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How do you feel about a DECEMBER challenge?

I’m promoting this everywhere I can. I do this within my own life daily whenever I find an opportunity.

You can’t outgive God Source and the Universe! Test it out, see and receive too!

💗This every day!

Why wait until the 22nd?

Let’s make this, even more, F U N!

Drop a message below with your personal experience of paying kindness forward.

On December 23, I will hold a drawing with all the names participating in the challenge for opportunities to win a 30-minute 1:1 coaching session with me. Each time you post you’ll have an additional chance to win.

Who’s in for some F. U. N. 💞 K. I. N. D. N. E. S. S. 💞 G. I. F. T. S. ?

Thanks for playing in the game called L.I.F.E.💗

Michele, XO 🙏

Photos from Destiny In You's post 11/21/2022

K I N D N E S S ❣️

Have you ever noticed how our hearts, as a collective, naturally tend to soften during this time of year?

This is tangible evidence. As we focus on gratitude, goodwill and blessings our hearts soften and overflows with limitless love.😍

What if we are intentional and used this holiday season to start a new mindset in seeing kindness as a reflection of our soul vs an act of service? Talk about life changing!

And what if we took this new mindset into 2023 with us?

What if, this is your superpower to make a difference in the world? 🌏 Being a limitless ripple of kindness & love felt throughout the universe!💫

My beautiful friend, Kim Tucker, has taken action to create this Kindness Initiative! Please join as a collective group and set an intention to see how many people you can share kindness with. The dates for us to come together as a group are 11/22/22 and 12/22/22. Please mark these dates on your phone calendar. I personally invite you to set your start date on 11/22/22 and keep your new practice rolling.🥰

Be intentional on watching ways to share your soul kindness and watch your own life transform as you give!


Below is Kim’s personal invitation to join in this life changing container of kindness. Please join us, invite others and share the link for others to see.

Much love, XO

🌏From Kim💫

An Invitation
When: 11-22-22 and 12-22-22

Please join me along with family, friends and countless others to mindfully promote spreading joy, kindness and caring for the holiday season on the dates of 11-22-22 and 12-22-22.

Pay It Forward has been around for thousands of years. The Collins Dictionary defines it as to show appreciation of a good deed one has benefited from by making a kind gesture towards another person.

Kindness can be shown in many different ways. It can be as simple as a smile, reaching out to someone that needs to hear a kind word, letting someone out in traffic, helping animals, etc. You can reach out in ways that feel best to you. If someone asks to repay you for the kindness you extend to them ask them to pay it forward.

I am asking that you share this with your family, friends, and social media. The more people that participate the more joy, kindness and goodwill we can spread in the world.

I am going to start by paying it forward for each person that notifies me they are going to participate.

Here’s to a wonderful day(s) of making the world a better place!


Who can relate?

I see you, I treasure you & I love you!

To all of those who tried to dim my light
Thank you for teaching me to shine fully
And embrace my own light

To all of those who chose to abandon me
Thank you for teaching me to never abandon myself

To all of those who chose to devalue and diminish me
Thank you for teaching me to value myself and see my worth

To all of those who tried to break me
Thank you for teaching me what it means to be strong

To all of those who tried to silence me
Thank you for teaching me to find my own voice

And to all of those who didn’t believe in me or support me
Thank you for teaching me to believe in myself.

Words by Tahlia Hunter

Artwork by Elisabeth on Earth


Are you ready to feel better about who you are? Could you hold more happiness and love in your life?

It’s not too late to join the 10 Day Self Love 💕 Challenge! It’s on replay within our private Facebook Group. (Catch the link below.)

Invest a few minutes in yourself and view the last video of the challenge and see if it speaks to you!✨💖✨This has the power to change your life and your world!

Click the link below to join the private Facebook Group “Greatness Movement Tribe”!

See you on the inside, beautiful!😍

Action List From 10 Day Challenge

1) Listen to “My Love List” Daily
2) Use My Self Care List Daily
3)Use My Personalized Affirmations Daily, Using Mirror as Needed
4)Ho’oponopono Prayer As Needed for Self & Others
5)Start your transformation journal to
acknowledge & celebrate your healing, growth & big wins
6)Be Kind, Patient and Loving With Yourself In The Process


I see 👀 YOU!

Celebrating 🥳you are NOT one of the CROWD!

Are you wanting to create NEW in your life and have a safe nurturing place to grow? 🪷

Join us in the Greatness Movement crowd! We would love to have you! On the inside you will find like minded women to connect with!


Great ideas for self care!


Try this on for size….

This is universal!

Make it your truth today!

Everything is always working out for your benefit, no matter what it looks like on the outside!

You simply can’t get it wrong….💝


Happy Monday my beautiful soul sisters! 🥰

What would it look like, if you just showed up as yourself?

What if I told you the truth….The authentic and vulnerable YOU, IS the masterpiece?!?

BE the masterpiece and have a playful week!

Sending you all love, exactly where you are….😘


Are you ready?

It all starts here!

Join us inside the “Greatness Movement Tribe” for the upcoming 10 day self-love challenge! Starting October 20th.

The relationship you choose to have with yourself is the most important one you can ever nourish and love unconditionally.

Why not choose YOU today?

You are so WORTH it!💓


I see you beautiful!😍


Who’s running your show?

Ego or Spirit?

Hint….The ego has it all backwards!
Whenever the ego is in the drivers seat you’ll never get to your desired destination or enjoy the ride!🚘

Join our 10 day self-love challenge inside our private Facebook group “Greatness Movement Tribe”, starting October 20th.

Learn why it’s so important to love your ego too!

See you on the inside!
Much L💝VE


Have you ever felt like the “black sheep”?

Now you may know why. Are YOU standing out making a difference?

Keep speaking your truth, anything less isn’t YOU!



Are you welcoming change?

“What we resist, persists.”

The only way to embrace change is to be open to NEW ideas, thoughts and mindsets followed by action.

This month, inside “The Greatness Movement Tribe”, there will be NEW opportunities for healing and transformation in your journey while feeling loved and supported. Starting mid month I will be hosting an intuitive, heart-based, 10 day self-love challenge; moving forward on your journey home to the REAL YOU. There will also be several opportunities to win a 1:1 mini coaching session with me.

You only have EVERYTHING to gain!

We are not designed to walk this journey alone, come and receive the love & support from your new tribe. There has never been a better time than NOW to JOIN “The Greatness Movement Tribe”.

Become an insider to hear more details. HIT THE LINK BELOW. I’ll see you on the inside! 💓

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True freedom and independence comes from…

🏳Knowing what you want

🏳Discovering what truly makes you happy

🏳Being clear on what you will not tolerate (boundaries are for YOU)

🏳Understanding it is your job to take care of YOU, no one else’s (Who better to know what you need than you. This puts you in control and power over your own life. Everything you need lies within!)

🏳YOU run and create your world


YOU were always designed to live this way! Beliefs, conditioning, modeling and brules(bullsh*t rules) have just gotten in the way. That’s all.

Go be/do you, be FREE!


Timeline photos 07/02/2022

One of the most profound and impactful questions you can ever be transparently real and ask yourself!

Our entire life is created by OUR choices!

What do you choose to create, love? You have created everything in your life this far. Why not create what you truly desire?

You are in control of your life and nothing else is. The noise and chaos we wrestle with is a faulty belief system, conditioning and lies.

Take your power and back and create the life you only dare to dream of. 💓You are so much more than you realize!

If on one has told you yet today, I love you! Your life matters and you are here to live in love, abundance and greatness!

Creating New, M


This isn’t optional and it TRULY is the foundation on which everything else is built on! Everything you are wanting in and for your life start here with loving yourself first! 🤍

If you are struggling with this please reach out and message me. It is so much easier than you realize. I’m here to facilitate you on your journey, helping people help themselves.

In case no one has told you yet today, I love you and you are simply amazing and perfectly authentically YOU! 💓


Who’s up for this? Drop an emoji below!

If you can be kind to one person, let it be yourself. It ALL starts within….

Then it will flow outwardly from here. It’s the only authentic way!


First….fall completely, unconditionally in love with yourself and then you will attract this same type of love towards you from others.

💓 💓


Happy Monday, lovelies!
Take time to smile, it’s good for the soul!🥰

Do you know, if you smile it will lift and uplevel your mood?
Smile in this moment, and try it out…..
You’ll instantly feel better!

It is also said, it increases your face value. 😊
So many reasons to smile, just find one.
Try it out today…..💝




Experience the importance of living in the moment!


“Change doesn’t happen over night….but the decision to change happens in a heartbeat!”💓


Remember….it always starts with self!


Happy 💓 Day!

Are you ready to honor, nourish and give yourself the best Valentine’s gift you’ll ever receive?

Join us tonight, in the “Greatnmess Movement Tribe”, for a live Q & A tonight at 8 pm EST.

If you are ready to discover the only obstacle keeping you from your dream life, this is for YOU!

In case no one has told you yet today, you are beautiful, magnificent, worthy and oh soooo LOVABLE!

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside, lovely!

This will be available on replay in the private group for a limited time, check us out and fall in love…..💝with you and everything around you.


Who is ready to take another small step towards their healing & growth?

I AM….Excited to announce another Live Q & A event in our Greatness Tribe!

TOPIC? A powerful truth that will bring you one quantum shift closer to your personal EMPOWERMENT!

WHERE? LIVE, right here in our Private Facebook Group

WHEN? Monday February 14th, 8pm EST

What is your strongest desire that you don’t have yet?
BE FEARLESS in reflecting, post below in a word or two.

For the beautiful souls that show up for themselves at this live event, there will be another opportunity to receive a complimentary laser coaching session with me.

I’m excited to meet with you all on Monday!

You are so worth the investment of your own love, acceptance and attention!
Give yourself this gift and show up for yourself on Monday evening!

In case no one has told you yet today, you are bold, beautiful, brilliant AND I love you!💓


Too amazing NOT to share!

TRUTH & WISDOM through a new lense…👓

Adopt this as your newest belief!
We are ONE💖

How brave you are for slowing down. For not finishing that to-do list.
How courageous you are for not crossing that finish line, because your body said “enough.”
How fearless you are for choosing the quiet of your soul over those voices driving you always towards more.
How bold, how rebellious -
you, out there,
honoring your own natural rhythm,
going against the culture’s breakneck speed.
We tend to make heroes of those hungry with ambition, relentlessly doing, producing always more.
We applaud those who refuse to stop or rest, sacrificing sometimes their heart and soul in the process.
Those who push themselves so hard in the name of achievement
that they ignore their own body crying out.
We celebrate those who are ill or aging but never show it, never slow down, never reveal a moment of vulnerability.
This driven-ness can be heroic, at times. It can, at times, be necessary for our survival or the greater good.

I want to make heroes of those who slow down.
I want to make heroes of those who listen to their bodies, and do not strive for more than what the soul truly needs.
I want to make heroes of those who do not force or push, but surrender to each moment as it opens.
I want to applaud those who may not be driven towards success as we know it, but instead are nurturing something deep and subtle and needed.
I want to celebrate those brave enough to cease all doing, even for a second, and sit with the ache in their hearts. A task many find harder than summiting the highest peak.
I want to make heroes of those who honor their limitations. Who are unable to keep up with the busy-ness of our times, yet show up to each profound, necessary moment.
Truly, it is an act of courage and rebellion to do any such thing,
in a world demanding you resist your own self, your own rhythm, your own soul.
The paradox is that often when we cease our incessant doing, even for a minute, and listen to that quiet voice within, we discover what it is we absolutely must do, and what instead can fall away.
We finally hear the call towards what serves our soul,
and what then will serve the world. Nothing more, nothing less.
A hero is simply someone brave.
So come, be softly brave.
Be a new, quieter kind of hero.
Few may applaud, it’s true, but your soul certainly will.~~

~Leyla Aylin


HAPPY OCTOBER! Come check us out in The Greatness Movement Tribe where life lessons are shared that truly impact not only you but all those around you! See you on the inside!
Click the Join Now button and see what’s waiting for you! 🎁


“I was born to feel everything
To taste everything
The bitter taste of sorrow
The foul taste of deceit
The sweet taste of love

I was born to learn how to handle change gracefully
I was born to know the truth
To learn how to fly

I was born to learn how to speak the language of love
How to unchain my heart
How to shed everything
How to let go of all expectations.
I was born to learn how it feels to lose everything except what really matters.
I was born to live a life that would strip away everything that wasn’t real
That wasn’t true
That wasn’t me

When I am whole
I will be proud of my scars
My wrinkles
My memories
My stories
My wisdom
My freedom.

I was born to be free.
And therefore, I can’t stay~”
~Sanne Burger

When you are ready to enjoy the true Devine gifts from your journey, reach out for your own custom designed program. This is your birthright and your
D E S T I N Y beautiful! 💝

In case no one has told you yet today, I love you! 💕

Timeline photos 08/25/2021

Timeline photos


Hello August!

What intentions and goals do you want to set for this month?

If you decide to try this you’ll be shocked when you look back at the end of the month and reflect on what has transpired on your behalf! 💓
*Don’t forget to mix it with action.

Try it, you’ll love it!🥰

If you are looking for a safe place to land where you can show up and be yourself, receive more love and acceptance while being inspired and encouraged in your growth journey, check out our private Facebook “Greatness Movement Tribe”! You’ll have access to mini lessons and strategies on how to create real, impactful change into your life. You will also connect with a group of like minded women who are called to create MORE and NEW into their lives! They know they were created for more and are answering the call.

Check us out!


Karma knows……listen💗

Look at the situation from love, in your heart space, not your logical head space.

Search for all the positives in the situation.

If you find your mind drifting towards the hurt, shift your thoughts and questions to:

💓What do I need to learn from this?

💓What can I own and take responsibility for in the situation?
(This is how you take your power back!)

💓What is my “take away” that will help me grow so I don’t experience this again?

💗How can I be kind and love myself through this lesson?

💗What do I need and how can I meet my own needs in this space and time?

💗Give gratitude for the lesson🙏

In case no one has told you today, I love you!


Time for a change!


Shine Beautiful! As only YOU can do!💞


There are four Indian spiritual laws that say nothing happens for no reason in life!
When you do, it's very easy to handle and you confidently look at what's happening, thankful for what was there and happy for what's going to happen.

The first law says:
′′The person you meet is the right one.′′
That is, no one comes into our lives by accident, all the people around us who interact with us, stand for something, either to educate us or to help us in our situation.

The second law says:
′′What happens is the only thing that can happen.′′
Nothing but absolutely nothing of what happens to us could have been different. Not even the most insignificant detail. There just isn't ′′ If I had done it differently... It would have been different..." No, what happens is the only thing that can happen and needs to happen, so we can learn our lessons to get ahead. Everything, yes, every situation that happens to us in life is absolutely perfect, even when our spirit resistes our ego and doesn't want to accept it.

The third law says:
′′Every moment when something starts is the right time.′′
Everything starts at the right time, not sooner or later. When we are ready for something new in our life, it's already there to begin with.

The fourth law says:
′′What's over is over.′′
It's that simple. When something ends in our life, it serves your development. That's why it's better to let go and move forward, bestowed on the experiences that have now been gained.

I don't think it's a coincidence that you're reading this here. If this text meets you today, it's because you meet the conditions and understand that no rain drop anywhere in the world accidentally falls in the wrong place.
Let it go well...
Love with your whole being...
Being happy without end...
Every day is a happy, happy day!

- Unknown

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