Heroes Academy: An Acton Academy

At Heroes, we believe that each child who enters our doors will find a calling and change the world.

Operating as usual


One of my favorite events of the year, the Children’s Business Fair, is today!

Come support young entrepreneurs as they show the courage it takes to sell real products they’ve made to real customers.

11am to 2pm at The Village. @villageatmeridian

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One of my favorite events of the year, the Children’s Business Fair, is today!

Come support young entrepreneurs as they show the courage it takes to sell real products they’ve made to real customers.

11am to 2pm at The Village. @villageatmeridian

#Idahoeducation #boise #visitboise #thisisboise #meridianidaho #boiseidaho #eagleidaho #nampaidaho #ig_boise #ig_idaho #idahome #thisisboise #boiselife #education #actonacademy #hellomeridian #selfdirectedlearning #herosjourney #disruptiveeducation #elementaryschool #socraticteaching #boiseentrepreneur #boisebusiness


“The first rule of the Acton Academy is: if a kid asks you a question, you're not allowed to answer them.”

Seth Godin recently shared some of his thoughts on the disconnect between schools and real learning, and why schools like Acton Academy are preparing children to thrive in the 21st century.

From ‘How you should educate your children today' interview on London Real.

Full video and interview over at @therealbrianrose


Canyon setting the X-carve up for a project he designed. @ Eagle, Idaho


Paxton putting together the newest edition to our Maker Space today. A new 3D printer!


I was asked to be a guest in the Dare to Be Great Summit a few weeks ago.

I thought the questions were powerful and I was able to share a very intimate version of why this matters so much for these young people.

If you have ever wondered why we exist and where we are going, watch this. We are not just another school, we are doing something far more special. If you are looking for something different, where your child can absolutely flourish as an individual, love to learn and grow, and be prepared to live meaningful and purposeful lives, then I would invite to learn more. We only have a few spots left in our studios for the fall.


A new chapter is unfolding...


New sign is up! Excited to share that we are officially moved into our new location and anxious for our young heroes to return.


Town Hall Meeting. Pitch any idea or improvement you have for the studio to your fellow travelers.


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin


Everyone’s journey is different. I shared Canyon’s story in my recent TEDx talk and he’s a powerful example of transformation. He’s a hero in the making and it’s been a powerful experience to see what happens when we set up the right environment and trust young heroes to step up.


This is a remarkable young man, full of depth and clear gifts and interests, like ranching.

Jack was required to read 5 minutes every day at his old school for homework. He said he hated reading. Today Jack reads everything he can get his hands. To develop his passion of ranching, he’s created an experience where he’ll be reading 3 books about animal dissection, then bringing in something to dissect!

You can’t craft a better educational experience than the one these young heroes can craft for themselves.


The comic section is incredible this week. @ Heroes Academy: An Acton Academy


Heroes Academy news schedule. They tell me it’s a lot harder to put together a paper than you might think.


A few heroes have created a library and are renting books. Not easy to compete against the “free” studio library but they’ve definitely got some customers!


She’s hard to see but say hello to Pumpkin Seed 👋 our newest addition to the studio.


I shared this girl’s wonderful story in my TED talk. Please trust these young people to overcome challenges. They will absolutely surprise you!


Schools today first determine the outcomes they deem important, and push each child through to reach that outcome. The fundamental piece they miss is that every single child (and adult) is completely different, uniquely gifted to bring value to others and themselves. Anything that doesn’t recognize the value of the individual first, and help that individual discover and use their most precious gifts, misses the fundamental purpose of education.


One heroes’ way to keep herself motivated and affirmed each day.


Tyler launched today’s quest challenge:

“Your challenge today is to create a model spaceship that has thrusters, looks aerodynamic, has a clear purpose of flying to space and can stand upright."

The heroes had a blast making rockets today.


At Heroes Academy we believe every child is a genius.

Definition of Genius: "exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability:"

At Acton Academy, we believe each child is a genius.


At Heroes Academy three of our core learning goals are to help the heroes:

- Learn to Do: Specific skills like reading and writing
- Learn to Be: To reach their full potential as a leader, creator, friend etc.
- Learn to Learn: To answer questions on their own and think for themselves.

This morning the heroes were asked: Which of these do you believe is the most important on your Hero's Journey?


This morning the heroes talked about avoiding distractions and getting into flow. They were asked: What advice would you give someone who is struggling to get into flow?

- Work on something you enjoy
- Listen to music to block out other sounds that might distract you
- Find a quiet place to work, away from things that distract you
- When you're working on something, tune everything else out

Good advice from these heroes who have faced and overcome the challenge of distraction over and over again.


The heroes finished their cars and competed in the speed and distance competition Jack organized during quest today.

- In the speed category the winning team was: Kai, Zane and Jack.

- In the distance category the winning team was: Tyler and Caden.

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Jack launched a new quest challenge/competition today. The heroes are spending quest today and the beginning of quest Friday researching, creating and testing their own mini-cars. At the end of quest on Friday, they will be racing to see who has build the fastest car.


The heroes have been working on skits as part of their Process Drama workshop this session. Today a special guest visited the studio to watch their skits and give them feedback.

The first group on stage was “Super Bad Villains”. Next up was “Bamboo Bandits.” The final skit was “Red Redemption.”

Carrie shared feedback with the heroes after watching their skits and shared her Hero's Journey Story. After answering their questions Carrie announced the winning team: “Super Bad Villains.”


Last Friday, the heroes discussed which Rules of Engagement they felt needed the most work. They finished their discussion split between 'Listen Respectfully' and 'Be Concise.' This morning, they used mini-discussions to try out some strategies for being concise.

First, they tried limiting comments to 10 words or less. After trying this the heroes agreed this strategy did not make for a high quality discussion. Next, they tried limiting comments to 20 seconds or less while deciding how to spend the party money they earned last week.

The heroes discussed and agreed that 20 seconds was enough time to make a point and provide evidence without over-explaining or restating their point multiple times.

As guides in the studio, we hold up a mirror; bringing areas that are less than excellent to the heroes attention. It's inspiring to see them take ownership and tackle these issues when given the chance. They truly are heroes capable of changing the world.

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The answer to this riddle is our most fundamental belief.

I saw this riddle on the Acton Academy middle school blog and made it reflect Heroes Academy.

If you get it, head over to our website and say hi. We would like you to join us on an incredible journey: https://heroesacademy.org


Each year we have the opportunity to host the Treasure Valley Children's Business Fair.

It's hard not to leave inspired by what incredible things these young people are capable of. It's one of most powerful experiences of the year at Heroes Academy.

This year we were able to create a video so you could experience some of the magic too.

Thank you to Acton Academy, The Village at Meridian and Northwest Liberty Academy for your support.


I often catch myself stepping in to solve my children’s problems, and more and more I am realizing how much I am actually taking away from them. It simply demonstrates what little belief I have in them and their potential when I step in.


Olivia and Betsy presented day 3 of Process Drama today. They explored what makes audiences interested in a storyline by asking the heroes to list their favorite stories and talk about why they like them. They said their favorite stories are:

- Unique
- The main character changed a lot at the end
- Funny
- Detailed
- Teach you an important lesson

The heroes are writing scripts and practicing their first round of skits this week. They will be performing their skits next Tuesday for a studio guest with an acting background who will critique their performances.


Betsy launched the Wildlife quest she pitched last session. She started her quest with this big question: What is the weirdest animal and why is it weird?

They will be spending the first 20 minutes of the quest today exploring this question; followed by a discussion. So far they are researching the Blobfish, Japanese spiders and the Proboscis monkey.

So fun to watch them explore their curiosity. Makes we wonder, what are you curious about?

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The heroes have a Creative Writing Challenge this week that will give them a chance to earn money for a big end-of-year party! Typed creative writing stories written this week will be worth 1 cent per word and written stories will be worth 2 cents per word on top of the points they can claim for writing them.

Many of the heroes are already hard at work creating new stories.

Adri is once again teaching herself by using Google to learn words she doesn’t quite know how to spell yet.

#Idahoeducation #boise #visitboise #thisisboise #meridianidaho #boiseidaho #eagleidaho #nampaidaho #ig_boise #ig_idaho #idahome #thisisboise #boiselife #education #actonacademy #hellomeridian #selfdirectedlearning #herosjourney #disruptiveeducation #elementaryschool #socraticteaching #boiseentrepreneur #boisebusiness #selftaught @ Eagle, Idaho


Watching the heroes play games during outdoor experience gives an interesting insight into how studio processes, like conflict resolution, quickly become real world practice.

These young heroes don't always see eye-to-eye when it comes to the rules. Often you’ll see them fall back to the conflict resolution process that’s clearly laid out in the studio, come to a compromise, and move forward.


One of my favorite days of the year is the Children’s Business Fair. This year we had 22 booths and 40 young entrepreneurs selling their products.

It’s especially fun to see how wrong you can be at predicting what will sell and what won’t. I thought for sure one business would flop. They made $250 in profit in 2 hours. Much more exciting to be surprised than to be right.


Betsy and Olivia created a drama workshop for this session. Today they completed their first launch of the session and presented their first set of challenges. Betsy and Olivia have taken on the responsibility of launching Drama every Tuesday and Thursday, presenting challenges and checking that the heroes are doing excellent work.

The heroes are hard at work today, creating their characters and writing backstories.

Our Story

As parents of four young children, we believe strongly that each came to earth with unique gifts and passions that would be theirs to cherish. We believe our role as parents is to inspire and equip them to reach the potential that is already within them, by inspiring them to embark on what we call a Hero's Journey.

These principles reverberate through history as men and women, heroes, have given all in the pursuit of individual liberty. This belief is what drew us to Acton Academy, a place where children were deeply respected, discovering how they uniquely contributed to the world, rather than how they can become just like everybody else.

We continue to learn so much on this journey, but we do know we want our children to be prepared for a meaningful life, with 21st-century skills that focus on learning to "Do" and to "Be" while embracing lifelong learning.

Heroes Academy has been a blessing in our lives. We are thrilled to have our children in a place where they are flourishing and growing, and we hope you find the same.

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When a child is allowed to find an answer on their own, it teaches them how to think critically





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