Peer Recovery Supports of Idaho, LLC

Peer Recovery Supports of Idaho, LLC provides recovery support services for individuals with behavioral health and/or substance abuse issues.

Peer Recovery Supports of Idaho, LLC was created by a team of trained and passionate recovery coaches in order to advance, promote, and provide recovery supports to individuals in our community. Our progressive recovery support service model is mobile and responsive. It includes Peer Recovery Coaching, Integrated Treatment Support, After-care support, Family Support, e-Coaching (via a secure vide

Operating as usual


To thine own self be true.


Choose positivity!


It’s only a paradigm shift…


Life works best when you can find grace to give to others and yourself.


From our amazing friends over at PEER Wellness Center!

Got Recovery?


I friendly share from our good friends over at Kootenai Recovery Community Center!

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Don't give up.


Be Kind!

Empower Idaho 03/19/2022

Empower Idaho

Empower Idaho Order apparel online today


You’ve got this!


Believe in something bigger than our problems!


Be there for each other. You never know what another person is dealing with. Make a difference in someone’s life.


Change is inevitable…embrace it and enjoy the ride. You get to find out who you are on the other side!


Gratitude is everything!


Hold on a moment while I overthink this…


We see you. We love you. We care!


Thank you all for being a part of our lives!


Advice for the weekend: be bold, take chances, live life!


Your words are important...speak kindly.


Choose with intention!


What do you focus on?


Enough said…


This is from a good friend of PRSI. Thank you for this post. Powerful!



Wen we comeback, we comeback stronger!


It’s all about life on life’s terms!


We get overwhelmed not necessarily because life is rushing things at us, but because we are doing too much and achieving so little.
Every great thing ever achieved is a series of small things done over a long period. The key to progress and great achievement is focusing on the little things you can do today, Rome wasn't built in a day.

Strive to make progress daily, no matter how little, to reach the great things you desire, do the little things well. Slow and steady, one step at a time, things will get clearer and you will get there.
Whatsoever you see ahead, do something about it today. The size of what you do doesn't matter, what matters is that you do something.


If we were to truly grasp this...what could be possible in our lives?


What’s yours?


A good thing to remember when entering the New Year.


Some sage advice!

Timeline photos 12/26/2021

From our family to yours...thank you for your friendship and dedication to creating a community that cares.


You are right where you need to be. Tomorrow will happen and yesterday is done. Today is a gift to cherish.


Everyone is the author of their own life. Let them define their own story.


All we have is now. Be in this moment!

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