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Operating as usual


This is for you twitter


Mountain West is not looking good lets be frank this is Embarrassing


The Boys are waking up. True freshman is tearing it up


From the 10 second mark of the second half to the end of overtime. There is one minor issue when it hit 1 am here FS1 took the stream down and I lost a few seconds in finding a live FS1 stream so for all of those who didn't see the miracle on the court here you go enjoy


What a game film tomorrow BOISE!
14 in a row !!


I'm going to treat you guys to a little treat. I have never shared this with anyone for the record and this video has been by all closely held

As the statute of limitations has run out for the crime I am about to commit.

I have held this video since I received it 10 years and 9 days ago.

It is very humorous and is of some of my favorite people who all know I have held it though no one ever asked me to not post it here...

But I think considering this season we could all use some humor from our past Greats.

My only concern with posting this is that JP might hunt me down and kill me but then again I know he loves me.

So enjoy a laugh and I am sure this is one you will play over and over again it's just hilarious.

I will be equally impressed if you folks can identify all who are in this video

Kellen Moore and the Cowboys Are Proving You Don’t Need One System to Win 11/20/2021

Now he is finally being recognized for what he did at Boise State

"To understand where this philosophy—or lack thereof—comes from, and how Moore is running it, we have to go back to his days as one of the most prolific passers in NCAA history."

Kellen Moore and the Cowboys Are Proving You Don’t Need One System to Win The no. 1 scoring offense in the NFL this year resides in Dallas, and it’s driven by a coach who was brought up in a plays-over-system program and a quarterback who can execute that vision to perfection


Anyone have any inside info on whats going on with CT Thomas.

He has been missing in action he is if not the fastest guy on the team can stretch the field like no one else.

Im confused is hurt? is there some other issue ?


Big weekend ahead.
Tonight like every game for the rest of the year is a must win!

Airforce at CSU AF is favorite by 2.5.

Colorado at times show they can play and lets hope tomorrow they can pull an upset at home. Instate rivalry ganes get bring upsets.

Not surprising San Jose is favored by 4.5 points over Utah State at home we need them to make it happen.

If CSU pulls the upset San Jose beat the Utah we will be in rhe drivers seat. If SDSU continues to win not only will the keep moving up in the polls. The head to head match up on the final regular season game would be one of those win it we might get the MW championship game at home for a rematch with SDSU....

If all that happens I will mover heaven and earth to be there.


Tonight, we have a chance to beat a top 25 team and by the looks of it we will get another shot at beating a top 25 team in SDSU in the last game of the year.

All that being said to have a shot a slim chance to play in the MWC game we MUST win out and both Utah and Airforce must lose a game. While its more likely than not that Utah and Airforce will lose another game, considering the inconstancy of this staff to but two wins in a row. My confidence level is low, but not without hope!

Lord know the last thing I want to see is any more turmerol. Of the 4 games left I see a high probability of two more wins and a high probability of two more losses.

That being said ESPN’s power football index gives us a 45.7% chance of winning today in Fresno and shockingly has us as a favorite to beat SDSU in San Diego 52.9%

Coach needs to show some growth in this game and a win on the road here without a let down in either of the last two home games against opponents we are HEAVILY favorite to win both over 90% would set up a show down of what could be a rematch MW championship game in Boise. Despite four losses on the season. If Boise was to wins out we would be the highest ranked MW team there bye earning home game status.
I don’t believe Coach needs to win out to keep his job, but he must win 3 of 4 to keep his staff intact.
Winning out however and winning the championship would go a long way in provide hope for the future not to mention greatly help out recruiting


Cedrick Wilson having a big night. Kellen drawing up a great play one we have seen many times before


Big Cedrick Wilson ....


I spent the last 3 hours putting together a post but I am going to sum it up The players deserver better then what they are getting out of this staff. With the current play book the current lack of improvement of coaching up players. I see a 5 - 7 season at best we beat NM and Wyoming at home. This group of players is not a 5-7 group hell they are not a 9-3 group ... someone needs to explained to me why CT Thomas is almost never on the field ... This is not acceptable .. Tell me where I am wrong maybe the AD should have been more involved in putting this staff together and less time raising money .. Harsin didn't inherit this much talent in 2014

Tell me where I am wrong?.. there are lots of nice people that can't do it all the buck stops at the top



Photos from The Blue Turf's post 10/09/2021

Fresh off a 60 of the last 72 days of fb bannings...

Nationally Televised on ABC with a 3:30 est start ....

It redemption time!!!



reading my Wall Street Journal this morning get to the back page and see the College Football Grid of shame.

The axis norther to south is how you play on the field the axis east to west is how your team behaves off the field.

While we are rated just below power house Harsins program was rated nearly completely EMBARRASSING!!!

Only 5 schools ranked worse then us for off field behavior...

Just what the hell has been going on in Boise that the local media has not been reporting????

Not Happy seeing this!!!


A lot of things went our way yesterday.
Fresno took the fight to the ducks which generated a lot of mid-day buz.
San Jose kept it respectable with USC
Nevada put the wood to Cal
Utah State up ended WSU
Wyoming, Hawai’I handled their Big Sky opponents some the UW was unable to do.
SDSU beat New Mexico State while Air Force beat up Lafayette. Even New Mexico won.
The bottom dwellers of the MW this year would appear to be UNLV and CSU

Meanwhile Oklahoma State won without their starting QB.
BYU beat Az too boot
And we can say good bye to the Ragin Cajuns

Many top 25 teams took beatings, which is rear this early in the season.
Winning the MW this year is not going to be a walk in the park that being said a New Years game is far from out of the picture.

Cinncy has at least 2 games that I think they are going to lose and if they take down UCF and we handle our business which will not be a small task it will be there for are taking

This season feels like 2014 all over again.


How about those Grizzlies!


Getting a little ill watching Fresno running a version of our old offense against criminal U ...

All in for the Bulldogs to finish this off


After the game was over as we lined the fence for the after game greeting I was with Hanks mom and dad two of the nicest people you could ever meet. Hank came straight to them he was as distraught as a person could be near inconsolable.

It was clear he was taking the entire loss on himself and despite what many I have seen post that is never the case a win or loss is never on one person ..

Finally watching the game in the final two minutes it looks like he could have held the ball and gotten that first down.. a year ago he would have instinctively done that, for the last 16 months every coaching staff has been trying to rid him of that instinct and yesterday it cost us.

Would we have won no one knows and if you want to go back Kaniho doesn't get that tech call ufc doesn't get the extra 15 yards but he is in there to prevent them from scoring the go ahead TD as they went right after his replacement 2 of the next 3 plays.

So a game is like a box of chocolates you never know what you are going to get.


watching the game just wanted to share . this as would appear the back official just didn't have it in his heart to call what would have been 68 4th holding call and second in a row holding call... without the hold the qb would have been lit up

He tackled him from behind.

Sources: Big 12 Could Add Four New Members Next Week 09/03/2021

To be frank I do not want to be in Conference where we would be requiered to go to the UCF everyother year. To be frank UCF has a major problem with their student body as in large mass the are vulgar and extremely unwelcoming.

The alumni themselves are aware of the issues of just remarkably vulgar and hateful they are. As they were constantly apologizing for their behavior. I would add many stated they try to impress upon the student body that their vulgar massively unwelcoming behavior has been suppressing visiting teams travel to games there. I would in all my travel games over the years rank the UCF as the absolute worst place for a visiting teams fan base to visit. And frankly it's not even close.

I should add I have never nor do I ever intend to attend a game in Reno and from all those from Bronco nation who I meet in orlando a community I would compare to a police state in thenold Soviet block, said Reno was still worse the ucf but by a very narrow margin...

As the SI article states the big winner in this news outside the 5 mega conferences is the MW which also means Boise State is a the big winner.
"Mountain West Conference could emerge as a G5 winner if it keeps its membership "

I still need more rest as the trip to the game took a lot out for my because of the game start delays and my quick turn around time.

After reviewing the game tape Ill have more to say.

My overall impression from watching the game live was we were bigger stronger and faster the ufc. We let them off the mat and gave them life. We need to greatly increase our efforts in recruiting RBs our utter lack of depth at the position has been our down fall the last two season and in lastnights game.

Sources: Big 12 Could Add Four New Members Next Week UCF, Houston, BYU and Cincinnati are expected to apply for Big 12 membership next week and could be approved for admittance by next Friday, sources tell Sports Illustrated.

#11 Oregon vs #16 Auburn Highlights Week 1 College Football 2019 08/30/2021

Coaches first game as the DC at criminal U vs Gus and Auburn I think what we are going to see Opening night is going to be a lot like that one ..

#11 Oregon vs #16 Auburn Highlights Week 1 College Football 2019 College Football 2019 #11 Oregon vs #16 Auburn Week 1 | (8/31/2019)Every week I put 20+ hours into this channel to bring you up to date on College Football. ...

UCF Football: Gus Malzahn Press Conference - Boise State Week 🏈 08/30/2021

Gus's presser today reminds us that Coach has faced off with Gus in 2019. I think we will find our game to be pretty close that that one. Oregon had that if not for it's offense giving up 6 points to Auburn in the first half and poor play calling late in the 4th to allow the legend of Nix to rise I'll post the game video in my next post.

UCF Football: Gus Malzahn Press Conference - Boise State Week 🏈 UCF head coach Gus Malzahn talks to the media in advance of Thursday's season opener against Boise State. For more coverage, visit #...


So I have search far and wide for a quality hype video to share.. the problem I run into is most are featuring players who are no longer on the team.. I do not understand what part of 2021 season these folks don't understand .....

I know I used to pound out the video's but I have a lot more on my plate these days... to go along with a lot of rust on video editing... that being said I'm going to give it a go but I want some help tonight I basically have all the game film for the last 2 season .. post some play suggestions , music suggestion and I will catalog it and put it together ..

I'm going to give it all tonight and the mooring so get to work in sending the plays .. and music ideas ..

When suggesting a play give qt and game time ..

I'll be waiting for your suggestions..


Some of you are about to learn the difference between 90 degrees in Boise and 90 degrees with 80% humility..

It ain't no dry heat baby..

Ill be well adjusted here in Michigan its been over 90 with 80+ % humility for a couple weeks now...

Boise State announces return of full stadium capacity for Bronco football 08/12/2021

Consider this a wake up call Bronco nation as nothing is good nor bad until compared to something else.

I would like to add I made the investment into coming to Boise State football games in Boise because the schools AD said and I quote "we will have full stadiums" he lied

Has the leftist takeover of Idaho already happened with demOrats rapped in Rino clothing?

Considering Idaho’s so-called republican governor put in place some of the most restrictive mandates in the country and held them there for longer then most. And what did the people and GOP controlled state house do about it. Nothing not a damn thing.

Then add in their pair of idiot senators playing ball for the green new deal.. WTF.

And for good measure boise state university now covers itself in covid wokeness by declare all who attend boise state football games must wear a mask. Regardless of covid natural immunity of vaccination.

It has become painfully obvious that Idahoans have farless a desire for science common sense and a sense of liberty then Michigan. After all Michiganders fought it leftist governor and won. In a state many see as being controlled by demOrats, the people took governor whitless halfwit to court and after defeating her there the State house GOP proceeded to strip the Halfwit of all emergency powers.

To add insult to injury no Michigan University is demanding anyone who has had covid or has been vaccinated to wear masks at sporting events.

It is clear to me as never before Idaho is just not the bastion of reason and logic and western toughness, I thought it was. It has become like the people’s republic of oregon.

Baring ay changes over the next 3 weeks I will be cancelling al my planned trip to Boise which no doubt strip the community of the thousands of out of state dollars I would have spent otherwise.

I can not support a people who are so cowardly who claim to be one thing and turn out to be the exact opposite of what they claim to be. When you are left of the university of meatchickens you are a lestist controlled university who doesn’t know science period.

No doubt my wife will be grateful as this mean more time to go to concert events here in Michigan

Boise State announces return of full stadium capacity for Bronco football Jeremiah Dickey announced that Bronco Nation will be able to pack Albertsons Stadium to maximum capacity when the 2021 football season begins.

Boise State football adds four commits in two days, takes over top spot in Mountain West recruiting rankings 06/22/2021

Looks like Coach did a fined job this last week in landing what appear to be some very good future prospects.

I like that a couple guys here seem to be diamonds in the rough.

As for Harsin working hard to land Idaho's top recruit right out of the Boise area from his own high school no less. It may just very well be a move to help us as offers are coming from LSU to Michigan.
Colston Loveland will be paying a visit to Ann Arbor next week and with all the Bo scandal peaking he might find things a little off here right now.

Katin Houser Visiting MSU this last weekend was probably good timing for us considering the weather. Hot and very Humid followed by blistering thunderstorms. If he was still there today he would have woke up to 40 degree tempts like I did.

Who knows for sure where Houser may end up will he keep his commitment? no idea. Will Loveland decide to come to Boise State and join the parade of Boise State players who after their football life find Idaho the place to be. No doubt if one is a great player and a home grown one at that. The life after football is much more interesting living it out in Idaho than anywhere else.

What I do know and what history has shown to be true, players play better when they play for the Blue. As Munson was found of saying "there is something magical about the spec of earth Boise resides on"

Boise State football adds four commits in two days, takes over top spot in Mountain West recruiting rankings A few short weeks ago the Boise State football team had just one commit in the 2022 recruiting class and appeared to be off to a slow start under new

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Boise State clutch ending to the Fresno State Game
A Night out with the boys Good old fashion funny
Cedrick Wilson goes deep
Cedrick Wilson to the House
A Little CBS Hype on Boise State & the MW Basketball
Gun slinger



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