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To My Brother, Tyrone Crawford | By DeMarcus Lawrence 06/25/2021

To My Brother, Tyrone Crawford | By DeMarcus Lawrence

This is something special.

To My Brother, Tyrone Crawford | By DeMarcus Lawrence In Dallas, from Day One, you were my big bro.

Boise State football adds four commits in two days, takes over top spot in Mountain West recruiting rankings 06/22/2021

Boise State football adds four commits in two days, takes over top spot in Mountain West recruiting rankings

Looks like Coach did a fined job this last week in landing what appear to be some very good future prospects.

I like that a couple guys here seem to be diamonds in the rough.

As for Harsin working hard to land Idaho's top recruit right out of the Boise area from his own high school no less. It may just very well be a move to help us as offers are coming from LSU to Michigan.
Colston Loveland will be paying a visit to Ann Arbor next week and with all the Bo scandal peaking he might find things a little off here right now.

Katin Houser Visiting MSU this last weekend was probably good timing for us considering the weather. Hot and very Humid followed by blistering thunderstorms. If he was still there today he would have woke up to 40 degree tempts like I did.

Who knows for sure where Houser may end up will he keep his commitment? no idea. Will Loveland decide to come to Boise State and join the parade of Boise State players who after their football life find Idaho the place to be. No doubt if one is a great player and a home grown one at that. The life after football is much more interesting living it out in Idaho than anywhere else.

What I do know and what history has shown to be true, players play better when they play for the Blue. As Munson was found of saying "there is something magical about the spec of earth Boise resides on"

Boise State football adds four commits in two days, takes over top spot in Mountain West recruiting rankings A few short weeks ago the Boise State football team had just one commit in the 2022 recruiting class and appeared to be off to a slow start under new

Tampa Bay, Florida news | Tampa Bay Times/St. Pete Times | Tampa Bay Times 06/15/2021

Tampa Bay, Florida news | Tampa Bay Times/St. Pete Times | Tampa Bay Times

I think its going to happen. 2023

Tampa Bay, Florida news | Tampa Bay Times/St. Pete Times | Tampa Bay Times Powered by the Tampa Bay Times, is your home for breaking news you can trust. Set us as your home page and never miss the news that matters to you.

Bill Connelly's mega offseason previews: MWC Mountain 06/15/2021

Bill Connelly's mega offseason previews: MWC Mountain

If you have espn plus you will find this to be a great read.

He is projecting a 9 and 3 season with 1 conference loss. He considers the 3 big out of conference games to be toss ups, with us only a slight favorit over BYU in Provo.

Pretty good over all conference review of which he saves Boise State for last.

Bill Connelly's mega offseason previews: MWC Mountain Bill Connelly breaks down the MWC Mountain division and whether there is any real threat to Boise State's dominance.

College Football Playoff expansion roundtable: The good, the bad, the what-ifs 06/11/2021

College Football Playoff expansion roundtable: The good, the bad, the what-ifs

Going to happen? not going to happen what do you think?

College Football Playoff expansion roundtable: The good, the bad, the what-ifs The College Football Playoff working group is going to recommend expanding the CFP to 12 teams. What are the best and worst parts about the idea? What could it have meant in the past? We break it all down.

Former Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore named to College Football Hall of Fame ballot 06/02/2021

Former Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore named to College Football Hall of Fame ballot

Kellen, more than deserves a first ballot induction into college football hall of fame

Former Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore named to College Football Hall of Fame ballot Former Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore may soon get the recognition he deserves for a historic college career.

Several UCF players could be 2022 NFL Draft hopefuls 06/01/2021

Several UCF players could be 2022 NFL Draft hopefuls

I know I've been dormant, but that's just because no one wants to work out there so I haven't had much of a life over the last year plus.

But oh do I have a fever for some Bronco football. Got in early today and started while on hold with the airline changing my Orlando dates, started reading up on UCF football team.

First I read a SI puff piece on their new coach Gus Malzahn you know the guy Harsin replaced. No doubt SI writer Brian Smith got wood for Gus. Talking up Gus season average points over the years. Sounds mighty impressive until you see UCF blew those averages out last year and every year for the past 6. So how much better Gus is going to make UCF is certainly debatable.

So I turned to some local reporting and to be frank they talk about this years team like we would have of 2011 team.

UCF had 3 tough losses then got blown out in the bowl game against BYU. Now we may have gotten blown out by BYU but hey we played with a true freshmen QB who hadn't thrown a ball in play in like 3 years and looked like he should still be in High school.

While we had some injuries last year, add in COVID and it pretty clear to me our Young Men needs us there at home and on the road. We bleed Blue setting the tone for these men.

Gus & UCF sound nice and sure do look perrrrdy' the fact is they have no defense and they certainly didn't play anyone with one during the regular season last year either.

By all accounts our new Coach if we really can say he is new. He is Boise through & through after all, and I certainly love his style ;) I'm going to be frank and this is no knock on Harsin, but Andy sure sounds a hell of a lot more like Pete in a presser. I love his tone , his professionalism and his unspoken confidence.

He is going to toughen up that middle and feast with a D-line that can start 6 play 8, with a Back field that's going to lock down. Yeah I may have been to busy to post, but I have been paying attention to what's going down in Boise.

I'm ready for some football folks and if I'm this fired up on the first June well now come Sept 2nd in Orlando I'm going to be on fire!

Several UCF players could be 2022 NFL Draft hopefuls It was a banner weekend for UCF football which set a program record by having five players drafted in last week’s 2021 NFL Draft. Here’s a look at several players who could make the case for the 2022 NFL Draft.

Boise State football: Altered expectations? 05/27/2021

Boise State football: Altered expectations?

I think this is the year we see the grit and type of play we so in 2010. Nothing like having that chip firmly on ones shoulder

Boise State football: Altered expectations? If the oddsmakers—and an ESPN index—are correct, Boise State football is in territory not charted in 20 years. Remember Dan Hawkins’ “Prove It” motto? There you go.

The most explosive college football players for 2021 04/06/2021

The most explosive college football players for 2021

Espn The most explosive platers of 2021.

Deep threat

#1 Khalil Shakir Boise state

"Stat line: 2.4 long targets per game, 53% catch rate, 40.2 yards per catch

As with Nailor, Shakir was saddled with having to make most of his team's big plays. But damned if he didn't pull it off quite a bit."

So glad he is coming back this year!

The most explosive college football players for 2021 Bill Connelly breaks down the most exciting quarterbacks, pass catchers and defenders you'll see take the college football field in 2021.

[02/26/21]   Great comeback to take it to over time.

Not to tag anyone of the many dumb mistakes but in the last 2 minutes a lane violation lead to the loss.


Damn Right!!!

Now lets take 2 at SDSU

Damn Right!!!

Now lets take 2 at SDSU


A Little CBS Hype on Boise State & the MW Basketball

A Little CBS Hype on Boise State & MW Basketball

[02/18/21]   Great Game can't wait for Friday night's remach. I have to hit the sack late here

Boise State vs. Colorado State - Game Recap - January 29, 2021 - ESPN 01/30/2021

Boise State vs. Colorado State - Game Recap - January 29, 2021 - ESPN

A new streak begins.

Game was just to late for me to watch live exhausting week..

Now I can't wait to watch the game this morning!

This was a very important victory after losing game 1

Boise State vs. Colorado State - Game Recap - January 29, 2021 - ESPN Get a recap of the Boise State Broncos vs. Colorado State Rams basketball game.

[01/28/21]   Can't win them all.. Got off to a bad start. Let the ref's into their heads. Did a good job getting the lead cut to 3 in the second but lost ball discipline.

Let's see how they do in game two.

[01/21/21]   13 in a ROW!! 73-51 final. 01/20/2021

Report: Eagles interviewing Kellen Moore on Tuesday - ProFootballTalk

You think Jerry might be a little nervous right now?

I do, look around see all these young coaches tearing it up.. The Eagles are reportedly doubling up on head coaching interviews on Tuesday. Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that the team is interviewing Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni also met with the Eagles Tuesday. Moore recently signed a new contract.... 01/17/2021

Overcoming the Odds: Born with a clubfoot, RayJ Dennis has become key contributor for surging Broncos

Watching this kid play ball I would have never guessed he had a clubbed foot BOISE — It was one of the first things Leon Rice noticed when he saw RayJ Dennis in person during the recruiting process — the disparity in the size of 01/14/2021

Boise State vs. Wyoming - Game Recap - January 13, 2021 - ESPN

12-1 you know what that means don't you.

Another new all time win streak of 12 straight games.

Whats the chance wuth the meat of the conference coming up that this can continue and just how far will it go? Get a recap of the Boise State Broncos vs. Wyoming Cowboys basketball game.

[01/12/21]   New Boise State record 11 straight

Folks this team is going to go deep. I have spent time watching the teams we got ahead of mainly SDSU and CSU and yes on the road game left are going ro be games.

That being said this now 7-3 Wyoming team is as good as any we are going to face at hone going forward.

The status of MW west basketball is there is Boise State then the rest.

Special team going to do special things


The GAP theory

I don't intend to get all Biblical here, nor do I seek to throw cold water on people's excitement.

However, let's review Andy Avalos career.

Playing Career at Boise State 2000-04
4th all-time in tackles 465
2 time All WAC first team Defense
2016 listed as a Top 30 all-time best on the Blue player.

Well he certainly has Boise State Chops!

Left with Dan Hawkins 2006-2008 Colorado GA. everyone has to start somewhere.
2009–2010 Nebraska-Kearney (DL)
2011 Sacramento State (GA)
2012–2013 Boise State (DL)
2014–2015 Boise State (LB)
2016–2018 Boise State (DC/LB)
2019–2020 Oregon (DC/ILB)

When we think of the modern Boise State era showing up on the big stage & winning consistently we think 2006-2011 in other words the Pete era. Here is where the gap lays.

The GAP stands out when you consider who all those players from 2008 through 2011, the 50-3 group wanted to be the next head coach. And to be frank they were very vocal those 17 days we were in the wildness. Coach Avalos wasn't on any of their lips. It was Choate and they made very powerful cases for him. I'm sure some felt like their opinions were not taken to heart in the end.

Coach Avalos, has Boise State chops, one would be a fool to say he doesn't. What he is going to have to prove is that even with the GAP of having no in-house experience of those years can be bridged.

Coach's only year with Pete was Pete's worst year and lets be frank we all had a bad taste in our mouths even before he moved on to washington. Sure we vented our displeasure towards OC Prince who has spent the rest of his years as the WR coach for the Detroit Lions, outlasting every other coach there since his arrival. That being said I don't think he will survive this current Lions flushing of the administration.

The measure of every Boise State coach is 2006-2012. Harsin, God bless his soul tried but he didn't come close to measuring up. Though his team were constant, his recruiting was very good. However, unlike the staff before him, his players did not overachieve and in my games they under achived.

Harsin's performance was much like Jim Harboug's. Excelled at recruiting with many of those players panning out. He also proved flexible in getting 2 year schools players and finding roles for them.
But in the end while collecting a couple MW Championship games he lost just as many and further I think it's fair to say the one big game he won was the final game of his first year.

Head coaches for the most part in today's game are more administrators then they are actually coaches. Andy in my opinion was the one assistant coach during the Harsin era that got more out of his players. He made many guys better than the sum of their parts.

The big question for Coach today is can he build a staff that can rebuild the culture to what it once was. A staff where the DC while recruiting discovers Kellen Moore & demands Pete offer him, a staff that takes guys like Doug Martin an undersized LB switch him after a short period to develop him into a first-rounder RB in the NFL. Or take a D lineman who was arguably playing with guys who as a group were best defensive line in the country for 3 straight years that went 9 deep 6 of which played on NFL teams. Move a prideful DL recruit in year 2 to an olinemen who would become an undersized OG and a key component to Boise States 2010 & 2011 offensive line that being Chuck Hayes. Or a special teams player one of the smallest guys on the squad yet one of the biggest keys to the 2011 success for his punt coverage in Josh Borgman.

The list of overachievers on those 2006-2012 teams is endless and while some of them would disagree with being considering overachievers, from the Hunter Whites to the way undersize Center in Thomas Bryd they did in fact on any given game day outperform opposing players who would go on to be NFL stars.

Being a Head Coach is much like being a CEO, you chart the course, you build the management and you try as best you can to oversee all the moving parts. Being the executive that oversees just one part of an organization verse being the guy that oversees all the moving parts while keeping everything in focus. Well that is a huge task for anyone.

While Andy might have a GAP with that era of Greatness in the end it's always up to the person in charge to build his own era and I am hopeful Coach Avalos era will more than measure up. I expect his first year may very well be much like Pete's & Harsin's First year meeting with success as the program's shelves are stocked full.

I am also prepared for it to take a couple years to get to being that team that just overpowers the opponent by the will to win and you should be too.

P.S. the biblical Gap theory has been solved by science & philosophy. As there is no gap As the laws of nature & mathematics were written around the creation of the Universe & the earth after all the next thing God said was let there be light. Science has shown all matter came from that very first light ;) the question before us now will there be a gap for Coach Avalos or will his sheer ability bridge it?


If you haven't been watching Boise State Basket Ball here is that type of play you have been missing. Seem every second game the opposing team gives a little fight than the first.

This is the type of team effort it takes to win in the Turney.

With the new guys finally getting into the mix the team has been having to find a new game grove but it's coming together.

We have never seen a Boise State Basketball team like this before folks New Level right here. 01/09/2021

Boise State expected to hire Andy Avalos as football coach

Breaking Andy Avalos to be next HC
Well I was going to complain that I can't watch the damn BBall game because the MW network doesn't work but now we have breaking news.

I would hope he could get Mike Sanford to come back and be the OC , this would make me very happy

For the record Rains is a very reliable source BOISE – Andy Avalos is coming home. 01/05/2021

Troy Aikman Shares New Details On Kellen Moore Situation

She lost him, Kellen was packing his bags and Ms. Tromp lost him. It wasn't about money or wanting to spend more time in the NFL it was about Ms. Tromps miss management of the Athletics department. The football world thought Kellen Moore was a lock to become the head coach for Boise State. Instead, the former quarterback decided to sign a new deal with the Dallas Cowboys to remain their offensive coordinator. Moore would’ve replaced Bryan Harsin, who left for Auburn right around Christmas ti...


San Jose's new hotshot gets his first game comes out in the second half & makes a game of it, in the end, Bronco's close ranks for the 1 point win ..

The cherry on top of tonight SDSU goes down to CSU 01/01/2021

Boise State vs. San José St - Game Recap - December 31, 2020 - ESPN

Ken, can I get an amen?

106 to 54.. there needs to be a mercy rule going forward. Get a recap of the Boise State Broncos vs. San José St Spartans basketball game.


The Blue Turf


The Blue Turf's cover photo


As we await word on the HC job at Boise State. I would like to address the dead silence from all camps but one that of the Cowboys head coach.

Let's be clear the Target is Kellen, it's a matter of Boise State President Tromp meeting his terms otherwise we would not be living in a world of silence.

First, know this Kellen played hardball with Dallas last year in his contract negotiations as he went shopping to other teams & got himself a pretty nice deal over a Million. Kellen also got complete control over play calling.

This shows Kellen knows how to play hardball with the best of them. Jerry Jones is no softballer he is as tough as nails it's how he got to where he is. So when we consider Macarthy's comments last night we need to understand it could go both ways.

With that said the silence from all sides from all candidates is defining.

While some tend to think Kellen isn't really going to take a pay cut and a step down to coach Boise State. Kellen is using this very moment to beat Jerry up very badly on the financial side after all he is at the end of his last one-year contract. Further, any pressure he puts on Tromp helps the other candidates get what they are asking for as well.

On the flip side, Kellen if wants the Boise State job, and understands he is negotiating with a very weak President Tromp whose job hangs in the balance. He is working Tromp to get what he believes would be needed to make the program successful. If she fails to meet his request and signs back on with the Cowboys while letting Bronco Nation know she was the reason he is not the coach, Tromp would be done as the President of the University of which she should already be shown the door after losing a top Coach in Harsin and failing to replace an AD position has been vacant for months.

The next 24 hours will tell us much particularly if we are still in dead silence.

Personally, at this point, I believe Kellen wants to come to Boise State. The only reason there has been no announcement is terms have not been reached with Ms. Tromp if they are close I would suspect by noon tomorrow some announcement will be made.

Ms. Tromp should make no mistake at this point her future at Boise State hinges on landing Kellen Moore.

If there is one thing Ms. Tromp must understand stand is this, it's the marketing of the school that has risen it to it's current position and that marketing has always hinged on the success of Boise State Athletics & it's football team.

My advice to her is GET IT DONE

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A Little CBS Hype on Boise State & the MW Basketball
Gun slinger





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