Heroes Academy: An Acton Academy

Heroes Academy: An Acton Academy


We are so excited for Ian and our family as we embark on our wonderful, new journey!
Watch this! Great TEDx talk by another Acton Academy founder...

In the world of education, we are too caught up on grades, tests and scores. We focus all our efforts on pointing children to the next step in life by going to a good college and then getting a good job. All too often, however, many of us get to the end of life only to realize we missed what matters most. In this TEDx talk, Jake shares his unexpected journey as an entrepreneur in education, and his belief that we have missed something critical. Something with such lasting implications that, without it, no learning matters. https://www.ted.com/talks/jake_thompson_what_we_missed_in_education?utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=82435231&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_cU_ZZuJu-6rnoNvgHswtdJwFEMkhy31wqZWVsOwFF7VDq1pJXGa6DkuYV2INpEr8Gld-f_AXJeTuGhaR9o1wCWp9UOA&_hsmi=82435231 Heroes Academy: An Acton Academy

At Heroes, we believe that each child who enters our doors will find a calling and change the world.

Operating as usual

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As we've created different spaces in the Spark Studio it has been phenomenal to see 10 or so heroes gathered around different works just learning, sharing, and inspiring one another.

We have learned that learners don’t need to be told what to do, but when they are given space to create and explore their learning begins to flourish.

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Discovery Heroes had a fun excursion to ! They learned a lot and had a blast posing with all the giant stuffies!

Thanks for a great time !


Mark you calendars! You won’t want to miss this!

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We love seeing all the new followers ready to follow our Hero’s Journey as we cultivate an environment for your Heroes to embark on their own personal journeys.

Are you ready for your next Hero’s Journey?

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At Heroes, we integrate much of Maria Montessori's philosophy while also offering unique opportunities for our learners' growth and development. Our unique daily schedule includes Independent Learning time, for students to make and achieve daily goals, Mini-Quest Time, for collaborative learning adventures, and of course, daily outdoor and reading time.

We are currently enrolling for our Spark Studio! Check out our website for more information!


The real learning at Heroes Academy


The studio is busy this afternoon with games, baking, and lots of fun. Then I peaked in a room and saw Layne tucked quietly in a corner reading his book.

A great question that has always stuck with me is “would you rather be right or surprised?“ The beautiful part of giving young people freedom and responsibility is that you get the opportunity to be surprised. Then after so many surprises you start to realize that they are far more interested in learning and capable of taking on challenges than you previously thought. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be surprised every day.

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Jojo decorating his stocking.


Launchpad on their way to cutting down their own Christmas tree. Should be fun!


One of the most important processes for young people and the most common for adults not to have learned.


This guy is really starting to figure out the feeling of doing meaningful work and reaching goals. Today he chose to get all three of his goals he set done and was super proud of himself.

I admire each parent that is willing to trust their child with their learning and not force it. It take patience, and you have to be willing to reject the standards and time frames set by traditional learning, but once you start seeing what they are capable of and how empowered they feel, you just know it’s how they were designed —> to be the heroes of their own journey.

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The Adventure and Launchpad heroes are doing dream analysis in their Psychology quest this session. It’s a super cool quest, but I have to say that these paintings blew me away! They are paintings of their recurring nightmares.

Apparently many of us share similar nightmares, which is interesting. And apparently these learners are incredible artists and I had no idea!

Some of these will give you the chills.


Friday morning. Lots of people working towards goals, while enjoying friendships and holidays. I thought you’d like to get a peak.


What type of leader are you??

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Spark heroes having a blast this week with different holiday challenges. Of course the responsibility of using a hot glue gun makes it more rewarding too ;)


Fiona on her own scanned the QR code on the wall for codeMasters (coding board game), learned how to play all by herself and then cranked out a ton of levels on it, she’s now the codemasters leader in the studio!


Do habits determine destiny? This is our question of the year this year as we lean in deeper to habits in the studios.


Do habits determine destiny? This is our question of the year this year as we lean in deeper to habits in the studios.

These are some powerful habits. You might describe our experience at Heroes Academy as a place where young piece develop these habits. We see evidence of it everyday.


Just a sneak peak of the Launchpad (high school) learners filming their lip dub.

They’re feeling pretty confident that it will do well in the Acton Film Fest, and maybe even win!

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Anakin was busy today. Reading, painting, crafts, practical skills, and watering the plants, just to name a few…

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The first session (5 weeks) at Heroes Academy is highly focused on tribe building. There have been so many awesome experiences and challenges this first week and we're excited to offer more.

Here is the Discovery studio taking on a challenge to navigate to an unknown location for a fun tribal experience. After some tough navigating they landed on it. Stella’s ice cream!


Amalia learning how to use the X carve. This one tool has limitless applications. I’ll be curious to see what she builds.


“The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” - Aristotle


I was privileged to play a rousing game of Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza this morning with a few Spark heroes. We also had a discovery hero (upper elementary) lead the game and introduce it.

Games are a blast, offer incredible community building experiences, and help develop mental models like learning to think quickly in this game.

Isn’t learning a blast?!


A couple learners having a blast building circuits this morning.

Goals for elementary age learners?

- Love of learning
- Keep good habits of being intentional, setting and reaching goals, and documenting your learning
- Learn to be civil


It’s 8am, school hasn’t started yet, and Ellie is deep in a book. More evidence that when you focus on love of learning first, lifelong learning unfolds.

Credit to her parents for always instilling a love of learning and not performing on tests.


Young people each have unique gifts. Here’s a cool example.

This is one squads poster that was voted most excellent today. I love the symbolism of the phoenix they chose too.

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We have four guiding questions to kick off the year:

Who am I?
Where am I going?
Who are we?
Where are we going?

Squad challenges this morning are an opportunity to get to know fellow travelers. For us, the question “who are we?” is a simple as “what are our names and what are we like?” and as complex as “what unites us and what are our shared values?”

We’ll continue wrestling with these questions but for now, we’re also going to continue just having some fun!

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Let the adventure begin!

The heroes were invited this morning to sign contracts and to cross the threshold, symbolic of the beginning of their new adventure.

Lots of nerves from learners and parents, but the day is off to a great start!

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We had a great welcome ceremony yesterday for all new and returning families. We are still learning to host events with 200+ people, but despite some of our poor planning, families had wonderful opportunities to connect and make important commitments for this upcoming year.

Being a family at Heroes Academy is not the easy path. It’s a harder, more meaningful one, reserved only for those who are willing to let go of their fears, and do the hard work required of each of us to live meaningful and satisfying lives.

Let the adventure begin!

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Adventure Day was awesome. I realized today how important it is for our young people to take risks, step outside themselves, and do it while supporting each other. Somehow that helps us pull more purpose out of life.

Today was even better because this is a special group of young people. Great way to start a great year!


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” - Benjamin Franklin


Transformation and deep learning are far more important than what you can prove on a test.


Birthday celebrations are a tradition. This is Jojo’s celebration of completing 4 years around the sun.

“And the world is a better place because you are here.”


One of my favorite events this year. These learners made major connections and built some major social capital.

The best part is they invited all the guests. Most from cold emails or phone calls. Most people don’t realize how much help is out there, and very few ever muster up the courage to ask.

I’ll be publishing some of the pitches over the next few weeks.


Lauryn’s 5th year speech.

What a gift that she had discovered a deep passion and how exciting for her to continue exploring it. Aren’t young people remarkable? If I had a wish I’d wish that all young people could be free to take on life, without feeling like the were in a waiting game, waiting for school to end so life could start.


I was asked to be a guest in the Dare to Be Great Summit a few weeks ago.

I thought the questions were powerful and I was able to share a very intimate version of why this matters so much for these young people.

If you have ever wondered why we exist and where we are going, watch this. We are not just another school, we are doing something far more special. If you are looking for something different, where your child can absolutely flourish as an individual, love to learn and grow, and be prepared to live meaningful and purposeful lives, then I would invite to learn more. We only have a few spots left in our studios for the fall.

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Our Story

As parents of four young children, we believe strongly that each came to earth with unique gifts and passions that would be theirs to cherish. We believe our role as parents is to inspire and equip them to reach the potential that is already within them, by inspiring them to embark on what we call a Hero's Journey.

These principles reverberate through history as men and women, heroes, have given all in the pursuit of individual liberty. This belief is what drew us to Acton Academy, a place where children were deeply respected, discovering how they uniquely contributed to the world, rather than how they can become just like everybody else.

We continue to learn so much on this journey, but we do know we want our children to be prepared for a meaningful life, with 21st-century skills that focus on learning to "Do" and to "Be" while embracing lifelong learning.

Heroes Academy has been a blessing in our lives. We are thrilled to have our children in a place where they are flourishing and growing, and we hope you find the same.

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Just a sneak peak of the Launchpad (high school) learners filming their lip dub. They’re feeling pretty confident that i...
One of my favorite events this year. These learners made major connections and built some major social capital. The best...
Lauryn’s 5th year speech. What a gift that she had discovered a deep passion and how exciting for her to continue explor...
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Evidence #8 that young people love to learn, and will choose meaningful work on their own if given the opportunity and t...
This is what free young people look like. No force, no micromanaging adults, just young people taking responsibility for...
“The first rule of the Acton Academy is: if a kid asks you a question, you're not allowed to answer them.” Seth Godin re...





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