, Oregon, will be the student speaker at a special commencement ceremony to honor graduates who could not attend in-person celebrations due to the global pandemic. Pampush graduated in 2020 with a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design and a minor in German.

“I am excited to return to campus for this,” Pampush said. “It is great to have an opportunity to gather with all my classmates and officially celebrate our achievements.”

When she first arrived at Boise State, Pampush was not exactly sure what path she would pursue, but that was one of the features that attracted her to the university in the first place.

“Boise State had a broad variety of majors so I knew I would have options,” she said.

Pampush initially pursued economics, but an interest in art led her to enter the graphic design program. She was also able to expand her studies to include a minor in German, adding to the knowledge of the language she gained after studying abroad in Austria.

In both of these areas of study, Pampush pursued leadership and mentorship roles. She worked in the Boise State Department of World Languages Resource Center helping students practice their speaking and conversation skills, and was involved in the Pathways Project which develops open educational resources (OER) for Idaho’s K-16 language teachers and students.

“When it came to capitalizing on the opportunities available to our Broncos, Chloe clearly made the most of her time at Boise State,” said Amber Hoye, director of the World Languages Resource Center. “Many students benefited from her work on-campus and she created lasting, impactful projects for the university and teaching materials used by language instructors in Idaho and across the country.”

As an officer in the Student Association of Graphic Arts she focussed the organization on better preparing interested students to succeed in the intensive program.

“I really tried to help the lower-division students gain confidence in themselves and be prepared for what the upper-division courses demand,” Pampush said.

These extracurricular activities helped Pampush make connections to students and faculty that benefited her on and off campus.

“Amber Hoye was very supportive, empowered us to work independently and allowed me to grow into leadership and management roles,” Pampush said. “And in graphic design, Brian Wiley was a tremendous resource as our world shifted in March with the pivot to online learning. He was always so supportive and worked really hard to make COVD times as normal as possible. He also helped me a lot as I prepared to enter the design world after graduation.”

Pampush has remained in Boise since graduation and was recently promoted to project manager at a local digital design agency.

“Chloe is one of the most exceptional students that I’ve had in my classroom since joining Boise State and it’d be hard to overstate the contributions that she made to our program and community during her time here,” Brian Wiley, associate professor of graphic design said. “She was a curious, enthusiastic, and engaged student, and her comfort with both the academic and practical side of design is not often seen at the undergraduate level.”

Though her experience was disrupted by COVID, and her first commencement was virtual, Pampush fondly remembers her time at Boise State.

“It was the perfect college experience,” she recalls. “The campus is a good size, it’s close to downtown, the grounds are beautiful, there’s an iconic sporting legacy and a vibrant student life. Boise State played a huge role in making me who I am today and I’m grateful for the opportunity to represent my class at commencement.”

Boise State University School of the Arts
Boise State University College of Arts and Sciences


"....und damit ihr es wisst - der runde Kreis ist von der Landjugend an Pennigbüttel ein Liebesbeweis!"

Mit diesen Worten der 1. Vorsitzenden der Landjugend Pennigbüttel wurde der erste Maibaum in unserer Ortschaft auf dem neuen Dorfplatz aufgestellt.

Danke für diesen schönen Hoffnungsträger, der hoffentlich auch in Zukunft mit einer schönen Dorfgemeinschaftsfeier inkl. Tanz in den Mai angemessen zelebriert werden kann.

Photos from N-JOY's post 04/30/2021

Photos from N-JOY's post


Broncos, you've overcome a LOT to get here - the end of the Spring 2021 semester. Take time to recognize and applaud your determination, your passion, YOUR SELF.

Join the Student Involvement and Leadership Center for virtual and on-campus Finals Relief resources and activities May 3-6.

Learn more at:

Timeline Photos 04/29/2021

Timeline Photos

Do you or someone you know aspire to become a language educator?
The Lead with Languages Teacher Scholarship Program is accepting applications until May 28! We’re awarding merit-based scholarships ($1,500/year) to high school seniors committed to teaching world languages.
To learn more and apply, visit

Photos from N-JOY's post 04/24/2021

Flachwitz = dumb joke


Isn't that impressive? The Hohenzollern Castle, seen from above. It is located on an almost 860 meter high mountain of the same name in Bisingen in Baden-Württemberg. The castle was built in the middle of the 19th century and is the ancestral castle of the Hohenzollerns. This was the noble family from which the German emperors came between 1871 and 1918.



That time of year again...☀️❄️




Kurze Pause. Durchatmen. An etwas Schönes denken. Dann weiter machen.

This Month's Menu - Das Alpenhaus Delikatessen LLC 03/27/2021

This Month's Menu - Das Alpenhaus Delikatessen LLC


This Month's Menu - Das Alpenhaus Delikatessen LLC An award-winning restaurant.


Und morgens so: 🥴🥴🥴

Photos from Boise State Department of World Languages's post 03/23/2021

Photos from Boise State Department of World Languages's post


Elections for ASBSU - Boise State Student Government - will be March 22-23.

Follow the link to learn about the candidates, register for the candidate debate via Zoom at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 17, and get info about the online election process.

🗳️ #BroncosVote

Photos from German Consulate General in Chicago's post 03/16/2021

Photos from German Consulate General in Chicago's post


The German language is filled with words that do not exist in English. One such word is "Sehnsucht", which is difficult to translate accurately. "Sehnsucht" is a deep emotional state; it describes an intense longing, craving, yearning or “intensely missing” something or someone. English translations do not do this term justice; it is a much more emotionally charged word in German.⁠

Someone can possess "Sehnsucht" for a faraway place – a deep yearning to be somewhere else, one that consumes your thoughts. Someone could also have "Sehnsucht" for another person; two lovers separated by distance may possess this sort of craving for each other. Someone could also have "Sehnsucht" for a different life – one that occupies their dreams while their reality is mediocre. ⁠

The term comes from the words "das Sehnen" (“yearning”) and "das Siechtum" (“a lingering illness”). The yearning described by Sehnsucht is, in some regards, like an illness, because it is all-consuming and will not go away easily. What do you have Sehnsucht for? Your star-crossed lover? A life in Hawaii? Your childhood? Or the future of your dreams? 🥰


Given it's #WorldSleepDay, we say: #Schlafgut 😴


Job opportunity at this local restaurant. You get to use your language skills!!

Hey Alpenhaus Fans!

We are also picking up with business and are extending our hours, so we are looking to hire. We are looking to fill two full time positions (30+ hours/week).

We pay competitive wages. We're an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are pretty much a family away from your family here at Das Alpenhaus Delikatessen LLC.

Must be able to:
* Lift 40+ pounds repeatedly up to 5 feet off of ground.
* Frequently bend, kneel and stand 6-10 hours per day.
* Work any time between 6am - 11pm ... Monday - Saturday (we do provide some amount of flexibility for school schedules).
* Work in a fast-paced environment.
* Serve/sell alcohol in Boise (ServSafe or TiPS certification required and must be 19+ years old).

We do not offer applications. Please submit a resume in person or via email to [email protected]

Resume must reflect relevant job experience. Professional references with business phone numbers only. Out-of-date resumes will not be considered.


The best thing about German is the endless possibilities to perfectly express your feelings... even your feelings about books. 📚🇩🇪

#doDeutsch #Germanlanguage

© Tom Gauld




Here’s hoping you all have some Geborgenheit in your life!

The German word Geborgenheit is difficult to translate, but it encompasses a range of feelings that make it a powerful word. A translation dictionary might describe Geborgenheit as “feelings of security”, but that does not do the word justice. Geborgenheit is the sum of warmth, protection, security, trust, love, peace, closeness and comfort. Imagine all of those feelings described in one word – that’s Geborgenheit!

How do you bring Geborgenheit into your life? Tell us and we'll give you a ❤

Have a good weekend!


With the ongoing lockdown, many may well despair at their "Coronafrisur".
German vocabulary has been inspired by the pandemic with some 1200 new words:

Coronaangst ridden? Overzoomed? Covid inspires 1,200 new German words 02/23/2021

Coronaangst ridden? Overzoomed? Covid inspires 1,200 new German words

coronamüde? overzoomed? Neue Wörter in der Sprache!

Coronaangst ridden? Overzoomed? Covid inspires 1,200 new German words Linguist who compiled list of words says they help tell story of life during pandemic


Save money, get ahead and enjoy the sunshine with summer classes❗️

☀️Summer courses are now open for enrollment! Check out which courses are being offered in your myBoiseState student center or

#StayOnCourse #BoiseStateOnline

Photos from Boise State Department of World Languages's post 02/22/2021

Photos from Boise State Department of World Languages's post

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Lederhosen races! Clearly some had it down better than others!!




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