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Promoting family consciousness and wellness at home, in the workplace, and in the community. Twiga is Swahili for Giraffe
Giraffes are gentle animals that are keenly aware of and protective of their young…

…at Twiga, we work to promote family consciousness at home, in the workplace and in the community.

Idaho Allies Get Two Big Wins for Home Visiting: Additional State Investment and Medicaid Coverage - Alliance for Early Success 03/10/2021

Idaho Allies Get Two Big Wins for Home Visiting: Additional State Investment and Medicaid Coverage - Alliance for Early Success

Home visiting is a wonderful community tool that parents can utilize for their families.

Idaho Allies Get Two Big Wins for Home Visiting: Additional State Investment and Medicaid Coverage - Alliance for Early Success Early childhood policy advocates have won an Idaho home visiting expansion and Medicaid funding in the state.


We are so proud of Patricia and the years of work she has dedicated to Idaho’s Children! Today she receives the award of Children's Champion! Congratulations, Patricia!

Our Children's Champion, Patricia Kempthorne, is being celebrated today! Her grandchildren, Remy and Eve, are ready to surprise her with the award. Tune in at noon to watch live at:


St. Luke's Children's

For 27 years, Kid For A Night has brought more than 20,000 friends together for an evening of fun and games in support of our community's greatest treasure- our children. This year, in the midst of planning our annual event, COVID-19 became a global pandemic. 🦠

Now, more than ever, St. Luke's needs our community. So, for the first time in event history, we are taking care of EVERY age group at Kid For A Night, through a commitment to our current area of greatest need: the COVID-19 Response Fund. Donating directly to St. Luke's Children's Pediatric Trauma fund is also always an option. 🏥

This mission cannot be completed solo. Together, if we help one another, we will succeed, and that success will belong to every single one of us! 💪

3. Watch: Friday, June 5 at 7:30 p.m., we will go live with a special program, including our live auction, virtual paddle raise, and most importantly, hearing from our sponsors, donors, and our incredible patient care teams. 👀

2. Bid: The Kid For A Night silent auction features hundreds of out-of-this-world items. Bidding on silent auction items is LIVE now and will remain open until 10:00PM on June 5th.

1.Donate: You can give a gift ANYTIME at or by texting KFAN to 555-888!

Kid For a Night has raised over $8.6 million since its inception in 1992. St. Luke's is proud to work with our generous sponsors to make this great event happen every year! 🤩

BLAST OFF!!! 🚀🛸👽 05/27/2020

COVID-19: Reimagining Work (and Life) Through Crisis | Flex + Strategy Group Special Series Insights and Tips to Help You NOW…and Beyond! The response to COVID-19 threw everyone into the remote and flexible work deep end and said “swim!” NOW. Well, we’re here to catch you. Reimagining where, when and how we work, and manage our lives, is just beginning. It will not l...


Parents as Teachers National Center

Spend down and examine #familyengagement in your organization through a new lens: Engaged: Building Intentional Partnerships With Families. #intentionalpartnerships #earlychildhood #homevisiting



Mental health is priority #1! 🙌
📷 @BelievePHQ


Prevent Child Abuse Idaho

@NampaFamilyJusticeCenter has created an entirely online child abuse prevention week with daily activities and prizes that folks can win for participating. Their project even caught the eye of CBS News 2! Their collaboration with the Nampa Police Department for Monday's challenge: #ThumbsUp4Idaho helps reinforce that everybody can play a part in preventing child abuse and neglect.


Women's and Children's Alliance

If you or someone you know is in an unsafe or abusive relationship, call our hotline at (208) 343-7025. Trained advocates are available 24/7.



Tips from working parents who asked for additional leave — and got it.


Women's and Children's Alliance

A Message from Bea Back, WCA Executive Director. Home is not always safe for everyone and incidences of domestic violence rise after natural disasters. Our goal is to support our current clients as well as those who may be seeking services in the near future. I want to assure you that critical services will continue without interruption. PLEASE SHARE. *24-hour hotline 208-343-7025*


Idaho Voices for Children

We joined Patricia Kempthorne to thank Governor Brad Little for including home visiting funding in his recommended budget today. Our staff, Hillarie Hagen, shared how the local support and coaching programs tailor services to meet the needs of families with young children and pregnant women.


Pennsylvania Parents as Teachers

Pennsylvania Parents as Teachers State Director Karen Shanoski (center) and other members of the International Council of Parents as Teachers Leaders take a moment during the PAT Board Meeting to pose with Constance Gully, Parents as Teachers National Center president/CEO (second from left), and Patricia Kempthorne, PAT board chair and Twiga Foundation founder and executive director (center in light blue). 01/20/2020

More employers are offering parents a chance to bring their babies to work - The Boston Globe For a growing number of workers across the country, having a baby doesn’t set off the customary scramble to arrange child care — at least not right away. That’s because they are employed by the 300-plus organizations that allow employees to bring their infants to work. 10/10/2019

A Note from Jo on Wholeness | Magnolia

Such a great message on finding room for all of the things that are important to us.

"Whatever it might be that fills the scope of your life—marriage, kids, work, relationships, a project you’re devoted to, or all of the above—I truly believe that when we show up for the things we care for deeply with our whole selves, that’s where we’ll find the kind of meaning and fulfillment that can withstand any sort of shifting sand—no balance required." The fall issue of Magnolia Journal hits newsstands next Friday! This year, each of the four issues explore the overarching theme of Identity. First up was our spring theme of Authenticity, then Freedom for summer, and now we’re taking a closer look at Wholeness for fall. Here you can read Jo’s t...


Families and Work Institute

A strong editorial about Work and Family Month:


Hawaii First FCU

It’s summertime but our Children in the Workplace Program is still in full swing! Great benefit for our employees and a safe place for our Hawaii First FCU cubs! Study hard cubs!
Mahalo Parenting in the Workplace Institute for your support to employers like us!


Real Simple

Let’s be honest: nobody is really a fan of the five-day work week. 04/02/2019

Analysis | The one benefit workers want more than anything Workers want more time off. Free craft-brewed beer, student loan repayment benefits or eco-friendly roof gardens at the office weren't on the list.


Today Show

"Each day with her on maternity leave was a little bit different, so I know each day at work is going to be a little bit different with her," she said. "I think just watching her grow and being able to see that, I'm looking forward to the most." 02/26/2019

Five Insights From Davos on the Future of Work At the 2019 gathering of the World Economic Forum, re-skilling and flexible work took center stage.


Parenting in the Workplace Institute

Our friend Carla Moquin is interviewed about Attachment Parenting.

A podcast we participated in about babies-at-work programs for anyone who might be interested, by the Attachment Parenting Podcast.


Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children

Millennials have different expectations of work-life balance and companies are starting to adapt their policies and culture to compete in the global race for talent.


Parenting in the Workplace Institute

"Leona Greer and Laura Goddard both work at the Randolph County Health Department in Moberly. Leona is the Nutrition, Breastfeeding and WIC Coordinator, and Laura is the lead secretary in the clinic.

Laura has an infant daughter, Anna, that she was able to bring to work with her for the first several months through the new “Babies at Work” program that the health department is piloting."



The average cost of child care is out of reach for many families and rivals college tuition, while early educators are among the lowest paid workers in the country. How is this possible?


Children's Museum of Idaho

Thank you to our amazing community for your support and encouragement!! Two weeks ago we had 399 followers, today we have 1,040 and counting. We appreciate each and every one of you, and are excited to meet you this fall!! Thank you from our hearts to yours! We couldn’t do what we love without you. 05/03/2018

Risk Factors for Burnout: The 6 Burnout Triggers Burnout isn't just an individual response to demands that outstrip coping ability. It's also a two-way street, in which the social and group dynamics in the organization can set off burnout triggers most of us are unaware of.


Working Mother Magazine

"I have kids who have forced me to do everything in my life with greater efficiency AND the professional assumption that I’m now less efficient after having kids." 🤣🤣😭 04/24/2018

The Death of the 9-to-5: Will We All Work Flex Schedules Soon? Four key reasons why Millennials will insist that flex-work hours happen sooner rather than later. 03/26/2018

South Carolina state agency lets employees bring babies to work in new trial program COLUMBIA — New parents can now bring their infants to work at a South Carolina state agency, the latest in the trend of companies and government organizations around the country


Flex+Strategy Group / Work Life Fit

Life and work are NOT two different things--Why does that continue to make people so uncomfortable? In fact, sustainable levels of performance, well-being and, yes, love can be achieved when the fit between work and life is acknowledged and actively managed.

"Some on Linkedin are frustrated when people post about personal experience (at least according to many comments I have read). Life and work are not two different things. We do not stop being human when we enter the workplace. We can have a profound experience of life and love in any business endeavor." #wisdom 03/12/2018

Millennials See Paternity Leave as a Priority In certain fields, it’s like an arms race for companies to provide the best parental leave benefits for fathers as well as mothers.


Flex+Strategy Group / Work Life Fit

Workers over 50 years old are a valuable pool of talent for businesses to tap into, however, you're going to need a culture of flexibility in the way work is done to attract and retain them: "Many of the firm’s 800 employees, who range in age from 21 to 83, have the option to work shorter workweeks or flexible hours. Some employees have relocated to an office nearer to home to allow for a shorter commute, or work part time from home. Employees nearing retirement have been permitted to reduce their hours or work as consultants." #flexworkculture 03/02/2018

The Death of the 9-to-5: Will We All Work Flex Schedules Soon? Four key reasons why Millennials will insist that flex-work hours happen sooner rather than later. 02/13/2018

More Millennial Women Are Becoming Stay-At-Home Moms -- Here's Why Millennial women are an empowered generation, yet they're more traditional than you'd think. As they raise children, millennial women reclaim what it means to be a stay-at-home mom.




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Twiga Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to being a voice for family consciousness to strengthen each individual’s commitment to themselves, their family, their work-life and their community. As we focus on the workplace we find workplace flexibility to be a key component in addressing the mismatch between the workplace and family needs. Our efforts are centered around bringing to light an understanding of workplace flexibility as a good management strategy that benefits the workplace and, additionally, helps to insure a strong workforce for the future through healthy families and communities.
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