The Firefighter Interview Rule Book

Coauthored by Mike Zolin & Rob Christensen this book is a great resource for candidates interviewing Thousands of people enter their interview hoping for the best.

Often, they’ve practiced and researched tips online, but it turns into a guessing game and they come up short. TopScore provides you with a complete guide to preparing for your interview and impressing the panel. Our techniques can also be applied to many other fields and will help anyone secure a position, so don't leave your job interview in the hands of chance. To learn more or to purchase inte

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🔥Sometimes you just need to hear it from someone who has been there done that.🚒🔥


The trick is to look deeper...People Like You Often Miss this Easy Step...

Consumer reviews are a dime a dozen, the true value is a client's "TRANSFORMATION" from using a product. There is no better way to get a validated review than that. Here is a quick look at what "Master Your Firefighting Interview Training Course " is doing for current students and has done for past clients that proudly call themselves Firefighters.


Engage-Equip-Empower Yourself

For success on your part, you will need three things.

1) The tools for the task.
2)The training for the task.
3) The WILL to complete the task.

Cam shares his success with the "Master Your Firefighter Interview Training Course."

Get the training you need to interview at your best.


Phone and Video Interview Tips You Need

Here is some critical tips to make your next interview a success!


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¿Podemos contar con usted? La aplicación de reclutamiento de Boise Fire está abierta. Sea parte de un equipo que honra y respeta nuestras diferencias individuales y grupales y genera confianza en la comunidad a la que servimos.
Can we count on you? Boise Fire recruitment application is open. Be part of a team that honors and respects our individual and group differences and builds trust in the community we serve. #BoiseFireRecruitment2021


Great people at a great department! Come join the fun!

Boise Fire is recruiting! The application process begins today. This is your chance to be part of an exceptional team. #BoiseFireRecruitment2021 🚒


Eagle Fire Department

We are currently taking applications for the position of Lateral Firefighter. Please see our website: under Job Postings for job announcement and application.

[03/03/20]   Where are you hoping to interview in 2020? Let's get the discussion going so we can help you succeed!👌👍👨‍🚒🚒

[02/24/20]   Rob and I received this review today. We have been doing this a long time, but hearing people's success stories never gets old.

I purchased the book/program about a year ago (before my first FD interview in almost 20 years). I definitely made some mistakes during the interview, but still scored high enough to receive a job offer. I have no doubt, that if I would have put any less effort into getting organized in preparation for the interview, that I would not have made the cut. In fact, the interview would have likely been a disaster.

At the time, the price for the program seemed like a lot of money. Now, looking back, I think this program will generate a larger return than any investment I could ever make.

This program is the first thing I will recommend to anyone with an upcoming interview. Thanks again for the awesome product- it changed my life.


Fast Company

Adjust accordingly. (via Inc. Magazine)


Boise Fire Department

Boise Fire is immediately hiring because of the abnormal amount of retirements in our department. We are not accepting new applications, instead, in order to get crews on the line more quickly we will hire approximately 18 firefighters. These names will be selected from the current list of firefighters that were obtained during the interview process in the spring of 2019. They will be hired in March of 2020. We will begin a new recruitment process in the late summer/early fall of 2020 with an anticipated hire date of January or February of 2021.


Ride alongs can be very helpful if they are done right. Remember ask about them. How many stations, population of the city, first out apparatus, what gear do they have on the apparatus, how many people are on the department, etc. Don’t walk in talking about your old department and what they do unless they ask about you and how your stations run. #fire #topscore #insta #interview #firefighter #ffprovinggrounds #kempterfirewire #nationalfireradio #firereviews #fireman_323 #tips #jobs #career #bomberos


#Repost @calfirecareers
Are you ready to join CAL FIRE for the 2020 fire season? From November 1 until November 30 of 2019, applications for our Fire Fighter I are being accepted statewide! Serve and protect the people while safeguard the resources of California. Follow the link in our bio for more info! #fire #firefighter #wildlandfirefighter #wildlandfirefighting #nationalfireradio #ffprovinggrounds #insta #topscore


Having Humility and being Humble are huge. No one wants to work with, or even for a person who isn’t for the team and won’t accept their mistakes as their own. #teamplayer #ffprovinggrounds #topscore #firereviews #fireman_323 #nationalfireradio #fire #firefighter #bomberos #trainyourprobie


Be prepared! This might seem like a no brainer but having a few solid leadership stories or ways that you have shown leadership skills on hand is a must. Don’t try and think of them on the spot. You are most likely getting that question asked so be prepared. It looks way more professional to be asked that question and roll right into an example rather than sitting there racking your brain for a story. #topscore #interview #insta #ffprovinggrounds #trainyourprobie #kempterfirewire #fireman_323 #nationalfireradio #firereviews #train #fire #firefighter


Interview vocab word of the day INTEGRITY. You are nothing without it and everything with it in your interview. #fire #firefighter #ffprovinggrounds #trainyourprobie #nationalfireradio #insta #interview #job #career #integrity #firereviews #wordoftheday


Easy as that! Show the interview panel you can make a decision and stick with that choice. They don’t want you on scene of a fire or EMS call changing your mind over and over. @topscore_official #topscore #interview #insta #fire #firefighter #ffprovinggrounds #fireman_323 #nationalfireradio #firereviews #bomberos #kempterfirewire #career


Check it out at TVFCIDAHO.COM🔥🔥


Master Your Interview - Mini Training Mistake #3

Mistake #3: Not answering the last question.
Learn how to conclude your interview.


Master Your Interview - Mini Training Mistake #2

Master Your Interview - Mini Training

Mistake #2: Not maximizing your interview time. Learn the 5 parts of every answer.


We just partnered with @wffoundation to offer our biggest discount for those who sign up for our online course and with that purchase we are giving even more back to the wildland firefighter foundation. MORE DETAILS TO COME. Stay tuned! DM us for more details. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #wildlandfirefighter #fire #firefighter #ffprovinggrounds #kempterfirewire #nationalfireradio #firereviews #interview #flowandvent #fireman_323


Master Your Interview - Mini Training #1

This free master class explains the three biggest mistakes we see fire candidates make in their interviews, that you’re most likely making too.

Watch the videos. Learn how to avoid these pitfalls. And dramatically improve your interview skills today.

Each video is only 5 min long and will break down one interview mistake.

NUMBER 1: Not identifying and sharing your top selling points. (This is huge)


🔥We are excited to announce that @firereviews will be joining our team🔥welcome aboard Drew! #fire #firefighter #topscore #ffprovinggrounds #nationalfire radio #flowandvent #test #interview911 #fullyinvolved #fireman_323


@bendfirefighters are hiring! Go apply at or the link in their Bio!🔥🔥🔥 #fire #firefighter #bend #oregon #ffprovinggrounds #nationalfireradio #topscore #career


I just saw this review on Amazon. This is why we do what we do.


The Firefighter Interview Rule Book has helped hundreds of candidates confidently and successfully interview this year, placing the book on Amazon's Top 10 Best Seller list in Civil Service Books. We're honored to be a part of every reader's pursuit to become a firefighter and continually impressed by the hours of hard work candidates put into achieving their dream! Congratulations to everyone who already landed their dream job this year! We love hearing your stories. Welcome to the family! 05/07/2019

PintheQ Episode 20 FF Paul Hashagen FDNY

An incredible interview with FDNY Legend, Paul Hashagen- author. PintheQ had an amazing conversation with FDNY Legend, Paul Hashagen. Paul is also a past Chief with the Freeport Volunteer Fire Department, Truck Co. 1 (Exce...


New #ffpg shirts are in! And they got here quick!


Meeting Paul was an honor. Not only was he down to earth, he was humble. The stories he shared are amazing! I can’t wait to share them with you. Be sure to check out episode 20 with Paul Hashagen from FDNY RES1CUE on PintheQ! Shoutout to @interview_coaching for sponsoring this episode! I would also like to thank Don @allhandsfire for making this interview possible. All my episodes are published to PintheQ Productions on YouTube, be sure [email protected] to get alerted of all released episodes.

#Repost @pintheq_productions with @get_repost


This is what it’s all about! 🤜

[04/22/19]   If you're in the Online Firefighter Interview Training Course and haven't yet joined the private FB group check the link below. There are several mock interview opportunities being organized in the group that we don't want you to miss out on.


Fire Interview coming up? ⁣

This free mini-training explains the three biggest mistakes we see fire candidates make in their interviews, that you’re most likely making too. Watch it for free and improve your interview in 15 min. Link in Bio. ⁣

Or go to ⁣

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[03/05/19]   Here is an interview question for you to practice. Use your phone and record your answer....... (deep breath)

Can You Tell Me About a Time When You Overcame a Challenge?

Post how you thought you did.

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Phone and Video Interview Tips You Need
Master Your Interview - Mini Training Mistake #3
Master Your Interview - Mini Training Mistake #2
Master Your Interview - Mini Training #1




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