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It's all a matter of perspective!
Arcis Saxophone Quartet from Munich Germany is coming to Caldwell Idaho!
Wednesday, October 23, 2019
6:15 pm Concert Connection and Dinner
7:00 pm Concert
Jewett Auditorium, C of I
$10 $15 $25 Adult $5 $8 $12 Child

These four young musicians from Munich possess an authentic stage presence that wows audiences with their enthusiasm and passion for this rare form of chamber music.
Tickets at
Hallo! Kennst du einen Stammitsch in Nordidaho? Vielen Dank!

My name is Paige Beach, I work at the Silverstone Library and we have a monthly book club called Mighty Girls for girls ages 11-14 where we discuss a book featuring a female protagonist and hear from a female guest speaker who relates to the book. This month we are discussing A Night Divided by Jennifer Nielsen- it's a historical fiction book about the Berlin Wall. In my research I came across your German club and the Berlin Wall you create every year! I'm looking for someone who might be interested in being a guest speaker for 30 minutes during our club? The date would be Saturday, February 10th at 11:00 a.m. at the Silverstone Library.
Moin, moin Deutsch Klub Leute. Come by Stammtisch today; we can talk about the upcoming Bundestagswahl (Sept. 24th) or maybe cry about not being at Oktoberfest. I'd love to see some new faces!
Id join if it was the GermanSheppard club.

The German Club at Boise State is for anyone interested in German language and culture! We also encourage using and expanding our use of the language.

The German Club is a club based on expanding our knowledge about German culture which includes music, art, political issues, and more. We recruit new students and bring awareness to new students of German as a possible major or minor--and the benefits of doing such. We hold fun German cultural events all year round (including major German holidays) for everyone to participate in. Knowledge of the language is not a must.

Operating as usual


Wordle 528 5/6


Skat - How to Setup, Play and Review. Traditional card games. * Amass Games* BGA Board Game Arena 11/04/2022

Skat - How to Setup, Play and Review. Traditional card games. * Amass Games* BGA Board Game Arena

Hey all, just wanted to remind everyone that we will be playing SKAT this Saturday at 1:00 pm at das Alpenhaus! Here is a link to a tutorial if you want to check it out beforehand

And (we forgot to post this here)
We are starting with the new OFFICIAL meeting time. Tuesday, November 1st, 5:00pm at das Alpenhaus! After a lot of consideration this has proven to be the best choice for our club.

See you Tuesdays at 5:00 pm at Das Alpenhaus and this Sat at 1 pm for Skat! (card game)

Skat - How to Setup, Play and Review. Traditional card games. * Amass Games* BGA Board Game Arena Please support via on for daily played picturesWhen there are giveaways and mor...


Hallo Alle!

This weekend is Oktoberfest at das Alpenhaus! Although we have juggled different schedules lately, it is our hope that we can invite the German club this Friday (Sep 23) at 6:30 to das Alpenhaus for some good food and good times! It has been recommended to me by person who work at das Alpenhaus that Friday will be the best day for this, as Saturday tends to be pretty full.

We look forward to seeing those who are able to make it!


Hot temperatures in Europe have been record setting lately and summer weather is sizzling here in the U.S., too. There's a word for that: BULLENHITZE (Bull's heat / scorching heat).






Did you know that Strandkörbe have been providing shelter from sun, wind and rain on German beaches since 1882? 🌞🌧💨




Die nächste totale Mondfinsternis in Deutschland könnt ihr erst wieder am 14. März 2025 beobachten. 🌚🔭👀


"The neighbour told me you were chasing people on a bike ... "

"He's lying. I don't have a bike."🙂

Photos from DW Culture's post 05/09/2022

Photos from DW Culture's post



Photos from Boise State University's post 04/29/2022

Finals Woche kommt!


Blumento-Pferde sind die schönsten Pferde! 😍🐴


Ja, heute!



The wait is over, asparagus season in Germany is finally here! Which is your favorite? Green, white ... coated in white chocolate?

Spargelzeit in Germany, when much of the country loses its mind. There are contests to find asparagus queens, the most skilled asparagus peelers, "Kings" and "Queens" are crowned, judged by the size of the asparagus stalk they have grown or bought.

Spargel is everywhere. Restaurants, salad bars, in smoothies, sushi, soup, Spargel-Eis.

Traditionally cooked, drenched in butter or Hollandaise sauce and served with boiled potatoes and some slices of ham.

Or how about a Spargel Rittersport ... hmmm not sure about butter sauce with that, Sauce Hollandaise maybe? 🤔



Ist der Osterhase gekommen?? Frohe Ostern!!

Hasen und Kaninchen sind sich ähnlich, aber es ist nicht das gleiche Tier. Kaninchen sind gesellige Tunnelbauer. Der Feldhase lebt lieber für sich allein. Wenn er ruht, dann in einer "Sasse" auf Feld und Wiese.

The Easter Bunny is German - The German Way & More 04/13/2022

The Easter Bunny is German - The German Way & More

Osterhase seit 1682?? 🤔🤨🐇🥚

The Easter Bunny is German - The German Way & More The History of the Easter Bunny Easter, called Ostern in German, is a very special time in Germany and the other German-speaking countries of Europe. Catholic and Protestant Christians celebrate the arisen Christ with many different traditions. Even those Germans who rarely see the inside of a churc...


Alles gesagt. 🤐😴


Immer schön lächeln. 🙂🦍



Photos from German Embassy London's post 03/23/2022

Photos from German Embassy London's post

Photos from N-JOY's post 03/15/2022

Photos from N-JOY's post


Das ist ein offenes Geheimnis. 😏🇩🇪


The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin lit in blue and yellow for Ukraine.

Nord Stream 2 halted. EU Sanctions. Solidarity.


Das heutige Datum 🤝 Unser Monk



Hat jemand unseren Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher gesehen? 🤔🥚



Zuhören lohnt sich! 😝


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Es gibt Pizza! 😍🍕


Heute beginnen die 24. Olympischen Winterspiele in Peking. 149 Athletinnen und Athleten treten für Deutschland an, 109 Wettkämpfe in sieben Sportarten und fünfzehn Disziplinen werden ausgetragen. Vom 4. März bis zum 13. März finden zudem in Peking die Paralympischen Winterspiele statt.


Wenn du deinen Teller leer isst, scheint morgen die Sonne! 😅☀️☝️


Tag der Luftpolsterfolie!

*plop* *plop* *plop* – wir feiern den Tag der Luftpolsterfolie! 🤩💥


Wir verstehen doch alle unsere Haustiere! 🐶😜🐱

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Lederhosen races! Clearly some had it down better than others!!




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