Ponderosa Aero Club, Inc.

Ponderosa Aero Club, Inc.


Our itty bitty fledgling LLC would like a logo for our Cherokee. Would any artist in or close to the club like to take that on? I would like to add the logo to the tail feathers on the aircraft and possibly other uses. I could pay you for your efforts. Not a lot but something we could both agree on.
Contact me of Sean if you could do it. No big hurry.
Garden Valley U88 today. Don’t forget that there are free bikes at so many of these strips! 4 beautiful new beach cruisers in the shed at midfield at Garden Valley. Super helpful info:https://itd.idaho.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/GardenValley_SOP_Aero.pdf
Orofino, S68 in the Cherokee 140 this weekend. Awesome approach with high terrain on all sides, the river right before and after the runway, and a flawless 2,500 foot strip. Crew car is free and Augie’s Cafe in town has the world’s best malts and paninis 😋
Agricultural aviation hangar with 70' x 18' and 60' x 18' Powerlift doors. Give us a call at Acutech Metalworks for a free quote!
Acutech Metalworks
Hello Aviators! I called the tower this morning. KBOI is NOT allowing practice pattern work or practice instrument approaches at this time. They are down to so few Controllers (four per shift) and in the interest of safety and workload this has been restricted. Suggest you do that @ a different aerodrome of your choosing. CFI Mac 5/01/20
Do you allow members to own or buy their own aircraft and to use it while in the club?
Here's our April '18 Aerotalk newsletter:
Congrats to Aiden O'Gara on his first solo flight March 18 in N7728G! Good job! :-D
The best moment as a student pilot is when your instructor gives you the a-okay.
Here is our November newsletter!
Come out and support the Thunderbirds, Snowbirds and our resident A-10s and P-51 Mustang!

Ponderosa is Boise's biggest and best flying club. Training for private through CFI, backcountry too. 12 incredible aircraft, multiple instructors!

Ponderosa Aero Club was formed in 1974 at a little airport on the Boise River called Strawberry Glen.
40 years later, we're bigger and better than ever, with a safety record second to none. We have the largest fleet of well equipped and well maintained aircraft in the state. We have an excellent selection of aircraft, from Cessna 172's and Piper Cherokee Archers, to a Cessna T210 that are availa

Operating as usual


Congratulations to Cameron Martyn who accomplished his first solo today, Sept 30th at the Boise Airport. He did 4 touch & goes, came back and said to his CFI Mackey Miguel, "That was different."


Brandon Watts earned his private pilot certificate on June 27th. He worked with a few instructors who shared their personal techniques. Greg Herbert was his examiner. Brandon is one of Ponderosa Aero Club's line guys.


Paxton Quigley earned his Private Pilot Certificate on June 17th after a lot of patience with constant weather delays throughout his training. Paxton bought a Piper Cherokee a week before his checkride in preparation of passing so he could start building flight time to change careers to a professional pilot down the road. Paxton gained knowledge with a few instructors and Gregory Herbert was his examiner.


Noah Goeddertz earned his Certified Flight Instructor Certificate today, March 22nd. He earn his private pilot license at Bismarck Aero Center in North Dakota, then moved to Boise, ID, to continue his flight instruction and went on to earn his instrument rating, commercial single engine, and CFI with Rick Reierson all at Ponderosa Aero Club. He took his checkride with Greg Herbert and immediately became a CFI at Ponderosa and will be on the schedule ready to be your instructor beginning April 4th.


It’s a great day to fly airplanes. CFI Adam Troutman's student Claire has been working her tail off for a while learning how to land this bird and now she’s got it down!
Claire soloed September 26th for the first time at KBOI in the mighty N7728G; the first plane Adam and most student pilots at Ponderosa soloed in as well! Congratulations Claire!!

ponderosaaero.org 01/21/2018

National Weather Service tour

National Weather Service tour and presentation!

Come meet the people who make TAFs, tour the NWS facility, and watch a weather balloon launch. More info at http://ponderosaaero.org/event/taf/

ponderosaaero.org Elizabeth Padin of the Boise N.W.S. has offered to give a presentation and tour of their facility free to Ponderosa club members. Come meet the great people that write your TAFs!


Jake Flood earned his Instrument Rating in a PA28-181 on the last day of 2017. His instructor was CFII Rick Reierson and his examiner was Scott Curtis.

goldsealgroundschool.com 12/15/2017

Gold Seal LIVE

Loss of Control in Flight, Pt. 2: Life Saving Tips and Strategies from the Pros. This webinar hosted by Rich Stowell, Patty Wagstaff, Russ Still and David St George was a continuation of Part 1 on November 16th with very valuable information about proper ex*****on of stalls, slips and spins, the useful falling leaf maneuver, coordinated turns, the improbable turn (back to the runway), and other topics that will help you be a better safer pilot. If you missed it, you can see them on Gold Seal Live: http://www.goldsealgroundschool.com/live/



Jason Dodds is a helicopter pilot rated in the US and Canada. In the US he holds a Commercial Rotocraft Certificate. In Canada his rating is called Transport Canada Commercial Rotocraft Certificate. Jason joined Ponderosa Aero Club to learn to fly fixed wing aircraft. On December 7, 2018 Jason earned his fixed wing private pilot add-on certificate with CFI Justin Perkins. Jason went immediately into training with CFII Justin Perkins to obtain his Instrument Airplane Rating. His goal is to fy for the airlines, even though he has plenty of experience flying helicopters for search & rescue, heli-skiing (Part 135), fire fighting, power lines, and the list goes on and on.

ponderosaaero.org 12/02/2017


Check out Ponderosa Aero Club's December AeroTalk! Newsletter. http://ponderosaaero.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Dec17.pdf



Rich Stowell and Patty Wagstaff, both famous aerobatic pilots, provided a super informative Webinar on Loss of Control on 11-16-17. If you were able to watch the Live Streaming you will get FAASafety Wings. https://www.faasafety.gov/default.aspx

ponderosaaero.org 11/07/2017


Check out the Ponderosa AeroTalk! Newsletter on the website.



NIGHT FLIGHT and SAFETY TUTORIAL, week of November 13th. The particular night will depend on weather. We'll keep you posted the week prior.


Dave Thomas earned his Instrument rating on Halloween! Should we be scared?? Just kidding. This is a huge acheivement for Dave and CFII Jamie Boesiger. Dave was Jamie's first student to earn an IFR rating, so they both accomplished a "1st". Congratulations! The DPE who signed Dave's certificate was Julian Pridmore-Brown.


Have a young artist in the family? Their art may be chosen for the new Ace Academy logo!


What a thrill and an honor to visit with John and Martha King! If you are a pilot or did some flight training you probably know who these icons are.


Sharki Kontra passed her Multi-Engine Instrument Commercial checkride on October 25th in the Club's PA34-220T Seneca III. After an oral review, completing multiple maneuvers and simulated single engine approaches, DPE Julian Pridmore-Brown signed her logbook and provided her a new certificate. Her instructor was Rick Reierson.


Way to go Andrew Wheeler! The day was beautiful, everything was just right then the ATC moved him to Runway 10L. Like a pro he adjusted and took control mastering his take offs and landings. Great work Andrew!!! Andrew is training with CFI Brett Boesiger.


Ready for start up, "Celar", Andrea confidently announced in his native Italian language. After evaluating Andrea's skills that evening, CFI Brett Boesiger was dropped off for Andrea's first solo flight. Another solo student ready for new adventures! Great job Andrea!


Beautifully sunny weekend for an Airshow at Gowen Field!


Ponderosa Aero Club has a new General Manager.


Conrad Kennington did his first solo on Saturday, October 7th. After a few warm-up laps around the Boise Airport, his flight instructor Brett Boesiger exited the plane and Conrad was on his own to experience one of the most thrilling tasks of his life!


Congratulations to Jamie Nicole Britton, who did her First Solo today in Ponderosa's Cessna 172 N7728G. Her dad owns airplanes and she has flying in her blood, so naturally she is an easy student. Although she's super busy between her job and full time college coursework; she always comes prepared for the day and with a super positive attitude! Nice job Jamie, keep up the good work!


Another pilot is now tearing up the skies since Steven Jacobson passed his Private Pilot Checkride on Friday, Sept 29. His instructor is Justin Perkins. The DPE Arlyn, said he passed with flying colors! Congratulations Steve!


Shawn Dulin accomplished his first solo on on Sept 16th. Frustrated after waiting for what seemed like forever for the FAA to approve his medical. According to his instructor, Justin Perkins, Shawn did four landings that were as good as he could do! Well done Shawn!!


Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is hosting our Hand-Off Event. Janna Greenhalgh is Ponderosa's new General Manager and we're promoting Brett Boesiger to a full time CFI position.

Come meet Janna, celebrate Brett's 30th Birthday and eat ICE CREAM!

Everyone is welcome (community aviators, other flight schools, ATC, ARFF, Idaho National Guard, Airport Ops, etc).

Bring your kids and we'll serve them ice cream for dinner. If you don't help us, we will have to eat it all ourselves.

4:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Justin Perkins joined Ponderosa Aero Club to become a pilot when he was 18 years old. He earned most of his ratings at Ponderosa and recently became a CFII through Glass Cockpit on the north side where he also instructs part time. Justin is now 25 and well on his way to becoming a commercial pilot once he has enough hours. Congratulations Justin, and to all of his instructors!


Ponderosa Aero Club Ice Cream Social with Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream! Yum!


Ponderosa Aero Club Campout and Work Party
Warm Springs Airstrip
Friday, July 7 - Sunday, July 9

[06/29/17]   Ponderosa Aero Club, Boise, ID
General Manager Job Posting

Ponderosa Aero Club in Boise, Idaho is actively seeking applicants for the position of General Manager. Current Manager, Brett Boesiger, would like to pursue flight instruction and other aviation opportunities.

Ponderosa is an active flying club with 120 members, 10 instructors and 12 leased aircraft under club management.

The General Manager position is a full-time job that is fun but demanding with constant variety. Intangible benefits include exposure to numerous aviation experiences, camaraderie with club members, and frequent interaction with the local aviation community. Club members interested in this position are encouraged to apply. Applicants should have solid business experience and should have a private pilot license or better.

The General Manager is responsible for all business and affairs of the Club.

o Maintain an active, satisfied membership
o Organize training seminars, fly-outs and social events
o Oversee timely scheduling, fueling, cleaning and maintenance
o Ensure a proper mix of aircraft to meet Club needs
o Ensure safety of operations and training
o Coordinate with Chief Instructor to ensure FAA and Club training standards and instructor qualifications are met
o Oversee aircraft and pilot scheduling
Community Outreach
o Build and maintain relationships with local aviation organizations
o Participate in activities to promote aviation and the Club
Business Management
o Supervise staff accountant and line personnel
o Oversee all billing, payments and reporting requirements
o Ensure financial viability of the Club

Interested parties please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected] by July 11, 2017.


It's a bit of a late notice but, we want to honor and achknowledge Al Youngwerth's accomplishment as a Private Pilot. Al finished his checkride on May 16th and earned his new License to Learn certificate with Scott Curtis. Like many pilots, Al is a very busy person but has found the time to start his instrument training. He did his private pilot with CFI Jamie Boesiger, than Jamie put on her CFII hat and they went right into training Al for his IFR rating.


James Lineberger became a private pilot on May 26th. After fighting against all odds through this long winter and months of broken planes, he finally took and passed his checkride with examiner Julian Pridmore-Brown!
Congratulations JB! You're a pilot now!


Congratulations to Tanner Busacker, one of our youngest members to earn a private pilot license. He passed his check ride on May 24th only days before he graduates from high school this month. Tanner wants to be a professional pilot and is well on his way to acheiving his career goals. Tanner trained with CFI Rick Reierson and did his checkride with DPE Scott Curtis.


Zak Sjoberg has shown what it takes to overcome adversity in flight training. He started last Spring and had to endure three instructor changes, all of the unpredictable weather Idaho has in its four seasons, and even an airplane change the day before his checkride. He is one of very few students to take his checkride in Cessna N2863E. Regardless of the challenge, he impressed DPE Scott Curtis on Saturday, April 29. Zak trained with CFIs Phil Bates, Brett Boesiger, and Justin Perkins. He had stage checks with Rick Reierson, William Foote and Steve Bower. With all that knowledge coming from several of Ponderosa’s best CFI’s, he has a jump start on his newly earned License to Learn.


Just when Justin Thomas thought he was done battling Boise's winter weather the Spring winds arrived and made his solo that much more difficult to achieve. However, yesterday he took Ponderosa's trusty steed Cessna 172 #N7728G and accomplished his first solo! Nice job! #firstsolo #studentpilot #boise #ponderosaaero @jtthomas1371

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Lieutenant Colonel Jason "Splash" Roberts after retirement ceremony from the US Air Force at Mountain Home AFB on Januar...




A variety of clean, well maintained, well equipped aircraft for the member's use.



4888 W Aeronca St
Boise, ID

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 6pm
Tuesday 9am - 6pm
Wednesday 9am - 6pm
Thursday 9am - 6pm
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