How it Works: Substance Free Living Public Group

Substance free living is an open minded free will to live life one day at a time alcohol and drug free. Working for freedom and independence today.

[02/19/18]   When in recovery, don't be afraid to connect with something higher, grasp and embrace. On the other side of that is bliss.

[07/17/17]   Have a Blessed Day! :)


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[04/04/17]   You people are awesome.
Remember, sobriety is a choice.
Make the right choice for yourselves.
Love all of you brother and sisters. 10/30/2016

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[09/07/16]   Today let's all say thank you.
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference
In Christ's name, Amen

[06/06/16]   Don't forget your prayers today.
Remember, there is much power in prayer.

[05/25/16]   Feeling grateful to be here today. I have experienced another loss in my family. My Uncle has passed surrounded by the ones he loves. That's an achievement within itself. Let's all call or tell the ones we love, I love you. We only live here once and we must all care about each other.
Amen. God bless all of you.

[05/04/16]   Good morning my children, Its good to see you again.
Today's topic is open discussion and asking for help.
Is there anything wrong with asking for help. Certainly not. Remember though, only when doing so does not cause harm to someone else. It's okay to set boundaries for ourselves through feedback. Remember, when you set boundaries, you set expectations. The sky is the limit all.
Have a blessed day.

[03/10/16]   So I ask about relapse. Is that part of recovery or failure. Maybe, whats important is how you can come back from it and learn from looking at what led up to that. What could have we changed?

[02/01/16]   I once ran away from the daily stress in my life by going home and using whatever came my way or I had on hand, or could afford. Today, the reality of stress is still there, but staying sober helps me move forward in a positive direction, and not keep dragging that stress with me on a daily basis. I don't choose misery or sacrifice my moderation for fear of tomorrow.

[02/01/16]   Think for yourself. Try loving and accepting everyone for what and who they are. That's a great start and you and everyone else will be much happier. I admire his courage to come out and speak his truth. Will you speak your truth? Or will you continue to speak the truth of others? Peace.


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[01/12/16]   Today we are thinking about our connection to our higher.
I was asked a question yesterday. "What our you getting most out of your sobriety".
Let's see. I feel closer to my higher than I ever have. That has a lot to do with seeing clearly. In sobriety, I can see clearly in which I can re-connect to my higher power, because I can see again.

[01/06/16]   Lets do something fun. How many reasons can you think of to live sober?
Here are a few of mine:
Reasons to live sober:
Fullfilling life
Service to others
fulfilling goals
Good support
Sober friends
Live Life
Sober hobbies
A reason to live
Good times
Healthy Relationship
Help others
Improved memory
resentment handled rationally
good decisions
changing outcomes
Good will
Golden Rule
Fair Treatment
seeking knowledge
Good Times

[01/05/16]   Today we are thinking about regret. There was many mornings somewhere in the thousands where I woke up ashamed, embarrassed, angry, and frustrated with my life. Well, I mean with myself.
Today, my outlook is different. Always remember we must change ourselves before anything on the exterior will be different.
Hard-work, dedication, and service to others always will make the change.


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[12/31/15]   Strength. Tonight I'm thinking about strength, courage, and bravery. It's okay to put my fist down, so I can see what I'm doing, where I'm going, and what I need to do. Sometimes we fall victim to others politics. We don't understand, but we can see, if we want to.


How it Works: Substance Free Living Public Group 12/25/2015

My Life Has a Purpose - Heroes in Recovery - Celebrating Recovery and the Heroic Journey Scot shared his recovery journey with Heroes in Recovery lead advocate Susanne Johnson at the Atlanta Heroes 6k.

[12/25/15]   Merry Christmas all

[12/24/15]   Tonight we are thinking about the goodness we can do out there. It's simple to give guidance, direction, positiveness, outreach, and wholeheartedness, or even an ear.

[12/21/15]   Today we are not letting anxieties cause fear in our minds. I'm meditating and giving a moment toward my healing. Recovery is one day at a time.
God bless you all.

[12/13/15]   Tonight we are sending messages to our higher power. We are thankful to be here. We are thankful for sobriety. We are thankful to have rooms such as AA. I'm thankful to love all peoples.

[12/09/15]   Keep it simple. It's as hard as we make it!

[12/08/15]   Today, we are healing. We are gaining great insight, new found structure, hope, strength, love, and respect for ourselves. There is blue and green as far as the eye can see.
Life is beautiful. Love all

[12/06/15]   Today we are learning inspiration and wisdom. We need to open are minds, pray to our higher power to take away all our fears and resentments. Be kind to ourselves and others. Most important the golden rule; to treat others as we would want to be treated.


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[12/02/15]   Thinking about my part in this world. We all have something to offer. I strongly believe by sharing at an AA meeting, it is helping at least one person in the room.

[12/01/15]   Listening. What do we do when we are defending our inappropriate actions.
What happens when we listen.
Selfish love versus nurturing love.
What are the reasons or motives.

Well, in recovery, I listen to feedback from my sponsor and support. I take care of myself. I'm reasonable.
There is nothing like the golden rule:
Treat other as we would want to be treated.
See, we can bring a higher power into our life.

[11/29/15]   Relapse Safety Plan:
1. Call your sponsor

2. Self-awareness: Everybody has feelings, behaviors or thoughts
that signal that an emotional crisis is coming. Think about what yours are, and write them down.

3. Action: When you start to notice the presence of these feelings,
behaviors or thoughts, what are some healthy things you can do to take care of yourself? Some examples are:
journal / meditation / prayer
eat / bathe / shower / self-care
what has helped in the past

4. Friendly People/Places: If you are not able to help yourself
feel better with the strategies above, who can help you to stay
connected, or distract you from the crisis? It helps to recognize
that some people who are not able to be emotionally supportive in
a crisis (including children) may still be great distractions. If not a
specific person, perhaps there is a place (store, coffee shop, church,gym. Basically, where you can be around people.

[11/29/15]   Research indicates that it takes at least 8 times going over something before you retain the details. Well, I don't have 8 life times, but I can go to meetings, seek sober support, reach out, and talk to my family;especially my loving Mother. Wow, sobriety isn't so bad now, is it.

[11/27/15]   Feeling a little overwhelmed. I have so much to do by Monday the 30th. I have to try and remember: One day at a time, stay in the present, and focus. With all your support. I can do this.

[11/27/15]   Realizing the goodness of being with others who care about me. It's not only a family member thing, it's about being with those that are celebrating today. I know I'm glad to be here. Glad to have gone to an awesome AA meeting. Glad to have eaten turkey. Glad to have cuddled with my Kattum Kat.
I'm glad to be here. If I kept going the way I was, I would be underground or in prison.
I look up now. Thank You and Thanks to all of You....
Happy Thanksgiving All my friends.
We will do this together one day at a time>>




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