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happy birthday couz..from your Cdn cousins!
TONIGHT at 8 PM EST, join us for a live recording of the Millennial Money podcast with host, Shannah Compton Game and a panel of experts in personal finance, investment and savings to discuss insider tips on how to make money while you sleep and how to create multiple revenue streams.

🗣 Jacqueline Twillie, President at ZeroGap
🗣 Whitney Hansen, Host of Money Nerds Podcast
🗣 Rachel Richards, Keynote Speaker and Author of Money Honey Rachel
🗣 Amanda Holden, Founder and Educator at Invested Development

RSVP and tune in live here (iOS only) ⬇️
There are so many great personal finance podcasts these days, it's difficult to pick just one to subscribe to!

@iliketodabbleblog shortlists 10 podcasts that she never misses an episode of. They're fun, educational and discuss a variety of topics from different perspectives.

Oh My Dollar
Yo Quiero Dinero - A Personal Finance Podcast
Bad With Money Podcast
Beyond The Dollar
Brown Ambition
The Fairer Cents
Q***r Money Podcast
Popcorn Finance
Whitney Hansen

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Hi Whitney Hansen & everyone else. I listen to your pod cast on the 12 week program, I'm in the process of doing that for my 3 credit cards I have. I just paid off off a piece of furniture I just bought $1425 ( paid it off before the interest kick in with 2 month to spare) but anywho back to my pain question. Should I just focus on 1 or 2 credit cards to get them paid off quick or stay with the budge I have to have all 3 paid off in 12 weeks? Then take the extra pays & focus all that on to my truck payment? I'm already contributing 10% to my 401K & working on building up my emergency fund. Thank yall in advance 💜
investment in new technologies and market
Flip Alert! Made $50 and got a free coffee table on a quick and easy flip💰

Inspired by all of Whitney Hansen’s posts about flipping, we found this coffee table and barstool about 20 min outside of town for $50 🚚

Once we got it home, I cleaned it up, took some better pictures of it, and listed the chair for $100 📸

It took 14 days, but the right person came along and bought it. She loves it, and we are happy with the small profit for very little effort 🤷🏻‍♂️

As an added bonus, we get to keep the coffee table to put in our upcoming Airbnb. We have it listed for $150 (which would be a $200 profit for the pair) but we are happy if it doesn’t sell.
Dealing with student loans? We've gathered a list of the people you should follow while you're paying student loan debt. From advice and personal stories to motivation – check them out. Yes, I Am Cheap Whitney Hansen His and Her Money Popcorn Finance Melisa Boutin Zero-Based Budget �ChangEd AppStudent Loan PlannerThe College Investor #studentloans #personalfinance #debtfreejourney #debtfree
Listened to today's info on eliminating debt. It was great. It was inspiring because it was very truthful. Thank you
Hey everyone!! Getting some advice on long term disability insurance. I have long term disability that covers $1300/month for 5 years for $45/month. They did exclude lower back problems because I mentioned that I go to the chiropractor. I was thinking about cancelling it because I'm really wanting to focus on my debt. my agent is really saying I shouldn't because the price could go up even in the next year and this price is locked in until I'm 65. What do you all think? I'm an independent consultant, I don't have options through employer.
Wondering how in the world to even start to budget for expenses as a business owner?

If so, then this episode is for you! I brought on a friend of mine, millennial finance expert, Whitney Hansen of The Money Nerds. She shares her insight on budgeting, strategically choosing conferences that will bring you a good ROI, the importance of having a gratitude practice and so much more. Enjoy!

How is your relationship with money? 🤔💸

Before the pandemic began, I'd had this conversation with millennial finance expert, Whitney Hansen!

I initially pushed back this episode to speak to the current climate but the topics we discussed are still relevant, if not more than ever due to many people stretching their finances during this time.

Your relationship with money can spill over into so many different aspects of your life including your relationships with other people and your business success.

Whitney and I have been friends for several years and y’all KNOW how much I love talking about my finances (heck I told you every penny I made and spent in my “How much I made in 2019” episode!).

We dive into sooo many juicy financial topics that I'm sure you'll enjoy. Take a listen!

We're finishing this week off with a timely rewind episode handpicked by the Fintern: eight smart things to do with $1,000 right now. You can check out our original show notes below:

What should you do with a small windfall? Today we ask, if you had $1,000, how should you best use it? We have an article that gives us eight great options, but we ask our panel which of those is best...and why? THAT alone gets rolling a fantastic discussion between OG, Len Penzo dot Com and special guest from the Money Nerds podcast, Whitney Hansen.

We'll also turn our eye on FinTech. We talk to FinTech company founders most weeks on this show, but from the near-outside looking in, where's the ball headed? Rory Holland from CSTMR Fintech Marketing & Design Agency has a front-row seat at the FinTech party, and answers the questions...what's the problem, how's it being solved, and what's next for FinTech? You'll see LOTS of possible directions for FinTech (and...psst....your money) after you hear this interview.

We also answer Carolyn's three-oh call for help to the Blooom Inc. hotline. Her 21-year-old son is graduating from college and she's concerned about claiming him. Can she claim him as a dependent still? On top of that, we'll also answer a letter from another listener, share Doug's trivia, and more.

Thanks to MagnifyMoney.com for sponsoring Stacking Benjamins as well. MagnifyMoney.com saves users on average $450 when they compare, ditch, switch and save on credit cards, student loan refinancing, checking, savings and more. Check out MagnifyMoney.com for your savings.


Real money advice for millennials. Run your money. Run your life. http://whitneyhansen.com/

Operating as usual

Whitney Hansen updated their address. 01/07/2022

Whitney Hansen updated their address.

Whitney Hansen updated their address.


Which person is more likely to stick to their plan, stay excited about their finances, and build wealth?

*waiting for the person in the comments to say B*😂

For real- simple reframes with your finances is so key to beat comparison syndrome, feel good, enjoy the process, and stay focused.

Find one money belief that you currently aren’t thrilled about and find a reframe that you believe in.


A ✨huge✨ part of your success with money is finding the positive in sacrifice.

More positive reframes is key to feeling good about your finances.

What is a financial reframe that helped you see some positive?

Mine is in the comments. 👇🏻👇🏻


Money is time.⏰

When we blow money on crap we don’t need, we force ourselves to have to trade more of our time to earn money to support those financial choices.

Honoring your money is honoring your time.

Huge thank you to @policygenius for this interview. 🙏🏻


November goals!🔅

I had quite a hellish October, so I’m easing into November with some easy goals.

In case you don’t know—
MIT= most important tasks

I write down 3 must accomplish today tasks and then work on those first every day.

What are some of your November goals?


I am a make my coffee at home kinda person.🙋🏼‍♀️

Last year I did a story and asked you guys for suggestions to tell me reduce my creamer intake.

Here’s my secret sauce:

☕️Califia Farms Oat Milk (frothed)
☕️1 TBSP Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup
☕️Black coffee

Tell me how do take your coffee?

What’s your favorite tips to elevate your at home coffee game?

Photos from Whitney Hansen's post 10/26/2021


I recently, wanted to retest Amazon Flex as a side hustle.

You sign up for Amazon Flex by downloading the app. I was on a waitlist for almost 2 (3?) years.

Once you’re approved, you accept and browse “Offers” and deliver packages or Whole Foods groceries.

✔️You work on your own time (scheduling available slots)
✔️You get tips for grocery delivery
✔️Pay out quickly
✔️Fairly easy
✔️Get a work out (you have to HUSTLE to finish slots of time- like run to the doorstop and drop off packages)
✔️Function as an Independent Contractor (get to write off mileage)
✔️Insurance covered by Amazon while you are doing deliveries

✖️No clue where you’ll be delivering to until you get there
✖️Use your own gas
✖️Function as an Independent Contractor (file your own taxes)
✖️Hard to get multiple shifts per day (limited earnings)

So would I recommend it?


It’s a decent side hustle!

Let’s put some numbers to it:
Say you do 1 shift M-F and earn $54 for 3 hour shift.

You earn a minimum of:

This is a huge help for any household.

So while it’s not my favorite side hustle ever, it’s a really great one for flexibility, hourly rate, and ease of use.


If that ain’t the truth. 😅


You can have a debt free holiday without credit card balances that follow you around during 2022.

Start those savings NOW and save what you can.

I personally love using @qapital for my Christmas sinking fund.

It’s automatic, builds up quickly, and you can gamify it.

Use whatever account you like— just make this a priority!



Okay, now that I have your attention- hear me out.😆

Data shows that unique stays are what people are seeking.

✖️Hosts of unique stays have earned over $300 MILLION last year.
✖️Unique stay searches have increased by 94%

If you’re getting into Airbnb’s and short term rental market, make sure you listen to the latest episode of The Money Nerds and get a BTS scoop on why we are going all in on this niche.


Seeing lots of articles saying to sell stocks, sell your real estate and hunker down for a crash.

I’ll be the first one to say, I have no idea if that will happen (no one can predict a market).

But as a long-term investor, I’m not selling a single stock. 🙅🏼‍♀️ I’m continuing to invest the same amount I did before.

Don’t let sensationalized stories make financial decisions for you. Trust the process and invest for the long run.


Waimea Canyon is full of picturesque places and has so much to do/see!

🌴Fun fact: this soil is full of so much iron here they have “dirt shirts” that are dyed naturally.

Wishing I brought a white tee to dye. 😆


Sun kissed (burnt) + finding sand in places it should never be. 😅

This is my third trip to Kauai and each time has been so different.

What’s your favorite beach activity?
A) Lounging with a book
B) Snorkeling and water sports
C) Catching sunsets


This is such an important topic for business owners. Listen in if you’ve struggled with boundaries in your life. 💕

Whitney Hansen, the host of the award-winning podcast, The Money Nerds Whitney Hansen had a detailed conversation with our host, Sarah Li Cain to discuss the importance of setting boundaries around her business, and how having boundaries keeps you from creating identities solely around the business.

Check out the latest @plutusawards podcast episode

Photos from Whitney Hansen's post 09/07/2021

My happy place. 😍

In the mountains, building stuff, and turning a vision in our head into reality.

Super happy with our walkway progress at my @airbnb project/experiment setting up @cascadedome glamping site in Idaho.

❓Do you want to set up an Airbnb?

❓What’s the biggest thing stopping you from starting?

Photos from Whitney Hansen's post 09/02/2021

Snuck away for a quick overnighter at this lookout tower at 8200’.

The stars, sunset and sunrise were amazing.😍

It’s fall time in the mountains. 🍂


Such an important reminder.

If you find yourself spending money as fast as you get it, this can be a huge underlying scarcity mindset.

Scarcity mindset isn’t always hoarding money, a lot of times it’s the exact opposite and spending every dime you have the minute you get it.


I’ve been talking about this book a lot.

It’s good.
Like, really good.

If you’re looking for some cliff notes takeaways from the book to see if you might be interested in it-

listen to today’s 5TF on the Money Nerds .

Photos from PBS Books's post 08/27/2021

Join in and learn more about investing! 🎉


I ask all of my 1:1 coaching clients what their 3 core values are.

This is SO important!

When you know what’s most important to you, you can make better financial decisions.

Here’s how this looks in practice.

My core values are:

Anytime I make a financial decisions- I ask if it is aligned with my core values.

At this stage, anything that costs financial security isn’t worth it to me.

When you start to create a financial plan that encompasses what’s important to you, money starts to feel fun!

What are your 3 core values?

Photos from Whitney Hansen's post 08/17/2021

I almost forgot about this flip!

The top is not screwed down so it is off centered. 😆

✅ ITEM- Kitchen table
🏷 PAID- $50
💰 SOLD- $150
🔨 WORK DONE- Took the decorative lip off the table
⏰ TIME TO SELL- 1 day

If you want to get into furniture flipping and learn all my secrets- go to YouTube.com/TheWhitneyHansen and watch the video.


In a world where we are so focused on outer appearance, it’s hard to remember that *everyone* struggles with money sometimes.

You just never see it discussed publicly.

Money shame is a really detrimental thing to your:
✖️Mental health

Start by normalizing the struggle.

Tell those around you when you’re going through a tough time—they likely have/are going through similar things.

You’re not alone.


Everything comes down to habits.

Learning about the habit loop legit transformed my finances in a lot of ways.

If you’re thinking “what the heck is the habit loop?” Listen to the latest episode on The Money Nerds podcast.

It’s the BOMB!


Updated list of side hustles I am personally interested in testing/trying.

Some of these might make you go “hmmm.” 😂😂

Listen in for the full list of 5 side hustles I’m interested in.


This just in, student loan payment pause is being extended through January 31, 2022.

What does this mean?

1) if you’re struggling to make ends meet, you get a bit more grace to find employment.

2) if you can afford the payments, now is the time to make as much progress towards paying off your student loans that you can. Your money will go a lot further.


Interested in solo travel, but are a bit nervous and don’t know where to start?

Then go listen to the recent 5TF episode and start planning your solo adventure. ☺️


This is my phone screen background.

We look at our phones a bazillion times a day, it might as well be an affirmation. ☺️💕


It’s my birthday!!🎉🎉

33 years young. 😆 A couple years ago I started setting birthday goals.

This year my birthday goal is 33 hikes.

So I’m spending most of this afternoon planning out my adventures so that I have all my hikes in order. (With a big cup of ☕️)

Do you set birthday goals? If so— what are you working towards?


Note to self 📝

Double tap if you agree.


Once upon a time, when I was just 17, I bought a car.

It was a convertible and super cute. I financed it.

The car had a couple questionable things like a knocking sound, but the dealer assured us it was allll good.

Like an idiot, I believed him.

Fast forward 2 months later, my car engine blew. Turns out that knocking sound was a rod.

I was stuck paying $120 per month for a car I couldn’t drive AND trying to save $1,200+ for a new motor.

This is one of the many reasons I’m anti car payment (most are because too many people sign up for $25k debt without even having a $25k net worth). And we all know cars are a depreciating asset.

For me- car payments cost me too much of my peace of mind.

What’s something you said never again to in your financial life?


Looking for a good financial book? 📚

I have been loving this one!

Some of my favorite takeaways are:

✖️Earning wealth and KEEPING wealth are totally different beasts.

✖️Respect luck. It plays a huge role in our financial successes.

✖️Margin of safety- factoring in the cost of losing is critical to building wealth (those that don’t usually lose big time).

✖️ It’s hard to calculate the ROI on emergency funds that allow you peace of mind, and the ability to walk away from a job you don’t like.

✖️ Most people’s happiness comes from feeling in control over our time. We sometimes leave great jobs with fulfilling work if we don’t feel in control of the way our time is spent.

I’m about 80% done with this book so I’ll be sure to share any additional takeaways. 📚🐛

What’s a money book you recently read that you enjoyed?

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