Spring Acupuncture & Wellness

Spring Acupuncture & Wellness


It's Small Business Saturday, and this year more than ever we're encouraging each and every one of you to shop local for the holidays.🌟

Shopping local helps keep our amazing small businesses in business after the rough year we've all experienced. As big fans of Small Business Saturday and supporting local, we want to shoutout a few of the MANY small businesses that have shown us support and partnered with us over the past few months:

Independent Doctors of Idaho
Poké Vibes
ā café Boise
Tamarack Resort
Pacific North Contractors
A New Vintage Wine Shop
Thrive Nutrition
Highland Chiropractic
Horn Real Estate
Boise Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center
Treasure Valley Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center
Chow Public Market and Eatery
Woodcraft of Boise
Heart Of Timber
Salt Sanctuary
Spring Acupuncture & Wellness
The Beauty Mark Ink.
Lost Shack
Underhill Garden

The list goes on and on, but we thought today was the perfect day to shoutout some of the amazing businesses who have joined forces with us on our first-ever Totally Boise MAG, a Fall Guide to Boise.❣️

Nows your turn, tag a local small business and show them some love below!

📸: @oz.aguiar on Instagram

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Happy Fall, Y'alll!🍂 This fall we're focused on reaching our optimal health both physically and mentally.

One of the ways we've found to be beneficial is through acupuncture with Spring Acupuncture & Wellness. Spring Acupuncture & Wellness specializes in Sports Acupuncture, an advanced method of acupuncture that optimizes neuromuscular function for athletic performance and healthy movement.

A visit to Spring Acupuncture can benefit your lifestyle, it can help:
1. Relieve Strained Muscles
2. Boost Immunity
3. Decrease stress & anxiety

This method of acupuncture is essential for athletes, it helps active muscles for better performance, creates a healthy balance between flexibility and strength, and keeps inflammation from intense training in check.💪

Spring Acupuncture & Wellness takes a sincere interest in each of their patients. They are the only acupuncturist in the Treasure Valley that has completed training in both sports medicine acupuncture and trigger point dry needling. Keep your body moving this fall and see drastic improvements in your abilities by working with Spring Acupuncture & Wellness.🤾

See examples of how patients have reached their fitness goals quicker and more efficiently by clicking the link, https://buff.ly/2FRpsXn.

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Thank you to Dean and Sara for my immune boosting San Fu moxa treatment today!
Way to go, you two! I’d love to see your practice when I get to Boise one day 🎈.

At Spring we specialize in Sports and Orthopedic Acupuncture.

Operating as usual


We support our enlisted men and women. Thank you for your service.


Dancer - Free of Pain!

Dancers - if you are in pain, please watch this video, we can help. You too can be free of pain, and get back to the dancing that you love! Call 208-616-1040 for an appointment.


Do you know someone suffering after a bad Motor Vehicle accident? Then watch the video and see if Acupuncture at Spring Acupuncture & Wellness might help.


Do you know someone suffering with Migraines Headaches? If so, tell them about this video and learn how Acupuncture at Spring Acupuncture & Wellness can help people get their life back.

Photos from Evil Bone Water's post 04/07/2022

When I first use Evil Bone Water on a client, I often tell them about the herbs that go into it, and how BIG the cinnamon is. Here are photos!


We are so proud of our young athletes!
@kaylyn_heim works so hard on her dancing skills for !
We send her and her team WINNING VIBES for their competition this week! Go Mane Line!


Dallas is doing a 105-Mile Walk for Water Fundraiser.

On Monday, March 21st, 2022, vivid Roots founder Dallas Crum will set out to walk 105-miles carrying 5 gallons (42 lbs) of water to raise money for those in need of access to clean water.

Their goal with this project is to provide access to clean water to 1,000 people for the rest of their lives.

Spring Acupuncture is proud to be part of his support team.

Learn more and pledge your support at vividroots.com/walkforwater
@vividroots @dalcrum


We appreciate our first responders and are happy to accept IIIA insurance.
Thank you for your service, and the opportunity to serve you.


Happy Chinese New Years to Everyone !!


Here is a thought for the weekend, enjoy :)



May your hearts and bellies be warm and full.

Thank you.


Go Broncos!
We are proud to help our young athletes stay in the game.

Sports Acupuncture can be your secret weapon too!


Another case of our favorite liniment arrived at our door in perfect condition from 2700 miles away!

Evil Bone Water is the BEST for sore muscles, bruising, light abrasions, and bug bites! Sarah even uses it on her hives.

Thanks @mark.t.brinson for making @evilbonewater 😁☠️❤️


Treating another super athlete at Spring Acupuncture! Getting her knee back in working order for earth bending!


Hey - here is an idea. Turn it up and move & grove :)

Indeed 🎶🎼🎵


Unbelievable healing caught on camera

Listen for the phrase "It is exactly what was supposed to happen, because it IS what happened". Learning to accept yourself, your life, and the events within is HUGE. Let's all have a listen, let the lesson SINK In. Have a beautiful day.


BL telling the TRUTH of NOW !!

Only now is real

~ Barry Long



The # 1 quality of a successful person

Listen to a Master, and learn how to become UNSTOPPABLE !! Let's all do this for the next week, then post here how this has had a positive change in your life.


What the world needs right now

Spread Love not Fear :)


We love this lineament!
If you have been a client, there is a 99% chance that you have experienced it!

It’s the best for sore muscles, strains and sprains, mild abrasions, and bug bites.

Weekly, we do 2-3 production runs of
20 cases.
That’s 480-720 bottles of a herbs that will make it into patients hands that are in need.
Between us and that patient is an AcuDoc that cares enough to give you the very best available.
That’s why we take such care to make every bottle the highest quality, every time.
Help as many people in this world as you can, in whatever way you can.


The learning never stops. Just got back from a wonderful seminar with Lindsay Long, refining my Sport Acupuncture skills.


Barry is definitely on to something here, what he is saying has been true in my own experience. Focus your mind on what you want, not on what you don't want.

Acknowledge the good. What you acknowledge you get.

~ Barry Long



Here in the Western US it is 🔥HOT🔥
Eating fresh fruit is a great way to cool down and get nutrients. Cherries, melons, nectarines and peaches… they are all available and delicious right now.


Here in the mountain west, it’s dry. We didn’t have as much precipitation as we usually do in the winter.

Please enjoy your holiday and keep our beautiful land safe!


It’s baaaaack!

Evil Bone Water in the house!
Zheng Xie Gu Shui from @saintapothecaryandwellness now with a free spray top!

Come and get some while it lasts, your joints, bruises, sore muscles, bug bites, and mild abrasions will thank you!


Chinese Medicine and acupuncture are great for stress and headaches, but that doesn't mean that other things aren't good too.

We have had more clients tell us that their stress is high (2020, anyone?) then ever before.

We looked around at what else we could offer to help, and found these formulas. They are research-backed and effective (we tried them; we try everything we sell).

Bonus: we charge less than Amazon!


When my Mother saw me being moody for no good reason, she would often say "I'll give you a reason to be unhappy"....pretty soon I would shift my attitude. She was teaching me the truth in her way, thanks Mom. Now, read Barry's approach below.

Life is good because life is true. And it is every moment once you surrender the right to be unhappy.

~ Barry Long



Springtime tip from Miss Norah:
Starting the day with hot lemon water sets up your GI tract for success!


Have you rested incorrectly?
We can help with Sports Acupuncture!
(Yes, I know sleeping isn’t a sport, Sports Acupuncture helps cranky muscles no matter how they got that way. :)


Nature nourishes us so deeply.
Let us know it’s value
And protect it wisely.

Dean and Sarah Campbell

We are a husband and wife team that have been working in health and wellness for a combined fifty years.

We have searched high and low for answers in our own health journeys, and along the way became inspired to help others find answers in a more timely fashion then we did.

There are highly effective, drug-free, all-natural solutions to restore your health and help you reclaim a life of purpose, balance, and joy. We are dedicated to teaching you why you are having your symptoms and demystifying the process of resolving them with you. We strongly believe that the more completely you understand your own body, the more empowered you will be in managing your health, and ultimately your life.

We would love to help you.

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Dancer - Free of Pain!
Do you know someone suffering after a bad Motor Vehicle accident?  Then watch the video and see if Acupuncture at Spring...
Do you know someone suffering with Migraines Headaches?  If so, tell them about this video and learn how Acupuncture at ...
Treating another super athlete at Spring Acupuncture! Getting her knee back in working order for earth bending!@mimifetz...
Improve ankle proprioception
We had fun today working with @strongerthanpaul As a bonus we got to make Kali wiggle her tongue!
Never stop learning!!  Learning Orthopedic assessment and treatments options with Dr. Lombardi this past weekend in San ...





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