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What do chickens, questions about motherhood, and Minnesota have in common with Boise State University’s creative writing program? Jackie Polzin (MFA, 2018) and her first novel “Brood.”

In the novel, an unnamed narrator works through the grief of a miscarriage by caring intently for her small brood of chickens – Gloria, Gam Gam, Darkness, and Miss Hennepin County. The narrator faces predators, neighbors, bad luck, an arctic Minnesota winter, then a sweltering summer.

“A lot of the story is rooted in true experience,” Polzin said. “It explores all kinds of feelings surrounding infertility, miscarriage, motherhood, and what it means if you want to be a mother and can’t be a mother. And, what does it matter to care for things?”


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Congratulations to Kelly Hopping, an assistant professor in Human-Environment Systems, and Jill Heney and Tiffany Hitesman, lecturers in the Department of English, who received a GEM3 Workforce Development Seed Grant for their project Collecting Gems: Improving Workforce Communication and Listening Skills Through Documenting Oral Histories of Idaho’s Sagebrush Steppe.

Working with others from across the Boise State University campus, they will collaborate with three interdisciplinary Vertically Integrated Projects (VIPs) to train students on collecting and archiving multi-generational oral histories from rural communities across Idaho’s sagebrush steppe.

The project addresses the need for increased visibility of rural voices in higher education, develops an archive of local knowledge and experience, emphasizes the practice of listening for researchers and participants, and positions students as interviewers and researchers through a multi-semester experiential learning project.

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Several outstanding Broncos are pursuing highly competitive scholarships this spring, including six Fulbright semifinalists. Over the past five years, Boise State Honors College has doubled the number of students who receive scholarships while more than doubling the amount of scholarship money available to those students.

Nearly half of Boise State University’s Fulbright scholarship applicants become semifinalists. The six semifinalists for English teaching assistant awards abroad are:

• Olivia Bates (elementary education, ’20) – Indonesia
• Daniel Hopkins (history and social science secondary education, ’19) – Netherlands
• Wayne Hamilton (history, ’21) – Bosnia
• Sandra Siharath (psychology, ’21) – Laos
• Ben Geffon (English, linguistics, global studies, ’21) – Kazakhstan
• Julia Donegan (political science, ’19) – Malaysia

Winners of the Fulbright awards will be announced in the coming months.

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The Best Value Schools website ranked Boise State University’s MFA in Creative Writing program one of the top five programs in the country for 2021 along with Stony Brook University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

“It’s wonderful to see this new ranking, especially on the heels of three recent MFA graduates landing book deals: Mary Lowry (Simon & Schuster), Ariel Dixon (Random House), and Jackie Polzin (Doubleday Books),” wrote Mitch Wieland, professor of creative writing and editor of The Idaho Review. “Our fantastic students are what makes the creative writing program thrive and excel.”

Graduates in fiction have won an NEA fellowship, a Whiting Award, and a National Magazine Award. Meghan Kenny’s novel, “The Driest Season,” was a finalist for the PEN/Hemingway Award. Two of the program’s graduates, Christian Winn and Malia Collins, were Idaho Writers-in-Residence.

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"I cannot completely express how grateful I am for the financial aid being provided to me by you. I've worked with utter dedication and determination throughout high school in order to achieve my goal of continuing to higher education. Financial aid such as this is what will make that dream a reality for me. A million times over, thank you." — Jordyn

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This episode of the podcast series – which highlights Boise State University students, faculty and alumni who are proudly representing the university on campus and across the globe – places the spotlight on two exceptional students who are working to make Boise, and this university, home for everyone.

Halima Hamud, a political science major who has her sights set on holding leadership positions with ASBSU and beyond, came to America from Kenya when she was 11 years old. Shukuru Kamulete, a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo, relocated to Boise at age 14 and is now finishing his degree in social work. These two students discuss the many challenges they have overcome and their work in local high schools to encourage other refugee students that they, too, can achieve their dreams through higher education.

We also hear from Gail Shuck, professor of English at Boise State and the director of English language support programs.

Subscribe to Beyond The Blue on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever podcasts are streamed.

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Photo: February 2020
Congratulations to Jennifer Black, a lecturer in the Boise State English Department, who authored Leading From the Margins: Paulina in Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale” an article in SAGE Business Cases. Black argues that the play demonstrates the evolution of Paulina from a marginalized figure to an effective female leader.

As her abstract points out, “The Winter’s Tale” portrays the jealous king Leontes, who accuses his wife Hermione of committing adultery with his best friend Polixenes. Hermione’s servant Paulina confronts Leontes, but is ineffective in calming him with her bold criticisms of his behavior. As the play progresses, Paulina becomes a more effective leader, even in her position of relative powerlessness. Although she has no official status or authority, she learns to use patience and persistence to guide the king to become a wiser and more effective ruler, as well as to protect those for whom she cares.

Read the article at

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CHECK THIS OUT! Do you speak a little Spanish? Want a great opportunity to teach English abroad?? Here's an awesome program, one that our fearless and accomplished department manager, Maya Duratovic, completed. Highly recommended!
Congratulations to Jenn Mallette, an associate professor in the Boise State English Department, and Boise State University senior English major Amanda Hawks who recently co-authored an article published in a special issue of the “Journal of Writing Assessment,” on contract grading.

The issue included voices from students, teachers, and researchers who tease out the implications, possibilities, and challenges of various approaches to grading contracts.

Read the article at

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Congratulations to Ralph Clare, an associate professor in the Boise State English Department, who published the essay, Metaffective Fiction: Structuring Feeling in Contemporary American Literature, in the collection “After Postmodernism: The New American Fiction” (Routledge, 2020).

The essay explores the role of affect in Vladimir Nabokov’s 1962 novel “Pale Fire” and Doug Dorst and J.J Abram’s 2013 novel “S.” and argues that contemporary fiction heralds a unique, self-aware treatment of affect and emotion that is distinct from that of its postmodern predecessor.

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Congratulations to Ti Macklin, a lecturer in the Boise State English Department and associate editor of the Journal of Writing Assessment, who collaborated with JWA editors Diane Kelly-Riley and Carl Whithaus, editorial assistant Stacy Wittstock, and guest editor Asao B. Inoue on a special issue on contract grading.

This issue includes voices from students, teachers, and researchers who tease out implications, possibilities, & challenges of various approaches to grading contracts.

Read the issue at

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Congratulations to Steven Olsen-Smith, a professor in the Boise State English Department, who will present A Wonder, a Grandeur, and a Woe: Melville and Human Progress, the keynote address for the New Bedford Whaling Museum’s 25th Annual “Moby-Dick” Marathon Reading at 5 p.m. (MST) on Friday, Jan. 8, 2021.

Get your tickets online at

Olsen-Smith is the editor of Melville’s Marginalia Online. The talk will look closely at Melville’s body of work to trace his conception of our prospects for edification and advancement. Olsen-Smith will explore how admirers of Melville might ponder anew the writer’s conception of humanity’s capacity for individual, social and evolutionary growth.

Olsen-Smith is a past president of the Melville Society, and he has held visiting appointments as the Holland H. Coors Endowed Chair at the United States Air Force Academy. Olsen-Smith’s research explores the influence of Melville’s reading and sources on Moby-Dick and other writings.

Since 1977, The New Bedford Whaling Museum has hosted a live reading of the classic work every January. The event draws readers and enthusiasts from around the world to the museum and the livestream reading online. The marathon continues through Sunday, Jan. 10.

The event includes Melville-inspired activities, including opportunities to chat with scholars from the Melville Society Cultural Project (MSCP) and a chance to “stump” the scholars by testing their Melville knowledge.

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Welcome to Boise State English! We are proud to foster a supportive learning and teaching community The key to our success is our faculty.

The major in English provides excellent preparation for many professional degrees and for a variety of careers demanding strong critical thinking and communication skills. The major also prepares students for traditional English graduate degrees in literature, rhetoric and composition, linguistics, technical communication, and English teacher education. With more than 50 full-time faculty represen

Operating as usual


The English department has been restructured into four new Boise State departments. Please follow the link to read more, and to support the new departments of English Literature, Humanities & Cultural Studies, Linguistics, and Writing Studies.

English department restructures into four new departments Beginning in Fall 2023, the department known as “English” at Boise State will expand into...


A public memorial service will be held in honor of Dr. Cheryl Hindrichs, Professor of English, who passed away in July. The memorial is open to the public and will be held on Friday, September 16, at 2:00 pm in the Hatch Ballroom of Boise State’s student union building, 1700 University Drive (note that the room location has changed since our last announcement). For instructions on free parking for the event, please email: [email protected].

Cheryl was a voracious reader who shared her passion for and love of literature and storytelling generously with others. She was an extraordinary colleague, a dedicated and beloved teacher and mentor to both undergraduate and graduate students, and to the community at large. Cheryl was a remarkable human being — kind, humble, and generous, willing to welcome colleagues and students into her home, and share her love for life. Please join us as her family, colleagues, students, and friends remember her, and honor her with their stories and memories of how she has touched their lives.

An expert in British modernism, critical theory, and especially the writings of Virginia Woolf, Cheryl had a deep interest in the ways that illness has been represented in literature. She had long been at work on a book, “Pandemic Modernity,” that examined the ways that the 1918 pandemic and its aftermath helped shape the development of literary modernism.

Cheryl also taught courses and gave lectures on food and literature, which was a topic of both professional and personal interest. And as her colleagues and students know well, many a committee meeting or class session was enlivened by something warm and delicious that Cheryl brought, straight from the oven.

She shared her expertise in these topics not just through her scholarship, but also with the community by leading the Literature for Lunch book discussion series at the public library and later as a webinar series, directing the Hemingway Literary Center Lecture series, and teaching courses at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.


MORE GREAT NEWS about our own Dr. Clyde Moneyhun, whose translation of "Ídols" by Gabriel Ferrater (1922-1972) is winner of the 2022 Sant Jordi Translation Contest at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He was honored via Zoom, which featured Dr. Moneyhun reading his translation of the poem.

This translation was selected by a committee that included guest judges from Catalonia, the UMass Departments of Spanish and Portuguese Studies and Comparative Literature, and Smith College. The annual Sant Jordi program is supported in part by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst's Translation Center and Catalan Studies Program, and the Institut Ramon Llull, which promotes Catalan language study at universities abroad.

Dr. Moneyhun is currently on sabbatical on the Spanish island of Menorca, working on new Catalan translations.


Home, The Writing for Change Journal 05/19/2022

We are pleased to announce that The Writing for Change Journal's "Collection Three: Meditations on Teaching and Learning in the Time of COVID", has just been published. It can be found on the WFCJ website here:

The Journal's Backstory:

The Writing for Change Journal came to life in 2020, during a global pandemic, at the heels of a national reckoning on racial justice, the climate catastrophe, and profound political polarization. With the rise of Zoom, masks, social and physical distancing, combined with heightened levels of anxiety, distrust, and misinformation, it would have seemed like an objectively bad time to begin something like this. However, it was precisely because of these converging emergencies and exigencies, (all of which are still urgent and present), that make the relational work of this publishing space more vital than ever, and that remains true today.

The Writing for Change Journal launched after a few years of surveying students, and meeting with faculty and community members. At the time, there was much excitement about Boise State’s new Writing for Change minor, and we discovered a desire for more experiential writing/editing/publishing experience that were in line with how publishing happens in the “real world.” The Journal was an effort to bring that world of publishing to the personal and professional lives of budding writers, artists, and creators in the Boise area, specifically those motivated by a desire to grapple with change, who believe in our rhetorical power to use language in all its forms to imagine a more equitable, socially just, and ecologically stable future.

Each year, a new team of editors continue to work with the advisor to improve it and help guide it in new creative directions. Both the WFC Journal and the Writing for Change minor are directed by Assistant Professor of English, Kyle Boggs.

The Writing for Change Journal is a multimodal publishing space, and therefore welcomes submissions beyond traditional written texts like essays and other forms of nonfiction writing like prose, interviews, and personal narratives. Submissions may also be in the form of photography, visual and performance art, podcasts, film, and combined mediums and those yet to be imagined. Though we may ask you to include a paragraph or two about your process and intention as it relates to this collection’s theme. Creative and collaborative submissions are always welcomed.

Our next call for submissions will be released in the Fall, 2022. For more information contact Dr. Boggs at: [email protected].

Home, The Writing for Change Journal Collection One: Spring 2021 Responses and Reactions to 2020 Collection Two: Fall 2021 Coping [caption id=


Wishing a heartfelt congratulations to Boise State alum and former English major, Abril Anaya Carmona, who received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Idaho College of Law this week. She will now embark on her career as a Criminal Defense Attorney with Ramirez-Smith Law in Nampa. Abril's family emigrated to the United States from Mexico when she was a teen. She received her undergraduate degree from Boise State, and was an invaluable student employee for several years in the English Department main office. We always KNEW she was the Most Likely to Succeed! We are all very proud of you, Abril!


CELEBRATING Boise State graduates today on the blue turf!! Congratulations to each of you. Shine on and on!!


WOO HOO!! Check out this amazing project from our own Distinguished Professor Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm, including a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities that helps teachers and students in Idaho classrooms to employ the “EMPOWER Method:”

“We’re going to position kids as actual social scientists and historians who look at a variety of documents and hear different people’s stories and varying perspectives around ... contended issues,” Wilhelm said. “We’re going to ask them to look at important issues in American history and culture that affect Idaho, and play out in Idaho in particular ways.”

Congratulations, and we're SO excited to see how this good work continues!


TODAY at 3 pm in the SUB Hatch Ballroom!! Join us to celebrate the 2022 Boise State President's Writing Awards!


THIS IS TODAY!! Stop by and join us, all are welcome!!


HAPPY FINALS WEEK!! You're almost there, and you got this!!


SHOUT OUT!! Congratulations to our own Dr. Amber Warrington, who was awarded the Golden Apple Award, a student-led effort to express appreciation to outstanding educators.

A student wrote of Dr. Warrington, “I could tell that she truly cared about me and how I was doing … that has meant more to me than words could ever express ... Every day we start class with a ‘community check-in’ -- a daily question to check in with each other on how we’re doing. This has set an environment firmly centered on fostering friendships. We care about each other and have been naturally inclined to be inclusive of everyone in class because of the environment she has and continues to create daily.”

We are so proud of Dr. Warrington!

Basu Thakur’s work featured in Critical University Studies Syllabus list 04/21/2022

SHOUT OUT!! Congratulations to our own Dr. Gautam Basu Thakur for his work co-editing an issue of Pedagogy titled "Cluster on Teaching Theory in Global Contexts" at Duke University Press.

Basu Thakur’s work featured in Critical University Studies Syllabus list Gautam Basu Thakur, associate professor and director of the critical theory program in the Department...


THIS IS TOMORROW! Don't miss it. Attend in person, or email [email protected] for a Zoom link.

The Idea of Nature welcomes author, journalist, and podcaster Florence Williams via Zoom webinar AND in-person lecture at on Thurs, April 21. Free parking for in-person attendees.

Book signing and sale at the event or order a signed copy to be mailed to you!


CHECK THIS OUT!! Outstanding, paid internships for Fall 2022. Open only to ENGL majors. Please contact our internship coordinator, Professor Debra Purdy, for more info and to apply!!


OPPORTUNITY!! Healthwise, a leader in health information/content/solutions in Boise, seeks a Content Technical Intern on their Content Solutions team!! This is a paid internship with a great chance to learn, grow, and network in a dynamic professional setting.

APPLY via email with a cover letter and resume to: [email protected]


• Serve as a first point of contact and a source of resolutions for content developers’ technical issues in
the systems we use to create, update, and manage Healthwise health education content.
• Consistently and accurately record all requests and issues in the content help desk ticketing system,
triaging tickets to other members of the content technical operations team when necessary or
• Assist with publishing content development projects from our content management system,
troubleshooting errors that come up and referring issues to other members of the content technical
operations team when necessary or appropriate.
• Maintain high standards for content quality.
• This individual will work closely with technical specialists, authors, editors, and others to ensure the
DITA XML in our content is valid and error-free.
• Create and maintain job aids for users and system documentation for other support personnel.
• Support the monthly and quarterly releases of our content.
• Provide other technical support as needed.
• Assist with adding images and links to various media and video content.
• Performs other duties as assigned or needed.


• Current student working on a college degree in Tech Comm, Information Systems or a
related field
• Must be able to work 20-25 hours per week.
• Should be organized, detail-oriented, and service-minded.
• Can easily thrive working in a fast-paced environment.
• Proven ability to work well with others with a bias towards finding solutions.
• Demonstrated aptitude for learning new technologies.
• Ability to communicate and interface with technical and non-technical members of the organization.
• All offers are contingent upon successful completion of a background check.
• Healthwise requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination for employment.

Position is remote or in-person in Boise.


HOW ABOUT THIS?!! English Professor and Catalan translator, Clyde Moneyhun (right), participated in 'An Evening of Catalan Literature' in London, UK on April 12. The literary gathering, at Bookmarks Bookstore in Bloomsbury, focused on readings from the works of two iconic Catalan feminist writers.

Dr. Moneyhun read excerpts from his interpretations of Witch in Mourning by Maria-Mercè Marçal, and The Volcano by Anna Dodas i Noguer, both translations new in 2022.

He is currently on sabbatical on the Spanish island of Menorca, doing Catalan poetry translation work.


TOMORROW!! Don't miss this great event!


THERE'S STILL TIME to get a WorkU experience next fall! Applications close on April 13. Apply TODAY!

Work U is a career development experience with a twist. In addition to gaining hands-on professional work experience, you’ll be provided with a mentor, opportunities to clarify your career goals, and help leveraging this experience to launch your career ... while gaining three upper-division credits.

Open to all majors, skill sets, and levels of experience. We have MANY WorkU positions available, at organizations through the Treasure Valley: in-person, remote, and hybrid.


MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! Join us to hear Boise State University students share their experiences navigating language, identity, and culture at noon on April 14 in the SUB's Hatch AB Ballroom.

This conference is sponsored by English Language Support Programs and is free and open to all.


OPPORTUNITY!! Are you a good writer and a good listener? Get paid to work as a writing consultant in the Boise State Writing Center!

This is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences available to students at Boise State. Consultants offer individualized, guided support through active, collaborative conversations with writers of all levels and abilities at any stage of the writing process. Good consultants are good writers, yes, but they are also good listeners, and they must be flexible enough to adapt to the needs of different writers and a variety of writing situations.

We seek civic-minded students who offer constructive feedback, listen well in groups, are interested in others’ writing, and are willing to listen to feedback about their own writing. Additionally, we actively seek applicants who represent traditionally underrepresented groups and/or who are multilingual. Because we serve students from across campus, we also seek students from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds. We are also now staffing our satellite location in the Micron Business and Economics building, so we are also looking to recruit business and technical communication majors.

We don’t expect everyone to be immediately ready to consult (nor do we ever envision a point where a consultant stops learning), so before anyone comes to work in the Center, they enroll in ENGL 303, The Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing.

A concurrent, one-credit internship at the Writing
Center for on-the-job training is also required. This comprehensive internship program provides
professional and academic mentorship that supports students in the pursuit of their goals.

Additionally, ENGL 303 and the internship can count towards the certificate in Technical Communication, a highly desired qualification that employers and graduate programs value.

Graduate students are also eligible to apply.

This internship experience leads to:

Paid on-campus positions with flexible scheduling
Writing and communication expertise valued in a wide variety of future settings
Research and participation in national and international conferences
Opportunities for publication
Leadership and service opportunities

Before being considered for the internship opportunity, applicants must do the following:

* Fill out the application.
* Submit a research-based writing sample of about 5-10 pages that is written in either APA, MLA, or Chicago style.
* Provide a brief Statement of Interest. The Statement of Interest should address the following prompt in no more than 500 words:
** Why are you interested in this internship, and how might you envision your life and educational goals connecting to an internship as a writing consultant?
** Additionally, please describe any experiences you have that you feel are relevant for working in the Writing Center.

* Interview with one of the Center’s consultants.
* Interview with the Director of the Center.

Access the application below! The application deadline for the Fall 2022 semester is Friday, April 8th.


SHOUT OUT!! Our own Professor Clyde Moneyhun, currently on sabbatical doing Catalan poetry translation on the Spanish island of Menorca, will travel to Edinburgh, Scotland on March 29 to participate in a 'Celebration of Catalan Poetry' reading at the Scottish Poetry Library.

Dr. Moneyhun will be sharing translation work and promoting upcoming books alongside Catalan poet and translator Noèlia Díaz Vicedo, and Scottish poet and translator Christopher Whyte. The event is chaired by Scottish writer and journalist Niall O'Gallagher, and co-sponsored by Francis Boutle Publishers, The Scottish Public Library, and the Government of Catalonia's Delegation to the United Kingdom and Ireland. Congratulations, Dr. Moneyhun!


English Department Lecturer, Heidi Naylor, says, "YOU BELONG!" at Boise State!


WOO HOO!! We are pleased to announce the 2022 President's Writing Awards!

Deadline for submissions is 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, March 31, 2022

All majors welcome! Open to undergraduate coursework completed from Spring 2021 to Spring 2022. PWA winners will be honored at an awards ceremony, and have their work featured on the President's Writing Awards page of the Office of the President’s website:

Students may submit papers in the categories of Critical Analysis, Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Research, Civic and Ethical Foundations, First-Year Writing, and Identity, Culture, and Languages. First place winners in each category receive $200. Second place winners in each category receive $100.

Direct all inquiries to: [email protected]


From the rooftops of Menorca, Spain where he is on sabbatical translating Catalan poetry, Dr. Clyde Moneyhun says, “YOU BELONG!” at Boise State! (Or as they say in Catalan, “Tu pertanys!”)


Linguistics adjunct instructor, Danielle Yarbrough, and Linguistics professor and Director of the Mary Ellen Ryder Linguistics Lab, Dr. Michal Martinez, say, "YOU BELONG!" at Boise State! Mary Ellen Ryder Linguistics Lab

Photos from Boise State English Department's post 03/03/2022

In support of all women in STEM, many of us are wearing our 'You Belong' tees this week. We want you to know that no matter WHO you are, you have a place to belong at Boise State!


CHECK THIS OUT!!! A great internship opportunity .... for two English majors or upperclassmen with writing/training emphasis.

12 hours a week - with aACE Software, which recently relocated in Boise! Deadline to apply is March 31; interviews will occur in May. Here are the details:

aACE Software is excited to be releasing an updated version of our enterprise resource planning software. As part of
this release, we’ll be overhauling our online user guides. Our technical writing interns will assist our own seasoned
staff in evaluating, drafting, and refining knowledge base content. The project goal will be to make the updated guides
accurate and clear, easily readable and searchable. Possible additional efforts include helping develop online learning

Primary Responsibilities :
* Learn style guide and conventions
* Test current guides against new software version
* Identify and report bugs
* Update guide instructions
* Capture, format, and place software screenshots
* Update all help guides with conventions for text and layout
* Record changes in project management software
* Additional tasks as assigned

Benefits :
* Increase work experience
* Explore career options
* Learn new skills
* Establish professional contacts
* Obtain work references
* Earn academic credit (where applicable)
* Earn up to $18/hr, depending on experience

Who : Two English majors or upperclassmen with writing/training emphasis
When : Jun-Aug 2022; ~12 hours/wk
Where : Telework and aACE Software Boise office (1707 N Linda Vista Ln)
Equipment : Intern to provide laptop; aACE to provide in-office workstation and software licenses

How to Apply : Email the following materials to Scot Hanson [[email protected]] before March 31, 2022.
Interviews via Zoom will be scheduled for May 2022.

* Resume
* Cover letter
* 1-3 brief writing samples
* Short letter of recommendation from an English instructor


YOU HAVE A COUPLE OF WEEKS TO READ THIS!! Start now, and prepare to join the Hemingway Literary Center Literature for Lunch Webinar Series - Spring 2022.

The next webinar is Friday, March 18, 2022 - Noon
We'll discuss: Muriel Barbary's The Elegance of the Hedgehog

To receive the webinar Zoom link, please email: [email protected]

Series Theme: "The Architecture of Words and Lives"
An office, university, hotel, and library. The habitual spaces that form the backdrop of one's life deeply inform the characters and lives of this spring's four novels.

Join host Dr. Cheryl Hindrichs, Professor of English at Boise State University, to discuss these diverse works with other uncommon readers via Zoom webinar. Zoom links will be emailed prior to book discussion events.

Thank you to the Idaho Humanities Council for making these discussions possible.

Book Summary (via GoodReads):
A moving, funny, triumphant novel that exalts the quiet victories of the inconspicuous among us.

We are in the center of Paris, in an elegant apartment building inhabited by bourgeois families. Renée, the concierge, is witness to the lavish but vacuous lives of her numerous employers. Outwardly she conforms to every stereotype of the concierge: fat, cantankerous, addicted to television. Yet, unbeknownst to her employers, Renée is a cultured autodidact who adores art, philosophy, music, and Japanese culture. With humor and intelligence she scrutinizes the lives of the building's tenants, who for their part are barely aware of her existence.

Then there's Paloma, a twelve-year-old genius. She is the daughter of a tedious parliamentarian, a talented and startlingly lucid child who has decided to end her life on the sixteenth of June, her thirteenth birthday. Until then she will continue behaving as everyone expects her to behave: a mediocre pre-teen high on adolescent subculture, a good but not an outstanding student, an obedient if obstinate daughter.

Paloma and Renée hide both their true talents and their finest qualities from a world they suspect cannot or will not appreciate them. They discover their kindred souls when a wealthy Japanese man named Ozu arrives in the building. Only he is able to gain Paloma's trust and to see through Renée's timeworn disguise to the secret that haunts her. This is a moving, funny, triumphant novel that exalts the quiet victories of the inconspicuous among us.


THIS IS TODAY!! Join us for Literature for Lunch on Friday, Feb. 25 at noon - when we discuss The Gate of Angels by Penelope Fitzgerald. Hosted by our own Dr. Cheryl Hindrichs.

To receive the webinar Zoom link, please email: [email protected]

The Gate of Angels takes place in 1912, when rational Fred Fairly, one of Cambridge's best and brightest, crashes his bike and wakes up in bed with a stranger - fellow casualty Daisy Saunders, a charming, pretty, generous working-class nurse. So begins a series of complications - not only of the heart but also of the head - as Fred and Daisy take up each other's education and turn each other's philosophies upside down.

Topic: Lit for Lunch, 2022. The Architecture of Words and Lives


CHECK IT OUT!! The Writing for Change Journal is now accepting submissions for its third collection, which centers around teaching and learning during the pandemic. All submissions are due by March 28th.

Below is the full call for submissions Start yours today!!

“Sometimes…one person’s story becomes the point of entry to larger territories” ~Rebecca Solnit, The Faraway Nearby



Join the Freewrite club, Fridays 4:00-5:00, now meeting in the Writing Center in the Liberal Arts Building, rm. 201. From a weekly writing prompt to write-a-thons and retreats, this club is designed to create friendship and connection while exploring our love of words.

This semester we are meeting Fridays: 4:00-5:00 pm
In the Liberal Arts Building RM 255.


WOO HOO and look at all this good!! Dr. Michal Temkin Martinez, Professor of Linguistics, was involved in several aspects of the annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA). In addition to co-facilitating the "How to LSA" session with Alicia Parrish (New York University), Temkin Martinez co-taught a mini course on "Thriving as an Early Career Faculty Member" and co-organized a symposium on "Small Teaching Toward Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Linguistics" with longtime collaborator Kazuko Hiramatsu (University of Michigan, Flint).

The organized symposium was presented by members of an NSF-sponsored Faculty Learning Community that Hiramatsu and Temkin Martinez have been co-facilitating since Fall 2019 and whose focus is on capacity building for scholarly teaching and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in linguistics.


SHOUT OUT!! Boise State English Professor Jeff Westover’s “From ‘No Name Woman’ to Gu Liu Xin: Ghosts and Writing in The Bonesetter’s Daughter” appears in Critical Insights: Amy Tan, edited by Kathryn West and Linda Trinh Moser. The book was published by Salem Press in late 2021.

Westover argues that Tan rewrites part of Maxine Hong Kingtson’s The Woman Warrior (1976) in order to recover the identity and legacy of a female ancestor in The Bonesetter’s Daughter, which Tan published in 2001.

Congratulations Dr. Westover!


SHOUT OUT!! Our own Professor Heidi Naylor's essay, "Postcards From Viterbo," appears in the current issue of Eclectica Magazine. The piece details key moments from Naylor's recent Faculty International Development Award study program in Italy. Congratulations!


CONGRATULATIONS! Dr. Gautam Basu Thakur, Associate Professor of English and the Director of Critical Theory minor, published an article titled “‘You Should Pray I Choose the Latter’: Rioting, Violence, & Jouissance.” The article appeared in a special issue on Lacanian perspectives for the journal PsyArt.

The PsyArt Foundation, which is dedicated to the study of psychology and the arts, publishes the journal. Dr. Basu Thakur’s essay appears in PsyArt Journal vol. 26 (2022). You can access it below!


SHOUT OUT!! Dr. Michal Temkin Martinez, Professor of linguistics, presented at the meeting of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) with her long time collaborator, Dr. Kazuko Hiramatsu (U. of Michigan-Flint) last month.

Their presentation introduced audience members to their NSF-sponsored work on capacity building for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in linguistics. Over the past 3 years, Temkin Martinez and Hiramatsu have been facilitating a discipline-specific inter-institutional Faculty Learning Community (FLC) of linguists from across the United States. This approach builds on the more traditional model for FLCs where faculty from across disciplines may come together at their institution to learn about a pedagogy-related topic.

In their presentation, Temkin Martinez and Hiramatsu discussed the advantages of participants' shared disciplinary background in discussions about pedagogical issues.

Using the FLC model for capacity building at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic proved productive in other ways. With the shift to remote teaching and learning in spring 2020, FLC members created and disseminated a survey on teaching and learning needs and gaps in their field. This led to the creation of resources on scholarly teaching and an organized session at the annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, which provided a public and publicized space for conversation about scholarly teaching and SoTL.


CONGRATULATIONS!! Dr. Reshmi Mukherjee, Associate Professor of English, published "Spaces of Resistance in Assia Djebar's Ombre Sultane (Sister to Scheherazade) and Femmes d'Alger dans leur appartement (Women of Algiers in their Apartment) in the journal Research in African Literatures, Indiana Press University, vol 52, no. 1.


SHOUT OUT!! Our own Dr. Jeff Wilhelm, distinguished professor in the Department of English and director of the Boise State Writing Project, published a book for children in grades 3-6 titled Frederick Douglass Fought for Freedom. The American Reading Company published the book on Dec. 1, 2021.

Congratulations Dr. Wilhelm!



Are you interested in getting paid to make a difference? Do you have experience with community organizing or civic engagement? The ACLU of Idaho is currently hiring for two paid internship positions during the spring 2022 Idaho legislative session.

Voting Rights Internship

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Foundation of Idaho seeks a five-month, 20/hour per week Voter Engagement Intern to join our team of twelve in Boise. This position begins in January 2022 at the ACLU Boise office and is funded through May 2022. The position is designed to give the successful candidate firsthand experience with grassroots community organizing and legislative advocacy. The Voter Engagement intern will work under the supervision of the Campaign Strategist.

Legislative Advocacy Intern

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Foundation of Idaho seeks a 4-month, 15/hour per week Advocacy Intern to join our staff of 12 in Boise. This position begins in January in the ACLU Boise office and is funded through May 2022. The position is designed to give a successful candidate firsthand experience with grassroots community organizing and legislative advocacy. The Legislative Advocacy Intern will work under the supervision of the Policy Strategist and in partnership with the Campaign Strategist.

Both positions are paid opportunities and provide extensive experience working with legal and advocacy specialists. You will acquire professional expertise in politics, advocacy, and legislation while working with a caring team of individuals in a supportive environment. These opportunities provide remote options too. Links to the job announcements are here:

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