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Yong-In Master Lee's Taekwondo


Belt promotion test every month reminds me of the original mind when I started learning Taekwondo at first. It was a challenge every step, but every journey taught me valuable life skills that last in my heart forever. Thank you to every hard working students for your persistent effort and dedication.🥰👍💐🌺
Thanking Master Kim for all he's done.
Wow, what an amazing send off for Master Kim. Thank you Master Kim for inspiring all of us!
As our Taekwondo Facebook issue happens again, I am posting this through my personal Facebook. Thank you for your endless support and trust. 🌹
Are there any classes Saturday? Or is there testing?
We will miss Master Scott!
Jak’s TP Challenge
Lexy didn’t see hers posted on the page and she wanted to share.
Better late than never, here is Jak’s bottle cap challenge!!! (Adv. Blue Belt)
Toby would like to share his Green Belt form video.
Thought it would be a fun challenge to try.
Gage’s spin kick for this weeks challenge, he has amazing precision!❤️

Our Philosophy:

-Provide the highest quality martial art instruction.
-Empower our students with valuable skills for daily life.
-Contribute to a safe and peaceful community.

Welcome to Yong-In Master Lee's Taekwondo, the leading provider of martial arts classes in Treasure Valley, including Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, and Caldwell. We are the only school in the area that has Korean Masters from South Korea as the main instructors. Traditional Taekwondo training that we teach here for students is not just a sport. It is all about the students' character development

Operating as usual


East Bosie : Look at our Black Belt students !!🥋 They are working to control balance and have a nice jump spin kick!! Great job!!👏👏 We love it!!👍❤️😄


No exception between every class because your safety is our top priority🥰🌲🌳! Thank you for your support and trust.💕😉


East Bosie : Zoom live private lesson on Wednesday March 3rd. The tissue paper drills made our students more fun and enjoy their punching drills. Great job Seungeon!!! we love it!!👍❤️😄


East Bosie : Zoom live private lesson on Wednesday March 3rd. Look at Amar!! He’s work to control his balance and have an even better snap kick!! Great job!!👏👏 We love it!!👍❤️😄


Eagle road location💞: Thank you very much to MDT ❤️ (Moms' Demo Team) for bringing this fabulous treat 🍎🍐🍊🍍🥭 to our staff. This treat truly energizes and makes us happy.!😁💖


Zoom live group classes on Wednesday February 24th was so much fun and lots of exercise. 🥳💕 The music made everybody more enthusiastic and energetic. Thank you to all students, Masters and Ms. Jacob.👍🌹😄


Congratulations! We are so truly proud of these wonderful students! 🥳💕👍💐✨


This is ONLY Boise avenue location school. 🥳💖💐


This is ONLY Boise avenue location school!🌺🥳


Dear Taekwndo families,💖

If any of you get a belt promotion test and see this error message on our school app, it is important for you to update your profile on the app👍🌷; White to Yellow, Yellow to Green, Green to Blue, Blue to Red, Red to Deputy, Deputy to Advanced Deputy, or Advanced Deputy to Jr. Black belt. You DO NOT HAVE TO update profile if it is same group; for example white to advanced white or yellow to advanced yellow or green to advanced green and so on. Please follow these simple procedures if you need to update your profile after belt promotion test. 😉🌹


Dear Taekwondo families,💖
I am so happy to announce that our three new Masters are on board on our team from today February 15th🥳✨. Master Anna and Master Kwon are specialized in contact & non-contact sparring as many of you already know about Master Anna. They are very happy to be on our team and super excited to meet our students💕😄. Please warmly welcome them.👏💞


We had a huge snow☃️🌨 on the testing day, but nobody gave up!💖 So proud of these wonderful and dedicating students.🥳✨💐


Eagle road location🌈: Belt promotion testing on February 13th. Part 5💖 - Thank you Mrs. Barber, Manny, Mr. & Mrs. Wilson, Carson and Kassidy for your hard work on your promotion test through the Zoom today! We are so proud of you all truly.🥰⭐️💐


Eagle road location❤️: Belt promotion testing on February 13th. Part 4🔥 - Excellent black belt and excellent instructors! Thank you sir and thank you ma'am!😄✨


Eagle road location🌼: Belt promotion testing on February 13th. Part 3🎉 - Thank you❤️, thank you💛, thank you💚 for your consistent hard work towards your goal in Taekwondo life. Congratulations!🎊


Eagle road location🌷: Belt promotion testing on February 13th. Part 1🌞 - One step closer to the black belt!💕 We are so truly proud of these wonderful students!🥰🌸


Eagle road location🌻: Belt promotion testing on February 13th. Part 1💖 - Even huge snow never stops these wonderful students' passion for their Taekwondo journey. Congratulations!🥳👏


Please allow extra drive time if coming to in person classes and drive carefully!😉💕✨


Eagle road location only!😉✨💞




The official black belt certificates are finally delivered to us last Friday from South Korea💕. Whoever took the black belt test last November 2020, please pick up this certificate from your location💖. Congratulations and we truly appreciate your hard work and dedication!🥳🎉✨


Eagle road location🥰🌹: White belt and advanced white belt class today was so filled with passion🌼🌺. Thank you very much to every student who works so hard every class.💕😊


**Easter Boise Location**
Congratulations to all the students who tested this January for your next belt!!
This testing had extra challenges with the closure and the need to hold testing virtually. We are so grateful to all of you for your patience, and understanding with the technical issues and are so proud of each and every one of you for pushing though no matter the obstacle! That is awesome perseverance!!


Thank you💖, thank you 💕and thank you again to all students🌷, Master Kim 🌻 and Mr. Jacob🌹 for their endless dedication and effort🌈! The Zoom live class on Wednesday January 27th was wonderful!💞🥰


Eagle road location🌻💖: Black belt class early morning on Saturday is always filled with passion and dedication!🌷🥳 How diligent and amazing these black belt students are!🌈🌸🌼


Eagle road location🌺✨: Family class💞 on Tuesday January 19th was divided to three separate rooms according to the belt levels, and it worked fantastic!🥳🌈🌻


Eagle road location✨💞: Thank you for your consistent hard work toward your goal! You are all wonderful!🥳👍🎊


Eagle road location🎉🌼: Belt promotion test on January 16th, Part 4💖✨ Zoom testing students - Their passion toward their goal never fades. 🌹😊 I am so sorry that I lost timing to take pictures of zoom testing students. I really thank you to Audrey🌷, Catherine🌹, Everett🌻 and Quorra🌺 for their extra hard work through Zoom.


Eagle road location🌼: Belt promotion test on January 16th, Part 3🎉 Deputy, advanced deputy belt and black belt star test - Beautiful, excellent and impressive! 😉💞


Eagle road location🌼: Belt promotion test on January 16th, Part 2🥀 Blue belt through advanced red belt - These amazing students never give up their black belt journey no matter how tough. 🥰💖


Eagle road location🌼: Belt promotion test on January 16th, Part 1💐 White belt through advanced green belt - One step closer to the black belt! 🥳💕


Reminder✨ - Eagle road location only🌈: No regular in-person class tomorrow Saturday January 16th due to belt promotion testing.🥳💕💐


Timeline Photos


Students, on Zoom live classes on Monday, January 11th, still work so hard toward their Taekwondo goals without give up.🥰🌼✨ I cannot say enough how much I am proud of these amazing students.🥳🌸💐


Timeline Photos

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Proud yellow belt student Easton
Black Belts Achieved!
Beat Master Y. Kim’s Record Challenge
May 16, 2020 Black Belt Testing Group 5
May 16, 2020 Black Belt Testing Group 4
Toilet Paper Challenge
Toilet Paper Challenge
May 16, 2020 Black Belt Testing Group 3
Toilet Paper Challenge
Mrs. Kuznia's challenge completion





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Little Tigers Program - Ages 4 + 5 Children's Program - Ages 6-12 Teen/Adult Program - 13 and Up Family Program - 6 and Up We have two convenient locations in the Boise and East Boise area. Our facilities feature large training areas with matted floors, comfortable sitting areas for parents and families, clean changing rooms, and much more. Call the school closest to you and set up a visit today! West Boise (Eagle Rd. Location): 208) 938-3000 East Boise (Boise Ave. Location): 208) 344-8000

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