Union Street Center

"Opened in August 2010, this IU residence center is managed by IU RPS Residential Life as an apartment complex with one-, two-, and four-bedroom units to undergraduate students.

The complex sits on 20 acres on the east side of the IU Campus."

Operating as usual



Read this message from Provost Robel concerning students living on campus. Check your IU email daily this week to be informed of developing processes.

View online.
Indiana University Bloomington

March 15, 2020
Dear IU Residential Housing Students,

Please read to the end of this message to ensure you have the information you need.

This is a difficult, anxious, and shocking time for us all. We are in the midst of a global pandemic and a declared national emergency. Since January, Indiana University has sought to respond to this pandemic through seeking and following the best guidance possible from our peers at leading research institutions, our own experts on public health, and federal and local authorities.

As you know from President McRobbie’s message, Indiana University is taking immediate and almost unprecedented actions to protect the health and safety of the IU Community. IU will suspend in-person learning through the end of the semester, and is extending spring break by one week (March 23), so that students and faculty can prepare for a longer period of remote learning. Our immediate focus is on preparing to do this as well as we can so your academic progress is not disrupted.

This public health crisis carries major implications for our residence halls and IU-controlled off-campus housing. After careful and painful analysis, we cannot maintain residential living in a way that permits us to also comply with all current public-health guidance.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we announce new guidance for our students in IU–controlled residence halls and off-campus housing. Actions to protect the public health require sacrifice and grace on all of our parts. What one does affects us all. We Hoosiers know how to help each other, and I am counting on all of you to be your best selves.

At the same time, I recognize, as do your faculty and all our staff, that this emergency has seriously disrupted your college experience. We understand how deeply disappointing this is to you, and how different this is from the semester we all expected to occur. I am so sorry that this public-health crisis is having this impact on your IU experience.

Below please see IU’s guidance for our residential students:

1. If You Have Already Left Bloomington and Are Able to Remain Where You Are, Please Do So. Do Not Return to Bloomington.
Please do not return to Bloomington at this time if you have another place to live for the remainder of the semester.

2. If You Are Still on Campus and Can Do So, Please Return to your Permanent Home.
We need to get everyone who has another place to go out of IU-controlled housing by March 20. Working with students who are currently still in Bloomington is our first and highest priority for RPS staff.

3. If you have no place to go, file a Petition to Stay.
If you do not have a permanent residence outside of your residence hall or IU-controlled housing, or cannot return to your home country, and need to petition to stay on campus during the shift to remote learning, we will provide a link by Tuesday to allow you to petition to stay.

4. If You Need Items Left in the Residence Halls that are Essential, We Will send a link by Wednesday to get your essential items.
Essential items include medically-necessary items and items needed to complete course work, like books and computers. We will make arrangements to ship those items to you.

5. To move out (retrieve all the Items) from your Residence Halls or IU-Controlled Housing, Please Make an Appointment.
By Thursday, we will provide you with a web link to make an appointment to move out (pick up all the items). You do not need to rush to move out if you are already not in the residence hall. We will protect your items until you come.

Making appointments to move out will enable our residential life professionals to ensure both an orderly process and a process that enables social distancing in the interest of public health. Please honor the process. Please remember how challenging this is for our residential life and student life professionals, who were looking forward to working with all of you during the remainder of the spring semester, and be kind.

6. Room and Meal Plan Account Adjustments
IU is acutely aware that students and families have already paid for room and board that they will not be able to use. Adjustments for room and meal plans will take into consideration financial aid guidelines. We are working through this process, and additional information will be forthcoming.

Also, please know that decisions regarding reimbursement are not tied to move out from the residence halls. In other words, if you leave your personal items on campus for the next few months, that will not impact your reimbursement.

All of us at IU understand how hard this is. This is difficult – indeed, painful – for all of us who are not only concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on our most vulnerable populations, but also concerned about the pandemic’s impact on our students’ goals, dreams, and daily lives. I am grateful to be part of a community that cares deeply about every member, and I know that we will all work together to make this transition with care and compassion. We will communicate with you as much as possible in the coming weeks.


Lauren Robel
Provost and Executive Vice President

Celebrating 200 years
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Residential Programs & Services
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Union Street Center welcomes students, families, guests and FYE to Orientation Housing!


late sunset at IU from the 4th floor of Cedar Hall, Union Street Center


apps4.indiana.edu 11/16/2017

RPS - RPS Arrivals v1.0

ATTENTION USC Residents - If you plan to stay in your apartment for any part of Thanksgiving Break, you have to register with RPS here: https://apps4.indiana.edu/RPS_Arrivals_V1_Online/Default.aspx

apps4.indiana.edu Welcome to the RPS Break Housing Reservation System This site is for students requesting  access to their fall assignment rooms over the 2017 Thanksgiving break period that runs from Saturday, November 18 through Friday November 24th.  Students have to request access over this time period for securi...


[08/18/17]   Union street center just hosted over 350 first year students in its Cedar Sanitarium escape rooms as part of the RPS central neighborhood Welcome week late night activities.


Hello Union Street residents & guests,

Tomorrow is the official IU Opening Day. As such, there will be thousands of more residents moving in our residence centers. To ease the traffic flow, 7th street will become a one way street going WEST starting at 5:00pm today until 6:00pm tomorrow (Aug 16). This will be on 7th street from Jordan Avenue to Union Street. For this to happen, if you are parked on 7th street, you need to move your vehicle ASAP. Unattended vehicles will be relocated to the parking lot at the football stadium. Notices were placed on the sign posts and a flyer was placed on the windshields of parked cars.

You may move your car and park in one of three nearby parking lots:
1. The 10th Street lot – located North on Sunrise Drive at the stop light across from Teter and Ashton.
2. The Eigenmann lot – located to the east of Union Street and south of Eigenmann (tall high rise with green windows)
3. The Willkie lot – located behind Mason Hall and behind (east) of Willkie, enter from Union Street.

You cannot leave your car on 7th Street. Please move it now.
Thanks for helping to support #IUisHOME and IU MOVE IN.


Good morning from the front steps of Union Street Center at Indiana University!

[08/12/17]   Welcome home to Union Street Center! Very excited for 2017-2018! The community managers and office staff are enthusiastic for your arrival.

[06/13/17]   Union Street Center welcomes Indiana University New Student Orientation and the first year students staying overnight with us during NSO 2017!


Do you like puppies? Do you feel stressed? Come play with puppies with us!

[02/18/17]   Room checks are happening this weekend! Be sure to check your email for details on when and how checks will be done.


Be sure to stop by and make a Valentine's Day card tomorrow!

docs.google.com 11/07/2016

Union Street Center Elections

Be sure to vote in the Union Street mock election poll as well as in the real election!


docs.google.com Who would USC elect as the 45th President of The United States of America?


Come sign up for the JB5K in the Cedar lobby!!! It's lots of fun!!!


Timeline Photos

[09/22/16]   Thursday Night Live! Discuss current events and modern issues over free dinner! Come hungry! 7pm on Thursday, September 29th in the Union Street Auditorium!


Timeline Photos

[08/26/16]   If you don't want to go outside and melt on this stormy weekend, swing by the Music, Movies, and More in Cedar Hall! The MMM has literal piles of DVDs, games, and CDs that you can check out to turn your apartment into an entertainment center! And you can hit up the C store to grab some popcorn and snacks!


Do you like playing sports and making friends? Sign up for an intramural next Monday!

[08/22/16]   Good luck to everyone on the first day of classes! We believe in you!

[08/21/16]   There WILL be cookies from BAKED!

[08/21/16]   Hey friends!

Don't forget that community meetings are happening tonight in the Union Street Auditorium in Cedar Hall!

Hickory and Birch are meeting at 7:00pm,

Cedar, Linden, and Cypress (woo!) are meeting at 7:45pm,

and Beech and Pine are meeting at 8:30!

Be there or be square!


The Union Street Market opened back up today! Stop by to grab a quick lunch or to stock your refrigerator and pantry!

[08/14/16]   We are excited for everyone to come back to Union Street for the year! If you are moving in between 8am and 5pm you will come to the Union Street Auditorium in Cedar Hall to check-in. After 5pm you will check-in at the Center Desk, which is also in Cedar Hall. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

[05/07/16]   Good news everyone!! Your key cards should be functioning normally again now! We're sorry for any inconvenience that our system may have caused you tonight, but remember that contracts do end at 10am tomorrow unless you signed up for extended housing!


RPS - RPS Arrivals v1.0

Hello Union Street Residents!

It is that time of the year again where all our residents leave our campus and we gear up for summer here in Bloomington and First Year Orientation right here in Union Street. We wanted to send out some last announcements for closing, reminders for contracts, and offer each of you a checklist before you leave here at USC.

General Checkout Procedures

When you leave, make sure to clear your apartment of all of your personal belongings and any trash that you might have. When it comes to cleaning your room and your common spaces, keep in mind that you can be charged for Excessive Cleaning. Excessive Cleaning charges occur when our staff have to spend more than their normal run through of each of the rooms or you have left belongings in your room that need to be removed. Once everyone has checked out, our staff will go through to sweep the rooms and wipe down the walls. Now if you have stained your carpet, have holes in the walls, or have dirtied any of our furniture to the point that we have to spend more time cleaning it for the next tenant, you can be charged.

Once everything is out, please come down to the Center Desk to check your mailbox one last time, then have your IU ID ready to check out at our desk between 8:00 AM and midnight each day this week. Your access will be turned off at that time. If you are leaving between midnight and 8:00 AM please go to the desk the night before to check out. Before you give your IU ID to one of our staff, inform them that you need to stay until the next morning. Our staff will verify that your card will have access. This helps our overnight staff from needing to come to you at the desk. They have finals too so this is why we offer this the night before you leave.

So in conclusion:
1. Remove all personal items and trash from your apartment (both bedroom and common space)
2. Clean your apartment as needed to avoid any Excessive Cleaning fees
3. Lock all doors behind you
4. Check mail at the Center Desk one last time
5. Give IU ID to Center Desk Receptionist to check you out
a. If planning to leave when desk is shut down (Midnight and 8:00 AM), go to the desk the evening before you plan to leave and tell the staff before giving them your ID
6. You are done!

Times of Moveout

Keeping things as simple as we can here to avoid any confusion:
• All residents can stay until Saturday, May 7th at 10:00 AM
• Graduating students can stay until Saturday, May 7th at 5:00 PM free of charge once proof of graduation is provided to [email protected]
• All residents can stay until Wednesday, May 11th at 10:00 AM if they sign up for Extended Contracts at https://apps4.indiana.edu/RPS_Arrivals_V1_Online/Default.aspx
o Signup for Extended Contracts concludes this on Wednesday, May 4th
o Cost is $100 no matter if you leave anytime between 10:00 AM on Saturday, May 7th or 10:00 AM on Wednesday, May 11th; this rate is not prorated


Are you interested in donating anything? Collections are being done in the non-elevator side of Linden. If you have say any furniture, dishes or clothes that you are wanting to donate because you don’t want to take it with you just bring them there and leave them in the space provided (follow the sign). These items will be given to the Hoosier to Hoosier Sale here every August. Proceeds go to nonprofits right here in Bloomington. Please make sure to not block the path of other residents as they too are moving out of our facility.


If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to ask your Community Manager, let us know at the Center Desk, or email us at [email protected]. We appreciated having you all stay here with us over the past year and wish you all a very happy summer!

Go Hoosiers!

apps4.indiana.edu RPS is offering residents of Hillcrest, Willkie, and Union Street the opportunity to make a reservation to stay in your room after Spring Semester closing on Saturday, May 7, 2016 until Wednesday, May 11, 2016 as an Extended Contract option. If your reservation request is confirmed, then you can st…


RPS - RPS Arrivals v1.0

Extended Contract Information is now here!!

Many of you have been asking about extending your current contract here at Union Street. Everyone that lives here during the academic year must check out at the Center Desk here at Cedar Hall and have their apartment cleared by 10:00 AM Saturday, May 7th according to their current contract. If you are not checked out by that time you can receive fines from our office and your IU ID card will also stop working for entry as at that point you are not contracted to be in the building and/or in your apartment.

Today it was finally confirmed that we will offer “Extended Contracts” to residents of our building. If you are wanting to stay past 10:00 AM Saturday, May 7th until the latest date you are allowed to stay in Union Street which is 10:00 AM on Wednesday, May 11th you can for a fee of $100. You can sign up at https://apps4.indiana.edu/RPS_Arrivals_V1_Online/Default.aspx between Monday, April 25th and Wednesday, May 4th at 5:00 PM.

One common question regarding this “Extended Contract” is if you want to leave after 10:00 AM Saturday, May 7th but before 10:00 AM Wednesday, May 11th do you still have to pay the full $100? The answer is yes. This flat fee will not be pro-rated for shorter stays. If you want to stay any amount of time past 10:00 AM Saturday, May 7th, you will first have to sign up at the link provided above and pay the $100 which will be charged to your Bursar. Once you have that completed you will receive instructions that will include you coming to the Union Street Center Desk to have your IU ID card adjusted so it does not shut off to your apartment on May 7th.

The only exception to staying after 10:00 AM Saturday, May 7th without being charged for “Extended Contracts” is if you are graduating or are working graduation. If that is the case, you need to send proof of your graduation (receipt of cap and gown, letter from an academic advisor, supervisor at the graduation, etc.) to our center email account at [email protected] as indicated on prior emails.

If you have any questions, please be sure to let us know. Have a good evening and thanks again for choosing Union Street this year!

apps4.indiana.edu RPS is offering residents of Hillcrest, Willkie, and Union Street the opportunity to make a reservation to stay in your room after Spring Semester closing on Saturday, May 7, 2016 until Wednesday, May 11, 2016 as an Extended Contract option. If your reservation request is confirmed, then you can st…

Union Street Center at a glance...

"Opened in August 2010, this IU residence center is managed by IU RPS Residential Life as an apartment complex with one-, two-, and four-bedroom units for 800 individual IU students. The complex sits on 20 acres on the east side of the IU Campus.

Living room/common area furniture generally provided:

· kitchen table and chairs

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